Therapy Cruise

Happy Trail Part 2

"How the heck did I get up here last night?" Beast Boy glanced up at the palm branches dangling above him. From where he was sitting he felt as if he could reach up and pluck a cloud right out of the sky. "OW! OW! OW! BRIGHT TOO BRIGHT!" He shouted, shielding his eyes from sun. That definitely wasn't a smart move, he thought, trying to blink back the little flashy spots.

"Hey wait, "He grumbled rubbing his eyes, "I think I see someone… actually I see two someones."

Straightening his back, he stuck out his neck, and squinted. "Yeah, those are definitely people. "HEEEEYY! GUYS! LOOK, LOOK, I'M OVER HERE! COME ON LOOK! I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK ON THIS ISLAND WIPING WITH LEAVES AND EATING COCONUTS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, LOOOK!"

Beast Boy squinted harder, trying to make out whether he'd caught anyone's attention. "Ugh." He sighed. "This is hopeless."

Robin yawned, rolling over. "Hey Raven did you hear something earlier? It sounded like someone was screaming. Raven?"


"AGH!" Robin jumped. "What the, did you sleep here the whole time last night?"

"Yeah why?" Raven smirked, straightening her tasseled hair.

"No reason." He lied, quickly changing the subject. He brought up the scream again, but Raven insisted he imagined it out of wishful thinking.

"Why don't we try your plan again, only this time, make sure there's no quick sand."

Sneering, Robin agreed.

"Cyborg remember how you had said that all eggs are similar?"

"Yeah Star."

"Well, I do not feel like THOSE eggs were very similar to the eggs that come from the store of shopping. My stomach is making the most unpleasant of gurgles."

Starfire sick from somebody else's cooking, huh, I guess there's a first time for everything, Cy thought. He always figured with that weird ass alien food she had a cast iron stomach for sure.


Cyborg's eyes widened.

"STAR! You mean to tell me you haven't used the bathroom for two days. Go behind a tree or something!"

"I CAN NOT!" She said grimacing and holding her stomach.

"WELL DON'T DO IT INFRONT OF ME!" He covered his eyes taking a few steps back.

"Star just go behind the bush over there no one's gonna see we are like the only ones on this-


"Cyborg are you alright?" Starfire, peered over a giant crater to see Cyborg scrunched up at the bottom like crumbled newspaper.

"Yeah, finnne, I fall into giant craters every day."

"I wonder how it got here?" she asked, scratching her head.

"I don't know, but I don't plan on living down here."

"Oh right." Star smiled. She leaned over the hole extending her hand. "You think whoever put thi- EEEeeeeeePPPPP!"

"STAR! You alright?"

"Yes I am fine. Someone pushed me."

"Are you sure? We're the only ones on this island last time I checked." He glanced at his heat detector. "Wait, that's weird."

"What is it?"

"It's picking up body heat from someone… several someones."

Star's eyes widened as she pointed overhead at the tree trunks carefully being placed over their exit by grungy little hands.


"Yeah Star?"

"I think we are in a pile of the droppings."

"Robin can you see anyone from up there?"


"What do you mean maybe, either you see someone, or you can't." Raven deadpanned.

"I see Beast Boy, which is more of a something rather than a someone."

Raven smirked. She wasn't going to argue with that one.

"What's he doing?"

"He's waving, I think he sees me."

"Wave back."

"Obviously," Robin grumbled.

"What's he doing now?"

"He's still waving… and-"

"And what?"

"Annd now he's falling"


"Yeah he just fell out of the tree trying to wave." Robin laughed.

"Figures." Raven rolled her eyes.

"I KNEW IT!" Beast Boy exclaimed, rubbing his head and his backside at the same time. "I knew there had to be someone else on this island besides me." Even if it is just Robin, that's better than nothing, the rest of the team could be with him, he thought.

Cheerfully, Beast Boy sprung up, to go look for him.

"Hey Starfire."


"Didn't you say you needed to use the bathroom?"

