The Time Apprentice

Chapter 8

“This is Lance Thunder reporting from the streets of Amity Park. Not only has the city been sucked into what appears to be another world but green skeleton ghosts are attacking as well. The skeletons seem to be originating from beyond the city. My guess is that Amity and her citizens have been transported to the home of the ghosts. Team Phantom, which consists of Samantha Mason, Tucker Foley, the Fenton’s and the new ghosts that have been protecting the city for the past year and a half, are fighting the skeleton ghosts to hold them off.

“Even knowing the Fenton’s called a Truce between them and Danny Phantom a year and half ago, the ghost teen has not been seen for the same amount of time. Let’s hope and pray that he will show up today.” Lance Thunder yelp as a stray ecto-blast came whizzing towards him, he duck before the blast hit. “AND LET’S PRAY TO GOD THAT IS SOON. I’M OUTTA HERE!” And with that the reporter ran off screen, screaming and running for his life.

Danny searched frantically for the three ghosts he was supposed to fight. The skeletons were advancing, pushing back his team. Said team was doing a fairly good job though, not letting a single skeleton get by them; but even knowing it will take some time, they would eventually be pushed back into a group near the centre of the city. Danny needed to finished this and quick, he and his alto-ego will not allow the city to fall to the hands of these ghosts.

An ear piercing, heart wrenching, soul shattering scream broke Danny out of his search. He looked down to where the scream originated from and saw a little girl about five, six years of age in the middle of the street, a pink ecto-blast heading straight for her.

Danny flew down as fast as he could, the wind whipping at his hair as he focused on getting in front of the little girl in time. He became visible, landed in front of the girl and brought up a square, see through, green ecto-shield just in time. The blast made contact with the shield and fizzled out. Danny let the shield die away and glared at the ones responsible for the attack.

Vlad was floating a good two stories high in the sky. His left hand still smoking with pink mist from his attack. On either side of him was Dan and Pariah. All three wore frowns at the new comer. But they couldn’t tell it was Danny, for they could not see past his hood and his body was wrapped up in his cloak.

Danny felt something tug on the end of his cloak. He turned and knelt in front of the girl who was holding onto his cloak.

“Thanks Mr.” said the little girl.

“It’s alright. Now, go inside and don’t come back out until this is all over, ok?”

The girl nodded and ran inside one of the buildings. Danny turned back to the ghosts in the sky and growled at that them. He got into a fighting stance, his hands becoming surrounded with a green aura as he channelled his ecto-energy into them, getting ready for whatever the three would throw at him.

“Who are you?” asked Vlad.

“Does it matter?” Pariah asked Vlad.

“He stands in our way.” Said Dan, a sickening smirk on his face. “You know what we do to people who stand in our way.”

Danny growled louder, lowering himself close to the ground before launching himself towards the trio. Danny was so quick the ghosts didn’t see it coming. The young teen kicked Vlad in the chin which sent the older halfa flying back a distance, he then swirled around and punched Pariah in the gut, making said ghost hunch over and allowing Danny to kick him in the side of the head. Danny turned in time to dodge a blow from Dan and deliver his own punch to the side of his evil alternative self’s head. The three regrouped, their hands glowing with pink, red and green auras.

Both Danny’s human instinct and ghost instinct kicked in and melded together, on top of that, the rage he had for the three ghosts in front of him spiked an all-time high, making the teen a force to be reckoned with. Danny growled at the trio in front of him, waiting for them to make the first move, as if daring them to.

Vlad shot an ecto-blast at the new ghost but Danny just battered it away with the back of his hand as if was nothing but an insect. But in doing so, he exposed half of his body for a split second before his cloak concealed it again. The trio managed to get a glimpse of what he wore and it looked very familiar to them but they didn’t get a long enough look to figure it out.

Danny fired ecto-blasts by the dozen at his three foes. Some hitting their mark in either, the chest, shoulder or head, but most were dodged.

Dan charged towards the new ghost and both went at it hand to hand, while Vlad and pariah shot ecto-blasts at their foe. What shock Vald the most about this new foe was the fact that he was going one on one with Dan, dodging said ghost’s blows AND dodging the blasts that he and Pariah were firing at him without even looking at the oncoming blasts.
That was it! Vlad wanted to know who this foe was, and wanted to know now. He charged at the black cloaked ghost and managed to punch him in the chest, grabbing and ripping off the white gear clip that held the cloak together. What the trio of evil saw made them, for the lack of a better word, dumbfounded.

Danny watched his black and white cloak flutter down to the ground, landing in a heap on the sidewalk. He slowly looked back to the evil trio, baring his fangs in frustration and hatred for his enemies, the shock expressions on their faces not even being noticed at first. When he did though, he couldn’t help the smirk spreading across his lips.

“What? Didn’t think I would come?” he asked.

