The Bachelor

I Gotta Feelin'

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Jace and I walked into the reception room to be met with a chorus of squeals and cheers. None of them were for me, of course. Within seconds, I lost my friend in the mob of people attempting to get close and hug him or just be near him.

I simply rolled my eyes and stepped back, not wanting to be involved and/or trampled. I grabbed a clean glass, filling it with champagne, then sat down on one of the couches. By this time, some of the girls had returned, but Jace and the rest of his posse were nowhere to be seen. Aline sat beside me, pulling another contestant behind her.

"Helen, this is Clary." Aline introduced the two of us, "Clary, this is Helen. She's cool. I promise." I smiled, and stuck my hand out to the new addition to what I guess would be our little 'group'. She took it, shaking softly, but not really saying anything. I quickly scanned her. She was platinum blonde with a pair of ice blue eyes, and she was also very tall. Then again, everyone seems tall to the girl that reaches a terrifying 5'1".

"Hey," I decided to start the conversation, then I remembered what I'd actually come for, my duty to Jace, "So, how is Jace?" "He's really..." Helen seemed to search her mind for the right term, and I'm assuming she was trying not to be rude, seeing as there were cameras everywhere.

"Cocky?" Aline supplied, "Player-ish?" I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped me, and the chuckle soon turned to a laughing fit. Soon, the two that I now considered my only friends here, joined in.

"I promise. He gets better." I assured them, "You just have to get to know him." Aline turned to me.

"Please tell me that you aren't one of those girls in disguise." I laughed again.

"No." I elbowed her lightly, "No. I'm just saying, he really did seem like a nice guy, you just have to remember this is sudden for him too. He's just as scared as the rest of us. I mean, you don't exactly practice having 20 girls throw themselves at you." The two stared at me, speechless.

"Damn, Clary. Are you a counselor or something" Helen said, eyes wide, "If you're not, you should be." Before I had the chance to reply, the girls' faces changed. They were on the small couch across from mine, so they obviously saw something behind me. Finally, I realized what- or more accurately who- it was as he sat down beside me.

"Hey, girls, how are you?" Jace asked, flashing his charming smile. Cue the stupid freaking butterflies.

"We're great!" I was the first one to reply, "This is Aline, and this is Helen." I motioned to each of them respectively, and Jace stood up, giving them hugs like the gentleman he never was or would be again (I guaranteed it). He turned to me.

"Sorry, I have to ask, but you are..?" I saw the joking glint in his golden eyes, and I rolled my own emerald ones.

"Clary, Clary Fray." I told him, sticking out a hand, "And my first piece of advice to you, remember your contestants' names." He smiled, and this time, it wasn't his charmer smile. It was his real smile, and instead of butterflies, I felt fireworks.

But this time, it wasn't so foreign, almost like a background emotion. It was right then that I knew that no matter what happened, no matter what I felt, this man in front of me was still my best friend. Still Jace Wayland. I was reassured of that fact when he pushed my hand aside, enveloping me in his arms, not caring that there might be cameras watching. I wrapped my own arms around his neck, knowing, just by his posture and how tight he held me, that he needed me right now.

"You okay?" I whispered, stroking his back comfortingly.

"No." He said softly, "I'm scared."

"Say you want one on one time with me."

"One on one time?"

"Yes, just take me... out by the pool."

"You watch this show too much, Clare."

We laughed, separating. Between us, we'd learned to have extremely fast conversations, so the whole thing must have only taken about five seconds.

"Clary, how about I take you out by the pool, you know, to make up for the name thing." He acted like he was sheepish, but I knew Jace, and, if I didn't agree, he would most likely throw me over his shoulder and carry me out against my will.

"That would be great." I linked my arm in the one that he offered me. We walked out and I glanced over me shoulder to see Aline making a heart with her hands. I shook my head, stepping into the cool air, then letting the door swing shut behind us. The second it was closed, my feet left the ground, and I was up in Jace's arms.

