The Time Apprentice

Chapter 4

The next morning Danny awoke to the sound of phone letting him know he has a text message. Danny opened his phone; the ID said it was from Sam, so he read the text.

Hope I didn’t wake u?

4 u, it does not matter. He replied.

Aaww, Danny! u 2 need 2 sleep.

I slept quite well thx u.

Well anyway I will be over at 9:30. Is that ok?

Of course. I’ll see u then my beautiful black rose.
Luv u.

Luv u 2.

And with that Danny closed his phone and just laid there staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Danny got up and did his morning routines. Then he headed down stairs and into the kitchen where his mother and Master was.

“Morning and Merry Christmas.” He said giving a slight bow to his Master.

“Hi honey and Merry Christmas to you too.” His mother greeted.

“Merry Christmas young Daniel. Sleep well last night?” asked Clockwork.

“I slept quite well last night thank you Master.” Danny turned to his mother. “By the way Mum, Sam’s coming over at 9:30.” Danny sat at the table and Maddie brought over some pancakes for him and place the plate in front of him.

“She is, is she?”

“I received a text this morning from her.”

“Well, she’ll be just in time for the presents.”

Soon everyone else was up and Danny greeted them and said merry Christmas to them. After everyone had breakfast, Danny went up to his room, grabbed one of the small boxes, making sure it was the right one and then headed back down stairs, putting the box in his pocket and went into the lounge room where everyone was gathered. It was almost time for Sam to show up, five more minuets, that’s all he had to wait and being the Time Apprentice it was a snap. The doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” Danny said. He got up from his seat and went to the front door. He opened it and was greeted by his girlfriend.

“ ‘Beautiful black rose’ huh? I like it.” Said Sam.

Danny chuckled and gave her a kiss. “I thought you might.” He said and let Sam in. she went over to the lounge with Danny right behind her.

“Merry Christmas all.” She greeted. And they all greeted her back.

Danny sat back down and Sam sat next to him. They handed out the presents and Danny was quite surprised when he got some presents from his family. Seeing how he only arrived yesterday, he wasn’t expecting anything from them, just spending time with them was a big enough present for him. Soon everyone had opened their presents.

“well I believe that is all of the presents.”

“Not quite Mum/ Mrs Fenton.” Sam and Danny said at the same time. They looked at each other and chuckled slightly.

“Merry Christmas Danny.” Sam said giving him a small box. Danny opened it and looked at what was inside. “I know it’s nothing ghostly but I thought you might like it.” Danny pulled out a brand new silver watch, one of the more expensive good quality ones. Danny smiled lovingly at Sam and gave her a kiss.

“Thank you Sam.” He thanked and put the watch on. Danny got the little box out of his pocket and handed it to Sam. “And Merry Christmas to you too.”

Sam opened the box and she gasped in awe. She pulled out a black chained necklace with a rose pendent. The rose was dark purple and the stem was dark green.

“Danny I… I don’t know what to say. It’s beautiful.”

Danny took the necklace and put it on Sam. “Just like you.” He whispered into her ear. Sam faced Danny and gave him a kiss. “Thank you. I love it.”

“I’m glad you do. It’s no ordinary necklace either.”

“It’s not.”

“Nope. I made it from scratch. It’s made out of miniaturised Spector Deflector tech. The tech is keyed into mine and our allies’ ecto-signature so it won’t shock me or anyone of our allies.”

“First your gloves and now this? What happened to the average C student I know?” Sam asked jokingly.

Danny chuckled. “I got smarter.” He said with a goofy grin.

“I would say.”

“Indeed. Your knowledge in both your human and ghost education has improved dramatically. I do not know how you kept on getting C’s at Casper High.” Said ClockWork.

“So much for you know everything.” Danny smirked. ClockWork went to hit his Apprentice with is staff but at the last second Danny turned intangible.

“I knew you were going to say that young one.”

“And I knew you were going to hit me.” Danny said turning tangible again only to be successfully hit in the head by his Master. “Ow! Come on Master we’re here on a break.”

