Confused Beauty

Briar Rose

"Hermione do you have to leave? Harry and I can come with you in a few weeks time so you don't have to go alone," Ron whines, reminding me of this fact for the seventh time this morning.

I grab my beaded bag and search through it for a second before pulling out a parchment and quill. Walking towards the red head on my bed I smile at him sweetly. He looks at the items in my hand and gets a worried look on his face. When I reach the bed, I bend down and plant a kiss on his lips before pulling back and handing him the two things.

"Now Ron, I know for a fact you can use these items. I went to school with you for six years and even though you almost never used them for the right thing, you can still write fairly well."

"Fairly well?"

"Yes, fairly well." I nod and continue what I was saying. "So this means that you are perfectly capable of sending a letter every now and then while I am away, Ronald."

Next to him, Harry snickers at Ron. Ron frowns and to make a point to Harry, grabs my face roughly and tries to begin a make out session. I stiffen up immediately at his touch and refuse to allow his tongue entry into my mouth. Having only had two girlfriends, and one of them being a woman with only shagging on her own mind, Ron did this a lot. No matter how many times I told him I did not feel comfortable making out in front of a room full of people, he always pushed it too far. I will of course miss him while I am gone, but I'm looking forward to not having to spend every second of the day with him.

When I am finally able to pull away from his tight grip I take an unconscious step away and move to Harry, who stands up and pulls me into a hug. "I can get out of training if you want Hermione. Ron doesn't have to know either, you need a break." Harry whispers in my ear. I'm filled with warmth to know that at least one person understands that I am not happy with Ron all the time. None of the Weasley's grasp that idea and give me looks every time I get done with a fight between Ron and I. Harry always understood what I am thinking though, and his offer is tempting.

"No, Harry you have Ginny to think about, and you know you can't leave London right now. Besides, time to myself is all I really want. I'll be back in a few weeks time." I back away from him and give him a small smile. "I'll miss both of you very much."

Ron stands up and engulfs both of us in a bear hug, one of my only favorite displays of affection that he expresses. When he releases us after a moment I walk over and pick up my beaded bag again before following the two down the stairs to the rest of the Weasley family and extended family.

Ginny runs towards me as I reach the last step and almost makes me fall down with her impact. "Oh Hermione, please don't leave me with these boys. I don't think I can stay as sane as you did." Ginny cries into my shoulder and I chuckle at her attempt at keeping me here. Her, Ron, and their parents had been trying to convince me to stay, but my heart was set.

"Ginny you'll be fine, you survived eleven years in this house with all of your brothers and you only had your mother." I pull away from her and look her in the eye as she slump slightly in defeat. "I'm going to Australia and I will be back sooner or later."

"It better not be later." I hear Ron mumble from my side and I glance at him, giving him a sheepish smile, he returns it with a half-smile. I walk further into the room and the other three follow close on my heels.

The rest of the Weasley clan (including new wives), Hagrid, and Kingsley sit in the living room waiting to say their own good byes. As the four of us walk in most stand up and say their own little objection to me leaving, I smile at all of them and walk up to Mrs. Weasley first. She was already wiping her tears on her dirty apron and mumbling things about having people come with me. When she sees me standing in front of her she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me close to her, engulfing me in another bear hug from a Weasley. As I try to calm her down a little before I move on to my next goodbye, Mr Weasley arrives and takes her from me.

"Mrs. Weasley please don't cry, you know that I will see you again but I just need to see them again first."

"Oh but it so soon after the war, and not all the Death Eater have had their trial yet-"

"They are all caught though, and that's what I have waited for. I am a strong girl Molly, I can handle myself for a few weeks." I reply to her before giving her a kiss on the head and moving towards others in the room.

