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The Time Apprentice


It was just going to be another boring day at school for Danny and the gang... or so they thought. Danny must now face his biggest challenge yet. Will he live to see another day?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was just another ordinary day at school.

A group of three teen enter through the main door and into the halls of Casper High.
The group consisted of two boys and one girl.

The girl was a Goth with violet eyes and wears purple lipstick and has short black hair with a small ponytail at the top of her head held back by a green hair tie. Her clothing consists of a black choker around her neck while her upper body consists of a black tank-top exposing her midriff with a purple oval in the centre. Her lower body consists of a black skirt with a green crosshatch design, purple stockings, and black combat boots. She also has a pair of black bracelets around her wrists. She is also an ultra-recyclable- vegetarian. Which means she doesn’t eat anything with a face.

One of the boys was an African American with a red beret, long-sleeve yellow shirt, green cargo pants, brown boots, glasses and turquoise eyes.

The last teen in the group has raven black hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt with a red collar, the cuff's of the sleeves were red as well with a red oval in the middle of the shirt, light blue jeans and red and white shoes.

They walked through the halls and to their appointed lockers. Once the Goth and the African American had their books ready for their classes, they met up with their other friend at his locker. The raven haired teen shut his locker just as his friends arrived. He sighed.

“Is everything alright, Danny?” asked the Goth.

“I don’t know Sam. I just have this feeling, like something going to happen. *sigh* it hard to explain.” Replied the raven haired teen.

“Don’t worry about it dude. I’m sure it nothing.” Said the African American.

“I don’t know Tucker. What if something does happen?”

“Let’s just worry about class first. Knowing Mr.Lancer, there’s most likely going to be a pop quiz.” Said Sam.

The two boys groaned.

The three teens headed for class and as they reached the door as the bell for the start of class went off. They entered the classroom and receive a surprised look from their teacher Mr.Lancer seeing how they were basically the first three to arrive. Sam, Tucker and Danny took their usual seats at the back. The next to enter was a blond haired football jock. He looked around the classroom and his dark blue eyes landed on Danny. He glared at the teen.

“Don’t think you got out of your daily wailing Fenton.” The blond jock hissed as he took his seat.

“Why can’t Dash leave me alone for once?” Danny asked under his breath.

Soon the rest of the class showed up and took their seats. And sure enough Mr.Lancer announced a pop quiz. Everyone groaned. Mr.Lancer handed out the sheets of paper and everyone got stuck into doing the quiz.

Half an hour later Danny sighed as he put his pencil down, now finished with his test. But then he gasped and blue mist escaped his mouth. Danny put his hand up.

“Yes Mr.Fenton?” asked Mr.Lancer.

“May I…” Danny didn’t get to finish his sentence as bright green energy came out of nowhere, flying towards the class. Danny dove to the floor as it came towards him. It trapped the class to the back wall, including Mr.Lance.

Danny got to his hands and knees, looking around the classroom frantically for the source of the green energy. But Danny wasn’t quick enough to avoid the bright green net that came flying towards him. He was flung back into the back wall, trapped in the net.
A ghost appeared wearing a metal body suit with flaming green fire as hair and a beard.

“I have you now ghost child.” Said the ghost.

“Skulker. I should have known.” Danny said with a hint of anger in his voice. He struggled against the net and it broke. Danny pulled out a pair of black fingerless gloves from his jeans pocket and put them on. He growled an un-humanly growl and launched himself at Skulker, punching the ghost in the head, sending him into the black board. The class was surprise to see that Fenton stood his ground let alone lay the first blow and not cower away like the wimpy looser they all thought he was.

“How did you…?” asked Sulker.

“Ghost gauntlet tech integrated into my gloves and shoes.” Danny replied darkly and it sent shivers down everyone’s spines. Except Sam and Tucker of course.

“Wow, Danny. Your parents are really good.” Said Tucker.

Danny faced his friend. “Mum and Dad didn’t make these.” He replied with a smile on his face.

“So you…”

“Danny behind you.” Sam shouted.

Danny flipped onto his hands and when the charging ghost was over him, he pushed up and kicked Skulker up into the ceiling. Danny landed back on his feet and as the ghost fell back down, Danny punched him back into the black board. Skulker seemed to be down for now so Danny took this chance to free his classmates and teacher, who were in surprised awe of him. He walked up to the green Ecto-rope and pulled on it.

“Danny, go get the thermos.” Sam said.

“No. I’m not leaving you guys here with him here.” He gestured to Skulker. Danny grunted as he tried to break the rope but gave up after a few moments. He sighed, knowing what he had to do. “There is one other way I can break this…”

“Danny, no!” Sam shook her head.

“There is no other way Sam.” He looked down. “And I’m pretty sure it would have taken more strength than a normal human would posse to break that net I was in.”

Sam closed her eyes, accepting what her friend was about to do. Danny grabbed the rope and closed his eyes and concentrated. A glowing light blue aura surrounded his hand and ice crept along the Ecto-rope, freezing it. The class gasped in surprise. Once the rope was fully frozen, Danny opened his eyes and punched down hard on the frozen rope, shattering it into pieces. Everyone fell to the fall but got up quickly.

“Don’t ignore me whelp, you’ll regret it.” Said Skulker as he got up.