“Who said I was being strict?” ClockWork smirked.

Danny grumbled under his breath and everyone chuckled at his antics. “If you must know, the only reason I kept on getting C’s at Casper High was because the teachers (especially Mr.Lancer.) made everything sound so boring.”

“It is good to know that you took care of Danny’s education ClockWork.” Said Maddie gratefully. “So where do you think Danny is averaging now?”

“A+’s and higher.”

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor and their eyes were the size of dinner plates. Danny and ClockWork shared a knowing smirk.

“Ready for a little test Daniel?”

“How many questions?” Danny asked not skipping a beat.

“Two. One from both your human and ghost education.” ClockWork replied just as quick.

“Shoot away Master.”

“Why is the spirit core the rarest core you can find in a ghost?”

“Because a ghost with a spirit core can master the powers of that of a fire core and cold core, and can gain some powers of a rare core ghost as well if necessary. But unless they are the true apprentice of that rare power, they cannot gain all the powers that are available in that power area.”

divided by 381?”


Everyone just stared at Danny.

“How did you work that out? Even I can’t work that out without a calculator. ” asked Jazz

Danny chuckled. “My Master’s a very good teacher.”

“Thank you young Daniel.” Replied ClockWork.

Danny simply nodded. He looked to Sam. “I want to try something.” He whispered into her ear and they both headed up stairs.

They entered Danny’s room and Danny walked over to his desk.

“What is it that you want to try?” asked Sam.

Danny turned to her, a gear shaped medallion in his hand. It was gold around the edge and black in the middle with his infamous DP signature in the centre in white. “This.” He said simply and put it around Sam’s neck.

“Dose this do what I think it does?”


“It looks like ClockWork’s medallions.”

“That’s because this is based off them. Ready?”

“So your actually going to pause time?”

“Yep.” He said with a grin. “Time out.” He said as he snapped his fingers. “Sam?”


“Yes! It works.”

“So you really have paused time?”

“Yep.” Danny replied leave his room with Sam right behind him. They went down stairs into the lounge room to see the group frozen in time.

“Wow Danny.”

Danny smiled. “Time in.” and he snapped his fingers again and everyone continued to talk as if it never happened except ClockWork who looked to Danny with a slight frown.

“Does ClockWork know?” asked Sam.

Danny looked to her. “Of course he knows. He is the master of time.”

“Daniel?” ClockWork asked sternly.

“What?” he asked looking to his master. “I just wanted to try something out.”

“And what might that have been?”

Sam took off the medallion and handed back to Danny. Danny threw the medallion to his Master and ClockWork caught it. The master of time studied the medallion before smiling and tossing it back to his Apprentice, who caught it just as easily as him.

“I have to say, your knowledge of technology is astounding. Let me guess, that is the first one you made, a prototype?”

“Yes it is the first one I made.”

“And it works?”

“Like a charm.”

“What is it Danny?” asked Jazz. Danny passed the medallion to his sister.

“It’s my first Time Medallion. The wearer wont’ be frozen in time when I pause it.”

“wait you can pause time?” asked his mother. Danny guested for Jazz to hand the medallion to Maddie and she did. Maddie put the medallion on then looked to her son who was grinning.

“Time Out” and Danny snapped his fingers. Maddie looked around but wasn’t too sure if time was paused or not. Danny saw this. “Look out the window.” Maddie got up and went to the window. She looked through and her mouth hung open. Maddie saw people frozen in mid-step, birds frozen mid-flight and cars in the middle of each lane not moving. This was unbelievable. They found out that their son was the ghost boy not even a day before he had to go and train with something they despised, then when he gets back, they find out he can control time like it was just another one of his frequently used powers. Maddie sat back down, awestruck. Danny chuckled at his mother’s reaction. “Time In.” and he snapped his fingers again and time started playing again.

“You are truly one powerful halfa Dear” was all Maddie could say.

