The Time Apprentice

CHapter 9

Vlad, Dan and Pariah charged up their ecto-blasts, took a step forward and fired. Everyone braced themselves for the impact and waited…but it never came. When the smoke cleared, a clear green ecto-shield was in front of them. instinctively Vlad and Pariah looked to Dan, the only one out of the three that had green ecto-energy but Dan was just as surprised as the other two.

“You three will not harm anyone.” A familiar voice growled.

Everyone looked in the direction the voice had come from. Sam, Tucker, Valerie and the Fenton’s gasped and ClockWork was just speechless whereas the three evil ghosts growled in frustration. For right there, Danny stood holding his right side in his ghost form and his aura glowing brightly.

“You’re in no condition to stop us , little badger.” Said Vlad.

“You’re too weak…” Said Pariah.

“In fact you should be dead.” Added Dan.

“Well… I guess I found… a way to avoid that.” He sent back in his usual witty manner. ‘for the moment at least.’ Danny though grimly.

“And how have you done that, might I ask?” asked Vlad.

Danny smirked, he closed his eyes and relaxed, his hand that was holding his side just a little down from his chest fell back down to his side and his aura glowed brighter and brighter to the point it engulfed him. He floated up a little and brought his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arm around them before spreading his arms and legs out in a quick motion when his aura was at its brightest.

His aura got so bright everyone had to shield their eyes and when they were able to look again, Danny floated off the ground a few inches. His aura moved like it was flames and his outfit had changed. He still had the white collar, boots, gloves and belt but the boots and gloves came to a spike on the outside of his arms and legs and the belt had what appeared to be a green clock in the center. His insignia was the same. The sides of the upper part of his suit and the insides of his arms were white and the rest was black. He now wore green spiked shoulder armour with his insignia in white, the one on the right was back to front. The outside of his suits legs were white which angled down, coming to a point just before the spike of his boots. And to complete it all off, he now wore a cape which was white on the inside and black on the outside. Plus there was no sign of his wounds anywhere.

“Still willing to harm the ones I love and care about?” Danny growled at the three villains.

The trio of evil shot ecto-blasts at Team Phantom again, Danny launch himself in front of his team and swatted the blasts away like they were nothing but an annoying little flies.

“Rephrased:…” Danny got into a fighting stance, holding his right hand out to the side. What looked like to be bright, white, liquid metal appeared just a few centre-meters below his palm, extending out to form what might be a pole. But it didn’t stop there, on one side of the pole, what appeared to be a huge curved blade formed but instead of a smooth edge, it had a spike, guess you could say the huge blade sort of looked like a slightly open beak of a bird. On the other side of the pole, two more smaller blades appeared, one cured up, the other down. When every part of the object formed, it seemed to flash and become solid. The pole was black and the blades were green. A scythe. Danny brought it in front of him, holding it with two hands, ready to fight with his new weapon. “Are you willing to risk your afterlife?” he finished.

ClockWork just stared in bewilderment. Yeah, sure! He was over the moon that his Apprentice slash son was alive but how was he still alive? How was he able to call upon this new power? And how the HECK was he able to SUMMON his weapon?

Danny launched himself at the villains and started fighting as if he was never injured. And as far as ClockWork could tell, he might as well not have been.

Normally when it came to a ghost’s weapon, if they have one that is, they would either have to earn it or go looking for it when it wanted to be found by its wielder. ClockWork couldn’t remember whether he had to look for his or earn it. He quickly looked back on his timeline, ha! Now he remembered. He gave quick glance at his sword. It was a bit of both. His weapon had called for him to come looking for it but his master thought he wasn’t ready for it yet and in turn his weapon trusted the word of his master and stopped calling for him. ClockWork was a little disappointed but when his master said he was ready, the calling of his weapon was like a physical blow to him. So the strong pull on his soul made it easy to find his weapon. But he would worry about how Danny summoned his weapon later, right now he wanted to know how he was still alive?

Danny was fighting with ease with his new weapon, like he had years of practice. He was using it to attack and to defend from attacks. Danny swung his scythe, managing to get a pretty deep cut on Dan’s arm, said ghost roared in pain and ClockWork got a very quick glimpse into Danny’s future. Wait!... Daniel’s future? ClockWork looked at Dan, he got the glimpse when Dan was hurt.