"Yes, why is it that you are asking?"

"I was just wondering because you've been holding it for a really long time."

"I suppose I had forgotten when the little people decided to tie us to palm trees." She grimaced.

Both Titans were now bound hand and foot, and were being drug through shrubs and sand by a group of indigenous pygmies.

"EReegahh BOGgayity boggayity!" Snarled one of the pygmies. To Starfire, he appeared to be of royalty because of his strange head dress and make up.

"What the hell?" Cyborg contorted his face.

"Please allow me." Starfire batted her eyelashes, catching one of the captor's attention.

"Oeeyah Oeeeyah muah muah muah muah!" He said, puckering his lips.

Quickly, she stuck out her neck and kissed him.

"Well?" asked Cyborg.


"EReegahh BOGgayity boggayity!" The pygmy chief snarled again.

"He just told us to shut up. He doesn't like when his dinner talks back."

"Oh." Cyborg nodded. "WAIT DINNER!"

"Are you going to stop punching that palm tree? You're probably giving it a headache."

"No, I-M G-E-T OU-T MY A-G-G ESSION!" Robin panted.

"Why are you aggravated? Lizzy isn't even here."

Dropping his battered fists, Robin turned toward Raven, who was propped up against an adjacent palm tree."

"Then I'm practicing so I can do some damage when I do see her. There's nothing else better to do since you talked me into waiting here for Beast Boy. Not gonna sit around and stare at coconuts all day while we wait. If I can't train at the gym I'll train here."

"Whatever." Raven grumbled, taking a spot in the sand. She sighed, resting her head on her knees. If Robin wanted to be thick headed then fine no big deal. She'd just ignore him and meditate like she usually did when there was nothing else better to do.

Slowly, she receded into herself. Her mind became a blank slate. Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos…. the blue sky was replaced by a vast expanse of nothingness stretching from anywhere to nowhere. It was funny how she usually felt so comfortable in her own mind, but now, something just felt…off.

Long time no see queen prude.


The one and the only.

"Why aren't you hiding anymore?"

"Why should I stay locked in that boring old diary when I can have more fun messing with you know who. You'll never find that diary and now I have free reign to do what I want. With your other emotions out of control you're powerless princess." She chuckled. "I'm going to have so much fun running things for a change."

"I'm still in control of my emotions and as soon as I find that diary you're getting locked away until hell freezes over!"

Hearing Raven's loud rambling; Robin turned to face her. "You alright Raven?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Fine, just a stupid nightmare."

"You weren't sleeping."

"Then it was a daymare." She snarled. "I'm going to go sit by the beach it's getting too hot over here."

"Maybe I should go with you." He shrugged. "Swimming sounds kinda nice." He rubbed the sweat off the back of his neck.

"NO!" Raven shouted

"Why not?"

"I just need some time alone." She said, beginning to walk away.

His gaze averting to the ground, Robin struggled to find the right thing to say. He was curious, but at the same time he didn't want to know. Anything that he could and would say at this point was going to sound incredibly stupid. "Raven," he cleared his throat. "You know if you're upset about something you can tell me. You're like my little sister."

At the sound of his last sentence Raven halted, just a moment, before walking off.

Robin watched her walk away feeling like a moron. This was so dumb. They were acting like two little kids telling secrets on the playground. He was convinced he already knew part of her problem. Guilt had to be eating her alive right now. Had she finally figured out that he'd read it? That he knew how bad she wanted to smash? But if she knew how come she was acting so calm? She would have threatened him by now. She couldn't know. It had to be something else.

Robin felt frustration, guilt, and anxiety hit him all at once.

"Did I really just say she's like my little sister? That had to be the dumbest thing I could have come up with." Trying to console himself, he decided, that she should feel stupid not him. She was being completely irrational! Titans weren't supposed to fantasize about their team mates.

He rested his head on his fists. "I don't want to upset her, but I've gotta grow a pair and straighten this out."