“Indeed he his Mrs. Fenton. When your son first came to me two and a half years ago, he was a level seven and now I would say young Daniel is a level twenty.” Said ClockWork. Everyone just stared at Danny. There was an awkward silence in the room.

“You said something about a ghost core before?” Jack asked breaking the silence. Danny nodded. “So what type of core are you when in ghost form?”

“At first I thought I was a cold core but it turns out that I’m a spirit core.”

“Your one of the rarest cored ghost?!?!” Dani exclaimed. “But wouldn’t you have the powers of a fire cored ghost too?”

Danny held his hand out, palm facing up and lit a small flame in it. Everyone except ClockWork gasped in shock. “Yep.” Danny confirmed and with that the flame disappeared.

“And you can do all of this in human form? Wow!” Sam said.

“I bet you’re strong enough to stop Plasimus no prob.” Dani cheered and everyone agreed. Danny on the other hand remained silent and emotionless. I sure hope I can. Danny though.

“I’m going to get some fresh air.” Danny said and with that he left with everyone a little confused to his change of mood. After a few seconds Sam went after him.

“Danny, wait up.” She called after him. Danny waited for his girlfriend to catch up and continued when she did. “Danny, are you alright?” she asked.


“Danny.” Sam said sternly.

Danny sighed. “It just what Dani said. I hadn’t heard that name in over a year. And I don’t know why it affected me like this.” He confessed.

“Oh Danny!” she said pulling him into a hug. “You’re a level twenty halfa now, I’m sure you can beat him.” Sam reassured him and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you my beautiful black rose.” Danny replied. Sam giggled at this. “But he has got to be stronger now, after all he is teaming up with Pariah and ‘HIM’.”

“Even if he has, so have you. You have gone from a level seven to a level twenty. You also have new powers which Vlad does not know about. And besides the darkest hour hasn’t arrived yet, so enjoy the peace while it’s here. Have some fun while you’re here before you have to… go again.” Sam was sad at the last part as she looked away.

Danny looked into her eyes but she looked away again. “Sam. My promise from a year and a half ago still stands. I will return.” Sam looked into his blue eyes. “I’ll return when ‘IT’ arrives whether if my training has been completed or not. Ok?”


The two continued walking and soon they met up with Tucker. Sam and Danny greeted their friend and continued on with him in toe. The trio ended up going to the Nasty Burger and ordering their usual. After having their meal they headed to the park just hanging out and chatting.

“Hey, do either of you want to come over for dinner?” asked Danny.

“Sorry man, I can’t. I got other family member coming over for dinner.” Said Tuck.

“That’s fine. What about you Sam? ” Danny asked looking to his girlfriend.

“Hang on one sec. I’ll give my parents a call” and with that said, Sam walked away a few meters and called her parents. A minute or two later she returned to the two males. “They said it was alright, they even said I could stay the night if I wanted.”

“That’s great.” He answered pulling Sam into a hug and passionately kissed her.

“Oh! Come on! A little warning next time?” Tucker complained, looking away. “I’ll leave you two alone.” He said when he didn’t get a response and walked off.

Danny pulled away. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” asked Sam.

“No. I didn’t do it to get rid of him. I kissed you because I wanted to.” Danny replied. Sam just raised an eyebrow. “Alright, I did it to get rid of him but I still wanted to kiss you.” Danny said truthfully and grinned a goofy grin. Sam punched him playfully. “OW!” Danny rubbed the spot Sam had punched him trying to ease the pain. “Anyway getting back on topic. Would you, my sweet black rose, like to stay over?”

“I would love to my ghostly hero.”

The two started walking to Sam house. “ ‘Ghostly hero, huh?! I like it.” Said Danny.

Sam giggled. “I thought you might.” There was a moment silence before they both burst out laughing. They continued to Sam’s house in a comfortable silence, only broken every now and then. When they arrived, Sam said she’d only be a minuet and Danny waited patiently outside. Soon Sam returned.

“You were two minuets and thirty eight seconds Sam.” Sam gave him a stern look. “What? I’m the Apprentice Of Time. What do you expect?” Sam punched him playfully. “Ow!”

