The Time Apprentice

Chapter 5

Maddie got up early the next morning. She went down stairs and was about to enter the kitchen when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She made her way over to the lounge room and chuckled at what she saw. For right there on the couch was the time ghost and her halfa. Danny was wrapped in ClockWork’s cloak and had his head resting on said ghost’s chest with his legs up on the couch. While ClockWork was sitting up straight, one arm over the back of the couch while the other was over Danny. Both still sleeping. ‘I have to get a photo of this.’ She thought. She went off and grabbed a camera and was back in few minuets, the boys still hadn’t moved. She focused the camera on the two of them and took a picture, the flash didn’t go off thank god and the Master and Apprentice were not disturbed. Maddie put the camera away and went to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast for everyone.

ClockWork woke ten minuets later to the sounds of someone cooking in the kitchen. He already knew it was Maddie, she was the only one who would get up this early. He looked down and saw that his Apprentice was still sleeping, he couldn’t blame him, whatever the nightmare was about had really scared the young teen, so the more sleep the halfa got the better. The Master of Time slowly got out from underneath Danny and place a cushion under his head and left his young Apprentice to continue on sleeping.
The ghost picked up his staff from where it was leaning up against the wall and flew into the kitchen. And sure enough Maddie was cooking. Said adult looked over her shoulder and saw her ghost guest.

“Morning ClockWork.” She greeted.

“Morning Madeline.” The ghost of time greeted back.

“I hope my son didn’t disturb you last night.”

ClockWork seemed confused for moment before realising what she meant and a small smile graced his lips. “Of course not.” The smile faded as he remembered the look in his Apprentice’s eyes.

“Is everything alright ClockWork?” Maddie’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He looked to her before closing his eyes and sighing, taking a seat at the table.

“Daniel had a nightmare.” He said opening his eyes.

“Oh my!” Maddie gasped and sat down opposite the ghost. “What was it about?”

“I do not know. But whatever it was, it did a number on him.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know? I though you said you knew everything.”

“After Daniel started training a year and a half ago, my view into his timeline has been restricted considerably. I can only get glimpses now.”

“Did he tell you?”

“No. he was pretty well shaken up by it. I could tell he was still tired but at the same time he didn’t want to sleep. And that was just from his posture. He was sweating a little, shaking as well. And the look in his eyes…” the ghost of time sighed and shook his head. “I have never seen so much sorrow and fright in them before.”

Maddie was shocked at the information before it melted away into one of concern. She looked to the doorway of the kitchen. “I sure hope he is ok.”

“The best thing we can do is wait for him to wake up. A ghost will heal quicker if they are sleeping, whether the damage is physical or mental, it does not matter. The same applies to Daniel. He should be fine when he awakens.”

The explanation did little to quell the rising concern for her son but she took ClockWork’s word and waited for Danny to wake up.

When Danny woke, he found himself lying on the couch and when he sat up he notice that he had ClockWork’s cloak on. Then everything came back to him. The nightmare quickly flashed through his mind but he pushed to the back of his mind, he didn’t want to think about what he saw. This was his last few hours he had with his family, friend and girlfriend, and he wanted to enjoy it. He got up, the cloak still wrapped around him, and made his way to the kitchen. There he saw his Master sitting at the table and his mother was standing, making breakfast.

“Morning Mum, morning Master.” He greeted, making himself known to the two adults and giving a slight bow to his Master.

“Good morning son.” Said Maddie

“Morning my young Apprentice.” Said ClockWork.

“So this is what you look like without your cloak on.” Danny said teasingly. Both Master and Apprentice chuckled lightly. Danny unwrapped the cloak from around him and handed it back to his Master. “Thanks… For last night.”

ClockWork merely ruffled the young teen’s hair as he accepted his cloak back and put it on. Danny took a seat next to his Master and waited for breakfast. Maddie looked up from what she was cooking and was about to ask her son what the nightmare was about but stopped when she saw ClockWork give her a look saying “Not a good idea.” So she went back to cooking.

Soon Jazz was up, then Jack, then Dani and the Mother, Master and Apprentice greeted them all as they walked into the kitchen. They all took a seat at the table and waited. Last but not least, Sam entered the kitchen in her slim black night dress.

“Morning all.” She greeted. And they all greeted her back. Danny got up and went over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and gave her a kiss.

“Morning beautiful.” Danny greeted resting his forehead on hers.

“Morning hero.” She replied.

“You two going to have breakfast or not?” asked Maddie. The couple chuckled and made their way to the table. Danny sat down by his Master again and Sam sat on the other side of her boyfriend. Everyone ate their breakfast in a comfortable silence. Afterwards they all went off and did their own thing. Danny and Sam went upstairs to take a shower. Jazz and Dani went to Jazz’s room and did whatever the heck they did. Maddie and Jack went down to the lab and worked on some inventions and ClockWork was sitting on the couch watching the news. He wanted to know more about this world that his Apprentice was born into. Soon Sam and Danny came down in their usual clothes and joined ClockWork, the three of them just sitting quietly and watching. Danny wanted to catch up on what had been happening in and around Amity Park. Shortly the doorbell rang. Danny got up and answered the door. It was Tucker.