"What the hell, Wayland?!" I exclaimed, slapping him lightly on the chest.

"You were too slow in those heels." He shrugged. I looped my arms around his neck, letting my head rest against his chest and enjoying the gentle rocking his steps brought. I allowed my eyelids to droop down, only now realizing how stressful and exhausting the day really was. I was so tired that I barely felt Jace lay me down on the patio couch, lift up my head, sit down, then rest my head on his lap. I let out a deep breath, snaking my arms around his waist and snuggling into him.

"Don't fall asleep on me, Fray." He whispered, but the way he was stroking my hair was not helping me stay awake. Or deny the feelings I was developing for him. I groaned in protest, but reluctantly rose to a sitting position. I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes, much to my best friend's amusement.

"Can it, Goldilocks." I threatened halfheartedly.

"Well, I wouldn't insult the person who smuggled in a certain energy drink for you..." I perked up at his words.

"Red Bull?!" I asked excitedly, and he chuckled, handing me the slim can. I opened it and chugged it all without even breathing. With some more energy in me, I was able to think clearly. I took Jace's hand in my own, rubbing comforting circles on his palm.

"What's wrong?" I asked him softly, looking into his eyes, which were wide and vulnerable.

"I don't know how to do this." He started, "I don't know how to choose, I don't know how to know which girl is right. I mean, what if my soul mate is here and I send her home the first week." I internally cringed. He was talking to me about the girl he would marry, and I wasn't even in the running. He didn't even know how I felt. Hell, I hadn't known how I felt until today. I was snapped from my thoughts by the feeling of Jace's hand on my face.

"I'm scared, Clare." he whispered, and I gulped. His thumb stroked my cheekbone gently, and the breath seemed to leave my lungs. Jace had never done this before. I mean, we had done so many things, including sleeping in the same bed (without cuddling, of course), but nothing had ever been this... intimate. And I had absolutely no idea what he was thinking, whether or not this was platonic to him or not. Major problem? I think so.

For a few seconds, we just stayed like that, him stroking my cheek, me feeling his breath on my lips. Then, at the same time, we both slowly eased back, resuming our seated positions on the couch. Suddenly, Jace noticed something. I could tell by the way the look in his eyes changed.

"So this is where I'm supposed to give out the first impression rose." He voiced his thoughts. For a second, I stared at him, stupefied, then, I burst out laughing. I laughed so hard that I had to lean against Jace to keep from falling over.

"You're... the bachelor... and you didn't... even... know where... to give out the first impression rose." I said where I could fit the words in.

"Shut up." he shoved me lightly, and my laugh died down. All of a sudden, I spotted something coming towards us.

"Cameras." I hissed in warning, and Jace just smirked. He lifted the delicate red rose into his hand, examining it. The cameras had stopped now, and were trained on us.

"Clary Fray." He turned to me, and I quirked my eyebrows (Yes, plural, because I am physically incapable of raising only one) in question. What the hell was he about to do.

"Will you accept this rose?" He finished, a soft, real smile on his face. My heart filled with joy, and I suddenly understood the way the girls on previous seasons. It just made me feel... giddy. He had picked me. I mean, I know he was my best friend, and he probably only picked me because he couldn't choose anyone else, but he still picked me!

"Yes." I replied in an equally gentle tone keeping my emotions in check, save for the giant smile on my face. He placed the rose in my hand, and I wrapped my arms around him for the millionth time tonight. "Thank you." I whispered softly into his ear. He squeezed me tighter in reply, and that was all I needed.

Okay, first off, I hope you like it. Second, there is no Clace yet! That was not them getting together, just an awkward moment. Third, instead of leaving answers to questions in the review...

If I get at least ten reviews saying that they want Jace's POV by Sunday, I will do a Jace POV on the last two chapters instead of a new chappie! Okay, well, Adios, my faithful followers! (and yes, if you've read my other fics, you know that I always have, and always will, call/called you my faithfuls! ;) )


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