“I expect you not be so serious. You knew what I meant.”

“And you know I was only mucking around.” He said as they headed off towards his house.

“Hmmm, I wonder what would hurt more? A combat boot kick to the jaw? Or breaking up with my boyfriend?” Sam wondered sarcastically and putting a finger on her chin in a thinking gesture.

“Ok, Ok, Ok, I get it.” Danny said franticly. Sam laughed at his reaction. “You weren’t thinking about breaking up with me were you?” Sam didn’t say anything. “Sam?” again She didn’t answer as a small grin started to grace her lips. “Please don’t tell me you were?” not a single word from the Goth. “You’re not going to tell me, are you?” Danny dead paned.

Sam sprinted off. “Nope.” She answered over her shoulder with a grin on her face. Danny sprinted off after her. Soon they arrived at their destination. Danny and Sam entered the house to find Jack in the lounge watching the news.

“Hey Dad.” Danny greeted his father.

“Hi Mr. Fenton.” Greeted Sam.

“Hey there kiddos.” Greeted Jack.

They continued on to the kitchen where they found Maddie, Jazz and Dani, all getting ready for their Christmas dinner, whether that be cooking or setting the table.

“Hey.” Danny said.

“Hi.” said Sam.

“Hey big brother.” Said Dani

“Hey there little brother” said Jazz.

“Hi there you two.” Said Maddie.

“Is it alright for Sam to stay over?” asked Danny.

“Of course. But we don’t have guess bedroom anymore.”

“It’s alright, I can sleep on the couch.”

“Alright then.”

“Where’s ClockWork by the way?”

“I think he’s in the lab.” Answered Dani.

“The lab?” Danny almost looked horrified. He went down into the lab with Sam hot on his heels. Danny inwardly sighed with relief to see his master just casually looking at a few things on a table then he pick up a piece of paper and studied what it said. If his dad or mum were down here too he would still be cautious. The two walked up to ClockWork.

“Hi there Master.” Danny greeted and gave a slight bow.

ClockWork looked from the paper in his hand to see his Apprentice and Sam.

“Hey ClockWork.” Sam greeted.

“why hello Daniel and Samantha.” ClockWork greeted.

Sam narrowed her eyes. “It’s Sam you got it?” she asked a little miffed. Danny chuckled.

“Very well.” Answered ClockWork. Looks like Daniel’s love for Samantha is stronger than his proactive instinct towards me. ClockWork thought and a small smile graced his lips. That is a good sign. Just then Jazz came down the stairs.

“ClockWork, you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” she asked.

“Jazz, you do realise that ghosts don’t eat, right?” asked Danny.

“I know but still doesn’t hurt to ask.”

ClockWork chuckled. “I appreciate the offer Jasmine but I will have to decline.” Answered ClockWork. Jazz smiled and went back up stairs. The Master Of Time went back to studying the piece of paper in his hand. “I see where you get your mind for technology, young Daniel.” He said out of the blue, nearly startling the couple. “Although I shouldn’t be surprised seeing how your parents are inventors.”

“Inventors that are ghost hunters, might I add.” Replied Danny.

“But in a way, you are too.” ClockWork said looking to his Apprentice.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to ‘rip them apart molecule by molecule.’” He replied, quoting his father’s words.

ClockWork chuckled and ruffled Danny’s hair. “Yes, you are different from them.”
Danny gave a warm smile to his Master before giving a small bow and leaving him be. The two headed back up into the kitchen and then up stairs to Danny’s room. Sam placed her bag in the on-sweet and then the couple headed back down into the lounge.

“looks like you have rubbed off on good old ClockWork.” Sam said.

Danny chuckled. “Yeah, seems so. But he has also rubbed off on me too. I guess you could say he has become like a second father to me. I don’t think I would be as strong as I am now without his training. I owe him a lot.”

And soon it was time for dinner. Everyone sat at the table, full with food and drinks. Even knowing ClockWork didn’t eat anything he still sat at the table and joined in on the festivities, pulling the Christmas cracker with Danny and even wearing the little paper crown that came out and joining in some of the conversations the group was having.

