Alec Lightwood's Guide to Romance

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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The Roommate

"Hate is a strong wordBut I really, really, really don't like you" - Plain White T's

The man in the doorway, blinked, seemingly surprised by being greeted by a dripping wet, naked Alec, but he quickly regained his cool. "Well," he drawled, his voice velvety with a slightly southern accent, "if I'd known I was greeting a welcome like this I would have prepared."

His teasing words were enough to snap Alec out of his frozen state and fully into panic mode. He let out an extremely un-manley squeal, before grabbing his towel and clothes and diving for the bathroom. Alec could hear the man chuckling the other side of the mahogany door as he tried to calm his erratic breathing. He could not believe what had just happened.

The first person he met in this entire school and he hadn't been wearing any clothes. He let his head thud against the wall and groaned in dismay. He felt like dying from the sheer embarrassment. Maybe he should just stay in this bathroom for the duration of the year, or until his roommate forgot.

Unfortunately Alec sensed that his roommate wasn't the forgetting kind of guy. He seemed like the type to tease Alec mercilessly about it for as long as they knew each other. He was certainly confident….and attractive….very attractive. Alec groaned. He had known for a long time now that he was gay, but he wasn't overly keen on anyone knowing (with the exception of Isabelle who'd seemed to know things about him before Alec himself). He needed to make sure his roommate knew that Alec's previous lack of clothing was a complete accident.

Sighing Alec got of the floor and pulled on his clothes wearily. As much as he'd rather stay in the bathroom forever he knew that he should address the incident ASAP. Steeling himself he turned the doorknob and stepped back into the bedroom.

His roommate, lay stretched out on his bed, muscular arms raised above his head. When he saw Alec he sat up and smirked devilishly, "soooo, your back. I see you've managed to find your…" his eyes scanned Alec's body taking in his ratty sweater and ripped jeans, "...clothes?"

Alec scowled at the boy, he hated stuck up, rich, snobs. "Yes I have. And earlier was a complete accident. I had a shower and left my clothes in the room, I was simply getting them when you decided to barge in, without knocking may I add."

His roommate sneered, annoyingly managed to obtain an angelic appearance while doing so, "well excuse me princess, but this is my room to."

"Unfortunately for me! and who even are you anyway," Alec snapped, fighting the urge to give the other man slap (which was very unlike him as he was usually the family pacifist).

The boy stepped closer, his eyes flashing, "Jace. Jace Herondale, and you Alexander Lightwood better not get on my bad side." And with that he strutted from the room and slammed the door shut.

Alec stared at the door in disbelief. Trust his luck, over 10,000 students in the school and he gets to share a room with, probably the biggest asshole of them all. Plus, how an earth did this "Jace" know his name. He stormed over to his bed and kicked one of the thick supporting posts. He had known that coming to this school was a bad idea. Known he would never fit in, never make friends. God, why was it so hard for him to be liked?

Desperate for a distraction from this, rather depressing train of thought, he clambered to his feet and grabbed his brand new schedule. He gasped aloud as he read his allocated activity for this hour. Further maths...what?! Surely he wasn't expected to begin classes on the day of his arrival? But another glance down at this paper let him know that yes, he was. Idris Academy clearly wasted no time when it came to education. He had a maths class now, and he was terribly late.


Alec hated making an entrance. Hated how everyone's eyes would turn and stare at him, some people would even mutter and giggle to each other at his expense. He had always disliked attention and tried to avoid it when he could, but, unfortunately this wasn't always possible.

Thankfully it seemed that further maths was not a very popular subject (surprise, surprise), so there weren't many student in the classroom. This still didn't prevent Alec from blushing bright red as he entered the class and felt everyone's gazes boring into the side of his head. "Sorry I'm late sir," he mumbled to the elderly man at the front of the class, "I've only just arrived." This wasn't exactly true, but he wasn't going to launch into the full "my sisters car broke down, then I took a shower, then I met my roommate who is also an asshole" story.

The teacher scowled at him, as if he couldn't believe anyone would dare miss his class. "Well Mr….."


"Well Lightwood, since you're so clever that you don't need to turn up at lessons the same time as anyone else, would you mind solving this equation."

Mr Hilton (as it said on his id badge) then turned around and wrote on the board an extremely complicated equation. Alec scowled, he was pretty sure that Mr Hilton didn't actually expect him to solve it and was just trying to make him feel bad for missing half the lesson. In fact he was certain as Alec knew for a fact that they wouldn't learn to use such complex maths until the second year. Fortunately for him however, he already knew how to do most of the maths on the entire course.