“Hey dude.”

“Hey Tuck.”

“Got time to hang out at the Nasty Burger?”

“Yeah. we got a couple hours.” Danny looked over his shoulder and to Sam. “You coming Sam?” he asked. Sam got up and walked over to him.

“Do you really need to ask?” she questioned when she was by Danny’s side. Danny chuckled then looked to ClockWork. “We’ll be back in a couple hours Master.” He called out to the ghost of time.

“Go and enjoy yourself Daniel.” Replied the ghost.

With a quick nod from Danny, the trio was out the door and walking down the street to the Nasty Burger. Once there they ordered their usual, found a place to sit and had a good old chat for old time sake. Once they had finished their meals, they walked around town for a couple of hours before heading back to the Fenton Works. Danny had already sent his tools and such back to his room in ClockWork’s Tower once he was done with them so Danny had nothing to pack. They entered the house and found everyone in the lounge room, either sitting or standing.
ClockWork got up and floated a little closer to his Apprentice. “Ready to go Daniel?” he asked.

Danny looked around everyone before sighing and transforming into Phantom. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” He said a little disheartened that his time with his friends and family was already up.
ClockWork flew past Danny into the lab, and Danny followed with everyone else right behind him. Once in the lab ClockWok opened up a portal that lead straight back into his Tower. Danny’s friends and family gathered around said teen and gave him a group hug.

“We’ll miss you Danny.” Said Jazz.

“I will miss you too.”

“We love you.” Said Maddie.

“I love you too.”

“You better come back dude.” Said Tucker as they pulled a part.

“Don’t worry, I will.”

“You bet you will. I want to show you how much I have improved when you come back.” Said Dani as she kicked and punched the air. Everyone chuckled.

“I have no doubt that you would have and will continue to improve in your ghost abilities and fighting skills, little sis.” He said ruffling her hair.

“I have no doubt that by the time you have finished your training you will be one of the powerful halfa’s when you come back.” Said Jack.

“Thanks Dad.”

Sam walked up to him and pulled him into a hug, a few tears rolled down her cheek. “I love You.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” He whispered back and gave her a kiss. Danny pulled away even when he did not want to. He looked at his friends and family one last time before walking over to his Master.

“Argk!” Danny yelped half way to ClockWork. He stumbled a bit before falling to his hands and knees, one hand holding the side of his head. His eyes were shut tight and he was gritting his teeth as images flashed through his mind.

“DANNY!” his friends and family said in surprise and concern.

“I’m… fine.” He managed to get out through gritted teeth. His body was shaking and his fingers were trying dig into the metal floor, as if trying to get a hold on it. ClockWork floated over to the young teen and put a hand on his shoulder.

“What do you see Daniel?” the ghost of time asked.

Danny groaned. “It’s… It’s…” Danny lifted his head and opened his eyes just a fraction to look his Master in the eyes. “…It’s here…” Danny’s eyes closed and he collapsed but before he hit the floor, ClockWork caught him in his arms. He picked up his Apprentice and sat him up against a wall.

“Is he alright?” asked Sam.

“He will be fine Sam. In fact he should be coming back around in 3… 2… 1.” And on cue Danny moaned. Danny put a hand to the side of his head and rubbed his temple. He opened his eyes and slowly got up, careful not to trip on his cloak.

“God damn, I hate it when that happens.” He looked to ClockWork. “Your lucking you don’t get these Master.” Everyone chuckled.

“You alright Danny?” asked Maddie.

“I’m fine Mum. That’s just what happens if I’m awake when I get visions…” he trailed off, remembering what he saw.

“Come on Daniel, it’s best we be off.”

Danny looked to his Master in utter shock. “What? Are you joking Master? The darkness has arrived.” He said walking up to Clockwork.

Danny’s friends and Family were shock at what the teen said. It was here already? The look on ClockWork’s face told Danny that the ghost of time was not joking. Danny was shock for split second but then his face became stern and he took a couple steps back so he was in front of his family and friends.

“I am not going.” He said sternly and shook his head once.

ClockWork narrowed his ruby red eyes at his Apprentice. This was the first time Daniel disobeyed him and he was not pleased. Danny also narrowed his eyes at his Master. How could ClockWork even think about leaving at a time like this? He did not know. They stared at each other for a few seconds but it felt like eternity for the others.

“THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRAIN—” Danny shouted but was cut off by ClockWork.



“You are not fighting Daniel.”ClockWork growled.



“DON’T YOU THINK I HAVEN’T FORESEEN THAT TOO!?!”Danny yelled at the top of his lungs.