The sound of the teen’s voice didn’t go unnoticed by Dan nor the newly growing fangs and he smirked evilly. “Your voice has changed.” He pointed out.

The teen frowned. “unfortunately.” He said darkly.

“And you’re growing fangs.” Dan added.

“Fangs?” Danny quirked an eyebrow. Danny ran his tongue along his top teeth and sure enough, he felt a pair of fangs. Danny growled, he was becoming too much like the ghost in front of him and he did not like it.

“Seems like your becoming more like me every day.” Dan smirked.

“I am NOTHING like you. I am NOTHING like ANY of you.” Danny shouted in anger.

“You’re right. You’re nothing like us.” Vlad said simply. Danny quirked an eyebrow. “At least we’re not cowereds.” He smirk.

“Shut up you crazy fruit-loop.” Danny growled. His fisted hands trembling in anger, it took every ounce of control that he had to hold back the anger and rage that was building up inside him. Dan and Pariah saw what Vlads words had done to the teen and smirked.

“No! I don’t think I will. You left Daniel. You left for over a year. Left the city defenceless…”


“Abandoned the city, abandoned your home…”


“You abandoned your friend…”


“Your Family…”

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Danny yelled which turned into his ghostly wail. The attack sent the three ghosts flying back a fair distance, having to cover their ears to block out the awful noise. Danny stopped the attack, not the least bit tiered yet.

He could use his ghostly wail attack seven times before it started to drain some of his energy and another five times before he passes out. The only powers he had that he still needed to learn more of were his time powers. Sure they worked in both human and ghost form but they were unpredictable. Sometimes they worked the way he wanted, sometimes they didn’t. Plus they used up more energy than any other power he had, so they were out of the question.

Danny wasted not a single second and attacked. While his foes were in a dazed state, they had left themselves wide open and Danny didn’t hesitate to take it. He shot forwards, going for Pariah first. He shot a few ecto-blasts as he closed the gap between the two of them. He punched the so called ghost king in the gut before delivering and upper cut to the chin of the hunched over ghost.

But with all the pent up anger, Danny had let his guard down a little. The other two ghosts had recovered quickly and were coming up behind the teen. Vlad shot an ecto-blast at Danny and hit him right between the shoulder blades. The teen hissed in pain. ‘Yep! They have most certainly gotten stronger.’ Danny thought.

Focus Fenton!” said Phantom.

Danny had just enough time to dodge a blast from Dan but was hit by a blast from the newly recovered Pariah Dark.

I need to get into a position where I can see all three of them. I need to keep them in my sight.”

good thinking, but what are you going to do once you have done that?”

Danny cupped his hands together in front of him and fired a stream of fire at the two ghosts. Vlad and Dan managed to create a sphere shield around themselves before the fire hit. The impacted of the fire was intense. They knew that it was strong but it was nothing they couldn’t handle.

I’m working on that!” Fenton replied as he dodged a blast from Vlad and unconsciously flying into the position he wanted. He stared at his foes, trying to quickly come up with an idea to at least get one of them defeated.

I can’t think of anything that would help us get the upper advantage. Just going at it seems like the only option.” Danny felt Phantoms confident feeling flood throw his system, giving Danny confirmation that he should. Danny growled at his foes and charged into battle.

The fight was exhausting and intense but they didn’t give up. The members of Team Phantom and other allies might have been able to hold back the skeletons, letting none get by them but they were still being pushed back. Getting closer and closer to the centre of the city and each other. But soon enough they were pushed back to that point where the weirdest thing happened. The skeletons, their foe, they just stopped. Standing still in their tracks, not even attacking them. Everyone turned their heads quickly to the sky as they heard an ear piercing, heart wrenching, terrifying, pain filled screams of agony.

News reporters, camera crews and other people filed out of their homes or the places they had taken shelter in to see what was going on. They knew they should have stayed where they were sheltered, where it was safe. They knew they shouldn’t look in fear of what they would see. But the scream, it was just one of those things that you just couldn’t help but look.

Minuets earlier.

Danny was panting, taking in shallow and quick breaths of air. His eyes locked on his enemies but his vision was starting to double before refocusing, only for it to do the same thing a second later. He had a cut over his left eye and a cut a long his forehead, both of which still bleeding bright green ectoplasm, and ectoplasmic blood running down his chin due to a cut lip.

The young halfa also had several criss-crossing gashes on his back from the many ecto-waves he had taken there due to sneak attacks, still bleeding too. He had a huge and deep gash running diagonally across his chest. Several smaller cuts and scrapes littered his arm, legs and torso. All still bleeding like the rest.

His right hand held his left side just a little lower than his chest as each breath he took hurt, a possible broken rib the cause of the pain. And possible other internal injuries he had yet to know about as well. All in all, it hurt. Everything hurt and Danny didn’t know how he was still able to stand his ground.