“Oh, who said I was ignoring you.” Danny said darkly as he turned and face his opponent. “I’ll tell you once and once only. Get. Out. Of. My…” a ring of blue/white energy appeared around Danny’s waist, split in two and travelled up and down his body, changing his clothes into a black and white hazmat suit with white gloves and boots and a white DP symbol on his chest. His hair turned from black to snow white and his eyes change from blue to glowing neon green. “Haunt.” He finished.
The class gasped in shock

“Make me Phantom.”

“With pleasure.”

Danny lunged at Skulker, grabbing the ghost and phasing them both through the ceiling and out of the classroom.

“He dose realise he did that in front of the entire class, right?” Tucker asked Sam while pointing to the spot where his friend phased through the ceiling.

“I sure hope he does.” Sam replied. “Come on Tuck we better go help him.”

The two started to run towards the door.

“And where do you two think you’re going?” asked Mr.Lancer.

“To help our friend.” Sam said strongly. And they both left.

Sam and Tucker went to their lockers and got some of their usual ghost hunting equipment that Danny let them keep for occasions like this. After they had their equipment they ran out the main entrance and to the football field.

Danny was fighting Skulker above the football field. A rocket launcher appeared on Skulker’s shoulder and fired a rocket at Danny; Danny caught the rocket, swung around with the momentum and threw it back at Skulker. It hit the ghost in the chest and sent him flying back a few meters.
Danny held his hand out and closed his eyes, a green aura appeared around his hand as he concentrated and a green portal appeared behind Skulker, sucking him back into the Ghost Zone.

The portal disappeared and Danny landed on field, kneeling and catching his breath.

“DANNY!” Danny looked up to see his two friends running up to him so he got to his feet.

“Are you alright?” Sam asked as she and Tucker stopped in front of him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just low on energy.”

“Dude! You can create portals now. That’s awesome!” Exclaimed Tucker.

Danny chuckled. “Yeah, although it does take up a fair bit of energy but not as much as my Ghostly wail.” Just then Danny saw his class walking up behind Sam and Tucker. “Time to face the music.” He sighed

The class stopped a meter or two away from the trio. Mr.Lancer took a step forward.

“Mr. Fenton?” Mr. Lancer asked not quite too sure of what he saw back in the classroom.

“Hey Mr.Lancer.” Danny replied sheepishly.

“Danny Fenturd is Danny Phanturd.” Dash exclaimed.

“Come on Dash, can’t you come up with something a bit more original?” Said Danny. this caught Dash by Surprise.

“Huh! What do you mean?”

The trio looked at each other for a few moments before they could no longer hold in their laughter.

“No one remembers Danny. Did you forget that?” asked Tucker between laughs.

“No. It is exactly why I said it.” Danny managed to get out.

“What’s so funny?” asked Dash.

The trio managed to calm themselves. “Nothing Dash.” Said Sam.

“Just an inside joke” Danny added and changed back to Fenton.


The trio flinched. Please don’t let it be them! Please don’t let it be them! Please don’t let it be them. Danny thought as he turned to face the owner of the voice. Oh crud.

“Mum, Dad. I can explain.”

“Danny, You’re…” Danny’s Dad (Jack Fenton) started.

“The Ghost Boy.” Danny’s Mum (Maddie Fenton) finished.

“I can ex…” Danny gasped and blue mist came out of his mouth as his ghost sense went off. Danny face-palm. “Another one really?”

“Calm yourself young Daniel.” Danny smiled at the familiar voice and brought his hand back down to his side just as a violet cloaked ghost with a pale blue face, red eyes with a scar over his left eye and a staff with a stopwatch on top appeared.

“GHOST!” Jack yelled and fired his Ecto-gun at the new ghost. But instead of the blast hitting the ghost it hit a green Ecto-shield. Everyone looked to Danny who had his arm raised and the palm of his hand facing the shield, his eyes glowing green.

“He is not to be harmed.” Danny almost growled.

Everyone stood in silence for a moment as Danny glared at everyone. The new ghost put a hand on Danny’s shoulder. Danny looked up at the ghost and smiled. He brought his hand back down to his side and the shield faded away. Danny faced the new ghost and bowed his head to him.

“It is good to see you again Master.”

“MASTER!” Everyone exclaimed

“Since when was ClockWork Danny’s master?” Tucker asked to no one in particular.

Danny straitened himself. “To what do I owe the honour of your unexpected appearance?” He asked.

ClockWork smiled for a moment before his face became serious.

“A dark hour approaches my young Apprentice.” Danny face became serious as well. “I believe you have also foreseen this.” Danny’s eyes widened in shock and fear for he now realises that a dream he had the other night was not a dream at all. Danny became serious again.

“It’s time for me to leave, isn’t it?” ClockWork nodded. Danny sighed. “Give me a couple hours, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Rest up young Daniel. You know that using your ice powers while in human form takes a bit out of you if not straight away. And you created a portal not five minuets ago.”

“Ok. Tomorrow morning then?”

“That will be fine. Until then, good luck.”

“You too Master.” Danny bowed as ClockWork created his own light blue portal and went through.

