Therapy Cruise

Nocturnal Ooze Monster

"This one?"


"Will you not-?"


"How about th-"


Starfire held up swim suit after swim suite trying to compromise with Raven, but she was so difficult. To Starfire, just about every suite in her dresser was adorable. Raven had a few other words to describe them.

"But why can you not just try them on Raven. I am sure they will do the showing off of your curves."

"Starfire, I don't want to show off my curves, I'm not going to impress anyone. I'm going because Robin gave me an ultimatum."

"Well, even if you are not going to do the pressing in of anyone, it would still be nice to look your best. What if you are doing the meeting of someone new. Are not you interested in doing the meeting of cute boys?"

Raven inwardly rolled her eyes. "Aliens." she grumbled.

Starfire placed her hands on her hips and gave Raven a look of frustration.

"Fine, I'll wear this one." Raven said, grabbing a navy blue bikini with a Silver Star pattern.

Star smiled and clapped her hands.

"Glorious! You will look beautiful. Please will you not try it on?"

"Starfire I really don't want-"

"Pleaaase Raven?"

Raven slumped, "Fine."

Ten minutes later Raven was still in the bathroom fighting with the itchy material.

"Raven will you not come out so I can see how it looks already?" Starfire tapped her foot impatiently outside the bathroom.

"No, I'm not coming out looking like this."

"Why? What is it that you find unpleasant about it?"

"Everything." Raven turned around in the bathroom mirror critically. Okaaay, this is too much. Everything hung out, her boobs, her butt. She looked down, realizing if she wore this thing, she'd seriously need a bikini wax. She was about to put her clothes back on, but then Starfire grabbed a bobby pin and slipped it into the doorknob unlocking it and bursting in.

"You are most definitely sexy Raven."

"Starfire!" Raven grabbed a towel trying to cover herself.

"Why is it that you are doing the hiding Raven? I do not understand. You don't look bad at all."

Starfire then gestured to someone standing outside in the hallway gawking.

"Doesn't she look sexy friend Beast Boy?"

"Uh um it's a good look for you Rae." Beast Boy's cheeks flushed deep crimson and he hurried past the room. "Just wanted to tell you guys Robin said practice is in an hour."

Once he disappeared, Raven let out a small sigh of relief, and pushed Starfire out of her own bathroom so she could change. When she was back in uniform, she headed to her room, debating on whether or not to finish her book and decided against it, realizing, she only had 80 pages left and didn't want to spend the next hour rushing through them. What to do? Looking around her room, she spotted her blue notebook sitting at the base of her bed.

"Yeah right," She kicked it beneath the bed and turned to walk away, but the notebook popped back out from under the bed. Raven raised an eyebrow. She stared at the notebook for approximately two seconds, and then gave it a swift kick under the bed again.

Smirking with satisfaction, she turned to walk away, but the notebook popped back out from under the bed, yet again. Raven's eyes narrowed. This time she grabbed the notebook threw it on the ground, stomped on it, then kicked it back under the bed and turned to walk away cracking her knuckles and smiling. The notebook flew out from under the bed smacked her across the face twice then landed on her bed, opening to page 1.

"Well looks like you'll be going into the fireplace." Raven growled. She went to pick up the notebook, but a grey hand reached out, stopping her.

"Like my little trick Rae Rae?" Lust smirked at Raven from the once blank notebook page.

"Get out of my notebook!"

"Your notebook? It's our notebook. Actually more like my diary. This is my personal property. I use it to record all your deepest desires and fantasies. You know the ones you don't want to tell you-know-who." Lust chuckled.

"This is your diary?"


"And Wisdom and Knowledge gave it to me knowing how much I hate you?"


Raven's expressionless face changed into a sadistic grin. "Hey Lust have you met my good friend Mr. Papershredder?" She picked up the notebook heading for the shredder at her desk.

Lust's eyes widened. "NO! Wait Raven Stop!"

Raven sat back down on her bed waiting for a good explanation of why she should not roast, shred, fry, microwave, flush, use as toilet paper, or in any way harm the diary. And it would have to be a good one.