“You know ClockWork, you are one friendly ghost” Maddie commented at one point.

“Why thank you Madeline . It has been such a pleasure staying with you and your family.” Was ClockWork’s reply. After eating dinner, desert came. Puddings with ice-cream and/or custard, trifles , pavlova and fudge. Jack beamed at the last one, it was no surprised that Jack mainly had fudge.

And that meal also soon came to an end when no one could eat any more. Everyone thanked the three Fenton girls for the wonderful meals. Danny helped clear the table and while his mother washed the dishes he dried them and put them away.
Danny took a quick peek through the doorway of the kitchen and into the lounge and saw Jack and ClockWork sitting on the couch watching the news like there wasn’t anything different between them, like they were old college buddies. That made Danny think of Vlad, he quickly pushed the thought away before it could sprout and blossom into anything. This was not the time he wanted to think about his arch enemy. This was a time to be happy, he would not let anything spoil it.
Sam, Jazz and Dani were up stairs doing whatever they were doing, Danny didn’t know.

After finishing up with the drying up, Danny went up to his room. He stood in the doorway and looked around the room, his gaze landed on his desk and the open tool case. He pulled out his time medallion from his pocket, where he had shoved it earlier and studied it before putting it back in his pocket. For some reason Danny felt the need to build more of his medallions. He went over to his desk and pack up his tools before heading down stairs to the main floor and then down into the lab.

“Time Out.” He snapped his fingers and time froze. He wanted to spend as much time with everyone but he also for some unknown reason need to build more medallions. So he set to work on making more. The next one he made didn’t take as long as the first seeing how he knew what went where and knew how to avoid the mistakes he made with the first. Soon he had made the amount he wanted plus one or two extras. Danny smiled at his finished work. ‘Now to make sure they work’. He thought. He grabbed the medallions and headed up stairs, he found his mother and father with his Master in the lounge room, frozen half way through a conversation. He grabbed two of the newly made medallions and used his telekinesis to put them on his parents simultaneously.

“So exactly what is our Son destined for ClockWork?” asked Maddie.

But ClockWork didn’t answer.

“ClockWork?” asked Jack as he and his wife looked to the Master Of Time. They saw him sitting still, not blinking, not even his ghostly tail was flickering back and forth. Then they heard someone clear their throat. They looked up to see their Son standing there.

“Good, they work.” He said to himself.

“What work’s Son?” asked Jack. Danny sighed and faced-palmed. It was then that Maddie and Jack notice the handful of medallions that Danny was holding. They looked down at their chests and saw that they were wearing one of the newly made medallions each.

“You can keep them.” Danny said.

“We can?” asked Maddie.

“I have a feeling you’ll be needing them some time soon.”

“So you have paused time?” asked Jack.

“I have had time paused for a couple hours now.”

“Wow!” was all Jack could say.

Danny handed three medallions to Maddie and stuffed the spares into his pockets. “What are these for?” Maddie asked.

“Now that I know that they will work, I would like you to give one each to Jazz, Dani and Sam. Tell them they can keep them.”

“Why can’t you give them these?”

“Because I’m going for an evening fly. The longer time is paused, the more miffed HE gets.” Danny said gesturing to his Master. “Ever since we found out I can pause and play time, he doesn’t like it when I pause it without any warning.” Danny said.

“So, let’s say you’re running late for one of your training session and really needed to turn up on time, you could pause time and get there on time?” Jack asked as if he never heard what Danny just said.

“I could but Master would still know.” Danny chuckled. This seemed to confuse his parents a little. So Danny put it into four little words. “Been there, done that.”

“Oh!” Maddie said getting intrigued.

“I’m not going to get out of here without telling a story first, am I?”

“You have been away for a year and a half Son, so of course we want to hear one.” Answered Jack.

Danny sighed but then chuckled at the memory.