Danny straightened himself and sighed. “If anybody has any questions, I’ll be in the classroom.” He said walking past the class and back into the school. Everyone looked at each other for a minute or two before following. By the time they got to the classroom, Danny was cleaning it up. Putting chairs and desks back in their rightful spot, and picking up the frozen Ecto- rope pieces and throwing them out. The other students entered and pick up their desks and chairs if Danny hadn’t already, and sat down.

“Thank you Mr.Fenton for cleaning up a majority of the classroom.” Mr.Lancer said. Danny gave a quick nod.

Jack and Maddie gasped as they entered the room and saw the big cracks on the front and back walls and the ceiling.

“What happened?” Maddie asked.

“Why don’t you ask your son.” Suggested Mr.Lancer.

Everyone looked to Danny. Said teen sighed and leaned against the side wall, just barely keeping himself from sliding down and sitting on the floor. Danny closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“A ghost attacked. He calls himself Skulker.” Danny opened his eyes and stared out the window as he continued. “Self-proclaimed Ghost Zone’s greatest hunter. He has been wanting my pelt for the foot of his bed or wall since a few days after I got my powers.” Everyone shuddered at the thought. “Skulker hunts rare creatures, and being one of only three halfa’s , that puts me on the top of his list.”

“What’s a halfa? And who are the other two?” asked Jack.

“A halfa is a half human and half ghost hybrid. One of the other two is a really good friend whereas the other is my arch enemy.”

“How did you become Danny Phantom?” asked Kwan.

Danny flinched “And there it is. The question on everyone’s mind and the question I dread.” Danny sighed and looked to Kwan. “Very, very painfully that’s for sure.” Danny turned back to facing the window. “It was an accident. I took Sam and Tucker down into the lab to show them the ghost portal after Mum and Dad declared it a failure. Sam convinced me to take a look inside it, that and I wanted to see if I could fix it in any way. So I put on a hazmat suit and took a look inside. I trip on a wire and tried to catch myself, just I pressed a button and then I was being electrocuted. It was painful to the point I passed out. I woke to Sam’s and Tucker’s concerned and confused faces. They didn’t recognised me ‘cause, when I had look in a mirror, I was in my ghost form. Which of course freaked me out. The first month was really hard for me, seeing how I didn’t have complete control of my powers but after that it got easier for me to control them. And along the way I discovered new powers. I have full control over my powers now.”

“Danny… you mean… the accident down in the lab… that was…?” asked Maddie.

Danny nodded. “Yep. Apparently as I was being electrocuted I got Ectoplasm fused to my DNA.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

Danny looked to his parents. “Ah, hello Ghost Hunters…” he gestured to his Mum and Dad. “Ghost.” He gestured to himself. But his parents still seemed confused. Danny sighed and looked to the floor. “I was afraid, scared that you wouldn’t accept me for whom I am.” He confessed.

“Ohh Danny…” his Mum gave him a hug then looked him in the eyes. “We love you sweetie, YOU.”

“Whether your ghost, boy or something in between.” His Dad added.

Danny looked to Sam and Tucker. “Is it just me or is there serious déjà vu today?” the trio chuckled. Danny turned back to his parents who looked at him confused as did everyone else. “let’s just leave it at reality trip. A story for another time.”

“Speaking of gauntlets…” said Tucker. “You said that your parents didn’t invent those gloves.” He pointed to the gloves that Danny was still wearing.

“You knit Danny?” asked Maddie a bit surprised.

“HELL NO!!!” Danny almost yelled. “My gloves have Ghost gauntlet tech integrated into them.” he said taking off and passing one of the gloves to his Mum. “I also did the same thing to my shoes.”

“Wow Danny! This is amazing.” Maddie looked to her son. “This must have taken you quite a bit of time.”

Danny just smiled at his mother.

“Um… I have a question.” Said Star. Danny looked to her. “Who was that second Ghost?”

“And why did you call him master?” asked Sam.

Danny smiled. “His name is ClockWork. The Ghost Master of Time. He watches over the time stream and rarely interferes, and when he does, it is only to give it a nudge to get it back on the right track.” Danny looked To Sam. “As to why I called him master, is because he is helping me develop my powers. It is thanks to my training with him that I’m able to use a little bit of my ice powers while I’m in human form, the reason why I’m able to create portals into and out of the Ghost Zone. ClockWork has also taught me a bit about the time stream and I have also helped him maintain it a few times.”

“Is there any other friendly ghost out there?” asked one of the other students.

“There’s a few but not many. Most ghosts want to be left alone but get hassled by other ghosts that are more powerful than them and are forced to do evil things.”

“You said something about a ‘Haunt’. What is that?” asked one of the more nerd like student.

“you see, when a ghost comes to the human realm often enough , they can claim a particular patch of land they like(as long as no other ghost has claimed it already) as their Haunt or territory if you like. The more powerful the ghost, the bigger the haunt. Or some ghost can team up and have the same haunt. But when an unwanted ghost enters another’s haunt, they are asked to leave and if they don’t leave, well, you saw what happened between me and Skulker.”

“And how do you know that?” asked Sam “Last time we knew, you knew very little about ghosts and the Ghost Zone.”

“ClockWork. Not only has he helped me develop my powers but he has also taught me a fair bit about ghosts and the Ghost Zone.” Danny looked to the ceiling. “I bet you’re surprised I actually paid attention Master.”

