Therapy Cruise

Happy Trail Part 1

A bitter kiss from the sun landed on Robin's cheek stirring him. It was too bright way too bright. His thoughts halted for a moment as he regained his senses, wait a minute, outside? He sat up, wrinkling is his nose and wiggling his toes in the sand.

Shouldn't I be trapped in a basement right now?

His jaw locked.

I'm here. But there is NO ship.

His eyelids narrowed.

NO ship. But I'm here.

The corners of his mouth fell to his chin.


"Coconuts, Palm trees, and sand…lots and lots of sand!" Beast Boy whined. "I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere ALONE!"

He glanced around, nobody, nobody at all! It was just him. How could that old gargoyle do this to him? What had he done to deserve this torture? What if no one ever found him? What if he died on this island? What if…if he was forced to make tofu out of COCONUTS! He couldn't live off just coconuts, coconuts are like a natural laxative, and he couldn't stomach the thought of eating fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Beast Boy slapped himself. "Dude calm down you'll be fine!" He sucked in a mouthful of air. "The rest of the teams gotta be somewhere around this island…hopefully."

"Cyborg I do not see anyone else here. Do you think we have been stuck to strands?"

"You mean stranded Starfire and yes. I think Lizzy screwed us." He said, plopping down in the sand.

Starfire wrinkled her nose. "I think I would remember being violated with a driver of screws."

Cyborg pounded his head against a boulder while Starfire looked on with bewilderment.

"This is going to be a long long trip." He groaned.

"I can't believe she stranded me here! I can't believe I wasted money on this stupid cruise! I can't believe I'm stuck here alone! No one scams me!


"Star is that you?"

Of course, he thought. Well, at least now he wasn't alone.

"Um actually…"

He glanced to his side and recognized a pasty, violet haired girl, dusting the sand off her chest.

"Raven?" He frowned. "How the hell'd you get here? I was handcuffed to Star."

"Good question, maybe you can answer it. I woke up several minutes after you!" She snarled. "But, if I had to guess, I'd say… that bitch stranded us here."

"Yeah, I'd agree that just about sums it up," He stood up, dusting the sand off his uniform.

"Where are you going?"

"To look for the rest of the team. If she stranded us she probably stranded everyone else also. She doesn't have a reason to single us out."

"And this whole time I thought she kind of liked you." Raven smirked, hurrying to catch up with him.

"Ha funny." He sneered. "A joke, didn't know you had it in you. Too bad Beast Boy wasn't here."

"Why think of ways to make things worse isn't this bad enough?"

Robin let out a stiff chuckle. "You two fight like an old married couple."

"Shut up."

"Must have hit a sensitive spot, I'll drop it." He bent over to rub his foot. "Man, this sand is killing me. Aren't your feet burning?"

"I'm part, you know… "

"Oh right..." He averted his gaze to the outskirts of the island, "So my thought is, this is a pretty big island, if the others are here then they're probably on the other side what do you think?"

"I don't know."

"I just think that Lizzy wouldn't put us that close together if she was trying to make things difficult and obviously trapping us in a basement for 12 hours and then stranding us on an island isn't the most accommodating thing she could do."

Raven nodded. Robin probably had the entire thing figured out already. Once he started putting things together she preferred not to get involved much. It was easier to give her opinion only when it was necessary.

"You have nothing to add?"

"Not really, it sounds like you already have things figured out."

"But I was asking for your input."

Sighing, she grumbled. "It sounds logical to me, but shouldn't we stay here just in case they come looking for us?"

"Well there's two of us here. You stay here and I'll go," Robin retorted.



"I'd, um rather go with you."

His teeth sunk into his lower lip and his eyebrows knit together. "Fine."

"What is it that you are doing?"

"What does it look like girl? I'm frying some eggs. It's way WAAY past breakfast.

"Those do not look like the eggs in the store of shopping."

"Eggs are eggs."

"If you say so…" Star sighed, taking a seat next to Cyborg.

"I wonder what Robin is doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing Raven? I'm taking off my uniform. I'm sweating to death in this thing!"