As I say goodbye to Kingsley, he reminds me yet again, that I still had a position in the Ministry that I can take when I come back. As politely as I can, I turn it down again. I was sticking to my word from fifth year, I did not want to work for the Ministry even if it was run by a sane wizard now. Hagrid gives me a quick goodbye, telling everyone he has to get out of here quickly to do something at Hogwarts. He didn't specify what that thing was, but I had a pretty good idea when I saw him rush out the door blubbering. Most of the rest of the guest only wished me luck and told me to come back. When I reach George he gave me an odd look.

"You know, Fred always had said you were gonna end up leaving us. Would talk about you being this huge thing and not coming back." George mutters as I hug him. I freeze up as he says it, knowing it was the first time he brought Fred up unless it was in an argument or he was screaming his name. The loss of his other half had affected him since the war two month ago. In the beginning, most days he spent time in his room crying and screaming. None of us had been much better of course. The only thing that kept me from breaking down like the others, was that I had my parents waiting for me to come to them. So until then, I was the support everyone needed to get back on their feet.

"I'm not leaving forever George, I prom-"

"No, don't promise us anything. You never know what roots you might plant in Australia. You could become a whole new person over there. Changing from a red rose to a pink one or something like that." He pauses for a moment and notices the others are beginning to notice that he is speaking. "So enough with the no fun stuff. Just know that I'll be listening for things down there." He points to the hole in his head and laughs at his joke.

"Thanks George. I'll miss you." I give him another hug before pulling away and nodding to everyone. Harry, Ron, and I walk out of the Burrow together and disapparate.

Around us now are moss-covered walls and a narrow path heading towards a busy street. We had found this alley last week while searching for a place to apparate to so I couldn't be seen by any muggles. At the end of the alley was a side-walk heading towards London's airport. Harry and Ron had said that the only way that they were going to let me go was if they got to see me off. I did not put up a fight, wanting to be able to say goodbye to them without everyone watching anyways.

Harry pulls me into a one arm hug first and says how I need to write about everything, and the first sign of danger I'm to bring my parents and come straight home. "Harry you worry too much!" I laugh as I pull away. "Its Australia, the war didn't even touch Asia, much less all the way over there."

"You never know where Death Eaters will refuge." Ron says for Harry who nods at him in agreement.

"Boys, you know that they are all caught and most of them are going to Azkaban anyways. Those who are not, aren't dangerous." I argue fixing a look towards them.

"Malfoy got out and he is dangerous. Pathetic, but dangerous." Ron says, Harry looks uncomfortable in the turn of atmosphere and I become slightly angry with Ron. Ever since the three of us were requested to speak on the topic of our former classmate in court, he has been bring it up like we betrayed him.

"Ron, you know that I do not regret speaking on Narcissa's and Draco's account. Not once had Narcissa said one rude thing to me, even when she gave nasty looks to Harry or you. Harry and I both testified for Draco's case because he didn't-"

"Draco?" Ron interrupts.

"join the Death Eaters willingly, same goes for his mother. Harry you agree do you not?"

"Yes but-" Harry begins.

"You're siding with her again?! Oh I can't believe this." Ron interrupts Harry also. I notice the look of annoyance and worry cross Harry's features before he tries to go back to neutral.

"I'm going to go, Hermione."

This kind of thing had happened a lot since Ron and I finally made it 'official.' We fought constantly, and sadly Harry was always in the middle. He was beginning to get use to it until I announced I was going to Australia to find my parents and Ron began turning to Harry for back up every time. I am equally guilty of pulling Harry into the situation, but I do it much more subtly so that Harry doesn't realize what he's said until Ron is yelling. It seemed like the two of us were always fighting, which led to Harry also fighting with one of us. That was essentially what it had always been like for the three of us, fighting constantly and then coming together to help save the school, but we are out of school now. Hogwarts and the rest of the Wizarding world is safe and there has been nothing to lead the three of us together as the Golden Trio in a while. I was hoping me leaving and coming back would help, it was part of my reasoning on staying weeks instead of days.

