The Time Apprentice

Chapter 2

The next morning, Danny woke to his alarm going off. He rolled over and slammed down onto the annoying clock, trying to turn the alarm off. After a couple goes he finally hit the snooze button.

Danny sat up and looked at the time. 7:30am. He sighed and got up. He walked over to his dresser and got out a pair of clean clothes, he walked into to his on-sweat and got dressed and other things he needed to do in there, he came out ten minutes later.

He walked over to his suitcase at the end of his bed, picked it up and headed to the door. He paused in the doorway and looked over his shoulder around his room before walking out and closed the door behind him. He walked down stairs and placed his suitcase by the front door before heading to the kitchen.
In the kitchen Jazz was cooking pancakes while his mother, father and clone were happily chatting at the table. Danny smiled warmly at his family. His mother was the first to notice him.

“Morning Danny.” She greeted.

“Morning mum.” He said as he walked in and sat down at the table.

“How did you sleep son?” asked Jack.

“Like a log.” He replied and everyone chuckled.

Jazz walked over with a plate full of pancakes and place it in front of him. “Here you go little brother, your favourite.” She said and gave him a kiss on the back of his head and headed back to the bench to get hers and the others share of pancakes.

“Thanks Jazz.” And Danny started eating. Soon everyone got their share and they all ate in comfortable silence.

It was 8:00am when they all finished eating. They all headed to the front door and out to the RV, Maddie carrying Danny’s case. Sam and Tucker were out there, leaning against the RV waiting for them. Danny greeted his friends and they gave him a hug before they all entered the RV and headed to school in a comfortable silence.

By the time they got to school it was 8:25am, they all got out of the RV, Danny carrying his suitcase, and they all headed to the football field. When it came into view, the whole school was out there, all sitting in one of the stands. This made Danny really nervous. Danny walked up to Mr.Lancer.

“Mr.Lancer what’s the school doing here? It’s only the class that knows.”

But the before Mr.Lancer could answer, the principle walked up to him.

“Mr. Fenton, what is this I’m hearing about you being Phantom?” she asked.

“You told them?” Danny almost shrieked in disbelief at Mr.Lancer, who just smiled warmly. Danny sighed and faced palmed. “Might as well get it over with.” Then he grinned and brought his hand down to his side. “And might as well a bit of fun while I’m waiting.” He muttered. He placed his case down and ran in front of the stand full of students and teacher. “I’M GOIN’ GHOST” He yelled his signature battle cry and jumped into the air. The ring of energy appeared and he transformed into Phantom. The school gasped. He flew around the field doing all sorts of tricks. He dove down and flew a few inches above the grown, towards the stand full of people. He stopped flying and using the momentum he did a forwards roll and landed in a one handed hand stand. The whole school cheered and clapped. Just then Danny’s ghost sense went off.

“Are you done showing off, my young Apprentice?”

Danny smiled at the familiar voice. “If you are trying to scare me…” Danny pushed up and twisted in the air so when he landed he was facing the owner of the voice. Danny bowed. “It didn’t work Master.” Danny straightened himself. “And besides, I was doing it to past the time until the portal opened.” He finished.

CLockWork chuckled. “You ready to go?”

Danny sighed. He floated over to his suitcase, his ghostly tail flickering back and forth, and pick up the case then floated back over to ClockWork. Maddie and Jack walked over to their son and the ghost he has put so much trust in.

“Now… ClockWork, wasn’t it?” Maddie asked. Said ghost nodded. “You had better look after my son. He has obviously put a lot of trust in you, so we are trusting him on this. You had better bring him back once this so called ‘training’ is done un-harmed. Do I make myself clear?”

ClockWork chuckled lightly. “Very, Mrs.Fenton. I assure you, young Daniel will not be harmed.”

“Unless it your training techniques” Danny muttered.

ClockWork hit Danny over the back of his head with his staff.

“OW!” Danny yelped and he rubbed the spot where he got hit.

“My techniques have helped you, have they not?”

“Yes Master.”

“Now, it time for us to go young one.”

Danny’s friends, sister and clone came up to them. He gave his family and friends one last hug.
“Dani, you and the others better protect my haunt.”

“Don’t worry, we will.”

Danny smiled warmly at the people in front of him then looked at ClockWork and nodded. Master and Apprentice turned and started to head towards the light blue portal.