"Seriously, I have like no idea where the heck I'm going! Dude, why didn't I think before I started walking?" Beast Boy growled.

His feet trudged forward leading him into thickets of bushes and stray palm branches, as the sun climbed higher into the sky, striking him with fireballs. It was so unbearably hot this afternoon and although he was used to heat, he preferred dry heat not humidity. He pulled off his shirt, ringing out the sweat, and wiped his forehead.

"I've gotta bump into Robin eventually."

"Raven we need to talk." Said Robin, sitting down in the sand beside her.

"I thought I told you I wanted to be alone." She grumbled, turning her back towards him.

She was really going to make this "talk" thing difficult, Robin thought, groaning inwardly. He didn't want to do this. He really really didn't want to do this. He'd easily spend an evening entertaining the Hi-Five if he could get out of this.



He reached for her, placing a hand on the back of her shoulder, near the base of her neck. She flinched.

"I just wanted to tell you that I don't really think of you like my little sister, I mean, uh I care about you but, um well sister is… it doesn't really fit how I think of you and I-."

She brushed his hand away, silently, turning to face him.

"Are you even listening?" His eyes met hers with a stern and unflinching stare.

"Raven we're friends… really good, uh, friends and my thing for Sta- ."

Suddenly, she leaned into him, allowing her chin to rest on his shoulder, while she wrapped her arms around his waist. He felt her weight pressing into him; her eye lashes brushing against his cheek.

He couldn't back out now, he'd already made his decision to talk to her, now he had to resolve this.

"Raven," he conceded, wrapping an arm around her, "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but-."

She placed a finger on his lower lip and his face became reminiscent of confusion and mild annoyance.

"Can we not talk?" She whispered.

Robin began to feel a whirlwind of mixed emotions bubbling inside him. Part of him wasn't totally resistant, but the other part, the rational part, knew nothing about this made sense.

Raven's lips curled into a devious smile.

"eRAh! eRaH! MOO MOO Cuca locha?" Inquired Starfire.

"Eyeta Eyeta MOOogah MOOGAAH!" The pygmy chief roared back in response.

"Well? Is the chief going to let us go Star?"

"Um… I don't think so." She lowered her head in despondency.

"Why not? What did he say?"

"Like hell."

"Greeeaat." Cyborg groaned. "Man, this is not how I wanted to go. I never even got to take Catherina on that date." His head drooped and he shut his eyes. There was no way he was opening them. He'd watched as they were being carted up some hill and now they were like 1000 feet in the air nestled away in some pygmy fortress dangling over a crudely built stone fireplace. The fire, blazing beneath him, slowly roasting his skin to a crisp was not something he wanted to see.

"Is not there anything you can do to stop them?"


"I have not been feeling myself lately." She admitted. "My powers, like Raven's, are also controlled by emotion, but I have not felt right since we woke up here. I could try… but I am certain my powers are not in the wack."

"Yeah, well you're not the only one. My battery is outta juice and I desperately need to charge or I'm going to shut down pretty soo- YO! WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW?"

A short, bone-thin pygmy, leaned close to the fire making loud sniffing noises. In his right hand, he brandished a long stick with a jagged tip, which he first held at Cyborg's throat, then he began tapping his outer extremities, mystified by the odd clanking noises.

"Ragiyah Ragiyah see see no bamoogah!"

"Uh Star what'd he say?"

"It was not the easiest to understand, but I think he is trying to locate your-" Starfire winced, blushing fervently.

"My what?"

"Your tentacles?"

"My tentacles? Tentacles?… Wait, MY TESTICLES! WHY?"

"Hold on I will ask."

"Yece Yece mege mege yushagana bamoogah?"

"EReegahh BOGgayity boggayity Rah neega bamoogah munch munch munch!"

"Ummm…" hummed Starfire, wincing.

"Star what did he say?"



"He said shut up dinner I'm trying to cut off his testicles."

Cyborg paled. "Star."


"Remind me to murder Lizzy if we ever get out of here alive."