"Hermione," Harry says hugging me to him one last time. "I'll miss you a ton. Write everyday to me and bring your parents home. I need some muggle interaction."

I chuckle at his comment and it's not till he pulls away and I see wet marks on his shoulder that I realize that I'm crying. I smile wider when I realize Harry is tearing up too.

"Oh Harry it won't be fo- that bad. I promise." I hear George's words repeat in my head and swallow down a lump in my throat.

"I know." Harry says soberly. He takes a step back and disapparates.

Staring at the spot Harry just disappeared from, Ron steps in my line of vision and lifts my chin up between his two fingers. I wince slightly but try to smile back at him. Ron would never intentionally hurt me, but he really didn't know how to control strength when it came to me. He stares at me before kissing me and I allow it, knowing it will be the last for a long time. When he tries to take it a step further and he is playing with my shirt, I pull away and lean my head on his chest

"Not here Ron. I have to go." I try to leave it at that but he grabs my arm.

"'mione what is it? What's wrong?" Ron asks. The look he gives me is the same he gave me when he asked me out or convinced me to sleep with him. It's a look I can't say no to and always gets me to do what he wants.

When he had asked me out, I was prepared to tell him we needed to wait. He was still distraught over his brother, I was still helping out at school, and everyone was recovering. I knew we needed time to sort out our feelings for each other when we weren't facing death or in life or death situations and our actions could be our lasts, but he told me he loved me. I replied to him with 'I love you too' like I was supposed to, but now it all seemed forced and rushed.

"Ron I don't think we should continue dating while I'm away." His puppy eyes and pouting lip disappear as his lips thin out and eyes turn ablaze.

"You want to take a break?" He snaps out, releasing my arm.

"Sort of. I just think it would be a good idea." I try to keep my tone neutral and soothing. "We rushed into this too quickly, you know that. I just need to see my parents and have that life back before I have a life with you."

"So you want to go there and start a life there before you start one with me?"

"No Ron, you're twisting my words around!" I say a little louder. I was being reasonable, could he not see that?

"No, I'm not! That is exactly what you said Hermione!" Ron yells at me. "No but I get it, this is just you pulling away little by little as to not hurt me right?"

I shake my head wildly as I notice the direction we were heading. "No, Ron, listen to me."

"No Hermione you listen to me for once. I am not an idiot. You and everyone else may think I am but, I'm not. I understand you want to break up, I knew you didn't really love me, because then you wouldn't flinch every time I fucking hold your hand or much less kiss you. What I don't understand is why you have to drag it out so long?" I'm about to rebuttal, but he continues. "Fine. I'll make it easy for you. We are done Hermione Granger. Done!" Ron disapparates before I can say anything.

"RON!" I screech out, loud enough that I don't hear the *pop.

That wasn't what I wanted. I did love Ron, I had loved him since sixth year. At least that was when I realized I loved him. If we had waited longer to make it official after the war, allowed each other and those around us to heal first, I know we would have spent the rest of our lives together. The idea of a break was just so I could fix everything in my muggle life, before continuing my witch life. Ron is in both pictures as far as I am concerned, or he was.

I fall to the ground and sit there with tears running down my face and sobs shaking my body for- I'm not sure how long, but soon my watch is going off and I see that I have twenty minutes before my plane takes off. Casting a glamour charm over myself to alter my appearance enough that no reporter will realize who I am and no one will be able to tell I had cried. The Order had agreed on my request of having no one outside of the Order knowing that I was leaving and what country I was going to. I didn't need reporters following my parents and I around while we spent time together. I also didn't need the Order knowing exactly where I am at all times.

I step out on the side-walk and run towards the front doors. Luckily for me, airports are always filled with running people who are late too. Unlucky for me though, my passport picture holds me up long enough that I am late by the time I reach the boarding gate and I have missed my flight to Hong Kong, which means I am missing my connecting flight to Sydney too. Of course, let's just add this to the list of things that are going wrong today.

