The Time Apprentice

Chapter 10

“It seems as though Amity Park has once again survived another ghost attack. Clean-up is on the way and things are returning to normal.
A shout out to Team Phantom for doing a courageous job at keeping those ghosts skeletons at bay, thank you Team Phantom.

“Vlad Masters, A.K.A Vlad Plasmius, has been arrested and will be taken to court for trial for all the crimes he has committed over the years, and recently, being one of the three main ghosts who attacked Amity.

“As for Amity Park’s hero Danny Phantom, A.K.A Danny Fenton, had returned just in time to deal with the leaders of the ghost attack. Things seemed to be going good for the ghost boy but then it spiralled out of control. At one point it looked as though the young hero was down for the count but somehow he managed to get back up and finish the job, revealing who Vlad truly was at the same time.

“Unfortunately, Phantom did not come out of the battle unscaved; he was rushed to the Mason’s privet hospital seriously injured, hours ago. He is now in recovery and one can only hope he’ll pull through.

“This is Lances Thunder, wishing Phantom a healthy recovery, signing off.”

Three months, it had been three long months and nothing had really changed.
Maddie and Jack went back to inventing, Valarie was still ghost hunting, Dani was still protecting Danny’s haunt, Jazz went back to college, Sam and Tuck went back to school but did help Dani when they could, and the ghosts went back to their lairs. As much as ClockWork didn’t like the idea but there wasn’t much he could do except wait. He knew his Apprentice was going to be ok now that his sight into the teen’s life was back.

The same cannot be said for Danny though, the surgery had gone well but hours after, when the sedatives should have worn off, he was still not awake. For the first few day his friends, family and ClockWork had come to visit, in hopes that they would find Danny awake. Well his friends and family at least, ClockWork knew when he would wake but he visited because he was concerned about the boy.

Sam was currently sitting in the chair beside her boyfriend’s bed and Tucker was leaning up against wall next to the window fiddling with his PDA. The rest of the Fenton’s and ClockWork were outside Danny’s room, giving Sam and Tuck some privet time with their friend.

Danny shifted in his sleep. Sam looked to her boyfriend, the way he looked, it just devastated her. To see him weak and vulnerable like this….. To see him hooked up to different monitor as well an IV drip and a drip that contained pure ectoplasm….. She just wanted for him to get better and wake up. He shifted in his sleep again before his eyes fluttered open a bit.

“Danny?” she said and placed her hand under his. His eyes darted to her and he gave her hand a weak but reassuring squeeze. Sam’s eyes began to water. “Danny you’re awake.” She said as she threw her arms around his neck. Danny hug her back the best he could.

“Hey Sam.” Danny rasped.

Sam sat back in the chair and Tuck step forwards and into Danny’s line of view.

“Hey man.” Said Tucker.

“Tucker.” He replied with a weak nod.

Only now just noticing where he was, a look of concern made its way onto Danny’s face.

“It’s alright Danny, you're in my family’s privet hospital.” Comforted Sam. Danny relaxed instantly.

“Your family is here you know as well as ClockWork.” Said Tucker. “They’re all really concerned for you.” Danny quirked an eye brow. “you almost died after that battle…” Danny eyes went wide. “And you’ve been in a coma ever since.”

Sam place a hand on top of Danny’s . “It been three months Danny.” Danny looked to his girlfriend. “we were beginning to think you wouldn’t wake up.” She said sadly and looked away. Danny gave Sam’s hand a reassuring squeeze. Sam looked back to Danny.

“Well…I’m awake now… aren’t I?” he replied with a smile and Sam smiled back.

“Everyone just outside if you want to see them.”

Danny gave a nod. “Yeah… I would… like that.”

Sam went over to the door and motioned everyone to come in. Dani basically few over to her big brother when she saw him awake and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“DANNY! You’re awake.” She cried. Danny just chuckled at his little sister’s antics. Dani pulled back and sat at the end of his bed.

Jazz walked over and pulled him into a hug. “Good to see you awake little brother.” She said and sat on the side of his bed.

Maddie and Jack walked up their son and hugged him as well.
“Good to see you up son.” Said Jack.

“We’ve been worried sick about you.” Added Maddie as they pulled away.

Danny chuckled. “From what Sam and Tuck told me….. I’m not surprised you were.”

