Therapy Cruise

Blindfolds & Handcuffs Part 1

The world was this topsy turvy collide-scope in which everything became a hazy wonderland. One minute the stoic empath had found herself doubled over chucking up yesterday's breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then, nothing. That was it. Now it felt as if she were treading upon clouds instead of solid ground. Or that she might spontaneously float into the sky without the slightest inclination.

She had become a solo wanderer at graveyard hours. Her eyes remained fully open, but in attentive. Bumbling and fumbling like a drunken fool, the clueless zombie, had stumbled out of her room and into the ship's lobby, occasionally colliding with a chair or two, no harm done. Her feet continued to usher her forward leaving her brain and coordination far behind. Coming within inches of a Samurai sword on hanging display, she stumbled sideways, smashing dead smack into a hardwood kitchen door instead.

And, as if the door had done her a horrible injustice, she proceeded to blast the thing into next week, her finger tips sizzling with mystical energy. She lifted her hand toward the door, but instead of issuing a fatal blow, she toppled through it, afterwards, springing to her feet. Dancing clumsily around the kitchen island, she initiated a handshake with the fridge handle, as she retrieved a bottle of ranch dressing. Next, she headed to the pantry, shifting through its contents until her fingers curled around a box of cinnamon sugar frosted corn flakes.

With both goodies in hand she began making herself a bowl of cereal, minus the bowl. She scattered the crunchy flakes across the counter surface, making the first layer, then several globs of ranch dressing followed, and finally another layer of corn flakes to do the trick. Of course no spoon was necessary for this tasty treat. Instead, she would take a mouth first dive into her flavorful creation. This left her with a forehead slathered in corn flakes and ranch, which began to slowly drip down to her nose, and onto her chin. Seeming not to mind, the creative wanderer, exited the kitchen leaving her mess behind, arriving outside, just in front of the tunnel leading her through the aquarium.

She traveled through it effortlessly, being that there wasn't much to bump into. Her hands felt along the glass walls of the aquarium, acting as her guide, as she moved along. Though most of the fish seemed unbothered by the strange specimen tapping on their glass, some of them swam away frantically hiding behind shrubs and brush which seemed to be their only protection against the odd-looking girl.

When her fingers finally met the edge of the glass, she grabbed at the air frantically searching for something to hold her up, then her hands landed on a silver door knob. She hung from the knob as the door swung open and landed square on her back. Being that reason and logic seemed absent from her mind at the moment, she crawled through the open door, which had been carefully labeled with a little white stick-man on the front.

It was in this odd facility that she began to strip. First, she ditched the cloak. Tugging at it until it easily ripped off her neck. Next, she popped off her boots, kicking them across the cold tile. One ricocheted of the wall and landed in the sink, and the other had become lodged in one of the urinals. Finally, she began to work herself out of her leotard. This was a bit more tricky. At first she had tried tugging at it as she had done with her cloak but after several futile attempts to rid herself of the restrictive garment she had become irritated. Growling she tugged harder and harder until finally she was able to just walk out of her leotard. Apparently, she had become so frustrated, the energy from her powers had turned her intangible for a moment.

Kicking her leotard aside, she walked into one of the individual stalls and drew a curtain as if she knew exactly what she was doing. Adjusting the shower knob to scorching, she pulled the handle, cringing as the scalding water came into contact with her scalp.


Beast Boy came out of his room yawning with a shower towel draped over his shoulder. It was way too early for him, but due to last nights frenzy he hadn't been able to sleep well anyway and so he figured he'd might as well stay awake.

I kinda wonder how Raven's doing this morning. I should probably go check on her after I'm done showering. She was in pretty bad shape when I found her last night.

He drug his feet lazily to the nearest bathroom. Unlike Cyborg's room, his didn't come with its own personal bathroom, so he had to use the public one next to the aquarium when ever he felt the urge. Lame? Yes, but not the worst thing in the world. Hardly anyone used it so most of the time it seemed like his own anyway.

He approached the door ready to turn the knob, but hesitated because of the loud shrieking coming from inside.

That sounds like a girl's voice... Wait a second that is a girl. What's a girl doing in the guy's bathroom?

"DAMN IT!" The girl screamed.

"Wait a second, that's no girl, that's Raven!" Beast Boy's eyes shot open and he barged through the door.

"Rae are you alright!" he shouted, dropping his towel and running for the stall where he heard her screeching painfully. Without thinking he reached for the shower curtain threatening to pull it off.

"NO DON'T!" She squealed, reaching for the curtain at the same time. Consequently, she yanked Beast Boy along with the curtain and the two toppled backward into the shower stall, the hot water drenching them both.

"YAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!" They screamed, fighting to turn off the water.

Beast Boy was the first to grab the knob, but instead of shutting it off he accidentally switched it to cold. Growling, Raven swatted his hand away shutting the water off. She was thoroughly soaked and thoroughly pissed.