“Why you do that?” asked Paulina.

“ ‘cause ClockWork is always watching.”

A few moments past and then everyone (except Danny, Sam and Tucker) gasped. Sam and Tuck were surprised but not as much as everyone else. For right there on the black board was some writing that wasn’t there just moments before.

Young Daniel is right Paulina, I am always watching.

And yes, I am surprised you’d paid attention.
But I am glad you did my young apprentice.

Danny chuckled. “Oh, come on Master, the ‘Time out’ and ‘Time in’ trick.” Danny sighed and shook his head. “But I suppose, like the people of the Far Frozen, you’ll get your comedy where you can get it.”
Everyone gasped again as more writing appeared on the black board.

You know me too well my young apprentice.

This time Danny couldn’t help but laugh. “But you know more about me than I you.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Valerie.

I have watched over young Mr. Fenton since he was born.

“That’s creepy.” Said Dash

“Did you have to write that Master?”

Valerie wanted an explanation.
CW .

Danny sighed and shook his head. “He is so going to get it tomorrow when I see him.” He said under his breath. The next thing Danny knew, he was falling form the height of the ceiling. Danny hit the floor with a loud grunt, landing on his stomach. Danny looked to Sam and Tucker.

“Sam, Tuck. Remind me to never threaten the ghost master of time in any way shape or form.”

Everyone burst out laughing. Danny got up into a sitting poison and looked to the board.

I thought you would have learnt your lesson by now?

“Why oh Why did I get stuck with the time master as my guardian and Teacher?”

I saw what you were destined for young one and I knew you would need a guardian. As for the teacher part, you came to me.

Danny didn’t need to look at the board to know that there was a reply.
“It was a rhetorical question Master. And do you want me to recover or not? Because letting me fall from the height of the ceiling isn’t going to help.”

Of course I want you to recover my young Apprentice. But a fall from that height is nothing for you, compare to some of the other falls you have taken.

“I suppose Master.”

“Danny?” Danny looked to Sam. “ClockWork said that you also saw what this darkness that is coming. What did he mean by that?”

“Remember that dream I told you about?”

“The one with Pariah Dark and Plasmius?” asked Tucker.

Danny nodded. “It wasn’t a dream though. One of the many powers I have developed over the time I have trained with ClockWork, is visions.”

“You mean that dream was a vision?” asked Sam

“Yep.” Danny closed his eyes. “Just there was a third ghost. I…just can’t seem… to figure…” glimpses of the third ghost flashed in his mind’s eye. Danny gasped and snapped open his eyes. Danny ghosts sense went off but no one notice. Not even Danny.

“Danny, are you alright dear?” asked Maddie.

“I’m fine Mum. I just figured out who the third ghost is though.”

“That’s good, isn’t it?”

“No! If HE is the third ghost, then we are in more trouble than I first thought.”

“You don’t mean who I think you mean?” asked Sam.

“I’m afraid so Sam.” Danny got up and stood in front of the class. “Is there any more questions? The quicker this Q&A session is wrapped up the sooner I can leave and continue my training.”

“Leave? But you can’t leave Phantom. Who will protect me then?” Asked Paulina.

“Paulina, I’m not Phantom at the moment. Phantom is my alter-ego. But I do have to leave. ClockWork warned me that there will be a time where my training is more important and that nothing can get in the way of it and I’m afraid that time has come. As for who’s going to protect Amity Park, I…”

“GHOST!!!” Jack yelled getting out his Ecto-gun.
Danny looked to the window and saw a young ghost girl with white hair and green eyes in a two piece black and white suit outside. The girl looked frighten at what Jack was about to do.

Danny jumped in the way with his arm out wide, his eyes glowing green in warning. Jack lowered his gun and Danny smile, his eyes going back to their normal blue. Danny turned to the girl and waved his hand for her to come in. she hesitated at first but slowly phased through the window and landed in front of him. Danny smiled and ruffled the young girl’s hair.

“Hey!” she said pushing his hand away. Danny chuckled and turned back to everyone.

“Everyone, this is Danielle, or as she prefers, Dani Phantom. My cuz.”

“That’s Dani with an ‘I’” she added.

“Cousin?” everyone said in disbelief.

“But Danny you don’t have any cousins.” Said Maddie.

“Well, we prefer cousins. Dani is actually my clone.”

“Clone?” Maddie gasped.

“I don’t know how she became a girl she just did and I’m not going to question it.”

“Does that mean she is one of the other two halfa’s you mentioned?” asked Jack.

Dani looked up at Danny. “It’s alright, they know.” He reassured her. Dani looked back at everyone, a ring a blue/white energy appeared around her waist, split in two and travelled up and down her body revealing a young raven haired girl with blue eyes wearing a blue sweater/hoodie, a red beanie, red shorts and blue and white shoes. Everyone just stared in amazement.

“So why are you here Dani?” asked Danny.

“ClockWork sent me. Said that you would be leaving the human realm for some amount of time and would be needing someone to protect your haunt while you’re gone.”

“So you will be protecting Amity by yourself?” asked Sam.

“No, silly. Wulf, Princess Dora and some of the Far Frozen people will be helping. Most of Danny allies will be helping.”