Just then ClockWork floated into Danny’s line of sight and up to the side of his bed. The ghost of time ran a hand through Danny’s hair and said teen nuzzled into the gesture. Danny looked to everyone and smiled his biggest smile yet.

“How are you doing my young Apprentice?” asked the time master still running a hand through the teen’s hair.

“Yeah, ok I guess…” Danny’s eyes became dark. “But Phantom on the other hand…” he mumbled.

Everyone in the room was confused, everyone except ClockWork that is.

“He’ll be alright Daniel.” ClockWork sat on the side of the bed.

“Wait how… Never mind, you have most likely known from the beginning.”

ClockWork simply nodded. “ it will just take longer for him to recover. Even with the pure ectoplasm running through your veins to help him recover, it not quite the same as the ectoplasmic energy that is in the air of the ghost zone.” That’s when Danny got a glimpse of green out the corner of his eye. He assumed it was the pure ectoplasm that his Master mentioned. ClockWork saw that Danny’s eyes began to slowly closed but he was fighting to stay awake. ClockWork scolded Danny. “What have I told you about fighting it Daniel?”

“But…” Danny sounded tiered now.

“It’s alright Daniel. Once you’re well enough to travel you will come and stay with me until Phantom has recovered.”

Danny smiled and his eyes slid closed.

“What do you mean he’ll stay with you?” Maddie whispered. “I trust you ClockWork I really do, you’re a great friend but Danny our son…”

“I know Maddie, I know, but Daniel cannot survive without his ghost half. The ectoplasm at the moment is only keeping Phantom stable, take that away and he’ll start to destabilise after a while. The ectoplasmic energy in the ghost zone will help stabilise him. It will not be for long.”

Maddie looked to Jack, they didn’t want their son to go again but they didn’t want their son to die either.

“If this helps Maddie, you and your family as well as Sam and Tucker are welcomed to visit my tower any time you want.” Added ClockWork.

Maddie looked to her son then to her husband then to her ghost friend then back to her son and sighed. “Alright.” She answered.

“Umm… mind if I cut in?” asked Sam. Everyone one looked to her and she looked to the master of time. “You and Danny were talking about Danny’s ghost half as if he was another person.”

“…so…” said Danny. This caught the four remaining Fenton’s off guard.

“Dude are you in that freakish healing induced sleep thing?” asked Tucker.


“Back to the topic at hand.” Said Sam. “How come? It doesn’t make sense.”

“… Two consciousness’s … one body…” ClockWork frowned at his apprentice and as if sensing his Master disapproval Danny spoke up again. “… explain later…” and with that he fell completely asleep.

“Now, I thinks it’s about time we all left and let Daniel get some much needed rest.” Said ClockWork. And with that they all left knowing that the one they loved the most was one step closer to being fully recovered.

A week past and during that time Danny woke every day and walked around a little. Today was the day when Danny would leave the hospital, he was perfectly fine but Phantom on the other hand…not so much. During the past week when Danny was asleep, he had made contact with his other half and had a talk with him. But it was only last night that Danny found out that ever since after the battle, Phantom was helping him heal instead of using the pure ectoplasm to heal himself. All it’s been doing is keeping him stable enough so he wouldn’t die while he healed his counterpart. In other words, take away the ectoplasm and Phantom will pretty much destabilise straight away.

They would give him an injection but they don’t have enough ectoplasm, and the bag that he was currently on for the drip was less than a quarter full.

Danny sat up in his bed waiting for his family, friends and Master to arrive. He was worried as heck for Phantom, he didn’t want anything to go wrong but knew there was a fifty, fifty chance that something will go wrong and he kept glancing over at the ectoplasmic drip bag.

Phantom could tell his counterpart was worried for him, he knew how low the ectoplasm that was keeping him ‘alive’ was, he could see, hear and feel everything Danny did when said counterpart was in control and vies versa, but he was barely ever in control and he was happy with it, Danny had been alive longer than he had so it was only fair that Danny was the dominate one of the two. All though, he had a feeling he would need to take control in this situation.

Phantom sent reassuring feeling to his human half, telling him that he would be ok and everything would be fine. And Danny accepted them without hesitation but his worry still remained.

The door to Danny’s room opened and his family, friends and Master walked (Floated for ClockWork) in. he smiled at his loved ones before looking back at his hands that were lying in his lap.