"You moron. You can't destroy the diary. If you do you'll destroy passion with it."

"Annnnd that's a bad thing because?"

Lust sneered. "Your already dull enough, can you really afford to lose passion?"

Raven groaned, setting the notebook back down on her bed.

"I thought you were in control of passion."

"You thought wrong. I'm lust. Passion and lust are way waaay different. I only know what I know through touch and arousal. I learn about love, passion, and desire through your experiences and thoughts. Everything is stored in this notebook, only visible to whom I choose to show it to."

Raven listened, appearing bored. "Great," she replied sarcastically. "Well, this has been a really stimulating conversation, but I have practice." She grabbed the cover of the notebook attempting to close it, but Lust stuck her arm out.

"Don't you think you should do a little bit of writing before practice, to vent, blow off steam, get it all off your chest?"

"NO." Raven went to close the notebook, but Lust stuck out her arm again and Raven glared.

"Allriight, if you start blowing things up don't come crying to me."

Raven slammed the book shut, closing it while Lust's arm was still hanging out.

"Ow! I'll remember to get you back for that," Lust snarled.

Raven smirked and slammed the door happily…well you know what I mean, the Raven version of happily.

"TITANS GO!" Robin smashed his quarter staff into Cinderblock's skull. Cinderblock growled, charging at Robin, his fist pummeling synthetic trees and buildings.

"Hey Cinderblock can you hold this for a second!"

Stopping dead in his tracks, Cinderblock's eyes widened as a semi flew straight towards him. He braced himself covering his head with his arms, ready for impact. Cyborg stood proudly watching from the street corner as the rock pile awaited his doom. With the impact of an exploding bullet, the semi slammed against Cinderblock's massive skull, but it failed to do any damage. Cinderblock roared with furry angrier than before and balled up the semi haphazardly tossing it over his shoulder like tin foil. He charged at Starfire, crushing trees, and robot pedestrians. Starfire floated into the air and her eyes lit up green with vicious furry and starbolts lept from her hands like firecrackers. She fired several rounds of Starbolts at Cinderblock till he stumbled like a drunk, giving her an idea. She began circling him all the while still hammering him with Starbolts till he became dizzy and toppled over. When he finally collapsed, she heaved a sigh of exhaustion, and clasped next to him, feeling quite dizzy herself.

"ALPHA SEQUENCE COMPLETE." A computerized voice echoed through the room and a round of overhead lights shut off.

Robin shot an irritated look at Cyborg. "Are you kidding me? That's it? That's the big upgrade you've been going on about for weeks?"

Cyborg shook his head all the while wearing a small grin on his face.

"Robin just start the next sequence."

Robin eyed him suspiciously. "Fine, Raven, Beast Boy it's your turn get over here!"

Beast Boy nodded, a nervous grin spreading across his face as he approached the arena platform.

Beta sequence time 1 minute 39 seconds

Biting the inside of his cheek, Beast Boy watched as the clock counted down. He wondered what kind of trouble Cyborg had in for them. Looking over at Raven, he saw that she was completely calm, like she always was. Well, here goes nothing.

Beta sequence five seconds

Five..Four..Three..Two.. sequence initializing

The platform began to shake under Raven and Beast Boy's feet and they stumbled forward trying to catch their balance. The training arena quickly transformed into what looked like the lake of fire. Raven and Beast Boy were surrounded by lava pools and monstrous holographic flames that gave off the sensation of real fire.

"Jeez Cyborg think you could have made this anymore realistic." Beast Boy complained. He knew exactly what kind of sequence the tin head had set them up with. This was Tri-

"Foolish Mortals! I will feast on your pathetic souls!" Trigon's horrific form burst through the floor and he towered over Raven and Beast Boy laughing manically.

You've got to be kidding me. Raven backed up shaking her head in disbelief. Cyborg did a really good job. Too good.

"So man what you got to say now?" Cyborg smirked.

"Niiice." Robin nodded his head in approval.