“They will?’ asked Danny sounding surprised.

Dani Looked to her ‘cuz. “Of course you big goof. Their your friends. You should have known that the people of the Far Frozen would do anything for their ‘Great One.’”

“Yeah, defiantly should have seen that one coming.”

“Great one?” asked Dash.

“A story for another time Dash.”

“So ghosts are going to protect us from other ghosts?” asked Valerie.

“Not just ghosts Val, but there is also my parents and Sam and Tucker. And also the Red Huntress.” Danny winked at her, which nobody seemed to notice.

“So where will you go?” asked Kwan.

“Where I have always gone, to ClockWork's Tower in the Ghost Zone.”

“THE GHOST ZONE?!?!?” Jack and Maddie exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. I have been in the Ghost Zone plenty of times.” Danny looked to the class. “Now if there isn’t any more questions…” he looked to Mr.Lancer. “I would like to go home.”

“Of course Mr.Fenton.” said Mr.Lancer.

“I have one last question.” Dash spoke up. “What’s that blue mist the keeps coming out of your mouth?”

“That’s my ghost sense. It lets me know when there’s a ghost nearby.”

“By any chance, could we come and see you off Mr. Fenton?” asked Mr.Lancer.

“I don’t know Mr.Lancer. The lab is too small for the whole class, but if…” Danny looked to the ceiling. “Master, do you think you could create a portal from the football field to the Ghost Zone? I would do it myself but I know you would want me to conserve my energy. If you do not wish to, I understand.”

Of course my young apprentice. There will be a portal there at 8:30am and will stay open till 8:35am.

“Thank you Master.” Danny looked to Mr.Lancer. “See you on the football field at 8:30 then.”

“Till then, take care.”

Danny gave a quick nod to his teacher then looked to his ‘cuz. “Come on Dani.” With that Danny’s parents and the two halfa’s left the classroom. Maddie handed her son’s glove back and Danny took off the other and put them back in his pocket. Danny went to his locker, turned his arm intangible and grabbed his backpack, pulling it out of his locker without opening the door. He put his backpack on and looked to his parents who looked a bit surprised.

“You can use your ghost powers while in human form?” asked Maddie.

“Just the basics.” Danny shrugged and walked past his parents and continued down the halls, his Mum and Dad, and ‘cuz following.

They walked through the halls and stopped in front of the office.

“Why are we stopping here?” asked Jack.

“I want to spend as much time as I can with my family and that includes Jazz.” Danny said with a smile.
They entered the office and Maddie asked for her daughter to be called up with her bag. Jazz arrived five minutes later and was confuse to see her parents and her little brother but sighed knowing that they were going home for some silly reason so she singed out. They were walking through the halls when...

“Boo!” Dani said as she appeared out of nowhere in front of Jazz and Jazz screamed. Jack, Maddie, Danny and Dani laughed.

“Dani! Why did you…” Jazz paused and looked to her parents. “You didn’t see that did you?”

“Of course we did.” Said Jack. Jazz looked horrified.

“It’s alright Jazz.” Jazz looked to her brother. “They know. About me and Dani.”

“To think that the ghost boy was our son all along.” Said Jack. Jazz calmed and smiled. They continued on walking through the hall and to the car park.

“So why is Dani here? And why are we going home?”

Danny’s face became grim and he looked to the floor. “I’m leaving Jazz.”


“For the past year, in my spare time, I have been training with ClockWork. He warned me that there will be a time where my training will be more important than anything else. After a battle with Skulker, ClockWork appeared, told me that a great evil is approaching and I knew that it was time for me to leave. I’ll be staying with him in the Ghost Zone. Where nothing can distract me from my training.”

“How long will you be gone?”

They all stepped through the main doors and outside. Danny took a deep breath before sighing.
“I don’t know. But I have a feeling that it will be pretty long.” Danny looked up to the sky. “If you guys don’t mind, I think I’ll do one last patrol of Amity before I go tomorrow.” He looked to his family. “I’ll meet you back home.”

Danny’s mother gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Take as much time as you want.”
Danny smiled and transformed into Phantom.

“Can I come?” asked Dani.

Danny chuckled. “Do you really need to ask, Dani? You would have followed anyhow.”

“You know me too well ‘cuz.” She answered as she transformed to Phantom too. The two Phantoms took to the sky and flew off. The three that was left headed to the RV and went home, Maddie driving.

A couple hours later Danny and Dani had just finished their patrol of the city (plus a few races and a few games of tag) and now are on their way to Fenton Works. The two halfa’s phased through the front door.

“Mmm! What smells so nice?” asked Dani.

“Jazz’s cooking. Meaning a normal dinner.” Answered Danny.

The two floated into the kitchen and saw the table set for five with plates of food and jugs of water and orange juice in the middle. Jazz was at the bench putting some more food on to a plate, she turned and saw the two Phantoms floating in the door way, their ghostly tails flickering back and forth.

“Hey there you two. You’re just in time for dinner.” She said putting the last plate of food she had in her hands on the table. Jazz turned to the door that lead down into their lab. “MUM, DAD, DINNER’S READY.” She called out and sat down.

“It looks nice sis.” Said Danny turning back to Fenton.

