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One More NIght

Hey y'all! I finally had time to write!

My eyes fluttered open to the tapping of something on the window. For a second, I stared at the ceiling, then stretched out my arm. I pulled myself up into a sitting position, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. The glowing clock in the corner of my room caught my eye. 3:14.

What the hell was up at 3 in the morning. No freaking bird or squirrel could be this psychotic. I groaned, rolling- resentfully, might I add- to my feet. The cold hardwood floor sent shockwaves up my bare feet as I dragged myself to the window. I jerked open my curtains not to find an annoying animal (well not a small one at least), but Jace perched on the windowsill.

I pulled the window up, tightening the blanket I held around my shoulders as a blast of morning air gusted into the room.

"Well, you took your time." Jace stated, jumping inside when I stepped out of his way. He closed and locked the window behind him, and it was then, as I saw the muscles in his back, that I realized he was shirtless.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I hissed through gritted teeth, removing the blanket from my body and wrapping it around his, "You could've gotten sick." He rolled his eyes.

"You sound like Mom." he grumbled, but with a smile on his face. I glared at him.

"Why are you in my room at three in the freaking morning?!" I whisper-yelled, "You're just so lucky that they decided to try letting all of the girls have their own rooms this season, because I have a feeling a few questions would come up if there were more girls than me in here." Jace looked down, biting his lip and shifting from side to side, all signs of joking gone.

"I don't know how to do this, Clare-bear." He said softly, now looking up at me through long eyelashes. I jumped into my bed and patted the area beside me. He slipped under the covers by my side, the both of us leaning against the wall. I knew that right now, all he needed was silence, some time to think.

What I didn't expect was him to pull me into his lap and bury his head in my neck. To be honest, this wasn't the first time we'd been in this position, but it was the first time since I realized what I felt for him. It was even stranger that it didn't feel different though. I returned the hug, pulling back after what seemed like a few minutes.

"Look at me." I told him, and when he didn't, I pushed his chin up so that his golden eyes met mine, "You are Jace Wayland. As in the Jace Wayland that all of the girls here are fighting for. Just be you. I'm not saying to tell them everything. I'm not saying to act like you do around me, Izzy, Si, Mags, Alec, Maia, Jordan, or Max. I'm just saying to do what comes natural. Don't freak out, just act like it's a normal day." His lips now once again curved up into a small smile.

"God, you're amazing." he whispered, and I blushed, "I don't know how I could do this without my best friend here." My heart broke a little bit at that part. It was so hard telling myself that he only thought of me as a friend, but it hurt ten times worse when he called it out. I shook it off quickly, putting on my brave face for him.

"Now here's what you're gonna do." I gripped his shoulders, "You're going to get up tomorrow morning, and show America what you've got. But first, you're gonna get your ass to sleep. It's now... 3:30 in the freaking morning, and I, personally, have no interest in dealing with a sleep deprived you. So go to bed." I expected him to move, but he didn't, he just stood there, staring at his feet and shifting uncomfortably.

"Uh... Clare." he seemed nervous and a little embarrassed, two traits that never possessed him, "c-can I stay with you tonight, I don't want to be alone." I had a startling flashback to when the two of us were five, and a much younger, more scared Jace had asked the exact same thing.

"Of course," I replied, automatically grabbing his hand and dragging him to the bed. He lied down, and it was only then that I wondered how the two of us would fit on the small bed. Before I could contemplate any solutions, Jace reached out, grabbed me by the waist, and pulled me into the bed. We lie side by side for a second, half of me hanging off the bed. Jace looked over and noticed.

Without a word, he scooted against the wall, opening his arms invitingly. For a minute, I actually did consider staying on the edge, but I came to the conclusion that I could control myself (even in Jace's arms), and not risk falling and breaking my neck in my slumber. I scooted closer, but was barely over his forearms. I pulled the blanket up over my cold skin, realizing that, for some reason, the mansion's air conditioner was cranked on high.

I tried falling asleep to no avail, starting to shiver a bit. Okay, I was shivering a lot, as in shaking the bed shivering. So, with this fact, it wasn't a surprise when Jace cracked open a golden eye.

"You cold?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I nodded, not even having the strength to lie or joke. Not skipping a beat, he gathered me into his chest, arms tight around my small frame. I stopped breathing. Literally. As I said before, Jace and I had slept in the same bed, but never cuddled, so this was all new territory to me.

After a little bit of silence, I returned the embrace, slipping my arms around his bare torso. The heat of his skin immediately warmed me, and I sighed. I hadn't realized how loud it was until Jace's chuckle broke the quiet.

"Someone likes cuddling." He mumbled into my hair. I was thankful for our height difference as I buried my flaming face into the pillow, mumbling an unintelligible answer.

