The Time Apprentice

Chapter 3

A year and a half later. Christmas Eve day.

Maddie and Jack Fenton were down in their lab, improving and upgrading their ghost hunting equipment. They hadn’t had the heart to build new weapons over the past year and a half.
All of a sudden the red warning light above the Fenton Portal started flashing and a siren going off letting the two know that the portal was in use. The two caution painted doors open to reveal a swirling bright green vortex. A ghost wrapped in a black hooded cloak with a white gear on it left shoulder floated through with its hood up, only allowing to see some of its white hair.

Maddie and Jack quickly grabbed a Ecto-gun each that was lying on a nearby bench and raised the guns at the ghost.
The ghost raised a white gloved hand slowly, as to not scare the two adults in the room and slowly lowered its hood.

Maddie and Jack gasped in shock and lowered their guns, for right there in front of them was the white haired and green eyed ghost form that was their son. The ghost landed with a light ‘thud’.
They practically threw the guns to the side as they ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug they could possibly give him but it still didn’t seem big enough, with tears rolling down their cheek and the ghost accepted their hug.

“Danny your back.” Maddie managed to get out.

Danny chuckled, tears also running down his cheeks. “Yeah.”

Maddie and Jack pulled away.

“Danny Boy…” His father started.

“Your voice, its…” Maddie continued.

“Deepened? I know.” Danny finished.

Now that they were a step back from their son, Maddie and Jack took this opportunity to take a look at their son now that he wasn’t wrapped in the cloak he was wearing. Not only was his voice deeper but he had also filled out around the chest and abdomen, his tightly fitting black and white hazmat suit showing of his slight six-pack. His arms had also gained some muscles. His jaw line was broader, he had a small ponytail at the back of his head and he was just as tall as Maddie, if not, taller.

“Looks like I can’t call you ‘Danny Boy’ anymore.” Said Jack.

“My baby’s all grown up.” Said Maddie.

“I’m not eighteen yet. I still have another year and a half.” Danny chuckled but then his face became sad. Just then ClockWork came through the portal, smiling warmly at his Apprentice and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Some of which I might not be able to spend with you guys.” Danny added sadly.

“What do you mean hun?” asked Maddie.

Danny sighed changing back to Fenton. Now wearing a black T-shirt and dark blue jeans. “Perhaps we should go to the lounge room.” With that said, Danny walked past his parents and up to the lounge room with ClockWork, Maddie and Jack right behind him. As he walked, he noted that everything still looked the same as he left a year and a half ago but still seemed different. Danny sat down in one of the couches, ClockWork floating beside him, and Maddie and Jack sat down in the couch opposite their son.
Just then Jazz came down stairs, she paused at the bottom and looked in the lounge room and saw her little brother sitting there with his ghost guardian and master floating off to the side.

“DANNY!!!” Jazz yelled as she ran up to her brother and gave him the biggest hug she could, he returning it just as strong.

“It’s good to see you too Jazz.” Danny said happily. Jazz pulled away and gave Danny a quick kiss on the top of his head.

“Danny…” Danny looked to his mother. “What do you mean?”

Jazz Looked confusingly at Danny. “You might want to sit down Jazz.” Danny said sadly. His sister complied. Danny knew he would have to repeat this to his friends, cousin and allies. “My training is not over.” The eyes of his family went wide.

“What your son says is the truth.” Clockwork finally spoke. Maddie and Jack turned their attention to the ghost and glared daggers at him but the time master was not fazed as he shifted from his adult form to his elderly form, which surprised them a bit. ClockWork inwardly smirked at their slightly surprised looks.

“Mum, Dad, do not be mad at him…” his mother and father turned their attention back to their son. “If there is anyone you should be mad at, it is me.” Seeing that this talk was going to turn into a family talk, ClockWork took this opportunity to give them some privacy.

ClockWork place a hand on his Apprentice’s shoulder, gaining Danny attention. “I’ll be around if you need me.”
Danny nodded his thanks and appreciation to his master and with that ClockWork flew off to a different part of the house.

Danny turned back to his family. “Why should we be mad at you sweetie?” his mother asked.