After accepting the stub of chalk he was handed, Alec stepped over to the board and began to solve the equation. It took him barely a minute. When he was done he turned back to face the class and saw looks of shock and awe on every face. Mr Hilton stepped close to the board and checked the answer. "Perfect," he cried, "I'm impressed Mr Lightwood, that was some very advanced maths. I'm guessing you must be the genius scholarship child I've heard so much about."

Alec blushed furiously and stuttered, "I-I'm not a genius."

Mr Hilton gave him a long look, "I'll be the judge of that, now go and sit next to Mr Lewis," he gestured to a scruffy boy with thick brown hair and glasses, "and genius or not, don't ever be late for my class again. Ok?" Alec nodded furiously and scurried over to sit beside the brown haired boy.

"Hi, I'm Simon," the boy whispered as Mr Hilton resumed his teaching.

"Alec," Alec said reaching over to shake Simon's hand and in doing so noticed that the sported a t-shirt that had a picture of Gandalf the grey on it, with the caption, "what are you Tolkien about"

"Nice shirt," Alec chuckled, causing Simon to give him a massive grin.

"Finally, someone who appreciates the joke. No one else here seems to get it, someone even asked me this morning if I knew I'd spelt talking wrong." Alec snorted in disbelief. In his opinion, Lord of the rings was one of the best books ever written, and anyone who hadn't read them was missing out on an essential part of life.

"So what's it like here?" he asked, unable to restrain his curiosity.

Simon glanced around to check no'one was listening before confiding, "Well, I started here last year. I was a scholarship student, like you, and had never been anywhere like this before. As you've probably noticed, this school's budget is practically non-existent. They have more unnecessary luxuries here than in all of Hollywood. But despite the abundance of ego, the teaching is excellent, and when you're not working it's like being permanently on holiday. Plus not everyone here is up themselves, I know some great people who are very down to earth and nice, in fact stick with me and I'll introduce you to them later."

Alec gave him a genuine smile. Although he didn't really know Simon, he was sure they would become good, if not great, friends. "Thanks man, I really appreciate that," he grinned, before turning his attention back to the lesson and circle theorems.


As promised, when lunchtime came Simon led Alec to a large table in the canteen, filled with, chatting, bubbly, beautiful people. Alec didn't know how it was possible but every single person on the table looked like they modelled in paris at the weekends. As Simon made brief introductions Alec tried his best to memorise every face and it's corresponding name.

He was surprised to find that he knew at least one of the faces there, Clary, a short, freckled red-head, who was friends with Isabelle. There was also Camille, a big-busted, blond bombshell, who seemed unaffected by Alec's presence. Ragnor, a broad shouldered boy with bags under his eyes and a sulky expression. Jordan, who was muscular and tanned. Mai, a grinning girl, with a coffee complexion and a gamers shirt. Jem, whose unusual silver hair and eyes glinted as he offered Alec a warm handshake and a kind smile and finally Tessa, a tall girl with inquisitive hazel eyes and a genuine grin. Alec greeted everyone, unsure if he'd be able to remember everyone's names but determined to try.

He took a seat besides Simon and Jem and began to pick at his lunch (he was too nervous to have much of an appetite). "So Alec, you have a scholarship, right?" Jem asked.

"Errr, yerr, I applied for it and was lucky enough to be accepted."

"Bullshit," Simon snorted. "It wasn't luck, you're a genius." Everyone gave Simon a curious glance so he elaborated, "In maths Alec was late to class so Mr Hilton gave him an equation to solve"

"Ahhh, the old unsolvable equation," Jordan sighed nostalgically.

"Yes," Simon agreed, "except that Alec actually solved it, in like, thirty seconds. Mr Hilton looked like he was going to poop himself, he was that shocked." Everyone gave Alec an awed look (which he hated). It seemed that Mr Hilton's equations where notoriously difficult.

"Isabelle said you were an attractive version of Einstein," Clary mused, "I know who to ask for help with my maths homework." Alec chuckled awkwardly. Although he was essentially embarrassed by their praise, it was nice to feel like part of a group.

Simon however looked slightly upset by Clary's comment and even pouted slightly. Alec felt a bit of irrational guilt. It was painfully obvious that Simon had a massive crush on his "bestie" and he seemed upset by Alec stealing his nerd title. Not wanting to cause rifts in their friendship Alec said, "or you could ask Simon, he's just as good at maths."

"Yerr, that's true," Clary agreed "Simon is very clever." She smiled over at the brown haired boy, who had now turned a vivid shade of red. He shot Alec a grateful look before replying to the compliment.

Alec spent the rest of lunch watching his new friends chat; gossip and joke about. They seemed like an amazing bunch, and Alec couldn't believe they actually let him sit with them. Lame as it was, Alec had never before felt accepted as he did there, sitting at a table full of his laughing peers. He just hoped it lasted.

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