"Not this guy again." Beast Boy groaned.

"Beast Boy, all you have to do is distract him. I know his weaknesses," said Raven.

Beast Boy nodded in compliance, turning into a big hairy green spider. He crawled up Trigon's torso and sat on his neck tickling him with his legs. "The big and hairy spider crawled up the ugly demon."

"Arrgggghh!" Trigon squealed, "I hate spiders! Get it off! Get it off!" He swatted at his neck desperately trying to break free from Beast Boy. Raven took this as her opportunity to make her move. While Trigon was distracted she flew at his face full speed landing a series of powerful punches and kicks causing him to holler out in pain. He swatted at Beast Boy with his left hand while trying to pulverize Raven with his right. Eventually, he successfully knocked Beast Boy off his neck and Beast Boy fell to the ground with a loud thud. He stood up and was now in his human form, dusting off his backside, he then stuck out his tongue and pulled down an eyelid at Trigon. Trigon snarled back at him, but was too preoccupied with Raven. He held her firmly in his fist, threatening to dunk her head first in a steaming lava pool. Her skin felt as if it was roasting off as her face came closer and closer to the molten lava.

Thinking quickly, Beast Boy morphed into a gator, taking a large bite out of Trigon's toe. Trigon struggled to brake hold of Beast Boy's grip kicking and shaking his foot violently, sending Beast Boy hurdling into the air. He grabbed his toe with both hands hopping up and down in pain.

This was Raven's chance to brake free. Seizing her short moment of freedom she wiggled lose from Trigon's hold, encasing him in a mass of black energy. The black mass lingered around him for a short time and then flickered out, like a dimming candle, leaving him unaffected. Well, almost unaffected.

"A DRESS!" He growled, standing in his frilly maid's uniform complete with duster.

"Ahahahaha!" Beast Boy cackled, his feet kicking wildly in the air.


"Uh yeah dude, you're a dude demon in a dress."

"YOU'LL PAY!" Trigon roared.

Beast Boy gulped as a monstrous hand loomed over him.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven directed a full blast of her power toward Trigon, but the blow missed him altogether clobbering Beast Boy instead. The dark energy fluoresced against his green skin, and when it had faded out he was standing in a speedo.

"EEEp!" He squealed, trying to cover himself. "What the heck Rae!" Beast Boy shouted, clearly annoyed.

By this time Trigon had forgotten about pulverizing the two because he was too busy ridiculing Beast Boy who had been laughing at him earlier. The entire scene did not go unnoticed by the rest of the Titans who watched from the balcony.

"Cyborg for the sake of my sanity terminate the sequence!" Robin was holding back his urge to barf upon seeing Beast Boy in a Speedo.

"Will do, this is just as painful for me as it is you." Cyborg tried to press the button on the control panel in his arm, but it was stuck."Great."

"Please do the terminating of the sequence. My people have strong stomachs, but I do fear that I cannot do the stomaching of this." Starfire covered her eyes.

"I'm trying Star, but the stupid things stuck, dang faulty equipment."

Below the balcony Raven was slapping her forehead, feeling unbelievably frustrated. I don't understand, my powers were working just fine a few days ago. It can't be… no, only one way to find out.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." She chanted, trying to attack Trigon once more. This time the spell backfired completely and left her standing in a tight fitting bunny outfit, complete with fishnet stockings, rabbit ears, and a fluffy tail. Raven's cheeks flushed and all three male Titans raised an eyebrow.

"Got it!" Cyborg shouted, getting ready to press the button.

"Wait," Robin shouted, "this is actually starting to get pretty good."

"Hmmf!" Starfire pouted, immediately grabbing Cyborg and pressing the button on his arm to stop the training sequence. She then stomped out of the arena.

"Wait Star!" Robin followed after her, embarrassed by his obvious inner pig.

Raven and Beast Boy just stood in the middle of the arena staring at each other with red hues playing across their cheeks. An awkward silence filled the air.

"That's enough training for one day," Beast Boy said, breaking the silence.