Flash back……

Danny rolled over in his bed and slowly opened his sleepy eyes. His vision focused in on the bright red numbers of the alarm clock on his bedside table. 7:45am. His eyes open wide at the time.

Oh crud! Oh crud! Oh crud. Of all the day’s to be late it had to be today.” He said jumping out of bed and into the bathroom. He rushed what he normally did in there but even then he still took ten minuets. When he came back out he looked at the time again. 7:55am. Danny cringed. He called upon his ghost half, a blue /white ring of energy appeared and split in two before traveling up and down his body changing him into phantom. He quickly grabbed a cloak and did it up.
“Come on, come on! Do up.” He growled as he tried to do up the white gear clip. Then a thought came to him.
“Why am I rushing, when I can pause time.” He grinned. “Time Out.” He said snapping his fingers. He walked over to his bedroom door and stuck his head out to listen for the sound of gears and the other mechanical sounds the Tower makes. Nothing. He turned his head back to the clock on his bedside table and watched it for what he believed to be a minuet. But the numbers didn’t change.
“Yes!” he cheered through his teeth. He put up the hood of the cloak and walked out of his room, going down stairs. He came to the room where normally his master would be watching the time streams but ClockWork wasn’t there. He was in the training room waiting for Danny, but Phantom didn’t know this. Danny also look at the table where he would eat his meals, most of the time also joined by his Master although ghosts don’t eat, he still floated on the opposite side and they would casually talk. The table still had the cereal, milk, bowl and spoon out on it. Danny contemplated on whether or not to have his breakfast.

ClockWork wanted to start training early today because there was a mission he wanted to send his apprentice on, to help maintain the time stream.

Danny wanted to have breakfast but not as phantom. Eating as a ghost just didn’t feel right and it didn’t settle with him. But Danny had just started using the ‘Time Out’ ‘Time In’ trick which meant he could not hold it while human just yet. If he was going to be on time he would have to remain as Phantom and miss out.

Danny continued to walk through the Tower and to the training room. As he neared the door he paused, whispered “Time In.” and snapped his fingers. The sounds that the Tower usually make could be heard once again and Danny entered through the door, seeing his Mater at the other end of the room. He walked up to him and bowed.

“Morning Master.” Danny greeted. But was not expecting the whack on the head he got by ClockWork. Danny gave a surprised yelp. “What was that for?” he asked as he rubbed the top of his head.

Your late.” ClockWork replied flatly.

What? But it is only 7:56. I’m four minuets early.”

You froze time for fifteen minuets.”

Danny’s eyes went wide. “How…. How did you know?”

I’m the master of Time young Daniel.” Was all the ghost of time said.

Danny sighed and looked away. “Sorry Master. I over slept, I forgot to set the alarm last night.”

ClockWork smiled. That’s all he wanted to hear, not excuses. Danny has been putting a lot into his training. Whether that be his physical training with developing his powers or his education, both human and ghost. It was bound to happen.
ClockWork pulled his Apprentice into a one armed hug. This surprised Danny but he relaxed and found it quite… comforting?!

ClockWork released his Apprentice.

I’m surprised that you could tell. But then again I shouldn’t be, seeing how you basically are time.”Said Danny.

ClockWork chuckled with a warm smile on his face then he thought about something and quickly came to a conclusion.
“I suppose I can let it slide.” The ghost said. Now this really surprised Danny. “seeing how you froze time, technically you are not late. Like you said you are early.” Getting over his shock, Danny smiled kindly at his Master and gave a slight bow.

Thank you Master.” Thanked Danny.

Now, let’s begin shall we?”

Of course.”

Afterwards I have a mission for you to go on.” ClockWork informed.

Yes!” Danny cheered under his breath.

End of flash back……

Maddie and Jack listened quietly while their son told them what happened that day.

“ClockWork let it slide?” asked Maddie amazed. “I thought ClockWork was the strict type.”

“Yeah, he surprised me too.” Said Danny. “Now I had better get out of here.”

“Why?” asked Jack

Danny rubbed the back of his neck. “Like I said, Master doesn’t like it when I don’t warn him when I pause time. And I….”

