The Time Apprentice

Chapter 6

Thirty minutes later every ghost and human on Team Phantom had arrived. ClockWork and Danny were invisible; they were going to surprise them.

“So, what is it that you have gathered us all here for, Great One’s sister?” asked FostBite.

“I believe you all know the reason as to why Danny left a year and a half ago?” Jazz asked and they all nodded. Jazz’s expression became serious. “We have less than five hours before the three ghosts that Danny foresaw will attack.”

Everyone’s eyes went wide in shock and horror. “So what do we do?” asked Valerie.

“Amiko ne revenis el trejnado, ne povas gajni sen li. (Friend not back from training, cannot win without him.)” said Wulf.

“Wulf is right. without Danny we are not ready.” Said Pandora.

“Then I’ll tell what we do.” Everyone turned at the sound of the new voice. Danny and ClockWork made themselves visible and the other members of Team Phantom were, for the lack of a better word, shocked to see their ally halfa standing before them. Phantom smirked at their expressions. “We prepare for battle. If there was any time I would need your help, it would be now.” The ghosts and young ghost hunter got over their shock and listen to Danny with determined smiles on their faces. “Mum, Dad, if you have anything that will help Sam, Tuck, Val and Jazz, that would be great.”

“Of course son.” Said Maddie.

“Come with us you four.” Said Jack and the six went upstairs.

“Pandora, Dora and FrostBite. Tell your people to arm themselves and get ready for war. I’ll be needing as much help as I can get.”

“Of course Sir Phantom.” Said Dora and the three left.

“Wulf, I need you to gather up as many of your other friends that are willing to help out.”

With a nodded Wulf left.

“Dani I want you to help mum and dad. And when the battle begins, I want you on the ground helping protect the citizens from Pariah’s army.”

“Aww…so I can’t fly?”

Danny chuckled. “You can still fly just don’t go anywhere near Pariah, Vlad or Dan, got that?”

With a nodded Dani left to help Maddie and Jack. Danny stood there for a moment before moaning and putting a hand to his head. He swayed a bit and lost his footing. ClockWork caught the halfa before he could he hit the floor.

“Daniel, are you alright?” asked the ghost of time.

“I guess…. Everything…. That has…. Happened…. Is catching…. Up to me.” Danny struggled to say as he fought off the strange feeling of the need to sleep and trying to get his vision to focus. He didn’t want to pass out, ‘cause if he did, he might not wake up in time. ClockWork could tell what his Apprentice was doing.

“Don’t fight it Daniel, you need the rest.” He told the teen. Danny smiled and closed his eyes. And as to signify that the teen had let the darkness of sleep take over, the rings of blue/ white energy appeared, travelled up and down his body, changing him back into Fenton and the boy’s body went limb in his arms. ClockWork picked up Danny, carried him upstairs and laid him on the couch.

“What happened? Will he be ok?” asked Sam as she walked down stairs and over to ClockWork. She now wore a slim, flexible but sturdy and strong armoured suit that was dark purple and the boots and gloves were black. The suit also had Danny’s logo on the shoulders in black, to let the citizens know that she was apart of Team Phantom. Jack and Maddie had worked on the suits since Danny left. They knew they had to be prepared for battle when the darkness came.

“He will be fine Sam. All ghosts heal quicker when they are sleeping. The events of the past few days have finally caught up with Daniel and his ghost half has just put him in a deep sleep so he can heal.” Clockwork explained while watching his Apprentice sleep soundly.

Sam sighed with relief. Then a thought came to her. “Did you really mean what you said?” ClockWork looked to her. “About what Danny has become to you?” she explained further.

ClockWork looked back to the sleeping teen with a warm smile on his face. “Yes.” He said as he gently pushed some of the teens raven black hair out of his face.

“Yo, Sam! How’s the suit?” asked Tucker rather loudly from the top of the stairs.

“SSSSHHHH!!!!!!!” both Sam and ClockWork hushed Tucker as he came down the stairs. He too was in a suit. It was the same green as his pants with black boots, gloves and logo. Tucker shrank back a bit when he got hushed by the human and ghost.

“Danny’s in a healing induced sleep.” Sam whispered to her friend as he came over to them.

“Healing induced sleep?” he asked. ClockWork was about to explain for the third time that day but Sam did it for him.

“All ghosts heal quicker if they are sleeping. I guess the same applies to Danny.”

“And with Danny’s quick healing, he should be up and about in no time.” Tucker exclaimed in a whisper.