"My thoughts exactly," Raven replied, in monotone. Both Titans trudged off to their rooms in opposite directions. Cyborg shrugged as he watched everyone leave and then decided to leave as well.

Hours later, Raven was sitting in her room contemplating her major screw up at practice.

So my irritating emotions are right. This 'thing'…these hormones can affect my powers. She sighed heavily, feeling the full weight of her problem sagging on her shoulders.

"FINE!" She snatched the notebook out from under her bed and opened it to page one. To her displeasure, Lust was sitting in the middle of the page filing her nails.

"I knew you'd be back princess," Lust sneered. "I liked your sexy bunny costume by the way. It's a good look for you. Did you see the way you made heads spin. You even had the attention of Mr. heart throb."

Raven ignored Lust as she casually took a pen out doodling a mustache and a uni-brow on Lust's face.

"I think this is a good look for you."

Lust, pulled off the mustache and uni-brow in a cartoon like manner and disappeared into another page.

"Leaving so soon, what a shame." Raven smirked.

On the blank page in the notebook a few sentences popped up.

I don't have to say anything. You're making your own trouble you'll see. Just keep messing with me and you'll get every bit of what you deserve.


Raven rolled her eyes and watched as Lust's note disappeared. When the message was gone Raven used her pen to write her first diary entry.

October 7th, 2013

Dear Diary,

I think you are ridiculous and normally I wouldn't be caught dead with a diary. I'm only doing this because my split personalities have rendered me helpless against the destruction of my sanity known as hormones… This is all his fault.


Just as Raven was finishing her first diary entry, a heavy handed knock, like the police came at her door.


Raven opened her door slumping, with visible unenthusiasm, more apparent than usual.


"Raven, why did you do that at practice today?"

"Do what?" She mumbled, suddenly covering her eyes.

"Trigon and the maid costume, Beast Boy in the speedo, your bunny outfit?" Robin folded his arms, which he often did when he was serious.

"Um just harmless fun."

"Raven, you know I'm not one to judge you, but you're not really into fun," he took a moment to scratch his chin." And can you take your hands off your eyes it's distracting."

"I can't uncover them."

"Why not?" Robin was beginning to get annoyed.

"I just can't."

"Raven, I hate to say this but your acting kind of like a five year old. Just uncover your eyes so we can get this talk over with. I still have a lot of planning to do before we leave for the trip and this is wasting time."

Raven grimaced and slowly let down her hands. This is definitely more of him than Starfire's ever seen that's for sure. There Robin stood in front of her, babbling on about today's training session, but instead of his stop light apparel, he was sporting his birthday suit.

"So after all blah blah blah, we all blah blah and you blah blah blah blah, you got that?"

"Huh?" Raven shook her head.

"I said you got that?"

"Got what?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"I said that we blah blah blah and you blah blah blah and I want you right now."

Raven's cheeks flushed.

"Uh what was that last part again?"

"Raven are you purposely ignoring me? I said I want you right now!"

"That's what I thought. Uh Robin I think I'm feeling sick maybe we should do this talk some other time." She slammed the door in his face and leaned her back against the door while Robin stood outside irritated.

He shook his head. "I can't wait till this therapy cruise starts, the sooner it starts, the less I'll have to deal with." He walked off deciding he'd better go get some work done while he had patience left to spare.

Inside her room Raven was slightly alarmed.

This can't be happening.

"Oh but it is. Hey, look on the bright side at least the hallucinations are pleasant." Raven could hear Lust teasing. She reached under the bed and opened the diary ready to throttle Lust.

"What are you mad at me for? I have nothing to do with this. It's all you, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying every bit of this." She smiled sadistically.

Raven closed the diary and threw it on the ground jumping up and down on top of it. She then kicked it into the wall. Picked it up and threw it on the floor again and then kicked it open with her boot, relishing the damage she caused Lust. Lust appeared crinkled like an accordion and was trying to flatten herself out.

"Torture me all you want Raven, but it's not going to help your situation. Maybe you should put that kind of energy into expressing yourself in words rather that picking on me." Lust pulled the diary closed.