“Danny? Is everything alright?” asked Sam as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss. He returned the kiss before sighing.

“No! everything is not ok.”

“Danny, what’s wrong?” asked Maddie.

“I just found out last night that Phantom, instead of using the ectoplasm to heal himself these past couple of month has been using it to heal me.” Danny said starting get a little angry. Phantom sent some reassuring and comforting feeling to Danny but it only made his anger go higher. “WOULD YOU STOP THAT PHANTOM…” he almost yelled as he jumped out of bed and paced back and forth a little. “You know as well as I do that this could go either way.” Danny stopped pacing, he had completely forgotten that he was not alone but he didn’t care. A tear rolled down his cheek. “And.. I don’t want to lose you.” He whispered.

“Danny?” said Jazz and was about to go to him but ClockWork cut her off, for he knew what was transpiring in front of them.

The ring of energy appeared around Danny’s waist but instead of the normal blue/white energy it was a green/white energy. The ring split and travelled up and down, transforming him into Phantom.

I know you don’t want to lose me Danny and I also know the odds.” Phantom said not looking away from the spot on the floor he had been looking at. “But you know as well as I do that this is the only way.” His hand was hovering over the needle that was in his arm that was connected to the ectoplasm.

The others guest that Phantom was in control and ClockWork knew he was, it was for the best for the both of them. The time master also knew what was going to happen next.

Please Phantom don’t” Danny begged telepathically.

I’m sorry Danny.” And with that said Phantom pulled out the needle that was in his arm but nothing happened at first. It took a few moments before phantom felt dizzy, he put a hand to his head and swayed a bit then fell as he lost his footing but before he could hit the floor, ClockWork caught him. Wasting no time, he created a portal back to his young Apprentice’s room back in his tower. ClockWork floated through, Phantoms wispy, unstable and unconscious form in his arms with the Fenton’s and Sam and Tucker following.

ClockWork laid Phantom on the bed, his aura dimly glowing in the dark room compared to that of his own and what his Apprentice’s auras strength should have been. ClockWork sat on the edge of the bed next to his Apprentice and ran a hand through the young halfa’s hair but was disappointed and concerned when he didn’t nuzzle back, whether it is Phantom or Fenton, his Apprentice always nuzzled back. A tear rolled down the time master’s cheek, even knowing that the young hybrid will be ok, he still couldn’t stand to see his Apprentice like this. A comforting hand was placed on his shoulder and quick glance out of the corner of his eye told him it was Maddie. He sighed as he pushed his hood down and let his long white hair down as well. It somewhat relieved the migraine that had started to form from all the stress that had built up over the past couple months.

“You really do care for him, don’t you?” asked Maddie

“Like I said three month ago, Daniel has become like a son to me…” he said putting his own hand on top of Maddie’s. “I would do anything and everything to protect him, to see him happy, to see him up and about doing what he does best but there is nothing that can be done for him, all we can do now is wait for him to wake up.” He said, a parentally tone to his voice. Maddie brought him into a hug, sensing that her ghostly friend needed comforting which ClockWork accepted and returned. “I never wanted to see him in such a state.” He was trying his damn hardest not to break down in front of his friends and guests.

“No parent or guardian wishes to see their child in such a stated.” Maddie replied.

ClockWork smiled, leave it to Maddie to figure out what he was to Danny before the young teen had come to him for training.

“But will he wake up?” Sam asked the question that seemed to be lingering in the back of the humans and young halfa's mind’s.

ClockWork looked to Sam and smiled “Do not worry Sam, for he will wake up.” He said, his voice back to its normal cryptic tone. “Now how about we let him recover.” And they all left the room.

“Who are we talking about? Danny or Phantom? Last time I knew, it was Phantom that was in control. Well at least I think it was him.” Tucker said as they all followed the Time Master down the hall and into the library. They all took a seat at the four two seater couches that was around a coffee table. Maddie and Jack sat together as did Sam and Tucker, and Jazz and Dani which left ClockWork with a couch to himself.

“You are right Tucker, Phantom was in control last but Phantom did it for the best of both of them. As for who we are talking about, I guess you could say we were talking about both. Daniel and Phantom are one of the same.”

“So basically, two halves of one hole.” Jazz clarified.