ClockWork eyes widened at this. At first the Fenton’s, Sam and Tucker all thought ClockWork only said that out of concern but they hadn’t expected Danny to say what he did.

“How…” ClockWork was going to ask but then saw the same sorrow and fright in Danny’s eyes as last night and his clenched fists were trembling. “That was no nightmare last night, was it?”

Danny looked away and shook his head. There was silence for a minuet or two until Danny spoke up.

“Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.
But sometimes fear clouds our vision.
Sometimes our strength gives out…” Danny looked to his Master, determination shining brightly in those neon green eyes of his.
“…And yet sometimes when all seems lost,
a light shines through the darkness, and we are reminded
that even the smallest amount of amount of courage
can turn the tides of war.”

He stared at Clockwork for a moment, seeing if he would say anything. “You told me that. You told me that when I was at my lowest possible point. When I truly and utterly believed that I was not going to be strong enough to beat these three ghosts. When I just wanted to come back, grab my friends and family and just leave and let them do whatever the heck they wanted.

“But then you came and told me that. It gave me the strength to continue on. Each and every day it rang throughout my head, each and every day it gave me the strength I needed to complete the tasks and challengers you dished out for me.” Danny’s expression softened and he smiled, he took a step forwards.

“It gave me hope that I would someday see my family and friends again. It not only told me that I had the support of you, my Master, but the support of my friends and family were with me as well. And knowing that, gave me more strength to keep moving forward each and every day.” Danny looked away.
“And with five hours to go, I really could do with your support on this.” Everyone could hear fright but also determination in his voice in the last part.

ClockWork sighed but a smile graced his lips and his expression softened. The ghost of time floated over to the teen and became eye level with his Apprentice, he place a hand on the teen's shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze. Danny looked up into the ruby eyes of the ghost.

“Know this Daniel. Over the past year and a half, you have become like a son to me and I would do anything to protect you. And will do everything I can to support you in your decisions.”

Danny was shocked at his Master words. But as quickly as it came it melted away into happiness and joy. A big smile spread its way across his face as he embraced his Master in a hug. And ClockWork returned it just as tight. “And you have become like a second father to me too Master.” Danny admitted before they broke a part. The others came and gathered around the Master and Apprentice.

“Looks like you’re a part of the family now ClockWork.” Jack boomed.

Everyone chuckled. “It seems so Jack.” He replied.

“Blimey, a ghost part of a ghost hunting family? Never thought I’d live to see the day.” Said Danny. Everyone looked at him. “Hey don’t look at me, I’m only half ghost.” He said putting up his hands in a mock surrender. “Master is all ghost.”

“And you nearly didn’t live to see the day dude.” Said Tucker and slapped his best friend on the back making Danny stumble a bit. Everyone burst out laughing.

“so…” Jazz said stepping forwards and putting her hands on her hips. “What do we do now little bro?” she asked.

Danny looked to his older sister. “We prepare for battle.”

“Then might I suggest one last training session?” said ClockWork.

Danny was about to reply when his mother spoke.

“Shouldn’t Danny conserve his energy?” she asked.

“Mum’s right ClockWork.” Agreed Jazz. “If Pariah Dark is one of the three ghosts that are going to attack, it is most likely he’ll have an army of skeletons, like last time. Which means most of our forces will be on the ground trying to hold them off. Danny will need all the energy he can get if he is to face the top three.”

“Wait! We have forces?” asked Danny.

Jazz chuckled and shook her head. Sometimes she couldn’t believe her brother. She walked over to a control panel and hit a button. A section of the wall above the control panel went in a bit before spinning around and coming forwards again to be part of the wall again but in its place was a big monitor. Jazz raised her hand to right ear where a Fenton Phone was concealed by her long red/orange hair.

“Jazz to Team Phantom, Jazz to Team Phantom! Does anyone copy?”

A small video screen of Valerie in her hunting gear appeared in the top left hand corner of the monitor. “Red Huntress here. Reading you loud and clear Jazz. ”Said the hunter.

Then another small video appeared in the bottom left but this time it showed FrostBite. “FrostBite reporting.” The yeti said.

A screen appeared in the top right with Dora in it. “Princess Dora here.” Said the dragon royal.

In the bottom right a screen appeared with Wulf. “Wulf tien, fratino de amikino.(Wulf here, sister of friend.)”

A fifth screen appeared in the middle with Pandora. “Pandora reporting for duty.”

“Everyone report to the Fenton Work’s lab ASAP.” Said Jazz.

“What going on Jazz?” asked Valerie.

“I’ll tell you once you all get here.”

They all nodded and the monitor went black before turning back to the normal wall. Jazz turned to the group and placed her hands on her hips. Danny was standing there, wide eyed, still staring at wall where the monitor was. He looked to his sister.

“How the heck did you get Pandora on our side?” he asked.

Jazz shrugged. “After you helped her get her box back from The Box Ghost, she wanted to repay you in some way.”

“OK.” Was all Danny said.

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