Raven slumped over, and picked up the diary placing it beneath her bed where she'd become accustomed to stashing it.

I hope this nightmare ends soon.

"Hi Raven." Cyborg greeted her cheerfully from the Kitchen table. "Your late for dinner little lady."

She gave him a faint smile and sat at the table next to Beast Boy. Beast Boy looked at her with astonishment.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Sitting down for dinner?" she deadpanned.

"I mean what are you doing sitting next to me?"

She looked at him and then was about to get up, but he stopped her, flashing his famous fanged grin.

"Just kidding Rae? You know I can't resist your charm." He bounced his eyebrows at her.

"Well you're forgiving."

"I know, and you haven't even apologized," he teased, taking a large bite of tofu and mushroom pizza.

"Sorry Beast Boy. It was just a, a joke."

"Wow, you pulled a prank? Didn't know you had it in you. No apology necessary."

"Whatever." Raven mumbled, taking a bite out of a slice of veggie pizza.

"So your powers are ok and it really was just a joke?" asked Robin.

Raven nodded.

"So everything and everyone is good then?" Robin looked at Beast Boy and Raven waiting for a response.

"Yeah I'm good. As long as Raven asks next time she wants to undress me I'm perfectly fine."

Cyborg and Robin shook their heads at Beast Boy waiting for his inevitable doom. Starfire looked at Raven confused and began to speak, but Raven gave her a look of death and she shut her mouth and continued to eat her pizza in silence.

Raven shot Beast Boy a hateful look and he chuckled nervously.

"Don't I have some sort of immunity? You've already messed with me enough for one day." He went to take another bite of pizza, but the pizza was suddenly incased in dark energy and the whole slice lodged in his throat.

Well at least my powers can still do that. Raven smiled, taking another bite of pizza.

Cyborg and Robin looked at each other and simultaneously burst into laughter.

After dinner Raven retreated to her room as usual. She liked to get a few hours of meditation in before bed. She closed her eyes and folded her legs breathing deeply as she levitated off the ground, chanting softly.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

She entered a world somewhere between earth and Nevermore where her thoughts became less confusing and blurry. Meditation was her way of focus and it always set her priorities in order as well as cleared her mind, but something was wrong this time. After several hours of meditation is seemed her thoughts were becoming more muddled.

Is this what a fever feels like? She reached up, feeling her forehead, but she couldn't tell. She decided to take a break from meditation for a while, feeling the urge to lie down, and collapsed on her bed looking at the ceiling. Her mind began to wonder and she thought of the training session and how she had managed to embarrass herself. She inadvertently began to visualize Beast Boy at practice. It was the first time she'd seen his bare chest. It looked different than she thought; he wasn't as skinny or wiry as he looked. In fact, his muscles were well defined. She closed her eyes and her heart began to beat quicker, chills inching up her thighs. Instantly, her eyes shot open like a bullet.

She hopped out of bed knowing exactly what she had to do. She grasped the notebook from under her bed and picked up her pen. Opening the diary cautiously, she waited for a smart remark from Lust, but none came. Lust was either asleep or preoccupied with other things… Relieved, she began to write on the same page as before. There was still space because she had written so little. I still can't believe I'm doing this.

October 7th, 2013

Dear diary,

I keep debating whether or not to feed you and Lust to the paper shredder. Lust is making my life a nightmare. This all started with a few dreams about a guy I just so happen to live in the same Tower with and now I have little control over my thoughts even when I'm awake. My powers are backfiring. I don't understand why this 'thing' keeps happening, but it's has to stop.


Raven closed the notebook feeling frustrated with herself. She couldn't see how her emotions thought she would even be able to let this, this 'thing' she was feeling, out when she couldn't even write about it without feeling like an idiot.

She had resolved to give up writing for the night, but was feeling just as 'awkward' as before.

She decided to go for a glass of water, but opted on taking the long way to the kitchen. Closing her door softly, she tiptoed out of her room making her way down the hall. She rounded the corner and stopped beside an open door not daring to be seen. She backed away from the door a few steps.