“Precisely young Jasmine. Daniel is Phantoms human half and Phantom is Daniel ghost half. Even knowing they have two separate consciousness’ they still share the same body. Though it seems that Daniel is the dominate one of the two, this is the first time Phantom has taken control. ”

“So Danny is going to be the one in control most of the time?” asked Sam.

ClockWork relaxed into the couch, leaning his staff against the side before placing his arms on the back of the couch and looking up at the ceiling. He looked into the trio’s future and chuckled at what he saw, man were they in for one heck of a wild ride. “You could say that.” He replied.

“Wait! Can you see into to Danny’s future now?” asked Maddie.

“You do not know how relieved I am now that I am able to see into his timeline.” He replied with a sigh.

“But I though you said that your sight into Danny’s future was blocked?”

“It was. Dan had somehow learned how to block my sight during Daniel's training. And now that he is gone my sight has returned.”

“That is good to hear.” Maddie said with a smile. “So, mind telling us how you became Danny’s guardian?”

“I have no doubt that Daniel has told you about the Dan incident?” the Fenton’s nodded. “It was cause of my interference in that incident. Even knowing I only did what the Observants asked me to do…” Sam and Tucker faked coughed at that part. ClockWork looked to Danny’s friends. “Be glad that I didn’t follow their orders completely.” He told them sternly.

“Ah, but you WERE going to follow their orders to the letter.” Pointed out Tucker.

“Everything was the way it was supposed to be.” ClockWork shot back.

“And you nearly killing Danny was part of it?” asked Sam. The Fenton’s eyes went wide.

ClockWork was about to shoot something back but Jazz cut in.

“Calm down everyone.” Everyone looked to her and she glanced at them. “Am I the only one that remembers Danny telling us that it was ClockWork who saved us form the explosion?” she asked.

ClockWork smiled at Jazz. “Thank you Jasmine. Like I told Daniel, The Observants look at time like they are watching a parade; one thing after another, passing by in sequence right in front of them. I see the parade from above; all the twists and turns that it might...or might not, take."

“So, you never intended to kill Danny?” asked Dani.

ClockWork shook his head. “After the incident, the Observants came by and charged me with the responsibility of Daniel and his timeline.”

“Well it is good to know that we are not the only ones looking out for Danny.” Said Maddie.

ClockWork smiled. “Now if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to.” He said getting up and grabbing his staff.

“Like what?” asked Dani.

“Dani!!” Maddie scolded.

The ghost of time chuckled. “it is quite alright Maddie.” ClockWork looked to Dani. “First of all, I have to bring back Daniels staff. Don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands now do we? Even if it is at Fenton Works, it is still not safe. The best place for it is here. And second of all, I have a meeting with the Observants. It is most likely they would want to discuss what happen three months ago. I should be gone… say… an hour. Please make yourselves at home, I’ll return shortly.” And with that Clockwork teleported to where ever he went.

“It’s nice to know that he trusts us enough to leave us in his lair alone.” Said Jazz.

“It is most certainly is dear.” Answered Maddie.

A week had past, the Fenton’s, Sam and Tucker all came to visit Phantom every day and ClockWork was more than happy to let them do so. He too check up on his Apprentice every hour or so and spent about ten to twenty minuets with him before having to go back to his duties. He would just sit there on the side of the bed, running a hand through the young teen’s hair but was disappointed when the halfa didn’t nuzzle back.

ClockWork floated through the halls of his tower, Mr and Mrs Fenton, Jazz, Dani, Sam and Tucker are all in his library, he had told them all to stick around a little longer but did not give and explanation as to why. ClockWork floated up to the door he was looking for and quietly opened it. He looked at the snow white haired teen that was sleeping soundly in the bed. His form no longer wispy and his aura was back to its normal strength, if not stronger. He floated over, sat on the edge and ran a hand through his Apprentice’s hair. A smile graced his lips when Phantom nuzzled back.

Said teen moaned and his eyes slowly opened. At first Phantoms vision was unfocused and blurred but soon it cleared and he could see he was in his room at ClockWorks tower. Speaking of said ghost, Phantom looked to his right and saw his Master’s ruby red eyes looking down at him, his hand still running through his hair and Phantom couldn’t help but nuzzle into the gesture. He sat up before embracing his Master in a hug.

“How are you doing, my young Apprentice?” the ghost of time asked.

“Ready to report to duty sir!” he said giving a mock salute. And the two couldn’t help but chuckle. “I feel well rested and full of energy.”