ClockWork quickly looked into Dan’s past after he was trapped into the thermos. That BASTERED! How DARE he eavesdrop on his and Daniels lessons. At first he thought it was the Observents that were blocking his sight into Daniel’s timeline but all this time it was DAN! ‘ I knew I should have moved his thermos before I told Daniel that those one eyed jerks could block my sight.’ He scolded himself.

Danny landed a few meters away from him; a rather big circular magic seal appeared under his feet. A slightly smaller circle on the inside. And there were five smaller ones in between the two larger ones with Danny insignia in them, wavy lines connecting the five together. Danny had his eyes closed with two fingers of his left hand in front of his face and was mumbling some words ClockWork could not catch.

Vlad, Pariah and Dan landed a few feet in front of Danny but as they went to take a step, smaller versions of the same magical seal appeared around their waist. They stopped in their tracks and Plasmius changed back to Masters. The innocent bystanders gasped in horror.

Danny opened his eyes and looked at his foes.

“What is the meaning of this?” Vlad snapped.

“I’m suppressing your powers.” Danny replied coldly. The pole of his scythe retracted until the blades were the only things left. Danny gripped the larger blade and threw it at Pariah, the blades cut through the air before easily slicing through said ghost’s chest, right through his core before turning and cutting through Dan’s back, going through his core as well, returning to Danny’s hand like a boomerang. The pole extended and Danny rested his scythe on his shoulder.

Pariah and Dan’s eyes were wide as dinner plates, their aura’s flicked out and within a second said Ghosts faded out of existence and the magic seals that were holding them disappeared.

Danny took a few steps closer to Vlad before thrusting the edge of his scythe’s blade onto his throat, taking away Vlad’s energy so he couldn't even change back into plasmius.

“Be thankful I spared you miserable excuse of a half life.” Danny growled darkly. He leaned in closer to the older halfa “Cause next time, I WILL take it.” He hissed.

Vlad didn’t dare move, not even when the magic seal that was restraining him disappeared.

Danny motioned for the nearby police to arrest him with his head and the police obliged. Danny sighed and looked to the sky. “One last thing to take care of.” He said to himself.

Danny’s scythe glowed and changed form. It was now a staff much like ClockWork’s. The stopwatch was black, the curved pieces around the watch were green and had two spikes on reach side, one on the inside and one on the outside. The piece underneath the two blades like pieces was black with a white band going around it diagonally. The pole was black and had two green curved blades at the bottom, one on each side.

Danny flew up above the city and thrust his staff up, a green beam admitted from the top, going up before spreading over the city like a green shield dome. A few seconds past and the sky changed back to its wonderful shade of blue. Amity Park was now back in her rightful place on planet earth.

The citizens cheered. They had survived another huge ghost attack, they were no longer in the ghost zone and their hero, Danny Phantom was back.

Slowly Danny lowered himself down to the road below. He dropped the last meter, swaying a bit but he managed to catch himself with his staff. His magic seal appeared around his waist, split in two and traveled up and down his body, changing him back to his normal outfit when in ghost form.

He swayed once more, even with the help of his staff propping him up. The staff slipped and Danny fell to his hands and knees. The sound of his staff hitting the hard black rock like surface of the road rang throughout the street, catching the attention of everyone one around him.

Danny’s head pounded, the world around him spinning, his vision blurring and his body felt heavy. The two blue/white rings appeared and ran up and down his body, changing him back to Fenton. It was getting hard for him to breath, Danny went into a coughing fit, coughing up ectoplasm fused blood onto the tarmac under him.

He couldn’t hold himself up any more, his hands and knees buckled and he fell the rest of the way.

“DANNY!!” Sam called and she ran over to him, the wounds he had taken on when he first fought the evil trio had come back, but then again he never truly lost them and they were bleeding more now than ever. After a moment the rest of Team Phantom and ClockWork followed.

Danny’s breaths were shallow, raspy and he did not take that many. It hurt to breath, it hurt to move, everything hurt. He felt like lead weights and the warmth in his body was slowly slipping away again.

Sam and the others reach him quickly; Sam fell to her knees once she was at his side. His eyes were unfocused and were barely open. He looked to the person at his side. She picked up his hand and nearly dropped it at how cold it was.