“Because I’m the one who choose to go, to leave. ClockWork did not force me too. I went so when this evil comes, I have a chance at protecting this city.”

“So… why are you here?’ asked Jazz.

“To have a break. I have trained each and every day I have been gone. And the reason we chose this day to come is because of…”

“The truths.” Jack muttered sadly.

“Yeah. How do you know about that?” asked Danny caught a bit off guard.

“Dani told us.” Answered Maddie.

“Well at least I don’t have to explain that.”

“So, when will you be leaving?” asked Jazz.

“The day after tomorrow.” He replied sadly. “Where is Dani by the way?”

“She’s out on patrol.” Answered Maddie

Danny smiled warmly. “Well I’m going to go find my friends, if that is alright?”

“Of course honey.” Said Maddie.

Danny stood up. “Master!?” he called out and the master of time flew back into the room in his toddlers form. Again ClockWork inwardly smirked at Danny’s family surprised expressions.

“Yes my young Apprentice?”

“I’m going to go find my friends, so I’ll be gone a while.”

ClockWork ruffled Danny’s hair but Danny didn’t doing anything to stop it. “Go and enjoy yourself.” ClockWork said with a kind smile. Danny changed into Phantom and turned back to his family.

“Please make my Master feel at home.” Danny father went to say something but Danny cut in. “No dad, you can’t test inventions, blabber on about ghosts ‘cause he is one and know more about ghosts than anyone can imagine. And if you do have questions, my master doesn’t have to answer them if he doesn’t want to. And if you threaten him, I will not be the least bit pleased.” Danny almost growled the last part.

Everyone seemed to shrink back a little. ClockWork put a calming hand on his Apprentice’s shoulder. Danny sighed, realising what he had done. “Sorry.” Danny apologised. “I’ll have my phone on me if anyone needs me.” And with that said he flew up stairs. He phased through his bedroom door, grabbed his mobile phone from where it has been charging, put his hood up, wrapped his cloak around him and phased out through the wall and flew through the skies looking for his friends.

Finally coming out of their shock, Danny’s mother, father and sister looked to ClockWork.

“What have you done to my son?” Maddie asked getting a little angry. The way her son just acted towards them didn’t seem like him at all.

“I assure you Mrs. Fenton, that all I have done is educate and train young Daniel.”

“Then what the hell was that?” Jack bellowed.

“The way Daniel acted was instinctive. He cannot help that.”

“Instinctive? What is that supposed to mean?” asked Jazz, she too was a bit miffed.

“When an Apprentice starts to train with their Master, they feel the need to protect them. This goes for every Apprentice. As the Apprentice trains with their Master, the stronger that protective instinct gets.” ClockWork looked to the stairs, where he last saw his Apprentice as he changed into his adult form. “Although seeing how your son is only half ghost, his protective instinct shouldn’t be as strong as it is now. In fact his is one of the strongest I have ever seen.”

“So you mean…” ClockWork looked back to the Fenton’s. “Danny can’t help it? Because of this protective instinct he has for you?” asked Maddie not so angry now.

ClockWork nodded. “I have already informed Daniel about this. And he tries his hardest not to let it get the better of him. Even then I could tell he was holding back.”

“It’s that strong!?” Jazz said in shock. ClockWork simply nodded.

Dani was flying around, just about to finish up on her patrol when her ghost sense went off. She looked in the direction it had indicated that the ghost was and saw a black hooded cloaked ghost flying towards her. She met the ghost half way.

“I’m going to only tell you once. Leave, before this gets out of hand and I don’t wish to break the truths.” Dani said with her hands glowing green.

The ghost chuckled. “Kicking me out of my own haunt now are you…” the ghost pulled his hood down. Dani was shocked. “...Cousin?”

“DANNY!!!” Dani tackled him into the biggest hug she could give and he returned it just as strong.

“It’s good to see you too Dani.” He said as the two separated out of their bear hug. “So, do you know where Sam and Tucker are?”

Dani grinned. He must be desperate to see Sam. She though. “Yep. There’s a performance in the hall at Casper high. That’s where they’ll be.”

“Thanks ‘cuz.” And with that he put his hood back on and flew off.