She glanced away feeling heat rise to her cheeks.

"I don't care if you look. I'm keeping it off until we get back on the ship, AC blowing full blast."

Her flushed cheeks depend in color and she lagged behind. From the back Robin looked extremely broad. Each bronze and chiseled muscle glistened with sweat, but it was kind of grossing her out every time he bent over to rub his feet. She kept catching glimpses of thick black pit hair.

"How long do you think this is going to take?" She averted her eyes from his pit hair.

"What's going to take?"

"Our unsuccessful search for the rest of the team…"

"I don't know. And who said it's unsuccessful we barely started looking."

Raven shrugged, losing interest.

"So now you're quiet."

"No I…"

"If you think my idea is a waste of time, why don't you just say it."

"I don-"

"Why can't you ever just admit how you really feel?"

"I'M TRYING IF YOU'D JUST SHUT UP LONG ENOUGH!" Raven snapped, her teeth extending into fangs.

Robin folded his arms, and turned toward her, knifing her in the face with his frigid blue eyes. She was beginning to grate on his nerves. Always acting so levelheaded and quiet, bullshit, she was probably eye screwing him the moment he took off his uniform.

"I don't think it's a waste of time I just think there's a better way to accomplish our goal."

"Well since you object to flying, why don't you stay behind, like you wanted to in the first place?"

"Because Robin, we're a team, and even if part of that teams being an enormous ass right now, teams stick together."

He couldn't argue with that logic, well, except for the part where she called him an ass.

"Okay." He snarled.

"Okay." She snarled back, equally obstinate.



Raven shrugged. "Maybe one of us could climb a palm tree and see if we can see the others."

That actually wasn't a bad idea, Robin thought.

"What about that one over there?"

"I guess it's tall enough." Raven shrugged.

Robin sprinted over to it, sinking, with each sloppy stride. Raven watched mystified.

Isn't he supposed to be moving?

"I'm stuck. Great, just great."


"Gee really?" He growled. "Soooo are you gonna help pull me out or?"

"Or leave you there? I don't know, you haven't been that nice lately, maybe I should…"

"RAVEN HONESTLY! Do you even want to get off this island! Maybe you have plans to be trapped with me forever, but I have a thousand things I'd rather be doing right now, starting with shoving a stick up Lizzy's boney old ass!"

Raven had to snicker just a tad. She'd never seen Robin so disheveled and rampant. The tousled locks dangling in front of his eyes dripped with sweat and dirt and he had grown probably two shades darker since they had started their expedition. His back and shoulders showed a few small cuts from fighting with stray palm branches.

Sexy huh?

"Robin did you say something just now?"

"Yeah I just asked you to help me get out of this quicksand, but you're still standing there watching me sink."

"Oh right…" Raven quickly shook herself out of a stupor.

"I hate to say anything, but you should be more grateful." Raven deadpanned, a few small palm branches rustling as she squatted behind them.

"For what?" huffed Robin, standing opposite her, behind the trunk of a wide palm tree.

"I helped pull you out."

"Yeah and?"

"Yeah and, I could have left you."

"Ha sure Raven," Robin chuckled, "You wouldn't have left me."

"How do you know?" She replied, kicking sand over her little puddle.

"I know." He said.

Crossing her arms over her chest she walked over to confront him. "Yeah well you think you kn-"


"Oh UM I'm sorry…I'm so-"

"JUST GO OVER THERE OR SOMETHING!" He shouted, quickly yanking up the front of his boxers.

Why can't I just die now? Raven thought to herself as she sat on the edge of the island drawing in the sand with a pebble. She had walked off a ways intending to give Robin his privacy. He was pissed. For once she knew exactly how Beast Boy must feel. Idiot, she smirked. He was always doing stupid crap like that to her. Walking in on her in the shower, flushing the toilet when she was in the shower, leaving the seat up and causing her to fall in, etc. It was never funny when it happened, but now that she thought about it. It was hilarious.


"Yes," she jumped.

"Why'd you do that?"


His face contorted like a shriveled prune, giving her that look like, don't even try to play dumb.

