Life As I Know It


Frustrated with herself and her intensely quiet home life, Bella lives with her mom, goes to online school, has few friends, and has a huge crush on her next-door neighbor, Edward. Will she break out of her shell someday?

Romance / Humor
Danielle Pitter
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Look, Mom, just because you and my sister are outgoing and like to party doesn’t mean I have to!”

“But you don’t do anything anyway! All you do is sit and watch TV or Netflix! That’s not living!”

“Oh, and what you do is?! Partying with your ex-boyfriend who treats you like shit―”

“Don’t you talk about Phil like that! He’s a nice guy!”

“Oh, he’s nice alright…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, Mom. Nothing at all,” I bit back, holding my tongue once again.

“What?! Tell me!”

I sighed and just spat it out. “He treats you like shit and you keep going back to him. Even though I’ve told you, everyone else has told you to move on. You can’t stand to be alone, but yet you choose an asshole like him? I could go out, I could have a life of my own, but what’s going to happen to you? Who’s going to save you when he breaks your heart again?”


My hand automatically went to my burning cheek, tears clouding my sight. My breath caught in my stomach, along with my shattered heart. “I hate you.”

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