"Dammit." I whisper under my breath. I throw a short tantrum, that includes myself cursing, kicking, knocking over a stupid airport sign, and scaring quiet a few muggles. I ignore all of them and begin walking towards the information desk. Before I reach it someone taps my shoulder and I have to stop so I don't seem impolite. Damn manners.

"You're the woman who missed the flight to Hong Kong correct?" The man speaking has short brown hair that sticks up in random places. He runs his hand through it nervously as I give him a once over, solving the reason why it was so messy. He was obviously young, maybe my age, and was in great shape. When I meet his gaze I notice they look fairly familiar, but I knew plenty of people with grey eyes. I believe.

"I am. I was just making my way to the information desk." I tell him, stepping back to try to dismiss the conversation. No such luck of course. Men need to learn how to tell when to flirt with a woman.

"There is another flight in three hours, I already checked." He tells me, when he sees the look I give him he elaborates to clear it up. "I missed the flight also. Muggles are much slower at security than I originally thought. But anyways, I can walk with you to the gate if you'd like." He flashes a bright, white smile and I agree to his suggestion with a polite nod. It's not until we walk past a few people who give me odd looks that I realize the odd wording the man used. I stop in my spot and he continues walking.

"Are you coming, it's not like you can apparate there, you don't know where the gate it." The man shouts over his shoulder. It snaps me out of my daze and I run to him, clamping a hand over his mouth. My blonde hair goes over my shoulder, and I look at it in shock before remembering my charm. I hadn't even gone into the bathroom or look at my passport long enough to see my new appearance. The man in front of me looks at me oddly for a moment before he pries my hand off and continues walking.

"Wait!" I call out and he stops again.

"Are you capable of walking and talking?" The man asks, meeting a smirk to my glare.

Walking to him, I give him a look. "You are a wizard?" I whisper.

"Yes, and you are a witch."

I look down at myself. I was wearing muggle clothes, my wand was hidden from view unless you pulled my shirt up, and I had made my bag slightly bigger so it looked like I had luggage. "How did you know?" I whisper again.

"Your fit when you saw you were late. Muggles saw you stomping around, most looked away. I would have too, but suddenly a sign near you fell over for no reason, when I looked back at you I noticed a small glow around you. Even a few sparks when you cursed aloud. I was afraid I was going to have to cover up a mess you were going to make before you stopped. You must be from a long ling of purebloods to have that kind of power when you are unaware of it."

"I am not a pureblood." I spit out bitterly. I quicken my speed up, but the man strides are longer than mine.

"Ah, so a witch and a war heroine." He says simply. He runs a hand through his hair, ruining his persona of put-together. The man holds himself together well, but does not seem so sure of himself. "I'm a half-blood myself honestly, and stayed away from the war all together."

"Than why are you here? Why come back, we're still in turmoil." I ask. We step on to one of the muggles inventions that help those who can't walk far, or promote being fat. I was tired from running and having an emotional morning, so I didn't feel bad for getting on it.

"Needed to help a friend out. And just so you know, blood line isn't important to me, but it is well known that to have an aura with mostly a magical side you have to come from more than one wizard." He states calmly. "Our gate is over there." He says before I can argue. He points to gate number 34 as we steps of the moving sidewalk.

"Ok." We reach it and find few seats are left. "Well it was nice of you to help me out, I'm going to go buy myself a ticket on to the plane." He nods and I turn to walk away.

"Hey?" I hear the man call from behind me and I turn when I get in the line at the gate's desk. "What's your name?"

It takes me only a second to think of a name because I had already taken my passport out to look at it. "Rose, Briar Rose." He smiles and nods before turning and taking an empty seat between two women who blush as he sits down.

As I wait for the line to move I examine the picture and find I am not too bad-looking at the moment. Throughout the years I had not been known for my looks, just my brain. It was nice to see myself as pretty and receiving the perks of being a pretty blonde girl too.