Robin had heard a noise outside his door but decided to ignore it. He always left his door open while he was working out at night, just in case a certain alien princess just so happened to be wandering the halls. He smiled hoping she would stop by his door while he was lifting weights. He liked to impress her, but he could never show off in front of her with Cyborg and Beast Boy around. They would never shut up about it. He stretched and pulled off his shirt revealing a rippling six pack beneath his wife beater. He then pulled off his basketball shorts, revealing black boxers, and nicely toned track star legs.

Raven took a step back from the open door and was about to head in the opposite direction for the kitchen, but she suddenly had an urge to stay put. So she did. She took a few steps toward his door peaking in just a little.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm spying on him. She shifted uncomfortably not knowing whether to leave now or stay put for fear that he might hear her. She inched away quietly, but not quietly enough, The Boy Wonder had senses so sharp they nearly rivaled Beast Boy's animal senses.

"Starfire, is that you?"

Raven panicked, debating whether or not she should make a run for it.

"It's okay Star I'll put my basketball shorts back on you don't have to be embarrassed."

He put his shorts back on and walked out to greet the alien princess, but he was greeted by the demoness instead.

"Uh hi," she mumbled awkwardly. "I uh I, I was just going for a glass of water and I uh I.

Robin looked at her surprised. "You were going for a glass of water all the way by my room? You do realize the kitchen is at the opposite end of the hallway, closer to your room."

"Yeah uh I, uh I."

"Decided to take the scenic route?" he smiled, then began to chuckle.

Raven's face became flushed and she resembled a cherry. Robin noticed her embarrassment and stopped laughing.

"Sorry Raven, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"I'm not embarrassed." She snarled.

"Okay, well that's good. You shouldn't be." he walked back into his room to put on his shirt.

"Sorry you had to see that, sometimes I like to work out with the door open."

Raven nodded then began to walk past his door. Robin looked up at her while doing a bicep curl.

"I thought you were headed to the kitchen."

"Uh right." she deadpanned, turning back around, heading back toward her room.

Robin shook his head as she hurried away from his door, she could hear him chuckling as she made her way down the hall.

She felt like a moron.

Raven took a sip of water as she closed the door to her room. She glanced at the clock. Eleven. She had to sleep. Chances were Robin would have the team up early tomorrow, training hard, to make up for the terrible run today. She wasn't anxious for tomorrow, but she was tired of thinking about today, so she plopped down on her bed, shutting her eyes. Within an instant she was fast asleep.

Raven awoke still feeling tired. She glanced at the clock. 6 AM, her usual waking hours. Rolling over on her side, she debated whether or not she should go back to sleep, and finally resolved that she was hungry. Really really hungry.

She haphazardly grazed her fingers through her hair, doing a quick detangling job, and then headed to the kitchen to make something to eat. It wasn't like Raven to prepare herself breakfast without getting ready first, but today she was craving something badly.

She opened the chrome kitchen cabinets, searching for something, not really knowing what, but she kept searching until she decided on what she was craving. It was this weird chocolate spread Beast Boy and Cyborg kept raving about. She remembered complaining about how unhealthy it was when they first bought it, but now here she was, about to devour it. Nutella, she read the label, unscrewing the jar and smelling the contents. It smelled heavenly. She glanced over her shoulder checking to make sure no one was around before grabbing a slice of bread and a knife. She took a big hunk of Nutella and spread it across the bread greedily. Her mouth salivating with every whiff of the chocolate spread.

"Morning Raven," a voice chimed in, coming from the common room.

Raven jumped, knowing she was caught red handed. She trembled, hurrying to put the chocolate spread away.

"Morning Robin." She muttered unenthusiastically, as he walked into the kitchen.

He began to search the cabinets for his mug and his coffee, but looked up at Raven when he noticed the piece of bread with chocolate spread sitting on the counter.

"Are you eating Nutella?"

"Yes." Raven mumbled her head down, and her back toward him.

