The Time Apprentice

Chapter 7

Two hours till battle, ClockWork woke up. He remained staring at the ceiling for a few moments before sighing. He looked down to the sleeping teen in his lap and a look of a combination of sadness, worry, concern and loneliness cross his face as he ran a hand through his Apprentice’s hair.

As if sensing his Masters emotions towards him, Danny snuggled up to ClockWork as if trying to reassure the Master of Time that he’ll be alright. “…I’ll…be fine…” he mumbled.
ClockWork couldn’t do anything about the stray tear that rolled down his cheek. He pulled the teen close to him and hugged his Apprentice. Not only do the Apprentices have a protective instinct over their Masters but the Masters have a protective instinct over their Apprentices as well. And he did not want to see his son in all but blood die before him.

“I know Daniel, I know.” He said but it was more to reassure himself than the teen. Making his mind up, wanting to spend as much time as he could with Danny before he died, he stayed with his Apprentice just hugging him and running his hand through the boy’s hair.

“Daniel! Daniel! Time to wake up.”

Danny groaned as he slowly opened his eyes till they were just slits. A blue face with red eyes greeted him though his vision was still a little blurred.

“Master?” he mumbled.

ClockWork smiled a little. “Not much time is left Daniel.”

Danny sat up, rubbing his eyes trying to get rid of the sleep that still lingered. “How much?” he asked.

“Thirty minuets.”

Danny stretched and yawned. Danny and the others might not have noticed but ClockWork did, as Danny opened his mouth wide to yawn, you could see that Danny was starting to grow fangs.

Danny stood up and was about to leave the lounge when a thought came to him.


“Yes Daniel?”

“Will you be helping in this fight?”

“Of course. Even if those one eyed jerks don’t like it.” Danny and ClockWork laughed at what the master of time called the Observants. “You are my Apprentice and I will fight alongside you and your team.”

“But I thought you can’t interfere?”

ClockWork sighed. “I won’t be able to fight alongside you per say, it is up to you and you alone to defeat Dan, Plasmius and pariah. But I will fight with the others and the ground troops.”

Danny smiled. “Thanks Master.” He looked around before looking back at the ghost of time. “Where is everyone?” asked Danny.

“I believe that they are up in the OP center.” Replied ClockWork.

Danny called upon his ghost half, the ring of blue/white energy appeared and split in two, one traveling up, the other down, changing him into Phantom.

“Might as well say hello.” He smirked. He went intangible and flew up into the OP center with ClockWork right behind him.

They landed making themselves tangible again and looked around the room. Maddie and Jack now have a suit on as well but they were the same colour as their hazmat suits. Everyone except Dani was testing their suits out in some way or another. Whether that be fighting invisible foes or just stretching or something else.

Dani was the first to spot the raven haired teen. “You’re up Danny.” She said running over to him and jumping into his arms.

Danny chuckled and ruffled the young girl’s hair. “Yes, I’m up.” He said putting his little sister down.

“How ya feelin’ Danny my-man?” Jack asked.

Danny was bit confused by what his father just called him. “Ok, that one is new.”

“Well I can’t call you Danny-boy any more now can I?”

The halfa just chuckled and shook his head slightly. “I feel much better thanks Dad. That was the most sleep I had in quite some time.”

“That is good to hear son.” Said Maddie

“I’m glad that you feel better my hero.” Said Sam walking over to Danny and giving him a kiss.

“Got names for each other now hmm?” asked Jazz.

“And what is wrong with that?” Asked Danny.

“Nothing, nothing.” Jazz said putting her hands up in a mock surrender.

“Good to know your awake dude, it’s almost time.” Said Tuck.

“I know.” Danny replied sadly. Danny walked over a corner of the OP center and went into a one handed hand stand, the other hand behind his back, his legs perfectly straight and his eyes closed. His breathing even as he did not move and inch, not even a single sway.

“What are you doing?” asked Jazz.

“Meditating.” Danny answered in a calm and collected voice, not even opening his eyes. The change in his voice surprised everyone but ClockWork.

“You always like to show off don’t you young Daniel?” Said ClockWork. It was more of a statement then a question.

A smile grace the teens lips but his voice still remained calm and collected. “You know this is the way I meditate. I have tried many other position but none work as well as this one.”

There was silence for a few seconds before the white aura that always seemed to surround Danny while he was Phantom flared before disappearing completely.

