Therapy Cruise

Losers Babe Part 1

Sweat trickled down Robin's biceps as the afternoon blaze set in, soaking into the court. He greeted Lizzy with a look of death. "What makes you even think we'd consider listening to you after what you did!" He snarled.

Beast Boy winced, immediately jumping in front of Lizzy at the sight of Robin's clenched fists. He held his arms up as if surrendering. "Robin, relax dude, maybe she has something important to say."

"Nice Beast Boy, not only are you accusing me of trying to get it on with Raven, now you're siding with this psychotic geezer!"

"Have you no respect for elders hun'!"

"Hmm let's see… you lock us all in a basement for 12 hours and then somehow manage to strand us on an island! AND NOW YOUR ASKING FOR RESPECT!" Robin's head swelled to outrageous proportions.

"Yes." She smiled.

Pulling out a pin, Beast Boy popped the Robin balloon, and Robin's head shriveled up like an old raisin.

"I can't believe this." Robin pouted.

"Well, I just thought you two might be interested in finding out the truth."

"What truth?" Beast Boy raised an eyebrow.

"About the diary. You two want to find out which one of you the little grey girl likes, right?"

"How do you know, and what are YOU doing with it?" Beast Boy snarled, pointing at the diary.

"Darling, you should be careful what you leave laying around." Lizzy smiled. Now it was Beast Boy's turn to pout.

"NOT INTERESTED." Robin turned his back to Beast Boy and Lizzy.

"I'm interested." Beast Boy said jutting out his chin. His brows bumped together in a scowl, shooting a quick glance at Robin before turning back to Lizzy.

Curling her lips into a mischievous smile, she rambled on. "I've been observing the grey child carefully since you troubled souls stepped foot on this ship. She definitely needs more love in her life, so I'd be happy to help her find it. Yesterday, I had time to do a bit of reading while you all were…"

Beast Boy's eyebrows drew closer together and his lips tightened into a fierce scowl.

"Indisposed," she finished cautiously. Pulling out a pair of ratchet and tattered glasses, she opened the diary, belting out an explicit passage. "He usually smiles, pulls me in close, presses his lips to mine, and then we-" Lizzy cleared her throat, pausing to look up at both boys, horrified expressions. Beast Boy's pupils dilated comically and Robin, who was sneaking a peak over his shoulder, had his lips drawn back in a ludicrous grimace. She quickly skipped to the next sentence feeling amused.

"In every dream I want it as much as he does and that's because I trust him, more than I've trusted anyone in my entire life."

Closing the notebook with a thud, Lizzy looked up in silence, waiting.

"And?" Beast Boy sneered, waiting for her to continue. Her eyes rolled skyward and landed back on Robin, in hopes that he was slightly more intelligent than the other one.

"Beast Boy don't be slow. She's trying to tell us we should figure out who Raven trusts."

"Oh." He gave a shallow chuckle. "I knew that."

"Bingo." said Lizzy

"Stupid idea." Robin scoffed. "I already know the answer. I'm the leader, she has to trust me."

"That's a STUPID assumption, and you know what assuming does." Beast Boy smirked.

"Where'd you learn the word assumption?"

"I read!" Beast Boy growled.

"Please, please, can you both hush. It's getting warm out here and I feel a hot flash coming on, my patience is limited," she pursed her pruney lips. "The one she trusts is the one she likes, it's as simple as that."

"What do we do, ask her?" Beast Boy shrugged.

"No of course not, she's not going to admit anything." Lizzy chuckled.

"Could have fooled me," Robin sent a taunting smirk in Beast Boy's direction. "Last night she acted like she would have done anything I-."He stopped, noticing Beast Boy's forehead pucker. Shrugging, he waited for Lizzy to continue. She didn't, so he spoke up. "Fine, Beast Boy, if you want to play her game, I'll do it, but on one condition, Lizzy call off these ridiculous sessions! You're not giving us anymore crap the rest of this week. AND NO EXTRA CHARGES. I'm not getting another lecture from Bruce about money management."

"Oh hun'!" She let out an exaggerated gasp. "The sessions have just began heating up, but if you really want to ease up I suppose it wouldn't kill me to compromise just a little. Anything for you tiger." She reached up, pinching Robin's cheek (his face).

Beast Boy snickered as Robin's nostrils flared. "Yeah whatever." He grumbled.

"You're always going out with these losers babe, you know, and that's your problem. Should have never gave that Robot guy your number, I told you, what did I tell you!"