“And it smells delicious too.” Add Dani as she too changed back to her human form.

“Thanks you, you two.” Jazz replied.

Just then Maddie and Jack came up the stairs. “Thanks for cooking dinner Jazz dear.” Said Maddie.

“No problem.”

“Hi you two. How was patrol?” Maddie asked as she saw Danny and his clone sitting down at the table.

“You’ll be happy to know, the city is ghost free.” Danny answered as his mother and father sat down.
They started eating the delicious food that Jazz had cooked in a comfortable silence.
“Mum, Dad, is it alright, that while I’m gone, if Dani stay’s here?” Danny asked.

“I thought that would have been obvious.” Maddie said.

“You mean… I can stay?” asked Dani sounding surprised.

“Of course sweetie.”

“Thank you so very much.” Dani replied sounding really happy and grateful.

“So Danny, is this evil you mentioned really that bad, that you have to leave for god knows how long and train with ClockWork?” asked Jazz

Danny’s face became emotionless and he stopped eating. He didn’t want to leave his family, he loved them and knew he would miss them. But he knew, if he was to be ready for what’s to come, he had too.
“I’m afraid so Jazz. The three most powerful ghosts are teaming up. I don’t know what their plans are though.”

“That reminds me…” Danny looked to his mother. “You said you were able to figure out who the third ghost was. Who is he?”

Danny visibly paled and dropped the fork he was holding, the sound of the fork hitting the table rang throughout the kitchen. Danny looked down, so his hair was covering his face. They all sat there in silence, waiting for him to give and answer. Danny all of a sudden stood up, his hair still covering his face.

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ve lost my appetite. Thanks for the meal Jazz.” With that said Danny walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into his room, closing the door behind him before flopping down onto his bed.

“I wonder who the third ghost is.” Jack wondered out loud.

“Whoever it is, must really trouble Danny. I have never seen him like that.” Said Dani.

“Hhmmm! The three most powerful ghosts. That would be Pariah Dark, Plasmius and…” Jazz trailed off realising who the third ghost is. Oh little brother, It had to be HIM didn’t it? Jazz though sadly.

Danny laid on his bed for about ten minutes before he couldn’t take it any more. He needed advice, so he stood up and changed into Phantom. He closed his eyes and held his hand out in front of him and concentrated, a green aura surrounded his hand as a small portal with a view into a building appeared about head height with ClockWork in the centre.

“Is everything alright young Daniel?”

Danny gave a quick bow of his head. “I need your advice Master.”

“What can I do to help?”

Danny sighed and floated in the air with his legs crossed. “They want to know, Master. They want know who the third ghost is from my vision. But I don’t know if I should tell them.”

“Tell them. Show them if you must. But you have nothing to fear of him. That won’t happen, you made sure of that.”

“I know it won’t happen Master. And I don’t fear HIM, I fear how my family will reacted.”

“Don’t be afraid my young apprentice. Everything is as it should be.”

Danny sighed. “I trust you Master. You have not leaded me astray before.” ClockWork smiled warmly and reassuringly at Danny. “Thank you Master.” And with a quick bow of his head the portal was gone. Danny floated down onto his bed and sighed. He stood up and walked out of his room and down the stairs. He paused at the bottom, seeing his family and ‘cuz in the lounge room. Danny took a deep breath and walked over to them.

“Danny! Are you alright?” asked Jazz.

Danny just gave a weak smile. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He sighed. It was now or never.

“You wanted to know who the third ghost is.” Danny asked his family.

His family sat down beside him, Maddie and Dani on his right, Jack and Jazz on is left. They all looked at Danny, patiently wait for him to tell them.

Danny held his hand out in front of him creating another small portal, just this time instead of showing ClockWork, it showed a ghost with pale green skin, blood red eyes, white flaming hair and goatee, a black and white suit with a cape that was black on the inside and white on the outside and a very familiar DP symbol on his chest.

“His name is Dan Phantom.” Danny couldn’t stand to look at his family nor the picture in front of him. “An evil future version of myself.” Everyone’s eyes widened. Danny looked at the picture of Dan and a low growl escaped his throat. The picture changed to a video, showing Danny, Sam and Tucker fighting a ghost they have never seen.
“A year ago Sam, Tucker and I got into a fight with a future version of two of my common enemies that had teamed up. Called themselves Skultech 9.9. I got caught in one of their contraptions.” the video showed Danny getting trapped in a metal claw like contraption and Sam and Tucker trying to get him out.
“Just I wasn’t able to get out in time, even with the help of Sam and Tuck. As ClockWork’s time medallion fell off, it transported him back to ClockWork’s tower, along with us three.

“That is where Sam, Tucker and I met ClockWork for the first time.” He paused to let everything sink in as the video continued. “ClockWork sent SkulTech back to his own time, or should I say forwards.” Danny shrugged. “But ClockWork wasn’t as pleasant as he is now. Before ClockWork showed up and sent Skultech back to his time line we got glimpses of my future. When he did show up he said that we saw too much and tried to take me out.