For three hours not much happened. I received my ticket, that told me I did not have the worst seat, but not nearly as good as my aisle seat I had booked on the first flight. For a while I examined my passport in case I was asked questions about myself, I came up with a whole back story for my muggle self too. I knew no one was going to attack me anymore, but we all had side effects from the war. The rest of the time of waiting for the plane, I examined the muggles in the airport and read Wuthering Heights. I had read it already, and only brought it as a book to get me use to muggle ones, so I spent half my time people watching. I enjoyed coming up with back ground stories for the ones around me too, most of them ended up being tragic stories that led to fleeing the country. By the time most of the people around me had boarded the plane, I was stuck in my on little world of jotting down a life story of a person that interested me.

"Last call for boarding on flight 647, bound for Hong Kong." I hear and hurry to stand up and put away my notebook now filled with a plot line. The woman at the desk smiles at me and wishes me a good flight.

Two flights, one night at a hotel and that is all that is left standing between my parents and I.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

"Urgh. . . ." I roll over in my bed and smack at the source of the annoying sound. When I look at the old alarm clock I stick my tongue at it and say "My alarm clock is prettier and has a prettier voice than you." With that I swing my legs over the side of the bed and walk to my bag sitting on a small table in my hotel room. For a second I actually try to find one certain piece of clothing before giving up and walking back to my bed to take my wand from my pillow. "Accio shirt and shorts." The items I was looking for come zooming out of my bag and into my hands.

I get dressed, grab the slip of plastic, and walk out of my hotel room down to breakfast. The hotel I was staying at was fifty miles away from Sydney and a twenty-minute ride to the Wilkins' house. That fact made me extremely nervous and barely able to swallow my eggs. When I was able to swallow the proper amount of food to get me through the day and not throw back up in nervousness, I stood up and went back up to my room. There is not much to get together, having come in and gone to sleep the moment I got to the hotel last night. Hopefully I had slept through jet lag by not sleeping on any of the flights and sleeping during Wollongong's night instead of London's night. That was the city I was staying in and had tracked my parents to. It made sense of course. They loved big cities like I did, but could never stay in them, it was either too much money of we needed a bigger lawn. I didn't object, I grew up with that and loved our suburban houses.

Once I have my bag repacked, I summon a parchment and quill to write to Harry and Ron. I didn't know if Ron would reply but I still plan to write one. He seemed pretty mad last time I saw him, but we had to talk and clarify where we stand. I still didn't want to break up, I just wanted a break. I start with Harry, not knowing if my brain was awake enough yet to figure out what to say to Ron.

Dear Harry,

How are you? I hope everyone in the Burrow is well and getting along well. I was late for my plane to Hong Kong but a wizard that I met in the airport helped me out and showed me a new flight that was going the same route, just three hours later. I haven't been to my parents house yet, but I will tell you how it all goes later. I am going to have to buy an owl so I don't have to use the nasty Ministry owls more than a couple of times. I guess I am going to find where the wizarding part of Australia mainly stays too. It will help during the next few weeks.

Love you and miss you already. Give my love to everyone


I closed the letter and before putting it in an envelope and I wrote "Wingaridum Leviosa" on it. The war was over but from London to Sydney was a long distance and I never knew who could change the letter. If I received a letter without a code word, than I knew it wasn't Harry. I closed the letter and pulled out another parchment and began to think of what to tell Ron.


I'm in Australia. The flight was fine, and easy. I'm sure you would say that using the International Apparation would be easier, but this is less exhausting. I miss you already. You and everyone else, but I am still staying with my parents because I have missed them for too long.

You said we broke up, but we need to talk about this Ron. I love you. I have loved you for years now and don't think I can live without you. When I said I wanted to have a life here first, I meant patch up my muggle life and start my witch life with you. That's what I want, a life with you, Ron. I will be here for a certain amount of time and then I plan on coming back, and I hope to pick up with you where I left off.