Catherina sat back pouting as her sister laid into her. Her auburn curls sparkled in the sun, highlighting her high cheek bones. Her mind was stuck on how irritating her sister was. They were twins, but they were absolutely NOTHING alike.

"Shut it Katerina. I'm not catching all your negativity. This guy was real."

"Oh yeah, then why did he stand you up sis huh? Tell me that?"

Silence encased the two and Catherina met her sister's gaze with a bitter look of her own.

"Let me talk to him. I'll set his wires straight," said Katerina, breaking the silence.

Catherina silence was as good as a passive acquiesce. After all, she did want to know why she was stood up, who better to get to the bottom of things than her stubborn sister.

"This is ridiculous." Robin whispered to Beast Boy.

"Get over it. You already said you're in, no backing out now."

They both stood at attention, patiently waiting for Lizzy to give the signal. When she sounded the alarm the rest of the team came strolling out through the doublewide glass doors.

"What torture are you planning now" Raven grumbled. This evening, she felt her sanity slowing returning to her, but who knew how long that would last. Happy was putting up a good fight, but Lust was not letting Raven off that easy and as wisdom had told her before, until she decided to be honest with herself, she had no power to stop the brawling.

"I'm calling off the session today dears." Lizzy announced, catching a few surprised faces. Robin and Beast Boy exchanged surprised glances for show.

"You mean we are no longer subject to the exploitation and daunting upheaval imposed upon the very sanctity of our inner conscious?"

"Woa, dude did Starfire just used the word san-, san-… Ugh you guys know what she just said." Beast Boy grumbled, slumping.

"Jack has been enlightening me with the most delightful pleasantries of language all afternoon."

Smirking, Beast Boy leaned toward Robin, whispering. "You see that, while you've been busy trying to put the moves on Rae, Mr. Jerkmeoff 's been workin his magic on Star. Don't you feel slow."


"Just sayin dude."

Their private conversation was interrupted as Starfire tugged on Rae's arm.

"PLEAASE can we not do the "girl time" now? We have not since we have come here."

Raven's eyes nearly jumped out of her skull pleading for safety as Starfire began pulling her away. Beast Boy took this as a sudden opportunity.

"Uh no Star, she uh can't."

"Why not?" Starfire growled, her bright green eyes igniting.

"We uh, we have... A DATE!"

"What?" Everyone, including Raven raised an eyebrow. Although, she hadn't exactly objected. If this could get her away from Starfire's "girl time" then so be it.

"Yeah, that's what I said a date." Beast Boy poked out his chest, grabbing Rae by the wrist. "Come on, let's get out of here." He whispered as they hurried off, the rest of the group starring, dumbstruck.

"He's cheating." Robin grumbled.

"He's not cheating dear, you just missed your opportunity….too slow." Lizzy filed her nails, ignoring Robin's scowl. She kicked up her bunion covered toes on her dusty flower printed audmin.

While the others were busy enjoying their freedom, Lizzy and Robin had retreated to her office to discuss the plan.

"The green kid's not as dumb as he looks hun, don't underestimate him, he's a clever one."

"I know that." Robin sneered. "I wouldn't allow an idiot to defend Jump City. Beast Boy's not stupid, he's just a good actor."

"What are you going to do then? He's already got a head start and you're sitting here chatting with a woman three times your age dear."

"I don't want to do anything."

"What?" Lizzy dropped her file, suddenly becoming disappointed. "You're not interested in winning the affections of the grey girl?"

"HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION? She likes me, but I don't want her to!" Robin contorted his face as he gripped the sides of Lizzy's arm chair. "Team mates don't date team mates."

"Oh." Lizzy snickered.

"What's so funny?" Robin snarled.

"Oh nothing… I just think it's comical how you assume that it's you she is interested in. You're not the only male in the Titan household hun'.

Robin scoffed, cocking his head to one side. "I read the diary. She wouldn't be interested in Cyborg or Beast Boy, not like that."

Lizzy got up from her chair, casually strolling over to her desk. She picked up the notebook, allowing her finger tips to graze the pages. "I read it too," she said, "I think it could be any one of you three. It doesn't have to be you."

"I don't care who it is," Robin snorted, inspecting a dusty, three legged chair before deciding to take a seat. "I just don't want it getting in the way of my team." He shrugged.

"You mean the team."

"That's what I said my team."

Chuckling Lizzy added, "If you don't care then why compete with Beast Boy? Why not just let him win?"

Robin recoiled, in outrage. "Because I- DON'T-LOSE."

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