“umm… What was that about?” asked Dani.

“I don’t know.” Answered Maddie. “But that can’t be a good sign.”

“Normally it isn’t Maddie.” Said ClockWork. Everyone looked to him. “when a ghost loses its aura, it normally means that they will fade within a matter of seconds…” everyone gasped. “But for Daniel it means something different when he is meditating. I do not know what could possibly course this.”

“So this has happened before?” asked Jazz.

“Yes Jasmine. It even had me worried the first time and it still has me concerned.”

Everyone looked to Danny, they all could see clearly that he was still breathing but that did not stop the worry and concern that was building up in all of them.

Danny opened his eyes to find himself in a dark empty space, now as Fenton. It was pitch black but he could see himself clearly. He sighed. “Can’t I meditate in peace?” he asked but could see no one.

Is that any way to greet a friend?” asked a voice. It sounded like it was coming from in front of Danny.

“No, sorry. It’s just…”

I know, I also saw what is to come.” A figure started to appear some distance in front of Danny and started walking toward him. As the figure got closer it started to become clear and gain an identity. It was a ghost but not just any ghost, no.

Danny looked away from the neon green eyes of the being in front of him, a frightened and sorrowful look on his face.

There is no need to be scared Fenton.” Said the ghost as he put a white gloved hand on Danny’s shoulder.

“Scared?! How can I not be scared?” Danny looked the ghost right in the eyes. “I don’t want to die Phantom.”

That’s right. The ghost was Danny’s alto-ego, Danny PHANTOM.

Nor do I want you to die. But that won’t happen.”

“It won’t?” Danny said with a bit of hope in his voice.

No. Ever since the incident with the Ghost Catcher and I started to form my own consciousness, I have help you in every situation and I’m not about to stop now. I will not allow this to come to be.”

The hope in Fenton’s eyes fell as he averted his gaze. Phantom sighed. Sometimes it was hard to get through to his alto-ego, Fenton can be real stubborn most of the time, sometimes it was a good thing, like in a fight, but sometimes it was…annoying. He was trying to cheer Fenton up for god sake.

There is only so much I can tell you Danny…” Danny looked back up to the neon green eyes of his ghost half. “But I can tell you this. You did not see all of what is to come. You will NOT die Danny. I will not allow it.”

Danny smiled. “You’re not going to tell me the rest of that vision, are you?”

Phantom shook his head. “You’ll find out in due time Fenton.” Phantom smirked.

Danny chuckled. Now that was the Fenton that Phantom wanted to see. “And you call me stubborn.”

Phantom couldn’t help but laugh. After a moment he stopped and took his hand off Fenton’s shoulder. “Now, I’ll let you meditate in peace.”

“Umm… actually I would like the company.”

Phantom smiled and they both got into the same meditating position. Just chatting happily about anything and everything.

Everyone was starting to get anxious. It was only ten minuets till it was time to start fighting. Maddie, Tucker and Sam were trying to come up with a strategy, Jazz was pacing back and forth, giving her opinion to her mum and her brothers friends every now and then, Jack was putting some final touches to a new invention, while Dani was sitting on the ledge of the control console swinging he legs watching her big brother just stay in the one position, not even swaying in the slightest. ClockWork, well he was off in one corner tinkering with his time staff.

They were all broken out of their thoughts when they heard someone chuckling. They all turned their heads towards where they thought it coming from and saw that it was Danny.

“Did he just chuckle?” asked Jazz as she pointed to her brother.

“Indeed he just did Jasmine.” Answered ClockWork.

“What you laughing at Danny?” asked Dani.

“Just a memory.” He said in that calm and collected voice of his with a smile on his face.

“Danny we have devised a strategy we would like to go over with you.” Said Maddie.

Danny looked to Phantom and said ghost looked back and they both got out of their meditating positions and stood normally.

“If you’ll excuse me?”

Of course.” Nodded Phantom and disappeared in a swirl of white, green and black mist. Danny closed his eyes and sighed.

Danny’s aura came back and flared brightly before dimming down to its usual brightness. He opened his eyes and pushed up off the floor, landing so he was facing everyone.

“So what is this strategy you have come up with?” Danny asked.

“First we have to wait for…” Jack started but got cut off.

“I’m back.” Said Val as she walked in.

“How was it out there?” asked Jazz.

“Quiet, too quiet. I believe that they are preparing for battle just like we are.”