Danny flew off as fast as he could, he wanted to see his friends again, he wanted to see his girlfriend again. God he hoped that they were still together.

Danny turned intangible and invisible and flew through the roof just in time to see Sam walk out onto the stage dressed in a beautiful black and purple dress and up to the microphone. The band behind her started playing. After a few seconds Sam started singing.

“I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me...
All of me...
All of me...
All...” And with that the song finished and everyone cheered and clapped. Danny was amazed by how well Sam sung the song (Evanescence, My Immortal) but he could see a stray tear run down her cheek as she walk off back stage.
Danny followed her out through the back entrance and out into the car park. Sam sighed and looked up to the sky.

“That was beautiful.” Danny said making himself visible. Sam turned around and looked at the black cloaked ghost.

“Who are you, ghost?” Sam almost growled.

The ghost chuckled and pulled down his hood. Sam just stared in shock. She walked up to him slowly, taking in his form. He was taller then she remembered and was taller than her, he had the start of a six pack, his arms had some muscles on them now, he had a broader jaw line and a small ponytail. Sam ran a hand over his cheek.

“Danny?” she whispered. Danny nodded and smiled lovingly at Sam. “My haven’t you grown?”

“I could say the same for you.” Danny replied pulling her into his arms. He leaned in close but hesitated. “Are we…?” but he didn’t get to finish his sentence as Sam gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Danny was a bit surprised by the action but was happy. He leaned forwards and kissed Sam passionately. After a few seconds they broke away.

“I have missed you to hell Danny.” Sam confessed nearly busting out into tears.

“And I, you.” Danny said resting his forehead against hers .Sam giggled. “What?”

“The way you talk. You sound like ClockWork.”

“Well, what do you expect after a year and a half of being with him?” Danny chuckled.

“You have muscles now.” She said running a hand down his chest.

“Trained every day.”

“You look… wait ,what? Every day? Even weekends and holidays?”

“Even weekends and holidays.”


“Dude! Is that you?” asked a very familiar voice. Danny turned to the owner of the voice.

“Hey Tucker.”

All Tucker could do was stare at his friends more muscular and taller form.

“If your powers weren’t enough to scare Dash to stop bulling you, he would be scared now.” Tucker commented. Danny chuckled and turned back into Fenton.

“Did you go Goth or something?” Sam asked taking in his new look.

“I grew out of my old clothes, ClockWork got these.”

“Dude, your voice. It sounds a lot like HIM.”

“Don’t worry, I am not turning into HIM. My voice has just deepened, that is all.”

“That is good to hear man.”

“Now, who is up to go to the Nasty Burger?” Danny asked. “I have not had that in AGES!”

“Sure, just let me get changed quickly.” Sam said and gave Danny a quick kiss on the cheek before running back inside and into the change rooms. She came back out ten minutes later with a bag in hand. Danny took her free hand and the three of them headed to the Nasty Burger. They all ordered their usual and found an empty table. They started eating and once Danny had taken one bite of his burger, he felt like he was in heaven. It has been a year and a half years since he had his favourite takeaway.
Sam and Tucker notice the look on Danny’s face and said teen noticed his friends looking at him. He swallowed the food in his mouth.

“What?” he asked.

“Dude you looked like you just tasted this food for the first time.” Said Tucker.

“Well how do you think I’m going to react when I haven’t had any junk food or takeaway of the kind in over a year?”

“You mean you haven’t had junk food of any kind the whole time you have been training with ClockWork?”

“None what so ever.”

Just then Mr.Lancer walked over to the trio but did not notice Danny straight away.

“Mr.Foley, nice work back stage. Miss Mason that was beautiful singing.”

“Thank you.” The two teens said. Mr.Lancer looked to the third teen in the group. His eyes widened.


“Hello Mr.Lancer.”

“It is good to see you again Danny.”

“You too.”

“Have you run into Dani or any of your other allies?”

“I ran into my ‘cuz, before I saw Sam’s performance. And I must agree with you Mr.Lancer, her singing was beautiful.”

The trio had nice conversation with their teacher as they ate. Mr.Lancer left about half way through their meals and once they were finished they left and headed to the park.