Robin shrugged. "I guess," he said, then went back to looking for his morning pleasures. Soon Cyborg and Beast Boy came sauntering into the common room. Both were quiet and rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

Beast Boy seated himself by the widow and rested his head on the kitchen table nearly falling back asleep. A bit of drool oozed out of his mouth and rolled down the chrome surface.

"Get up man you're drooling all over the table." Cyborg grumpily nudged Beast Boy. The green teen yawned and lifted his head. Not wanting to wake up.

"Robin, seriously dude, why do we have to have a training session at 8 AM today?" Beast Boy whined.

Robin turned to face him. "Because yesterday didn't work out. We have to get in several good practice sessions if we're going to be taking an entire week off work."

Beast Boy groaned. "Several, are you kidding me?"


"This is totally bogus!" Beast Boy complained. "Raven, don't you think Robin is being ridiculous?"

"Um," Raven glanced over her shoulder and turned to face the others. She was just about to tell Robin she agreed with Beast Boy, but stopped when she realized all three of the guys were staring at her with mixed expressions.

"What?" she asked, slightly alarmed.

None of the guys said a word.

"WHAT?" She asked louder.

Beast Boy grimaced and raised a finger, pointing at Raven's light grey pajama shorts. She looked down and suddenly realized what everyone was staring at. No. Anything, but that. God no. She was mortified.

There sitting right in the middle of her shorts was a giant wet spot. Not just a water spot, no, this was thicker, like snot. If she thought yesterday was a bad day, today was a hell of a lot worse. She wanted to die.

Not knowing what else to do, she dropped everything, and took off running for her room. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe this is freaking happening. She reached her room and slammed the door. I am never coming out.

Back in the kitchen, the guys were still speechless. Cyborg, being the oldest, was the first to finally break the silence.

"Alright so who's gonna do it?"

"Do what?" Both Robin and Beast Boy asked.

"Don't play dumb. You know somebodies gotta talk to Raven."

Both Beast Boy and Robin turned their backs to Cyborg.


"If we don't you know she's just gonna sit in her room for all eternity. She's like that, she blows things way out of proportion."

"Why can't we just let Starfire do it?" Beast Boy whined.

Cyborg sneered at Beast Boy, then contorted his face to resemble a clueless girl.

"But I do not understand what is this nocturnal ooze monster and how is it emitted?" he asked in a high pitched girly voice, doing a perfect Starfire impression.

Robin and Beast Boy couldn't help themselves, they both burst into hysterical fits of laughter and Cyborg joined them. They went on laughing for nearly five minutes before Cyborg straightened his face and got serious again.

"But seriously." Cyborg asked, "Who's gonna level with Raven?"

Beast Boy chimed in. "I think you should cause you brought it up."

Cyborg glared at Beast Boy. "Well, BB I think you should cause you know most about this subject."

Beast Boy folded his arms petulantly and Cyborg smirked.

Robin finally spoke up. "Fine, I'm the leader I guess I'll do it. As much as I really don't want to, and I really don't want to."

He set down his coffee and headed for Raven's room, dreading the visit.

Raven was still in her room meditating when Robin knocked. She knew someone would come for her eventually and she was dreading this moment.

"Raven I know you're in there. We need to talk."


"You can't stay in your room hiding forever. We're having another training session in a half hour and I expect you to be there."


Robin sighed audibly. "Look everyone has wet dreams, stop being a child and come out of your room."

Suddenly Raven's door shot open and she was standing in the doorway glaring at Robin.

I knew that one would get her out, Robin smirked.

Raven did her best to remain expressionless when she looked at Robin. She finally spoke up. "Robin," she mumbled. "Can you guys just pretend like this never happened and can we please skip this conversation."

Robin wasn't hard to convince. He didn't want to have that conversation with her either. Raven was definitely the last person he ever wanted to have that conversation with.

"Yeah." he said simply and began to walk away.

Raven heaved a sigh of relief, but then Robin stopped and turned back around to face her.

"I just have one question."


Robin looked at her smirking. "Who was it about?"

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