"ME? This is the guy's bathroom what the hell are YOU doing in here?"

Now normally, Raven would have replied with some rude quip, but clearly she was in the wrong this time so, she found herself speechless. Her tongue felt thick in her mouth as she tried to talk her way around the situation.

"I don't know." She replied icily. " Just move so I can get my clothes."

"Huh?" Beast Boy froze, suddenly stunned. Her clothes? She's not wearing clothes?

Pushing, a stiff Beast Boy aside, Raven grabbed the rest of the shower curtain and wrapped it around her body. Then, she proceeded, around the men's bathroom collecting her various clothing items.

When she had finished changing, she exited the bathroom, but not without issuing the green teen a severe warning. Informing him that if he ever spoke of this to anyone she would be ordering an elastrator band to neuter him with.

"My life is becoming a nightmare! I don't know how long I can go on dealing with this headache." Raven said, as she hurried back to her room to get a fresh change of clothes and take a real shower.

For some reason, she smelled of corn flakes and ranch dressing, making this the most bizarre morning. First she woke up being scorched by hot water in the men's bathroom, then Beast Boy shows up. He should have just minded his own business. He could be so nosy sometimes.

When she had finally reached the normalcy of her own room she quickly grabbed a fresh leotard and cloak, along with clean underwear, and was on her way to the shower, when she heard a small voice calling her name.

"Sounds kind of like Knowledge." She said.

The grey doppelgänger waved and shouted at her from inside the mystical mirror that encased her.

"Raven! Raven!"

"Knowledge what is it?"

"It's Lust. As it seems, the diary isn't as far away as we perceived it to be. It's actually on the ship. We just can't pinpoint the exact location."

"How do you know?"

"Lust must have revealed herself to whoever has it. We were able to sense her using the crystal orb, but she disappeared just as quickly as she appeared."

Great. Raven thought. Now all I have to do is search the ENTIRE ship.

"And Raven..."


"You might want to hurry. The disruption Lust is causing is worse than wisdom or I had thought it would be. It's the reason you have been so sick and why you've started sleep walking.

Sleepwalking? So, that explains the ranch and corn flake smell, and the urinals.

"Thanks Knowledge." Raven said, picking up her things and hurrying off to the public bathroom. First a quick shower, then she was on a mission to find that diary. No one was going to stop her.

"What do you mean you have no idea what suitcase I'm talking about." Robin complained, forking his hand through his gelled spikes for the third time.

"It's just what I said my partner Tony and I move all the bags, that's what we do, we move 'em. We didn't see that suitcase of yours. Maybe you left it at home. You ever consider that little man?" said a chubby mover, scratching his beard as he peered down at Robin from the window to his office.

"LITTLE MAN." Robin snapped, threatening the man with his eyes.

The mover shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, then grabbed a clipboard with a thick stack of forms, handing it out the window to Robin.

"Sure, sure we'll look for the bag. That's what we do. Just fill out the forms and if we see it we'll try to get your stuff to you in 10-14 days tops.

"I won't be here in 10-14 days, I need it now. I have important business to take care of and I can't get it done without that suitcase."

"Okay, okay, tell you what, you make with the forms and I'll try to get the bag to you before you leave. How's that sound?"

Robin's lips shriveled up like a prune and his eyebrows bumped together.

"Whatever." He grumbled, snatching the clipboard.

"I can't believe how mad Rae was. It's not like any of it was my fault. I should have just minded my own business. Every time I try to do something to help her it always pisses her off!"

Beast Boy sat alone in his room beating himself up while indulging in a lengthy game of Smash Bros. boxing on game station. Blood and guts sailed everywhere as he beat the snot out of his computer opponent. However, Beast Boy, was not taking any pleasure in winning like he normally did. Video games couldn't take his mind off how unfair Raven was.

Last night he was just going to the kitchen to get a bottle of juice and a sandwich when he found her outside, puking her guts out. His heart nearly skipped a beat. She could barely walk on her own so he had escorted her back to her room and wiped the puke from her face and also helped her brush her teeth before laying her in her bed. After that he had went back outside to clean up the rest of the vomit. When the mess was finally clean he went to the kitchen and got her some water, then, continued to spend another couple of hours with her making sure she would be alright alone, but even after all that, he would never receive his due benevolence.

"What is it with her! It's like I can't do anything right. If I was Cyborg or Robin she wouldn't treat me like dirt all the time." He growled, dealing the final blow to the computer opponent. His character did a little victory dance while the other character lay motionless in the center of the ring, little birds circling his head.

"I just wish she appreciated me more."

"She appreciates you a lot more than you know."

"Huh?" Beast Boy turned to see who was speaking, but there was no one there, just piles of clothes, a few candy wrappers, and a half full glass of chocolate soy milk.

"Okaay?" he said, rising out of his bean bag chair, and wiping the chocolate mustache from his lip.