“Daniel?!” came a stern voice that Danny knew all too well.

Maddie and Jack looked to ClockWork, who was now unfrozen.

“Can’t hold it forever in human form.” Danny finished his previous sentence with sighed.

“What have I told you about warning me first before pausing time?” asked ClockWork.

“Sorry Master.”

“Why?” was all ClockWork asked but Danny knew he was asking why he’d pause time. So Danny explained how he all of a sudden got this feeling that he needed to make more Time Medallions but didn’t want to waste what time he had with his friends and family doing so. ClockWork just sighed and stayed silent for while only now just getting a feel for how long time has been paused. “I must say, you have improved a lot Daniel. You have paused time for two maybe three hours?”

“Three tops.” Danny confirmed.

“That is a big improvement. You’re getting stronger by the day.” ClockWork said with a warm smile.

“Thank you Master.” Danny looked to his mother. “Seeing that time is unfrozen, I might as well give the medallions to the girls myself.” Maddie handed the medallions back to her son and he headed up stairs. Danny found his two sisters and girlfriend in Dani’s room, just chatting about stuff that he didn’t really care about. Danny entered Dani’s room and realised that his parents did a good job of doing up the guest bedroom into Dani’s room.

“Hey big brother.” Said Dani as Danny entered.

“Hey Dani.”

“So what brings you to our little conversation?” asked Jazz.

“Oh, nothing much.” Danny shrugged. “Just thought I’d give you one of these each.” He said holding up three medallions.

“I thought you only had one. “ said Sam getting up off the bed and walking over to her boyfriend.

Danny shrugged again. “Paused time, made some more.” He concluded. He passed one to the three girls.

“Thanks Danny.” Jazz and Dani said at the same time.

“Ok Dani, if you start to become too much like Jazz , I am personally getting you away from her. I don’t need two Jazzes.” His two sisters giggled. “I mean it.” He warned.

“Aaww! But brother, big sis is fun to hang around.” Dani pouted. Danny just gave her a stern look. “Besides I won’t become another Jazz, I have too much of your DNA in me to become like her.”

Jazz shuddered at the thought of two Danny’s. Danny chuckled at her reaction.

Sam smiled while looking at the medallion. “Another present from my hero, huh.”

Danny pulled Sam into his grasp and rested his forehead against hers. “I can give you another one if you want?” he murmured just loud enough for Sam to hear. Jazz cleared her throat and got the couples attention, she gestured with her head to her little sister who was studying the medallion. The two love birds knew what Jazz meant straight away. The two chuckled before leaving and heading to Danny’s room.

“Making the first move, this time.” Sam said as she looked to her boyfriend who shut the door after him.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asked, with a loving smile and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist as he pulled her close to him.

“Nothing my brave halfa.”

“Darn, you have two names from me where as I only have one for you.”

Sam pushed him away playfully and he chuckled. “Well you had better come up with another.”

“Aaawww! But only one suits you my beautiful black rose.”

Sam turned her back on him. “You’re gonna fall behind.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll think of something…” he said pulling her into his grasp. “My wonderful black star.” He whispered into her ear. Sam giggled and pushed him away again.

“Alright, let me get changed.” She said as walked to the on-sweet.

Danny sat on his bed and pulled out his phone from his pocket. He went to his contacts list, scrolled through till he found the number he was looking for and called it. It rang a couple times before his best friend answered. They only talked for a few minuets before hanging up.

“Who was that?” asked Sam as she walked out of the on-sweet in a slim black nigh-dress and sat next to Danny.

“Just Tucker. I called him to let him know when to come over if he wanted to see me off.”

“I don’t want you to go.” Sam confessed as she leaned on her hero. Danny lay down and pulled Sam down on top of him.

“Nor do I.” He confessed as well. He leaned forwards and kiss her passionately.
Sam leaned into the kiss and ran her fingers through Danny’s hair while he grabbed her waist and brought her closer to him.