“Apparently the only way to prevent that future from happening was to kill me in the past. So I fought ClockWork.” The video showed Danny trying to fight ClockWork, only to be repeatedly slammed into a huge bell by the time master reversing and playing time, with an amused smile on his face might I add. Eveyone chuckled. “Well tried.” Then it showed Danny frozen in time in mid-flight with ClockWork beside him, holding a scythe above his head, ready to swing down and kill Danny. But before he could Tucker threw a time medallion onto Sam and Danny and he continued his flight path.
“It was thanks to Tuck that I didn’t die there and then. But that didn’t stop ClockWork, he made different versions of himself and we were cornered. Well in a way we were cornered ‘caused behind us was a portal to the future, so we fled there. Ten years to be exact. There we met Dan.

“I fought him or at least tried. During the fight he used his Ghostly Wail attack and it crumbled a building where Sam and Tuck were but they managed to get the time medallions off, which sent them back to the right time before they could be crushed.

“I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. I tried to take my medallion off but Dan grabbed me, took the medallion, turned it intangible and fused it inside of me. Unreachable whether I was ghost or human. By doing that Dan knocked me out and when I woke up, I was tied up in very strong Ecto-ropes in the middle of the blown up Nasty Burger. Dan show up and chucked me into the Ghost Zone, where I was out of his way. He took on the appearance of my human half, went back in time and took my place in the present. To ensure that he came to be.

“While I was in the Ghost Zone, I tried to break free of the ropes but it was no use, even in ghost form where I’m stronger. I soon floated into a gang of future versions of my enemies, Ember, Jonny 13, The Box Ghost, and they all attack me. And I was trapped in those stupid ropes, where I couldn’t do anything to protect myself. That was until I gained the Ghostly Wail, which I wasn’t supposed to till ten years in the future. As I was using that attack, it destroyed the ropes.

“After that I got hit in the head by the Booomerang. Thanks to Jazz. She had attached a note saying where I could go to get the medallion out, so I did. When I got back to the right time, all of you (except Dani), Tuck, Sam and Mr.Lancer were tied to the vat that contain the Nasty Burger’s sauce which could of exploded at any moment.

“I fought Dan again but was only just able to defeat him, and suck him into one of the thermoses. But the battle had taken all my energy to the point that I couldn’t go ghost. I tried to get to you all but I tripped, and the vat exploded. If it wasn’t for ClockWork, I’d probably be Dan right now.”
All the while Danny explained, his family watch the video of the alternate future and couldn’t help but be shocked.

“How…?” asked Maddie.

“How did I become Dan? Well if you all had died in that explosion, I would have gone to my arch enemy, thinking that he was the only one who could have possibly understood my situation. He felt pity for me. Apparently I just wanted the hurt to go away, so he separated my ghost half from my human half but that didn’t go so well. By doing that, that freed up my ghost half to rip the ghost half out of my enemy and fusing with it but his evil half over whelmed him, thus creating Dan.” And the portal disappeared. Danny put his head in his hands, the amount of energy he had use now taking its toll on him. “Dan now exists out of time. ClockWork has many times reassured me that I’ll never turn into him. But still…” Danny said through his hands.

“what happened to your human half?” asked Dani.

“Some things… are best…left… un-said.” Danny panted a little.

“Are you alright son?” asked Jack.

Just then the ring of blue/white energy appeared and transformed Phantom back to Fenton.
“I’m fine. Those viewing portals just take a lot of energy to create. I am not going to create two within five minutes of each other again.” Danny replied leaning back.

“What do you mean?”

“Not only can the viewing portals be used to see the past or the future but they can also be used as a way of communication. I contacted ClockWork before I showed you all that. I just need his advice.”

“Well perhaps you should…” Maddie started but was cut off when both Danny’s and Dani’s ghost sense went off. Danny growled.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this one.” Said Dani changing into Phantom. Dani phased through the couch and the floor and into the lab where her ghost sense had indicated the ghost was. A minute later she phased back up through the floor and half way through the couch. Dani giggled at the surprised looks she got from Danny’s parents. She looked to said teen.

“There’s someone here to meet you.” She said before phasing back down into the lab.

“Who would want to see me at this time?” Danny questioned as he got up and walked down into the lab.

Danny was a bit surprised when he saw Dani happily chatting to one of his allies. Maddie, Jack and Jazz all gasped when they saw the white wolf like ghost. Said ghost and Dani turned to see the Fenton family walking in. Danny’s mother, father and sister stayed close to the stairs, whereas Danny continued to go closer to the ghost with a smile on his face.

“It is good to see you again Great One.” The ghost said giving a slight bow.

“Like wise FrostBite.” Danny turned to his family. “Mum, Dad, Jazz. This is FrostBite, leader of the Far Frozen people. He also helped me with my ice powers.” Danny face FrostBite. “Which by the way I’m starting to be able to use while in human form.”

“That is excellent news Great One. ClockWork has taught you well. Although I am surprised he has taken on an apprentice at all.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“There were others before you that have asked for his training. Tell me Great One, has ClockWork taught you anything at all about the time stream?”


“Has he taught you how to control it?”

“Well I can’t pause time like ClockWork can. But I can create viewing portals to the past but not the future.”

“You truly are the time apprentice.” FrostBite said in amazement.

“Umm….” Danny really didn’t know what to say. He was confused a bit. Sure he was the Time Master’s apprentice but FrostBite made it sound like…umm… he didn’t quite know how to put it. Like he was more than what he had assumed he was.