“So exactly how powerful are you now?” asked Tucker as they walked through the park. “I mean you must be stronger now, after all you have spent all of this time training.”

“Tucker!” Sam hissed.

“Oh come on Sam! Don’t tell me you’re not the least bit interested?”

“It is all right Sam.” Danny looked to Tucker. “I am much stronger now.”


“Masted and perfected.”

Sam’s and Tucker’s eyes widened. “How many?” asked Tuck.

“As many as I want or need.”

“Teleportation?” asked Sam.


“Just how powerful are you man?!?” Asked Tucker.

“How would you react if I said I could do ClockWork’s time in, time out trick in human form?”

“YOU CAN CONTROL TIME!!!!????!!!!” Sam and Tucker exclaimed.

“That’s right you weren’t there when FrostBite visited.” Danny muttered. “Turns out I am the next Time Master.”

“YOU ARE??!!??” they both said again.

“Remember how I told you I get vision?” his two friends nodded. “Well, they were the start of my developing Time powers.”

“So what Time powers do you have?” asked Sam.

“Vision, I guess they warn me of big events to come, if there is any. I can create viewing portals into the past, present and future…” Tucker opened his mouth to say something but Danny knew what it was going to be and cut him off. “No, I have not seen yours or Sam’s future. And no, I have not seen my own. It is kind of a rule that I cannot see my own future and nor do I wish too.”

“That stinks.” Tucker muttered.

“I can also pause and play time, like ClockWork but I am still working on reversing time.”

“Wow!” was all Sam could think to say.

“Speaking of ClockWork. I wonder how he is doing. I hope he is ok, although he can take care of himself and I did say I would have my phone on me if he needed me. If mum or dad has done anything to him, god so help me, they’re going to be in for it.” Danny muttered. His eyes now glowing green and his free hand clenched and glowing with a green aura.

“Danny?” Sam asked sounding worried. Danny turned his attention to his girlfriend, his eyes back to their normal blue and his clenched hand relaxed, no aura to be seen. Danny sighed, realising what had just happened.

“Sorry, I can’t help it.”

“What do you mean.” Asked Tucker.

“Every ghost Apprentice, no matter what they are an Apprentice of, has this protective instinct over their Master. When in the presence of others with their Master, they make it very clear that they will take no crap towards their Master of any kind.”

“And you have this instinct too?” asked Sam. Danny gave a simple nod. He stopped walking and looked up to the sky, he would say it was some time after midday.

“Gods, I do not know how I have made it this long without going nuts.” Danny commented. His friends gave him a confused look. “Protective instinct plus protective ghostly obsession.” His two friends cringed.

“Yeah, not that good when they are two different thing and in two different places.” Danny sighed, looking back to his friends. “Guys, the only reason why I’m here, back in the human realm, back in Amity, is because I’m having a break. ClockWork thought that this time of year would be good because of the truths.”

“So… you’re not… staying?” asked Sam starting to cry.

Danny shook his head. “I’m sorry Sam. I really, really am. But once Christmas is over, I’ll be heading back with ClockWork.”

Sam leaped into his arms and clung on for dear life. Danny hugged her back. “Danny, you can’t. You can’t go, you just got back” Sam cried into Danny’s chest. “I…I don’t want… you to… to go.”

“Nor do I Sam. But there’s not much more for me to learn.” Sam looked up into his eyes, her own red from crying. “Well not much more I can learn in my current state.”

“You mean… You’re all most done?”

“Yes, six months to a year tops. The rest I cannot learn until I’m full ghost. Heck ClockWork was surprised I could even pause and play time when we first found out.” The trio chuckled. Sam turned to Tucker.

“Tucker…” Sam started.

“Say no more. I’ll leave you two love birds alone.” Tucker cut her off.

“Thanks Tuck.”

“C’ya man.” Said Danny.

“C’ya.” And with that Tucker left.

Sam pulled Danny in the opposite direction and continued to walk in a comfortable silence, all the while Sam leading the way. Soon they were walking back through the streets of the city and after a while they were outside Sam’s house. Sam opened the door and went in with Danny not protesting at all.

“Mum, Dad, I’m home.” Sam called out, not bothering to stop or listen to her parent’s replies. She continued to lead Danny to her room. They entered her room and she shut the door behind them. She led Danny over and into her bed.