“Danny.” She whimpered, tears starting to roll down her check.


Sam nodded. “I’m here Danny.” She replied as she rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand.

More figures entered his vision and instinctively knew that they were his friends and family. But one figure stood out most of all. A blue and purple blur and he instantly knew that it was his Master. The ghost of time came forwards and set himself on the ground in front of his Apprentice and ran a hand through his raven black hair. Danny gave off a weak purr to the comforting gesture.

“You’ll be alright Daniel.” Said ClockWork.

Danny looked to the figures, letting a small weak smile grace his lips before his eyes slid closed.

Clockworks face became stern, he looked away from his Apprentice and to the crowed that had been slowly gathering.

“Is there any medics among you?” He asked. There were a few murmurs and looks exchanged between people but nobody step forwards. “Is there any medics among you?” He repeated louder and with more authority in his voice .

“Um… we are.” ClockWork looking the direction the voice came from and saw two people dressed in an ambulance uniform.

“Well get over here and do your job!”

The two medics ran over and got right into doing their job. ClockWork looked to FrostBite. “FrostBite, is there any medics among your people?”

“Of course.” He turned to his people and waved to his medics, telling to go help the two human medics.

The time master looked to the two adult Fenton’s. “Do you have any pure ectoplasm?”

“There’s some in the Ghost Assault Vehicle .” Replied Maddie.

Without giving Mr and Mrs Fenton a chance to ask any question he teleported to the GAV. He looked through the cupboards until he came across a glass jar filled with glowing green liquid, a white label with black writing saying ‘PURE ECTOPLASM’ stuck on the front.

ClockWork rummaged through some draws until he found a needle. He took the lid off the ectoplasm and took the needle out of its packaging; he put the sharp end of the needle into the glowing green liquid, pulled back on the syringe and filled the needle up with the ectoplasm.

Done with what he needed to do in the GAV, he teleported back to where he had left the others. When he got back the two human medics had an oxygen mask on Danny and were doing their best to seal the wounds till they could move him to the nearest hospital. FrostBite’s medics were doing all they could for everything that was ghostly about him and even helping the human medics.

“ClockWork, sir…” said one of the Far Frozen medics. “Great one’s ectoplasm is unstable.”

“I thought as much.” He responded. ClockWork floated over to Danny and the medics gave him some room. Danny’s arm flinched ever so slightly at the pin prick as the needle entered his arm. As the pure ectoplasm entered his system, Danny took a slightly deeper breath and his back arched a little.

“That should stabilize his ectoplasm for ten hours.”

“We have done as much as we can for him here.” Said one of the human medics. “We need to get him to a hospital right away.” The medic turned to her partner. “Liz, go get the Ambulance.” The woman called Liz nodded and ran off to fetch the ambulance that was parked around the corner.

“Where are you going to take him? The nearest hospital is like an hour and a half away.” Said Jazz.

“Danny can be transported to our family’s privet hospital. It only thirty minuets from here.” Said Sam.

“What’s your name miss?” asked the remaining human medic.

“Sam Mason.”

“Call them up Miss Mason; tell them they have an emergency coming in.”

Sam nodded. “Do you have a phone I could borrow?”

The medic threw Sam her phone, Sam catching it with ease. Sam dials the number to the privet hospital.

“Get the Ghost Wing ready pronto. You got an emergency coming in. we’ll be there in thirty minuets.” Sam shuts the phone, thus ending the call, and handed it back to the medic. "It's the part of the hospital that deals with any and all things ghostly." she explained when she saw the medic raise an eyebrow at her.

Just then the ambulance turns up. Liz hops out of the driver’s side, she rushes to the back, opened the doors and pulls out the bed, rushing over to Danny’s side. The human and ghosts medics quickly but carefully put Danny on the bed and moved him into the ambulance.

“Miss Mason, we’ll need directions to the hospital.” Said the medic that let Sam borrow her phone. Sam nodded and got in. one of the Far Frozen medics stayed with Danny whereas the other stayed behind.

“I’m going with him.” Said Jazz and before anyone could argue she got in.

The back doors were closed and they drove off down the street with lights flashing and sirens blazing. The remaining three Fenton’s, ClockWork, the remaining Far Frozen medic, Valarie and Tucker got into the RV, Maddie at the wheel, and drove off after the Ambulance.

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