“You see Great One, only the true Time Apprentice can manipulate time and will become the next Time Master when it is time for his or hers Master to move on. It is the same for any Apprentice.”

Danny’s eyes widen. “You mean, I’m going to be the next Time Master after ClockWork?”

FrostBite nodded. Danny’s family looked shocked. Danny walked over to a chair and sat down, rubbing his temples, feeling a headache coming on.

Danny groaned. “My day keeps getting better and better.” He looked to FrostBite. “ Thanks for the info FrothBite. But, no offence or anything, mind telling me why you’re here?”

“I came to see you one last time and wish you luck before you left for your training.”

“You know about that?”

“ClockWork has informed all your allies about your training. And while he is training you, that he wishes not to be disturbed. ”

“So no ghosts will be coming to ClockWork while he is training me?”

FrostBite shook his head. “None.”

“Not even the one eyed jerks?” everyone seemed confused. “the Observants?”

“Not even them.” FrostBite confirmed.

“Who are these Observants?” asked Jack.

“One eyed ghost that watch the time stream but that’s all they do. Watch. They don’t interfere at all and if they see something they don’t like they get ClockWork to deal with it. They don’t appreciated what he does for them and most of the time they don’t like the way ClockWork deals with it.

“Like the way he dealt with the… Dan incident. They wanted him to kill me in the past so that in the future it didn’t happen but ClockWork found another way around that and gave me a second chance.

“I think the way my Master deals with these situations is right way. Those jerks always think that destroying the course of the situation is the best way. But by doing that, it could make the situation worse. So ClockWork goes about it a different way, but still gives the Observants what they wanted. Those jerks.” Danny hissed the last part. Maddie came up to her son and place a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Danny looked up to her and smiled. He turned back to Dani and FrostBite.

“Dani, would you be a dear and Show FrostBite around my Haunt please.” Danny asked.

Dani giggled. “Your starting to sound like ClockWork.”

“Well what do you expect, I’ve been training with him for a year now.”

Dani smiled. “Of course, I’ll be happy to show FrostBite around.”

“Thanks ‘cuz.”

“It was an honour to meet the Great One’s family.” FrostBite said giving a slight bow to Maddie, Jack and Jazz before him and Dani left.

Danny sighed. “Next Time Master.” He muttered.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be the next Time Master.” Jazz said Walking up to her little brother.

“Me neither.” Danny stood up and smiled at his family. “Well I had better get packing.” With that said he left the lab and went upstairs to his room. He stopped in the doorway and looked around his room. He took a deep breath and sighed as he entered. He walked over to his bed and got out a suitcase from underneath it. Danny put the case on his bed, opened it and started putting the things he’ll need into it.

Fifteen minutes later, Danny was done packing. He closed the suitcase and stared at it for a second before looking over at his desk, where a framed picture of him, his family and friends outside the Fenton Works, sat. He walked over to his desk and picked up the picture, just looking at it.
He didn’t want to leave, his friends and family were the most important thing to him, and to leave for an unknown period of time… a tear rolled down his cheek. But he knew he had to leave, ClockWork had warned him, but he still wasn’t prepared. Danny held the picture to his chest tightly, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, trying to hold back the sobs that threaten to escape.
Tears rolled freely down his cheeks, he was going to be gone for a long, long time and he knew it, he could tell. But there was one person in particular he didn’t want to leave. He open his eyes a fraction and looked down to the picture, his gaze landing on the Goth girl in it. God damn, he didn’t want to leave her. He loved her. And by the looks of things, he won’t get the chance to tell her.

Maddie walked passed her son’s room. She saw him standing in front of his desk, his arms wrapped around himself, as if holding something, sobs racking his form.

“Danny?” she asked. He turned his head to her and she could see the tear streaks down his cheeks and his eyes were red from crying. “Oh Danny.” Maddie walked up to her son and hugged him. Danny cling onto her for his life, like she was the only thing keeping him grounded and let the sobs escape.

A few minuets passed and Danny managed to calm down. Maddie and Danny sat down on the side of his bed, Danny leaning against his mother’s shoulder.

“I don’t want to leave.” Danny said looking at the picture still in his hand.

“Then don’t.” Maddie replied.

“I have too. I have responsibilities now. ClockWork warned me and I still wasn’t prepared. If I am to have any chance at defeating those three ghosts, I have to go.”

“You’re really going to be gone a long time aren’t you?”

Danny nodded. “I guess it’s a part of my developing time powers that I can tell I’ll be gone a long time.”

“I don’t want you to leave, none of us do, but if you believe you must then I won’t stop you. You have your father’s and I support on this.”

“Thanks mum.”

Maddie pulled away from her son. “Now go have a shower and then we’ll watch one of your favourite movies then it’s off to bed.”

“Ok.” Danny got up and put the picture back on the desk, went to his dresser and got a clean pair of PJ’s then went to the bathroom.

Maddie sighed, it was true that she didn’t want her son to go but it seemed he knew what he was doing and was more experienced in what he was doing.

After Danny had a shower he went down to the lounge and watched a couple of his favourite movies with his family and that includes his ‘cuz. Once the movies were over he said goodnight to everyone and turned in for the night.

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