“Uumm… Sam?” He asked uncertain.

“Please?” Sam begged almost choking on her own words.

Danny’s uncertain expression melted into loving affection. He leaned forwards and passionately kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist and bring her closer to him while Sam ran her hands through his black hair.

An hour later Danny and Sam laid in her bed in loving content. Danny fiddled with a bit of Sam’s hair while she rested her head on his bare chest. Both of them wanting nothing more than to just stay there. Danny looked at Sam’s alarm clock and sighed. 5:30pm. Danny kissed Sam on the top of her head, stirring her from the light doze she had fallen into. Sam looked up at Danny, violet eyes lock onto blue ones.

“Its five thirty Sam. I got to go home. Everyone will start to wonder where I am.” Danny whispered.

“I’ll walk with you.” She said. Danny smiled warmly and kissed her on the forehead. They got up, stretched and put their shirts back on. They didn’t go any further than that. Danny followed Sam out of her room and into the halls.

“I’ll be back in a few minuets.” Sam called out to her parents as they passed the kitchen. They left Sam’s home and walked to Danny’s in a comfortable silence, hand in hand. Soon they arrived at Danny’s house. They walked up the front door.

“Well, here we are.” Said Danny.

“Thanks Danny. I had a great time.” Sam thanked.

Danny smiled lovingly at her. “Me too.” Danny pulled her into a hug and kissed her. “I love you.” He whispered into her ear. Sam’s heart leapt for joy at hearing Danny saying those three little words.

“I love you too.” She whispered back.

Danny gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “See you tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow.” She confirmed. And with that Sam headed back home.

I had better get her a present. I hope some of the stores are still open. Danny thought and was about to go down to the stores when he remembered something. Or perhaps… Danny went inside and saw that everyone was in the lounge, Jazz, Jack, Maddie, Dani and ClockWork, all getting along nicely.

“Hi everyone.” Danny said and giving a slight bow to his master and they all greeted him is some way or another. “I’ll be up in my room if anyone needs me.” He said going up stairs, two at a time.

“He seems happy.” Maddie commented.

“Yeah, the happiest I have ever seen.” Added Jazz.

“Indeed he is. And I am glad that young Daniel is enjoying himself.” ClockWork said with a smile.

Danny closed the door as he entered his room. He stood in the middle of the space and created a portal into his room back at ClockWork’s tower. He stepped through and walked over to the desk. He pick up a case from beside it and two little boxes off the top of the desk. The boxes were small enough to fit in the palm of his hands. Danny walked back through the portal and back into his room in the human realm and the portal disappeared. He placed the boxes and case on his desk and opened them. The case contained some tools whereas one of the box contained a fine shiny black chain and a pendent and the other contained a medallion. Danny pick up the pendent and a tool, and got to work.

I hope you like this Sam.

Half an hour later and it was time for dinner. Danny was happy to have dinner with his family again after so long and apparently they had adopted Dani while he was gone. So now, not only did he have a big sis but he has a little sis too. Danny was also happy that his parents got along with his Master quite well.

“So Danny are you and Sam still a couple?” asked Jack

Danny paused, a warm smile gracing his lips. “Yeah, we are.” He replied not looking up from the plate of food in front of him.

“Aaww sweetie, that’s great news. You had better get her a present for Christmas.” Maddie said. “I’m sure some of the shops are still open.”

“Don’t worry Mum, I have one for her.”

This caught his family (now including Dani) a little off guard but they did not press him. They ate the rest of their dinner in a comfortable silence.

After dinner Danny went back up stairs and continued to work on the pendent. Soon that was done and he spent the rest of the night with his family and Master. But soon it was time for everyone to go to bed. Apparently the guest bedroom was now Dani’s room, his parents had done it up for her.
Danny went to bed that night feeling just as tiered as a good day’s training. Danny slept soundly that night. Not only does he get to spend some time with his family and friends, even if it is a day or two but he finds out he has a little sister and that he and Sam were still a couple, Danny was over the moon with happiness just to know that. Nothing can spoil this Christmas, the best Christmas of his life. Or half life as it is.

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