“Anyway back to the strategy.” Said Danny.

So Maddie explained the plan that they came up with. Danny didn’t really like the idea but he knew that they were right.

Sam and Tucker would go with Wulf and his friends and defend the south side of the city. Valarie and Dani would go with Dora and her people to defend the west side of the city. Jazz and ClockWork would go with FrostBite and his people and defend the north side of the city. And Maddie and Jack would go with Pandora and her people to defend the east side of the city. While Danny remained hidden and conserved his energy for the main three. He would need all the strength he could get to defeat three of the most powerful ghosts. He would only help out if needed.

Just then Dani’s and Danny’s ghost sense went off.

“Seems like our allies are back.” Said ClockWork.

Everyone went over to the window and looked down to the front lawn and sure enough Pandora’s warriors, FrostBites warriors and Dora’s warriors, as well as Wulf’s friends were all gathered there. But none of them could spot said ghosts. They all headed to the lounge, Danny, Dani and ClockWork used their intangibility while the others used the stairs. Once team Phantom was in the lounge they saw the leaders of the ghosts outside were there as well. Just when FrostBite and the others were about to greet team Phantom the ground shook. Danny turned his head to the window, looking outside beyond the ghosts and swallowed hard. Nervousness took a hold of him for a split second before the determination of both him and Phantom took over.

“It’s starting isn’t it?” asked Dani.

Danny looked to her and then to everyone else and back to her. “I’m afraid so.”

The ground shook again, just this time more violently. Everyone looked out the window and were shocked. They all rushed outside and looked up to the sky. Instead of the natural blue, the dark eerie green with bright green swirls of the Ghost Zone was in its place.

“What’s going on?” asked Maddie.

Danny growled, his hands clenched into fists and were trembling with anger. “Pariah Dark has sent Amity into the Ghost Zone.” Danny growled through gritted teeth, not looking away from the now green sky. He took a deep breath to calm himself. He looked to the others. “It's now or never.”

“For Amity Park.” Said Maddie putting her hand out.

“For her citizens.” Said Jack putting his hand on top of his wife’s.

“For the Ghost Zone.” said ForstBite adding his hand to the pile.

“And its inhabitants.” Said Pandora putting one of her hands on top of FrostBite’s.

“For the future.” said ClockWork adding his free hand.

“For bravery.” Said Sam and added her own hand.

“And for honour.” Said Tucker and added his.

“For the world.” said Valerie, contributing to the pile.

“For experience.” Said Dani, contributing as well.

“For everyone’s wellbeing.” Said Jazz putting her hand on the pile.

“por amiko (For Friend.)” said Wulf adding his paw too.

“For our kingdoms.” Said Dora placing her hand on to the pile.

“FOR FREEDOM!” finished Danny adding his hand as well then they all threw their arms up in the air with a cheer.

Danny and Sam shared a quick kiss before everyone went off to their selected part of the city to defend. Danny watched as everyone leaves and ClockWork stayed behind for a moment. The ghost of time came up behind his apprentice and place a hand on Danny’s shoulder. The teen looked up to his Master.

“Thanks for everything Master.” He said.

“It was my pleasure Daniel.” And with that ClockWork flew off to join Jazz and the Far Frozen people.

Danny sighed, put the hood of his cloak on, turned invisible and took to the sky. He wasn’t even higher than the tallest building in Amity when he saw that pariah Dark had indeed sent his army of skeletons out to attack the city.

“I hope I get to see all of them again after this is all over and done with.” Danny said and looked down at his team fighting from just above the city.

Don’t think like that Fenton. You will get to see them again.” Said Phantom telepathically.

Danny gave off a little whimper, unsure what to say and whether or not to believe what his alto-ego said. He longed for it to be true, but couldn’t help the feeling that welled up inside him saying otherwise.

I know your scared Fenton, I am too. But if it comes to that, then… well……lets go down protecting the city and the ones we love and care about.”

Danny felt the love and care that Phantom had towards his friends and family which put a smile on his face then he felt that love and care melt away into determination which only fueled his own determination.

“Yeah! If we go down, we go down fighting!” replied Danny more determined to protected the ones he loved and cared about than ever before.

Now find those three baster who dare to enter our haunt and threaten to terrorize the citizens and kill the ones we love most. And give them the beating off their after-life.”

“It will be my honor Phantom.” Danny replied with a smirk, speeding up.

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