Chapter one

Here u go guys with 1st chapter

Chapter 1

A 7 year old girl was standing at the gate of her Boarding school waiting for her father to come as it was her birthday. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice of a person i.e. her father getting down from BMW

Manik: Hey swthrt my baccha my baby. How r u.

He was about to peck her forehead but she turned

Manik: what happened Swthrt?

Niddhi: i m angry with u dadda u r 4 mins late

Manik: Ohh i knw so now what penalty

So he bought 4 layers cake and 4 gifts

Niddhi (after cutting cake): Dadda u come 1 min late every year purposly right

Manik: Yea so that you can get 1 extra layer of cake and 1 extra gift its decided right.

Niddhi: Dadda doesnt she miss me

Manik: She miss u alot Baby

Niddhi: then y dnt she come to see me Dadda

Manik: she does want to come but once she come she will not be able to stay away from you for a year

Niddhi: Tell her i miss her and love her a lot dadda

After sometime manik sitting at back seat of his car and checking his FB account and remembers something


A boy sitting in his car reaching his new disc for Innogration. His ph buzz namw flashing Aliya

Boy: Hey Aliya Good morning

Aliya(in Anger): What hi and Good Morning. Have you forgot that you have to Reach Disc by 10:30 for innogration its 10:15. Where r u Manik

Manik: Control Aliya Breathe for Sometime.. I m sorry i wokeup now i dont think i would be able to come

Aliya: Have u lost it Manik its ur disc how can u forget

While converstion was going on she sees Mercedes stops in front of herand there he was looking Handsome in black Tuxedo

Manik: Hey beautiful

Aliya(Shocked): U said u wokeup just now

Manik: Chill yaar i was kidding now come lets go

What inside Disc will see in next part

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