"I don't see Robin, but looks like smoke is coming from that direction."

Beast Boy's gaze was averted toward a monstrous hill where thick puffs of black smoke were lingering in the air.

"A fire? Gotta be Robin! Smart move dude."

Beast Boy felt like suddenly a second wind hit him and he sprinted off.

"Raven." Robin muttered.

She ignored him, glancing, up at his deeply set eyes. He didn't move a muscle, instead, he stared back pensively as if caught in a web.

She ran her hands through her hair and fell back in the warm sand, relaxing as the gentle tide tickled the tips of her toes.

Look at him, she thought, skimming his physique. He sat next to her, his feet buried deep in the sand, his tan skin glistening with sweat, and mist. His cheeks were flushed, but his distant stare hinted at no sign of discomfort. It seemed as if he was gazing off in the direction of the sun set, but truly his mind couldn't have been further from it.

I can't let her think that this is gonna work, cause it's not, he thought. He wanted to speak up, to push her away, to be responsible, but…

She slipped her fingers into her leotard, tugging until the top was pulled below her shoulders.

"It's hot." She grumbled, waiting for Robin to object. He didn't. He merely stared straight ahead, so she proceeded to undress.

Soon she was left in nothing but nylon underwear. Casually, she tossed her leotard aside, and rolled onto her stomach, drawing in the sand with her toes.

Instantly, Robin was zapped out of his trance.

Oh come on, he thought, that's not fair.

No longer were Raven's eyes the only one's roaming. Robin's grazed first along her carefully polished black toenails, then to her nicely toned calves, moved up her thighs, and onto her…

Robin, shook his head, stopping himself.

"Raven, this stops now."

"What stops?" She asked coyly.

Immediately he felt stupid. Heat rose to his cheeks.

"You know… this." He avoided her eyes.

"I have no idea what you're talking about and I'm not going to try and figure it out. Good night Robin." Raven got up, dusting herself off.

"There it is, there's the fire." Beast Boy panted, hunching over and holding his sides. "That was one hell of a climb. It would have been easier if my stupid powers were working right." He complained, but quickly covered his mouth when the trees started rustling. Quickly, he ducked behind a thick bush.

"Yargh smeegah smoo shmoo caca!" cried a man.

He appeared to be only five feet tall and he was dressed in tribal looking garments. Beast Boy was having a difficult time seeing his face from behind the leaves, but from what he could make out it seemed that he was carry a large pot.

I wonder what he's doing here, Beast Boy thought. His thoughts were immediately interrupted by the sound of a shrill cry.

"Starfire?" Beast Boy mouthed.


"Cyborg?" Beast Boy gaped. They were in trouble. Inching forward Beast Boy gripped a few branches, pulling them away from his face. He couldn't believe what he saw.

Starfire and Cyborg were each tied to tree limbs dangling several feet above a small fire. Surrounding them was a hoard of oddly dressed little people.

"EAAAP!" Beast Boy, squealed. "This is just like that movie I saw where the victims were attached by evil cockroach people that ate out their eyeballs. I've gotta do something!"

His powers had been acting sketch lately, but it was worth a shot. He took a deep breath, trying to focus. He had one animal in mind. Strong and powerful, wings broad and sturdy, but for some reason the image was foggy in his mind. Instead, the only thing he could picture was a skunk.

"This will have to do." He grumbled, his body taking the form of the pesky creature. He scampered beneath the brush, clawing the sand, which stung like nails. Whimpering, he raised up on his hind legs, licking his paws.

"Look Star it's a green skunk!" Cyborg whispered, feeling relief spread throughout his body.

"Glorious! I knew our friends would come for us." Starfire beamed.

"RAsneega manasha tookiga!"

"Cyborg, I am certain the little people have become aware that roasting is taking too long. I hope Beast Boy has come with a plan." She averted her eyes in the direction of the little man carry a large pot.

"Rasneega manasha tookiga Ya Yah!" The man nodded to his fellow pygmies and they all conceded.