"It was an accident. Let's drop it."


"I'm gonna go see if I can find anything to eat... You hungry?"

"A little…" She lied, knowing that she could devour an entire cow in a heartbeat if given the chance.

She watched him walking away, feeling relief spread through her entire body. He was so uptight and she knew something had to be wrong. He'd been treating her like a dirty rag since they found out they were trapped here together. What could she have done to piss him off this bad? I mean besides walk in on him. She thumbed through her hair restlessly.

They had been messing around all day and had come no closer to finding anyone else. How she wished her powers- WAIT! Her powers! Why didn't she try contacting the rest of the team before?

Closing her eyes she quickly hummed out her mantra, but nothing was happening.

"I don't understand!"

"Don't understand what?" yelled Robin

"Nothing, I was just uh …nothing."

"Okay." He shrugged, slamming a shard into a small coconut. "I found a couple coconuts, it's not much, but it's better than nothing."

Raven didn't speak, instead she carefully got up, and walked over to where Robin was sitting under the shade of a palm tree. He was ragged looking now and she didn't want to say anything, but he smelled awful. Like something dead, bottled, and fermented for twenty years. He handed her a thick hunk of coconut meat never taking a moment to look up at her all the while he ate. They both fell quiet and nothing but the sound of chewing masked the awkward silence.

Robin sipped at the juice, then wiped his cracked lips, and tossed the coconut slice off to the side. Casually, he leaned his head back against the shady tree yawning.

"Um Raven, I kinda didn't want to say anything, but uh, you kinda uh, well, you…" He mumbled.


"You stink."

"And you smell like roses." She sneered.

"Really?" He smirked lifting his arm and sniffing. "Cause I was thinking more like something that died, was bottled, and fermented for twenty years, but if you say roses I won't argue."

"Shut up Robin you're beginning to remind me of Beast Boy."

"Psssh… that's funny."

"Why what's so wrong with Beast Boy?" She said defensively.

"Did you really just ask that question?" He said, smirking. She fell quiet causing a subtle grin to play across his face.

"Oh that's right, he nudged her, I forgot. You've got a thing for him."

"…Go take a shower."

"Good idea." He said, getting up. "You know," he trailed off walking past her through a thicket of shrubs. "You should probably take one too."

The moon climbed into the sky showering the lonely little island with the radiance of its cordial beams. Deeply weaved into the velvety midnight sky were the stars, heavenly bodies, glowing bright with an awkward passion only found at indecent hours.

"What are you thinking about?" Raven mumbled, her fingers entangled in her hair, massaging the sand and oil from her scalp.

"Thinking about how we're going to get out of here. Why?"

"Because you've been acting weird all day. I understand you're mad about being stuck here with me but-"

"Who said that the reason I'm mad has anything to do with you?" Robin said, splashing warm water on his face. "I'm just mad that I'm stuck here. It has NOTHING to do with you."

What a liar he was. He wasn't happy being trapped with her. He was so frustrated by the irony of the situation. Here he had the perfect opportunity to set Raven straight, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything. Instead, the thought just stayed in the back of his mind picking at his nerves.

Raven was beginning to grow tired of Robin's attitude. He was always arrogant, prideful, and aloof but, typically, it wasn't a 24/7 kind of deal. Why did he keep acting so angry?

She unsnapped her cloak, letting it fall by the wayside while she slipped her feet into the cool ocean water.

"I don't see why you don't just get in." Robin scoffed.

She gave him a blank stare, her heart pounding, watching him lift out of the water. He held his shorts as he stood up, the material clinging tightly to his thighs. God she was acting like such a pervert! She hated everything that was going through her mind uncontrollably and yet, she still found her eyes on the verge of climbing down his happy trail…. DAMN YOU LUST! DAMN YOU LUST TO TRIGON'S FIREY HELL!

"There." He grumbled, dryly. "I'm out."

"Uh…thanks." She watched him take her seat as she waded into the chilly water. She noticed how Robin was doing his best to look away from her. He sat sulking with his head against his knees.

He didn't have to be so damn difficult.

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