Five hours later they both were sound asleep. Both of them sleeping peacefully in each other’s grasp, well Sam at least. Danny tossed and turned slightly, his face was scrunched up as if in pain. Danny’s eyes suddenly shot open and he was breathing heavily, almost panting. Danny slowly move out of Sam’s grasp and sat on the side of the bed, rubbing his temples to try and get rid of the slight pounding in his head. He turned his head and looked at the alarm clock. 2:00Am. Danny sighed. He was tired but he couldn’t go back to sleep after that…nightmare. It scared the hell out of him.

He got up and put a pair of track pants on and a singlet on before heading out of his room, shutting the door quietly as to not disturb his girlfriend. He made his way down stairs and into the kitchen. He didn’t need to turn on any lights thanks to his enhanced eyesight from being half ghost. Danny made his way over to the fridge and opened the door, he had to shield his eyes for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the blinding light. After a moment he looked at the fridge’s contents and pulled out an ice coffee but before he could close the door a very familiar voice spoke.


Danny turned around and saw ClockWork floating in the doorway of the kitchen, his red eyes glowing ever so slightly in the darkness, making them stand out more.

“Master…” he said, his voice a little shaky and a bit high. From when he got up to now, that nightmare kept replaying throughout his mind. He cleared his throat. “ I didn’t mean to wake you if…”

ClockWork cut him off. “Are you alright my young Apprentice?” he asked. ClockWork hadn’t missed the way Danny’s voice sounded before he cleared his throat and he could see from where he was floating that the hand that was holding the ice coffee was shaking. Danny looked down to the floor and wrapped his free arm around himself.

After a moment he answered. “A nightmare.” He lied. He wanted to seek comfort in someone but he knew if he told anyone about what he saw, they wouldn’t like it and when the darkness came they wouldn’t let him fight. He knew he was the only one who could stop those three ghosts and so did everyone else but if he told them, they defiantly wouldn’t let him fight.

ClockWork flew over and took the coffee from Danny and put it away. He could see his Apprentice was tired but he could also see that his Apprentice wanted comfort but didn’t know who to seek it from. Was the nightmare really that bad that it scared Danny to a point that he has not seen before? And make him confused as to whom to go to for comfort?
He looked over his Apprentice and saw that he had both his arms wrapped around himself, he was shaking almost like he was shivering, he had a thin layer of sweat covering his face, his breathing was ragged and his eyes were unfocused as if the nightmare was replaying right in front of him and ClockWork had no doubt that something like that was happening right now.

ClockWork placed a hand on Danny shoulder and when the young teen looked up at him, he was shocked. Instead of Danny’s eyes being filled with happiness and determination, they were filled with sorrow and fright. He has not EVER seen his Apprentice like this. It shocked him right down to his core.

Danny had looked away again after a few seconds and was staring at a wall. ClockWork took off his cloak and wrapped it around his Apprentice but young Daniel did not notice. Turns out the Master Of Time has long white hair pulled back in a ponytail which reached below the middle of his back. It was not until ClockWork started to guide the teen to the lounge room did Danny grabbed the sides of the cloak and pull them tighter around himself.

They both sat down on the long couch, ClockWork could see that the young halfa was only just keeping his eyes open. Danny leaned against ClockWork and brought his legs up onto the couch and the ghost of time wrapped his arms around Danny, and pulled his Apprentice closer to him in a fatherly manner. ‘…Fatherly?’ ClockWork thought.

ClockWork looked down to Danny and saw that the teen’s eyes were already closed and he was breathing evenly. The ghost of time couldn’t stop the warm smile that tugged at the corners of his lips.

I guess Daniel has become like a son to me.’ The ghost of time leaned back and looked at the ceiling and his expression became dark. ‘I will not let him fight against those three ghosts.’ He shook his head. ‘Not after what I saw become of him. Maddie and Jack might have given birth to young Daniel but he has become much of a son to me as much as he is a son to them. ’ and with that the Master of Time closed his eyes and fell asleep with his Apprentice in his arms.

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