I love you.


I closed the parchment and went to the window. It was almost eight o'clock now and the evening Prophet in London is received by seven. I planned on using the Ministry bird as my messenger until I could buy my own bird, or use the one Harry replies with. Besides with a Ministry bird it is less likely to be read by unwanted eyes now that I trust the Ministry a little more. I opened the window slightly with my wand and practiced a few spells while waiting for the bird. Finally when it was ten at night in London yesterday and nine in the morning here, I see a Great Grey Owl, like a younger Errol, flying towards the hotel. As it lands on the desk in the hotel room I quickly immobilize it just for a moment as I close the window. When I release the charm on the brown owl, it moves to nip at me before stopping as I give it a treat.

"Please wait only a moment, I need you to take letters for me." I tell the Owl as it stares back at me with big, knowing eyes. I reach over to grab my letters when I take my glance at the Daily Prophet for the first time. I stopped reaching for my love letter to Ron and grabbed the Prophet from the desk.

I stared down at the page the paper had fallen open on, this news wasn't as big as the Parkinson and Crabbe's family going to Azkaban, but it was big enough to be on the back of the front page. Of course reporters followed us everywhere we went, the Golden Trio never got a break unless they left the country without telling anyone. Like I did. Harry and Ron are not so lucky.

Brains of the Famous Gryffindor Princess being replaced by a Ravenclaw?!

There on the second page of the Daily Prophet, where everyone could see it, was a picture of the man I loved and Cho Chang making out at a nice restaurant. Cho had grown up well, she grew out those bangs to where they were easier to manage and didn't cover up her perfect oval-shaped face. Her long black hair was still long and straight and her legs went on for miles. In the picture she wore an expensive silk robe and was sitting on Ron's lap.

One moment I am standing, staring down and the next the walls are silenced and I'm screaming on the floor. I'm not sure how I was able to make the silencing charm so quickly, it must have been from the war. I didn't care though, I only cared that my heart was aching and I couldn't control the tears running down my face, much less my magic. Why was he doing this to me? It had barely been over a day since he said we were breaking up, yet the break up didn't even seem official. Did he want me to hurt, was that his goal? because he succeeded. I rocked back and forth on the ground, staring at the moving picture of Ron holding Cho to him. There were several other pictures of the two, as if they had dated for months and this was a collage of their relationship. There was a shot of the two of them walking into the restaurant, Ron holding the door open, the main picture of the two of them making out, and then a smaller picture of what they did when they were caught. I stared at the two of them getting caught, watching as Cho gets embarrassed and fixes her shirt as Ron smirks and captures her lips again. I can see her relax against him like I never had. It must make him feel so proud.

Why had I always flinched when he touched me? Did I really flinch every time he held my hand like he said I did? Why did Cho not flinch when he had lifted her chin, surely I am stronger than the Ravenclaw. All of these questions began racing each other in my head, all trying to be the one at the front of my mind that I could concentrate on. Instead of only paying attention to one, I tried to see all of it, I tried to answer the questions of this test with rational answers but I couldn't.

I stayed in fetal position for a while, before I calmed down and my face dried. I was all cried out and was not letting any thoughts through my head. In a daze I gave Harry's letter to the Ministry owl who was perched on a lamp far away from the window and I. Letting the owl fly away and telling him where to go, I held Ron's letter in a death grip and cleaned the room with a sweep of my wand. The letter in my hand flew across the room and began ripping itself up in front of me as I stared at the wall behind it. My magic was doing as I wanted it to without speaking any spells, this factor did not bother me because I knew in times of distress wizards and witches magic side was more apparent than their muggle side. I put up different enchantments to protect the room from anyone coming in and I walk down to the front lobby in a daze, telling the front desk to not have my room cleaned today. I proceeded to follow my plan for the day without letting any thoughts of people back in London coming through.