"What's the matter Star?"

"They have just agreed that the roasting is taking too long and have decided to do the skinning and boiling of us instead."

Beast Boy tried to think quickly. His eyes darted from left to right. All he had to do was chew through those ropes around Cyborg's and Starfire's wrists. He had to wonder though, why hadn't Star just tried to break them? If she could lift giant slabs of concreate and two ton cars then ropes should be cake for her.

"Basha basha NOCKAAA!"

The pot holding pygmy dropped his kitchen ware and took hold of a pointy shard of rock. Licking his lips, he began to sever the ropes biding the captors.

"They are cutting us loose."

"Good move for us, bad move for them."

Perfect, thought Beast Boy. The morons were doing his job for him. Did they actually think their hostages were just going to sit still waiting to be boiled?

Cyborg felt the last rope snap loose from his wrist and with that he threw his fists into the little man's nose sending him sailing twenty feet into the air.

"COME ON STAR!" He shouted, untying her wrists.

Carefully, the two inched their way to safety, clutching onto the tree limbs for dear life.

"YAREEEEGAH!" The other pygmies shouted, pulling out their crude weapons. They charged toward Cyborg, Starfire, and the skunk, seething with rage.

With a look of solid determination, Beast Boy propped himself on his front paws, doing a little jig.

"OoooOOOOOOO." The pygmies cheered, looking on in amusement as the green skunk danced. By this time, Cyborg and Starfire were long gone, but the pygmies were too dazzled by the skunk to notice.

"Yashmeega?" The chief inched closer to the skunk, poking it, curiously.

A mischievous smirk appeared on the green skunks face when suddenly, he released a noxious gas from his backside.

"YAAAAAGHEYAAAA!" The chief, and the rest of the pygmy clan cried, dropping to the grown rolling and plugging their noses.

Switching back to human form, Beast Boy laughed hysterically as he took off running to catch up with his friends.

"Man that was great." He cackled, holding his sides. "They never saw it coming." His laughter tapered off when he soon realized he was alone again. "Seriously! They couldn't just wait for me? Well… back to the original plan I guess, by now Robin's probably walked off to find me." He slumped, feeling hopeless, but then he noticed, a bright light, flashing off a ways.

"Last week was peaceful," Robin mumbled. "All I had to worry about was psychopaths, bank robbers, and 50 foot tall glob its demons." Goose bumps ran up and down his limbs as he floated onto his back effortlessly.

He closed his eyes letting his thoughts wander when something latched onto his ankle. Yelping, he thrashed like a mad man trying to escape, when Raven's head popped out of the water.

"Scared?" She asked, smirking.

"No." Robin grumbled, folding his arms. "You snuck up on me. Thought you walked off to be alone."

"I got bored." She deadpanned, slicking back her dripping hair.

"I've been bored for the last 8 hours." He grumbled.

"Then let's do something entertaining." She said brushing up against him.

Without speaking, he held up his boxers, and waded back onto shore. She followed and they both collapsed on the sand, Robin held back a smug grin as he leaned back on his elbows, moderately amused. Her underwear was soaking wet leaving little to the imagination so he glanced up at the sky trying not to look at her.

Nice night, all the stars are out, he thought, chewing his bottom lip. He turned his head back toward her, listening to her breathing. His muscles pulsed as he rested a hand on her hip bone; allowing his index finger to wander along the hem line of her underwear. He thought she'd stop him, but she didn't even flinch.

He began to wonder how far she'd be willing to let him go? He held his hand in place for a few minutes remembering what he'd read in her diary. Now was his chance to see whether she was all talk. The temptation was unrelenting. He didn't want to hurt her, but he wouldn't mind feeling her up a bit.

Shutting his eyes and groaning; he pulled his hand away. His name may have been Dick, but he knew better than to take advantage of a friend, respect, and image came first. As his last thought preceded him, the palm trees began rustling, and both of them turned to see a lanky green teen.

"Get up…, "he muttered. "A search crews on the other side."

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