“Mental damage takes longer to heal Tucker.” Whispered ClockWork. The expression on ClockWork’s face made the two human teens concerned for their young halfa friend. ClockWork sat down beside his Apprentice’s head and brought the upper half of the sleeping boy onto his lap. Danny snuggled up into ClockWork, as if sensing that his Master was there for him. ClockWork ran a hand through the teen’s hair though his expression stayed the same concerned and worried look.

“What do you mean?” asked Tuck.

“If you foresaw your own death, it would have long lasting effects on you, would it not?” the ghost of time asked not looking away from Danny. Sam and Tucker seemed to pale.

“You mean…” Tucker trailed off.

“You and Danny… weren’t lying about… seeing Danny die?” Sam asked. ClockWork merely shook his head.

“No, we weren’t. If Daniel foresaw it too, then there is nothing we can do to stop it. We all know that, no matter what we say or do, nothing will stop him when he has made up his mind. And he’ll do anything to protect the ones he loves and cares about the most, even if that meant sacrificing himself to know that everyone is safe and sound.” ClockWork said as he kept running his hand through the halfa’s hair.

“Damn you Danny and your hero-complex.” Sam muttered

“…No hero-complex…”

The three pair of eyes widened before ClockWork’s narrowed at his Apprentice.

“You should be asleep, Daniel.”

“…like this…whole time…”

“Maybe Danny’s not completely awake. He’s not making full sentences; perhaps he can hear us and just respond a little?” said Sam.

“Perhaps.” Responded Clockwork.

“…mmmm… Who’s hand running through hair?...” asked a sleepy sounding Danny. Sam shot ClockWork a look that said ‘see?’

“That would be mine Daniel.” Answered ClockWork

Danny snuggled up more with a slight smile on his face. “…Feel’s good… Feel’s…” Danny yawned. “…Relaxing…” he finished.

ClockWork chuckled. “Your friend and girlfriend are still here, you know?”

“…meh… don’t care they see…”

Tucker smile and Sam just chuckled. “You’re even cuter like this Danny.” Said Sam as she leaned forwards and planted a kiss on Danny forehead. Danny’s smile became bigger. “Now get some rest.” Sam said more sternly.


Sam straightened and looked to ClockWork. “You look like you could do with some rest as well ClockWork. You look just as exhausted as Danny does.” Sam said as she left the room, dragging Tucker with her. ClockWork just chuckled as he watched the duo leave to let him and his apprentice to have some rest so they both could heal before the battle started. ClockWork leaned up against the back of the couch and sighed tiredly. He looked down to the resting teen in his lap and by the looks of things, Danny was fully asleep now. The ghost of time smiled warmly before closing his eyes and letting the darkness of sleep take him too.

Sam and Tucker entered the Op center, Maddie and Jack working on either a suit or some weapons and Dani was helping her parents out where she could. Jazz was in a suit as well like Sam and Tucker just hers was black with bright light blue boots, gloves and logo, the same light blue as her headband that was now used to tie her hair back in a ponytail out of the way. She was kicking and punching the air, testing the flexibility of the suit and just how much she can move in it.
Jazz was the first to spot her brother’s two friends.

“Oh, hey you two. How’s the suits?” Jazz asked.

“Yeah their really great.” Answered Tucker.

“Quite flexible for how hard the armour is.” Add Sam.

“That’s great kids. Just remember there is no gadgets integrated into them.” Said Maddie.

“Why is that again Mrs. F.” asked Sam.

“Otherwise the suits would have been too big and bulky. You wouldn’t have been able to move around in them as easily.”

“Where is CW by the way?” asked Jack.

“CW? Oh, you mean ClockWork? He and his Apprentice are resting in the lounge right now.” Answered Sam.

“Yeah! Danny’s in this ‘healing induced sleep’ as Sam called it. He must have collapsed once everyone was out of the lab. The events of the past few days must’ve finally caught up with him.” Said Tucker.

“Healing induced sleep?” asked Jack confused.

“I’ll explain some other time Honey.” Said Maddie, having heard theories about it.

Maddie and Jack went back to work, occasionally asking Dani to do something. Tucker looked to Sam.

“You think we should tell them?” he asked.

Sam shook her head. “No. It’ll just break their hearts and they’ll just try and stop him. We all know that Danny is the only one who can defeat those three ghosts.”

Tucker just stayed in silent agreement. He knew very well what Sam said was true. He nor anyone else could change what is to come. Both he and Sam knew that by the end of this day, they would have lost a great and truly remarkable friend.

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