Some how, and I doubt I will ever know how, I apparated to the apartment complex the Wilkins couple lived in without getting splinched. No one pays attention to me as I walk through the streets looking for something familiar. I wasn't really paying attention or thinking about anything in particular when I had to take a second look at a violet Volvo S60 T5 parked in front of an apartment. It looked like the type of car my parents would buy, and I had no other object making me take more than a glance.

The apartment building was cute and simple, with red bricks and big windows. The Volvo is parked in front of an apartment that had no garden decorations and looked as though those living inside had moved here recently and were still getting use to the area. I walked up to the apartment door slowly and climbed the stairs. Seeing the blinds closed and no one out side or watching me, I took off my glamour charm and changed back to regular Hermione Granger. I was leaving Briar Rose on this door step. When I felt comfortable in my current skin, I raised my shaky hand and knocked on the door.

In, out, in, out... I take in deep steady breaths to compose myself as I wait for the door to open. I hear voices inside and suck in a breath as the door knob turns and the door opens.

"Hello, can I help you?" My dad stands in front of me, holding himself tall and giving me a smile. He runs a hand through his reddish-brown hair that now had a few grey hairs. He stares at me for a moment as I try to find my words. I had planned this for a month now, why can I not figure out what to say?

"Hey, umm.. you see." I stutter, inside I see my mom come into view and walk towards my dad. She has a curious smile on her face and brushes a curly, black strand of hair out of her face. I suck in another breath to keep me steady then gulp and try again. "Yes, you can help me."

My dad nods and gives me an odd look. I can tell he is spectacle to have a young women on his new front porch, but my mother's kind heart speaks before he can. "Would you like to come in? We can help a lot better over a drink." She opens the door wider, takes my hand and leads me to a small living room. It was cozy, but felt weird to me. I didn't feel like I belonged in this new life of theirs, I needed to change that.

My mom lets me choose my seat, then she sits in front of me next to my dad. They look at me for a moment as I take a sip of the lemonade my dad brought out. "Thank you for the drink. Your house is beautiful."

"Thank you," Both of my parents reply. "What is it we can help you with, …? I don't believe I caught your name."

"Hermione, Hermione Granger." I reply to my dad. My mom smiles at the name, I knew she was the one who named me.

"That's a beautiful name." She tells me.

"Thank you."

"Now Hermione, what can we do for you."

"Well you see," I begin, feeling a little more aware of what I needed to say now. "You two don't remember, but I have met you before." This causes my father to move closer to my mom and form a defensive stance in his chair. My mom keeps a calm expression and smiles at me to continue. "You don't remember me because I had to alter your memory to keep you safe from a group of people who were trying to hurt my friends and I. Those people are gone now though, and I came here to return your memories." They both stare at me with different expressions. My mother looks like she pities me and my father seems angry. Both, however, seem like they are figuring out a way to ask me to leave politely. "I can return the memories very easily. I can prove to you I am your daughter. If the spell doesn't -"

"Spell? Are you saying you used magic on us before?" My mom says, giving me a worried look.

"Yes but let me explain I can't -" My father stands up.

"I think we have heard enough. Monica and I don't need to be played like this."

"NO!" I shout standing up quickly and pulling out my wand. "Please let me show you, I'm not playing either one of you. You're my parents. Mrs. and Mr. Granger."

My mom stands up too and moves next to her husband. "No Hermione, our last name is -"

"Wilkins, yes I know but that is because I changed your memory so the Death Eaters couldn't find you. I know what you believe. You believe you moved here because you have always wanted to ever since you lost your baby eighteen years ago, but mom wouldn't leave till recently. You moved here and wanted to live outside of Sydney so you weren't overcome by tourist but still near things you need." They stare at me and my dad positions my mom behind him. "I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth." My voice cracks at the end and I realize there are tears running down my face. "Please let me show you."

"Hermione, we would like for you to leave our home now." Mom says.

"Mom, let me show -"

"And do not come back." My dad adds.