“That is good to hear Phantom.” Replied ClockWork ruffling the teen’s hair. “And Daniel? How does he feel about you taking control like that?”

“He is a little miffed about that.”


Phantom cringed. “Ok, make that a lot.”

ClockWork Chuckled. “I’m not surprised.”

Can I please have control again Phantom?” Danny sighed.

“Of course Danny.” With that, he let Danny have control and he changed back to Fenton.

Danny looked to ClockWork and smiled.

“You know what Phantom did was the best for the both of you” Stated ClockWork.

Danny sighed. “ I know. I was just… scared. For him and for me. I know I can’t live without him any more, I didn’t want to die, nor did I want to lose him, he’s become a great friend.”

“It is alright to be scared Daniel…” ClockWork put an arm around the young teen. “But there is nothing to be scare of now. You are fully healed and so is Phantom, everything is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Danny couldn’t help but chuckle at the last statement. “I suppose so.”

“Now, your family and friends are here.”

“They are?” Danny asked more excited

ClockWork nodded. “They’re in the library.”

Danny smirked. “Well I had better go say hello then shouldn’t I?” and with that he hoped out of bed and turned invisible.

Meanwhile in the library. Jazz and the others are casually looking around or sitting in one of the couches. Jazz at the moment is skimming over books in one of the many shelves. If anybody was paying any notice to their surroundings they would have seen the slight shimmer of an invisible ghost that was now in their presence.

Danny walked through the library till he found his friends and family; he spotted Jazz looking at some of the books on one of the shelves and couldn’t stop the smirk from pulling at his lips. Danny snuck over and behind his big sister, waited a moment before…


Jazz scream and jumped about a foot off the ground. This caught the attention of everyone else. Danny couldn’t help but laugh and he dropped his invisibility. He was laughing so hard that he fell to the ground clutching his stomach.

“Danny! Don’t do th— Wait Danny?” Jazz said surprised.

“Hey Jazz.” He replied getting up and getting his laughter under control.

“Danny? Is that really you?” asked Maddie as she and the others walked over.

“Would Phantom do something like that?” he asked pointing to Jazz.

Yes. Yes I would.” Said Phantom.

Shut up you.” Phantom couldn’t help but laugh.

“Maybe.” Answered Dani.

Just then Sam jumped into his arms. “Danny, thank god you’re up.”

“I’ve missed you too Sam.” He replied giving her a kiss on the forehead.

They all gathered around Danny and started chatting. Jazz notice a ghost sneaking up behind her little brother and the ghost seemed to notice her noticing him cause he raised a finger to his lips in a keep quiet gesture and she did.

“So are you ok now Danny?” asked Dani.

“Why you asking me? You should be asking him.” Danny replied pointing his thumb over his shoulder. He turned to face the ghost and smirked at the surprised look on Phantoms face. Everyone looked over to Phantom and saw him still in a sneaking position but with a surprised look on his face. He straightened himself and kept looking at his counterpart.

“You do realise I want to strangle you right now don’t you?” asked Danny folding his arms over his chest, still a little bit miffed from before.

“Yes.” He replied copying Danny stance. “But do you realise that it was the best for both of us?”

Danny sighed. He walked over one of the couches and flopped down. “Yes.” He sighed in defeat. “By the way, how are you doing that?”

Phantom floated over to his human half and sat down beside him. “Well, ever since you unlocked your true ghost form, we have become stronger. And now that I’m stable I can, I guess you could say, project myself instead of having to switch all the time. That would have eventually been tiring on your body.”

“So at the moment we’re separated?”

“Not exactly. We might seem separated at the moment but we are still connected. I cannot go far without you. Like I said, I’m just projecting myself, all I can do in this form basically is fly, turn invisible and intangible. I have no attack powers what so ever.”

“Ok, makes sense. Well… enough for me to run with it.”

“It is that connection that you were able to sense me sneaking up behind you.”

“I kinda figure that.”

“So you and Phantom are two separate consciences now?” asked Jazz.

“In a way yes. I do have my own conscience but we are still the same person. I am Danny’s ghost half and Danny is my human half.”

“So basically you’re saying…”Phantom looked to Sam. Danny could feel the longing that welled up inside of Phantom as he looked her in the eyes but didn’t show it on the outside. “You two are two halves of one hole?” Sam asked. They just wanted to confirm what ClockWork said.