“DANNY!” Sam ran forwards and grabbed said teen’s free hand.
Danny turned and faced her. All of a sudden Sam gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before looking at the ground. Danny was shock but as quick as the shock came it turned into happiness. To know that Sam feels the same way about him, the way he does about her, he just couldn’t describe it.
He lifted her chin up with his finger and passionately kissed Sam on the lips. He broke away slowly after a few seconds and rested his forehead on hers. Sam started crying, whether she knew it or not.

“I promise I’ll return.” He promised whipping away a tear.

“You better.” She replied.

Danny straightened himself and smiled his happiest and saddest smile to her. He was the happiest he ever felt because he knew that Sam love him but was the saddest because he had to leave for god knows how long and they just made it official.
Danny turned back to the portal, tears of joy and sorrow rolling down his face, and walked through with ClockWork right behind him and the portal disappeared.
Sam berried he head into her hands, not trying to stop the sobs that escape her and wrack her form. Maddie brought the young Goth girl into a hug, rubbing her hand over Sam’s back in soothing circles. Maddie too didn’t want to see her baby boy go but it must be quite hard for Sam, they just made it official. All Maddie could do was stare at the spot where the portal had been just moments ago.

Danny stepped out of the Portal and into the library of ClockWork’s Tower with the ghost himself just a second behind him. Danny Sighed, there was defiantly no going back now. The master of time put a comforting hand on his Apprentice’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry Master, I…”

“For what?” ClockWork cut Danny off. “If you are apologising for actions back there, don’t. If anything they will help.” Danny smiled. ClockWork floated off, signalling for Phantom to follow. “I have no quarrels with you and Samantha Mason becoming a couple.” Said ClockWork as he and Danny went up a spiral staircase. It’s about time you did my young Apprentice. The Master of time thought.

The two of them reached the second floor and continued down the hall till ClockWork stopped outside the third door on the left. The door was black with Danny’s insignia on it in white. ClockWork guested for Danny to open it and he did. Danny walked in first and flick on the light. The walls were painted in a night or space design, the size of the room was twice as big as his room back home, there was a double queen sized bed at the back of the room with a bedside table on each side, an on-sweat in the back left hand side of the room as you walk in and closet further up from it and a desk and chair on the right hand side for when he is studding.

“This will be you room my young Apprentice.”

“Thank you Master.” Danny said walking over to his bed.

“I’ll give the rest of this day to settle in. Tomorrow your training will begin at 8:30am sharp.”

“Ok.” Danny said giving the master of time a slight bow. ClockWork left, shutting the door behind him. Danny sighed and changed back to Fenton. So he put his case on his bed and started unpacking.
For the rest of the day, Danny spent most of his time either in his room or in the library reading. When it was normally time for dinner, ClockWork had gotten Danny some food. Even knowing Danny could go without food for a while he still needed it, after all he was still only half ghost.
Danny tuned in for the night around 9:00pm, tomorrow his training begins.

The next morning Danny got up at 7:30am thanks to the alarm clock. Danny got up and went to the on-sweat, doing whatever it is he needed to do before coming back out ten minutes later. He changed into Phantom and was about to walk out when he caught a glimpses of the closet. He walked over to it and opened the doors. The closet had a few cloaks in it. Danny got one out and looked at it before putting it on. It was a black cloak that went down to just above his ankles. It was white on the inside and had a hood. There was a white gear to do it up with and it rested just a bit below his left shoulder.

Danny walked out of his room, down the hall, down the stairs and entered the main room where the many portals that ClockWork uses to view the past, present and future which was what said ghost is doing right now. There was a small table and chair a few meters away and behind ClockWork with a box of cereal, some milk, a bowl and a spoon.
ClockWork turned to the stairs where he saw his Apprentice wearing one of cloaks he had put in the closet.

“Morning Daniel.” ClockWork greeted.

“Moring Master.” Danny replied giving a slight bow before continuing to the table to have his breakfast.

“I see you found the cloaks. I assume they fit?”

“If they are all the same size, which I believe they are, then yes. They fit nicely.”

“That is good to know.”

ClockWork turned back to viewing the time stream and Danny made himself some breakfast.
After Danny had breakfast, he went to the library and did some reading for the next forty five minutes before making his way to the training room where the Master Of Time was waiting. He made it there on time.

“Ready my young Apprentice?” the ghost of time asked a he shifted into his toddlers form.

Danny nodded. “Ready as I will ever be.”

“Then let us begin.” Grinned ClockWork.

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