"Night Goldilocks." I said loud enough for him to hear.

"Sleep tight, Chili Pepper." he replied, and I swear I felt his lips press against the top of his head. I wrote it off as wishful thinking, but still burrowed into him. I fell asleep to the feel of him stroking my hair.

I opened my eyes, blinking rapidly to get the sleep out of them. I was about to wiggle out of the arm that weighed me to the bed, but Jace seemed to feel my movement, and he yanked me back to him.

"Morning, Fray." his breath was hot against my ear, and I noticed that his tone was lower, huskier. God, I don't think guys realized that morning voices were among the sexiest thing on the planet.

"Morning Jace." I flipped to face him, just now realizing that we had been spooning. I had not remembered how small the bed was, though, and yelped as I began to fall. All of a sudden, I stopped in midair, and that had something to do with the hand that caught me by the hip.

Somehow, Jace's fingers had found a strip of bare skin between my top and boxers, and, by the look in his eyes, I could tell it wasn't an accident. He hauled me back up and securely against him, but he didn't remove his hand. Instead, his fingers began to make circles on my under my shirt.

"W- what are you d-doing?" I tried to keep my voice steady, I really did, but with Jace staring at me like that, and his hands on me, it was impossible. He arched an eyebrow, obviously spotting my discomfort.

"Well," he lowered his face, lips against my ear, "You've always said you didn't know why girls 'fell into my trap', what better way than to show you." I gulped as he, pulled back, pressing his nose and forehead to mine. "Am I doing a good job?" his voice was the low tone he used on girls he wanted to sleep with. I wanted to let his lips meet mine, but the competitive streak in me flared. I wasn't going to cave first. It took all my willpower, but somehow I slipped out of bed and landed on the floor.

"Eh, so-so." I replied, trying to act nonchalant. Jace followed me, standing once again, movements smooth and graceful.

"Really?" he sounded unconvinced, "No one says my methods are so-so." He began to advance on me, and, without thinking, I started to back away.

"I have a feeling," He was gaining on me with each step, "That you're lying to me." At the word lying, my back hit the wall. Now, Jace towered over me, hands on the wall on either side of me. I restrained myself, keeping my fists clenched at my sides.

"So you really don't like this?" his breath feathered on my lips. I forced my mouth to remain in an unwavering smirk as I shook my head.

"But are you sure you don't like this?" I let my lips graze his cheek as I pulled back from his ear. His mouth formed a shocked "o", as he obviously didn't expect resistance, much less retaliation. He saw my satisfied expression, and realization took over his features.

"You honestly think you can win?" He asked, hands moving to my hips, "at this game? My game?" A hand moved up, and I expected it to move my hair back, for him to give in, but he didn't. Instead he pulled the strap of my tank top off of my shoulder, then moved his hand back to its original position.

"So you're gonna tell me that you don't want this?" he asked, lowering his head. His lips pressed against the bare skin of my shoulder. "You're gonna tell me that you don't like this?" His mouth slid against my skin, closer to my neck, then he kissed it again. "Tell," kiss, "me," kiss, "to stop." His mouth halted above mine, and I couldn't handle it anymore.

I let out a soft whimper, and that was all it took. His lips descended on mine, but it wasn't as fervent and heated as I'd expected. It was soft and slow, almost like he was trying to be careful with me. Not something he'd done with other girls. Ever. I didn't like it.

I pressed harder into the kiss, sliding my fingers into his hair, and egging him on. He let out a growl, and I could tell that he was done being cautious. He powered me back into the wall with a thump, and I got the message, lifting my legs up and coiling them around him. His hands supported my thighs as he backed up so that he was sitting on my bed. I forgot where I was, when it was, I was even confident that if he stopped, I wouldn't know my own name.

His hands slid up my shirt, but suddenly, he stopped, easing back the tiniest bit. I could see it in his eyes. He was asking permission for more than kissing me.

"Yes." I whispered in answer to his silent question. He leaned in again.

And then I woke up.

For real this time.

HAHAHA! I bet you all thought that was actual Clace :) I told you I wouldn't rush it, and am keeping my promise. All in due time, all in due time. Sorry, I know this isn't much of a chapter, but I had to get this idea out of my head, it was eating me alive! I promise the next chappie will be the second day/ some of the week. I got a lot of reviews saying not to write in Jace's POV cause it would ruin the suspense, and I agree, so no Jace chapters until the end. Sorry! I want to thank all of my followers and I also want to ask...

Who is your favorite Mortal Instruments couple of the following:

Jaia, Sizzy, or Malec?

Review or PM answers!

Goodbye my faithful followers!


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