“Basically, yes.” He forced himself to reply. “We are one in the same.”

“So you like everything that Danny likes?” asked Dani.

Phantom didn’t know how to answer that, he wanted to answer yes but in doing so that would mean confessing he loved Sam as much as Danny did and he didn’t want thing to become awkward between Danny and Sam because of him. Danny felt every emotion that his alto-ego was experiencing right now and it made his heart shatter, he didn’t want his ghost half to be depressed.

“Sam…” Sam looked to Danny as he got up. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Of course.” She answered as she followed him a little ways away from the group.

Danny sighed and looked Sam straight in the eyes. “ Like Phantom said, we are connected, meaning I feel everything he feels and he feels everything I feel. I can hear his thoughts and he can hear mine. Like you said we are two halves of one hole.”


Danny looked away and sighed before looking back. “Sam, he loves you as much as I do. He’s longing to be with you like I am. He didn’t answer that question because answering yes meant confessing and he didn’t want to make it awkward between us.” Sam was wide eyed. Phantom loved her just as much as Danny did? “What I say is the truth Sam.” Danny reassured.

Sam looked over to Phantom, who was answering other questions that were shot at him from the others. A smile graced her lips, she turned back to Danny.

“Call him.” Was all she said but Danny knew her all too well to know what she was thinking and it brought a smile to his lips.


Yes?” he asked looking towards Danny.

Could you come here please?” he asked, gesturing with his head to come.

Phantom slowly walked over to them, his eyes fixed on Danny’s but he occasionally looked to Sam.

“Yes?”he asked when he stopped in front of them.

“You fool Phantom.” Sam said. Phantom looked to her just in time for her to jump up on her toes and reach up and grab the front of his suit before slamming her lips onto his. At first he was startled but as she continued to kiss him, he couldn’t help but melt into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed back. Sam Pulled away. “How can I love only one half and not the other?” she questioned.

“It is you we’re talking about here.” He replied still a little out of it. He received a fairly hard but playful punch to his right arm.

“Ouch!” Both Danny’s exclaimed rubbing the same arm as each other. This made everyone looked between the two. Both of them sighed. “We are still connected.” They explained.

“Would you stop doing that!?!” ordered Jazz.



Fenton and Phantom smirk and folded their arms over their chest.

“Now why on earth would we do that?” they asked having a little fun with Jazz.

Jazz’s left eye twitched, once, twice… and she lunged forwards. The two dodged and ran off with Jazz hot on their heels. “I’m going to kill you Danny.” She called after them.

“Which one?” they called back, barely able to contain their laughter.

She screamed out in outrage at her little brother, or was it brothers? To hell if she knew. Her brother just gets more complicated by the day. The two laughed when she screamed, they couldn’t help it, it was just too much fun to mess with her.

“DANIEL!” the two skidded to a halt in their tracks as the master of time appeared in front of them. ClockWork had addressed not Fenton, not Phantom but both of them. He had a scolding look on his face.

“He, he.” They nervously laughed, and ClockWork kept glaring at them.

“I’ll…um… just… re-join now.” And with that, in a swirl of green white mist Phantom was gone.

Danny nervously rubbed the back of his neck as the eyes of his master kept scolding him. Jazz and the rest of the gang came up behind Danny, the Fentons, Sam and Tucker stood back a bit but Jazz went right up and smacked her brother across the back of his head. Danny swirled around and glared daggers at his sister while rubbing his head, but his sister wasn’t effect.

“Now where’s Phantom?” she asked still a little miffed.

Danny smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” He shot back with his eyes glowing green.

“He’s re-joined hasn’t he?”


“So he felt that?”

How couldn’t I?” Phantom asked.

You do realise that nobody can hear you except me right?” “Yes he did Jazz.” Danny replied.

“Good.” She huffed.

Your sister’s mean.”

She’s your sister too.”

“Hello Danny, are you in there?” questioned Tucker as he wave his hand in front of Danny face.

Danny blinked and shook his head. “Sorry what?” he asked.

“Dude, you sort of spaced out there.”

“Sorry, just a little discussion with Phantom.”

“You two can still talk to one another?” asked Maddie.

“Telepathically I guess you could say.”

Maddie just nodded.

“Phantom said something about your true ghost form?” asked Jack.