"Over here cutie." The voice playfully called him. He was sure it sounded like a girl's least he hoped so. And it was also a bit muffled as if she was locked in a dresser or something. Moving his clothes and a few suitcases out of the way, he could hear her voice getting closer, until finally he came across Robin's suitcase.

"Come on baby get me out of this smelly old thing."

Baby? Beast Boy scratched his head. He was definitely not prepared for that one, but he didn't let that stop him from opening the suitcase. The voice had said something about Raven appreciating him, and this is what he was curious about.

He carefully unzipped the suitcase and Raven's diary came flying out at his face.

"Your my hero. I thought I would be stuck in that thing forever." said Lust, her shapely figure sticking out of the page as if Beast Boy was wearing 3D glasses. She blew him a couple of violet coated kisses that fluttered their way out of the diary and clung to his lips.


"You could say that, but I prefer to go by Lust."

"Oh wait I get it." said Beast Boy, smacking his forehead. "Your one of Raven's emotion clone thingys."

Lust rolled her eyes playfully, then puckered her lips. "Your so cute when you try to think."

"Um, thanks, I think..." said Beast Boy, scratching his head. He was still stuck on figuring out how Lust was able to get herself inside of a diary, but then he had to remind himself that this was one of Raven's emotions he was dealing with, and with Raven he never knew what he was going to get.

"So Lust was it?"

"Yes," she purred.

"What's it you were saying about Raven and how she appreciates me?"

"Oh," she said, chuckling devilishly "We'll I'll just have to show you. Don't be shy baby just grab my hand and I can pull you inside."

"Uh I don't know..."

"Oh come on," she pouted. "I won't bite."

Beast Boy clasped her hand apprehensively, and to his delight, it was warm and soft despite it's grey exterior. Just like Rae's.

A thick cloud appeared over Cyborg who was seated on a bench outside the Mexican Restaurant from the other day. Shifting uncomfortably he murmured to himself. Why was it so difficult to say three little words? He knew what he really wanted and all the words in between were just a waste.

"Hey, I noticed you noticing me the other day and I was wondering if you'd like to hang out?"

No too cocky.

"I uh think your pretty, can I please take you out?"

Too wimpy.

"What's your number?" He said, feeling it out. After all, it was what he wanted to say, but it would be so awkward saying it to a complete stranger. At least with the other women he'd dated he'd known them first.

"632-334-7943 you got it down or do you need paper?"

Shocked, Cyborg turned to see a saucy little waitress standing behind the gated entrance. He would of spoken, but he fell dumbstruck watching the sun beams dancing across her face as she scribbled something onto a tiny piece of paper. Calling him over with her finger, she handed it to him.

"Here, I get off tomorrow around six, don't be late."

"So you're saying this is what Raven really thinks about me?"

Lust nodded, smirking.

"Wow..." Beast Boy said, scratching the back of his head and blushing. "I guess... I just never knew how she felt."

His eyes glazed an onslaught of scandal pouring out of the previously blank pages. This told it all. Every private and personal detail she kept buried away. Her musings knew him intimately in ways none could describe outside of experience. No his name was never mentioned, but his smile had graced her pages. Besides, who else had been as dedicated to Raven as Beast Boy?

He comforted her in times of despair, he sought to protect her, he let her know that she belonged, and was loved. Most days he just wanted to hear her laugh or see her smile. How could he have missed her desire for the same things from him?

Her words taunted him. Physically, she expressed an insatiable appetite for his body,so much so that she became stimulated by a mere fantasy or dream. It was tempting to let her play with his imagination, but still he had his doubts. Her words were a complexity of mixed feelings. Passion and desire were accompanied by sorrow and rage showing her fight to resist the tangled web of Lust, but the hunger in Beast Boy's eyes told Lust that she'd caught him.

"Must I say more?" Lust whispered seductively.

"No." replied Beast Boy, turning his back to her.

This was wrong, intruding into Raven's personal thoughts. Though he craved the information she was hiding, he couldn't feel right about himself just taking it from her. It was beyond wrong. It was cruel.

"Lust I just want to go back to my room."

"What's a matter? Is it something I did or said? Am I ugly to you?" Lust frowned.

"No, you could never be ugly to me you look just like her." He smiled.

"Oh," said Lust, the corners of her mouth perking up again. "So now that you know are you prepared to give her what she wants? "

Beast Boy turned toward Lust with a confused look on his face. "but..."

"But WHAT?" Lust snarled.

"But I'm just not sure if it's really me that she wants." He slumped.

What was he saying. The alarms went off in his mind the moment his eyes landed on the first page. It was him. It had to be him...or maybe he just wanted it to be.

"Can I just go back now?"

"Fine." Lust pouted, feeling defeated. She grabbed his hand and flung him out of the diary as if he were a rubber band. Then she slammed the cover shut, but not before yelling, "MEN SUCK!"

Beast Boy landed back in his room with a hard thud and surprise, surprise, Robin was there to greet him.
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