Dan sent an invisible duplication behind his extremely weak looking, young, goody-goody version of himself. If Danny had been focusing on his surrounding he would have seen the shimmer of the invisible copy but right now he was focused on the enemies in front of him and fighting the blackness that is lingering in the corners of his eyes, threatening to take his vision, luring him to pass out.

The copy made himself visible and Danny still didn’t noticed. The copy cupped his hands together, took aim right between Danny shoulder blades and fired a continuous ecto-blast.

Danny was only able to get a grunt out before the real Dan, pariah and Vlad joined in as well. Danny screamed out in agony, getting the attention of the people and ghosts below. A minuet past and Danny no longer had the strength to scream, his foes still firing.

A good two, three minuets later the trio of evil stopped. Danny floated there for a second before blackness encased his vision, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and gravity took over his body, falling to the tarmac of the road far below. As he fell the rings of blue/white energy appeared around his waist, split in two and traveled up and down his body, changing him back to Fenton.

Camera crews, already recording since they dared to brave the war zone, caught the whole transformation. Reporters and other people gasped in surprise whereas Team Phantom and allies gasped in horror. Danny impacted the tarmac quite hard in the middle of his team and allies.

He lay there, not moving and inch and as seconds past everyone could see he wasn’t even breathing. All his wounds bleeding more now cause of the continuous blast attack.

“Danny?” Sam said as she took a hesitant step forwards. But the teen didn’t reply in any way. Sam was about to run over to him when the three foes that was the cause of this battle appeared, their backs facing them. Vlad used his foot to lift the downed teen’s head a bit as all three looked down at the still body of Daniel James Fenton.

“Such a pity,” said Vlad. “And I was having such fun.”

“I will admit, he was a pretty good challenge.” Said Pariah.

A blue ecto-wave hit the three in the back of their heads. They turned and bared their fangs at their attacker. The attacker was a blue ghost clad in a long purple cloak. A sword in his right hand which was extended out to his side, the tip smoking blue. The blade of said sword was pale purple whereas the handle was dark purple.

“Step away from my Apprentice!” the cloaked ghost growled his order.

“And who might you be?” asked Pariah.

“ClockWork, Master of Time.” He pointed his sword at the three. Red eyes blazing with anger. “Now step away from my Apprentice.” He ordered once more.

Pariah was dumbfounded; the legendary time master was standing in front of him. ‘oooo, this is going to be good.’ The once king of ghosts thought.

“And what if we don’t?” Asked Dan.

ClockWork got into a fighting stance and growled. If what he thought has really happen to his young Apprentice, then he would interfere, he would fight. He would NOT allow these three to get away with what they have done. He would fight for Planet Earth, for the Ghost Zone, for everything they had said before rushing off into battle but most of all for Daniel. Sam walked up beside ClockWork and also got into a fighting stance, willing to doing to the same as the Time Master. Then Tucker followed her lead, then Jazz, Dani was next, the Redhunteress was after her, the adult Fentons following suit.

Dan, Vlad and Pariah all got into fighting stances as well, focusing energy into their hands, each set of hands glowing their rightful ecto energy colour.

Danny could hear everything around him but could only see black and could feel nothing. He had tried many times to open his eyes but they would not obey him. Plus the warmth in his body slowly slipping away only made him even more scared and worried. He knew he was dying, the last attack he took was just too much for his body to handle but he still didn’t want to die.

Danny!” Danny heard someone call. Someone he knew, a friend. “Danny open your eyes.” Danny opened his eyes as best he could, they were just too heavy to open any further than slits. Just he was not in the place he expected to be. He was in the place where he and Phantom met occasionally when he meditated. Speaking of which, now noticing he was not alone, Danny looked into the glowing neon green eyes of his ghost half, who was kneeling in front of the downed teen, a hand on his human half’s shoulder. Danny tried lifting his head to look at Phantom better but he couldn’t, his whole body was heavy.

Danny, you need to listen to me. You need to relax.”

Relax! How can I relax? I’m dying.” The raven haired teen asked telepathically, he was too weak to talk.

Phantom sighed. “Look, I can help you. A lot of people trust you, your friends, your family, Master even and you trust them back right?”


Then can you please trust me? I’m trying to help you.”

Danny mentally sighed. “Alright, I trust you.” With that, Danny’s tense posture visibly relaxed and closed his eyes. “What must I do?”

Now that you’re relaxed, that’s a good start. Ok, now, you are not totally out of power…” Danny opened his eyes again and looked to Phantom but his posture stayed the same.

I’m not?”

No.” Danny closed his eyes again. “There is still a hidden power that lies dormant inside you. This is the only way I can help you, you must awaken this power. Now search inside yourself for it.” Phantom could tell that Danny was doing as he had instructed. The area around them was getting warmer, instead of the cold and weak feeling it gave off when he had first come to Danny’s aid. “That good Danny, you’re doing great. Now once you have found it, grasp it and bring it to the surface.” And Danny did just that.

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