“Oh, that. Umm… I don’t know what to say about that.”

“Well could we have a look?” asked Dani.

The blue/white rings appeared and changed Danny into his ghost form. “Sure.” Danny closed his eyes and relaxed, calling upon the power that Phantom had helped him unlock. His magic seal appeared around his waist, split in two and went up and down his body, changing his clothes into what he had worn when he had defeated the evil trio and his aura was like flames again.

“You look cool big brother.” Dani exclaimed.

“You most certainly look like a ghost to be reckoned with.” Said Maddie

The others could just look on in awe. Danny gave himself a look over.

“A little too much like Dan’s for my liking but I suppose it does look cool.” He replied. Everyone just looked at him. “What?”

“Umm dude, fangs.” Tucker pointed.

Danny ran his toung along his top row of teeth and sure enough he felt that his fangs had gotten bigger. So every time he talks now, his fangs stood out.

“Oh come on! They had to get bigger.” Danny whined but he noticed that something was missing that was more important. “Something’s…” he started but then felt something, as if it was tugging on his soul, telling him to turn around. He turned without hesitation and only now just noticing that ClockWork was holding two staffs, his own time staff and a black, green and white one. Danny’s eyes instantly falling upon the new staff. There was just something about it that had him transfixed. Danny slowly looked it up and down, it felt like it was telling him to hold it and not let go, that everything would be right if he had it.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” asked ClockWork and he passed the new staff to Danny. Danny took the staff and sure enough, it felt right in his hands. “I’m quite surprised you were able to summon your weapon.”

“Summon? My weapon?”

“Surely I have told you about a ghost’s weapon.”

Danny’s memory click. “Oh, yeah. now I remember. A ghost can channel their attacks through their weapon, thus making their attack stronger. It can be, and most likely is their source of strength. But I was able to summon mine? That just doesn’t make sense. It's not like I’m any different to other ghosts other than I’m half human.”

ClockWork just smiled and chuckled. Oh the things to come. His young Apprentice did not realise just how special he was. The start of a new species, the cause of a new age, and many, many other things. “Oh, how clueless you are my young Apprentice.” He chuckled to himself.

Danny raised an eyebrow at this, but didn’t question his Master for he knew that it would be futile. When his Master said something like that, in that manner, it meant that he knew what was to come but couldn’t tell him. Danny looked at his staff before frowning.

“Will it ever get easy?” Danny asked all of a sudden, the rest of his company didn’t quite understand but ClockWork knew perfectly well what he meant.

“Over time it will.”

“But I can’t walk around in public with Soul like this, people would think it’s weird.” He said looking up to his Master. Everyone did not miss what Danny called his staff.

“Good to know you know the name of your weapon.” ClockWork stated. Danny raised an eye brow before realising what he said. “As for what you will do, your weapon will change to whatever you desire, but it’s main two forms will always be it weapon form and it staff form that you see before you.” As if to prove his point ClockWork changed his staff to the sword he was using in the battle three months ago and then back to his staff.

Danny watched in awe before looking to his own staff. He concentrated and in a flash of light his staff changed into its scythe form.

“Dude, that’s one cool looking scythe.” Said Tuck as he reached out to hold it. Danny instinctively pulled it out of Tuck’s reach and gave off a warning growl. “What the hell man! I just want to hold it.” Tuck exclaimed. Danny just glared at him and pulled his staff out Tuck’s reach even more.

“A ghosts weapon is a part of them.” explained ClockWork and got everyone’s attention. “I guess you could say it is a part of their soul. When a ghost gets their weapon for the first time, it is hard for them to put it down in fear of losing it and it falling into the wrong hands. But as time goes on they get used to having their weapon and it gets easier for them to leave it in the hands of the ones they trust.” Now they understood Danny’s question and the way he acted.

Tuck looked back to his friend. “Sorry man. I didn’t know.”

“Don’t be Tuck. I should be the one apologising. I shouldn’t have acted like that.”

“It’s ok Danny. That is a pretty neat scythe though.”

Danny chuckled and looked to his weapon. “It is, isn’t it?” Danny looked to ClockWork. “Do all weapons have names?”

“Yes young Daniel.”

“If you don’t mine me asking but, what your weapons name?”

ClockWork chuckled. “Volta.”

Danny could help the chuckle that escaped. “Of course, I should have known it would have been something like that.”