My knees let go at the look my father gives me and I fall to the floor, catching myself before I crack my head on the glass table. "No no no no..." I whisper, to myself. I can't comprehend things, my thoughts are all blurred together and I just want to be comforted by my parents. There is movement and I here my dad say. "Monica go upstairs, I'm going to call the police."

"No!" I look up and they both freeze. I wipe my tears and take a deep breath. "You do not believe in my magic, so if I do a spell, why would it affect you?" I point my wand at them.

"What is that?" My father says. I don't reply only wipe away my tears and say the counter spell for the altered memory spell. I'll show them they had a daughter.

"Reddere Memora!" I say aloud and flick my wrist at them. I watch as a green light appears at the tip of my wand, then disappears quickly with not shot towards my parents. My dad looks at my mom who looks at him and shakes her head. He nods and she backs up against the wall as he walks towards me. I open my arms and move to hug him, and he grabs my arm and drags me to the door.

"Dad?" I mutter.

"I am no ones father. Monica and I found out before you were probably born that we couldn't have a child." He yells at me. I gasp and begin to let the tears fall. "You, Hermione Granger, are mentally ill and need to leave the premises immediately. If you come back here again we will file a restraining order. I will give you three minutes to get out of sight of this apartment before I call the cops on you."

He throws the door open and pushes me out. I sit there staring up at him with tears in my eyes. "Reddere Memore." I say again. "It was supposed to work. I'm your bloodline, I'm suppose to be able to bring the memories back."

The door is slammed shut and I see through the blinds the shape of Wendell Wilkins hug his wife close and speak to her. No one is outside, and I don't know where to go now. I don't even know what I can do. In a matter of twenty-four hours, the two halves of my life had decided I wasn't suppose to have them and they left me. My life was gone and there was nowhere to go.

"No no no no no no..." I rock back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the Wilkins' house and let the sobs shake my body. "I'm your daughter." I whisper over and over, knowing I sound and look as crazy as Wendell Wilkins thinks, but I was in shock. It seemed a lot longer than three minutes, but soon I could hear sirens in the distance and I had to jump up. I look towards my parents house and saw them watching me. I wiped my tears and ran behind the building, when I was out of sight of any possible muggle, I disapparated away from the complex.

I arrived at the back of the hotel and walked into the hotel. A few workers watched me as I get onto the elevator, but I ignored them and went into my room. When the door opened and the protection spells were let down, I fell on my white bed next to my airplane carry on bag and began crying again.

My head throbbed from the amount of crying I had done today, seeing as I hadn't cried much the last two months. I've been waiting for my parents so they could comfort me as I cried. Yet no one was here for me now. I was thousands of miles away from my closest friend, and I couldn't even go back to them because I would have to see the man who broke my heart and acknowledge that I can't have my parents back. None of that seems appealing to me in the least. Instead I resulted to lying on my bed and letting everything out all alone. It wasn't healthy, but I needed to do it before I could continue. One last cry before I began planning all over again.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my nose clogged, a wet face, and a migraine. Nothing seemed to have woken me up, but when I tried to go to sleep, I couldn't. Jet-lag was still playing its part then.

I get up off my bed and try to clean up the already clean room to make me tired. When it was too clean, I walk back to the bed and dump out the contents of my carry on. There wasn't much in it, only two books, my airport needs, and the notebook I had written different life stories for myself and the people on my plane. I looked through the notebook and found my favorite background story for Briar Rose. She really was a pretty person, and I had based her of similar things I had gone through so I could remember it well. Looking at the picture of her on my passport I realize that I had ended her life right before mine ended. No one knew Briar, and no one wanted Hermione. Why let two lives die in one day?

I stand up and point my wand at myself. Besides, when a door closes, another opens doesn't it? I'll just open this door for myself. So as Hermione Granger was put to sleep until her life could be put back together, Briar Rose was getting her first chance at having a life.

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