“The name of the weapon will always relate to its wielder.”

“Like spirit, ghost and soul are all other names for phantom.” Said Jazz. “But how dose ‘Volta’ relate to you ClockWork.”

“’Volta is Italian for time Jazz.” Said Danny.

Jazz’s eyes went wide. “Since when did you know Italian?” she asked. Danny just gave her a deadpan look and pointed to his Master. “Right! stupid question.”

“You know Italian? That’s cool!” Exclaimed Dani.

“So che molti di più lingue anche.” Danny said. Everyone just looked at him. He chuckled. “ Italian for ‘ I know many more languages too.’”

Everyone nodded in understanding but did a double take when the words he said sank in.

“Just how many do you know?” asked Sam.

Danny thought for a bit. He looked to his Master. “About... half of the world languages wouldn’t you say Master?”

“indeed Daniel” ClockWork nodded.

Everyone just gawked at Danny.

“What? He…” Danny pointed to Clockwork. “Makes my training and education fun and enjoyable.”

Maddie smiled. “Well that is good to know.”

“So that’s why you weren’t doing so good in school?” said Jack.

“That and the lack of sleep from ghost fighting, the time taken up by protecting the town and Mr. Lancer’s dead tone that he uses to explain things.” Danny listed off on his fingers.

Everyone chuckled and silence fell upon the group. Danny looked back to his weapon and whimpered a little for he knew that his training with his master was not over. Danny’s family and friends looked over to him confused when he whimpered but when they saw him looking at his weapon, they knew why, they could see it in his saddened eyes. They too hadn’t forgotten about his training, they just didn’t dare talk about it. Saddened looks over took their faces as well.

Sensing the sadness coming off his apprentice, ClockWork place a hand on the teen’s shoulder, affectively gaining his attention.

“Don’t worry about it Daniel. I’m sure we will sort something out later on down the tract.”

“Y-You mean it?” asked the halfa.

ClockWork nodded. “Now go home and spend some time with your friends and family.”

Danny hugged ClockWork, being careful with his scythe as to not hurt his master by accident. “Thank you” he said before pulling away.

Danny looked to his friends and family, who were all smiling, happy that their hero was going home with them. Danny looked to his scythe and concentrated, in a flash of light it had change again but not into it’s staff form. It was now a silver beaded chain with a silver scythe pendant. He put the necklace on where it sat comfortably at the base of his neck.

“So how are we getting home?” he asked as he looked at his family and friends.

“The Secter Speeder is just outside.” Maddie said warmly. They all headed to the front door and stopped when in front of it.

Danny turned to his Master. “You know I will be willing to help any time, anywhere right?”

“Of course my young Apprentice. And do not hesitate if you too need some help.”

Danny smiled. “I won’t.”

The doors to the clock tower opened outwards to reveal the all too familiar endless green void with its floating islands and purple doors that was the ghost zone. Danny turned back to his master.

“See you sometime in the future then?” he asked.

“Most certainly.” Said Clockwork.

With a quick hug and a slight bow, and quick goodbyes from the others, they all left and walked over to the spector speeder which was parked just a few meter away, the doors of the tower closing behind them.

“If you guys don’t mind, I think I’ll fly home.” Said Danny.

“Sure son.” Replied Jack.

“In that case then,” said Tuck walking up to his best friend. “You better take one of these.” Tuck pulled out a spare Fenton phone from his pocket and passed it to Danny.

“Thanks Tuck.” Danny replied putting on the communication device.

So everyone except Danny got into the spector speeder, Sam and Tucker at the controls much to Maddie’s and Jack’s disappointment. But then again the two teens had known about Danny’s powers and had been using their inventions longer than they had. In fact, if they remember correctly, from what the two had told them about their adventures, Danny was the first one to drive the thing.

They all took off, heading to the Fenton ghost portal, Danny flying beside them, relaxing into the feeling of being able to fly freely. Maddie and Jack looked to their son and noticed just how content he was at just being able to fly. He was so content that he had a smile on his face and his eyes were closed as if he knew the way so well that he didn’t need to see to get home. And that made them wonder just how many times had their son been in the ghost zone. Maddie and Jack were so caught up in there musing that they didn’t realise they were already coming up to the portal until Danny opened his eyes and looked straight ahead.

Danny sighed in content. “Home again.” He flew through with the others hot on his heels.

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