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❝ I prefer men who are old enough to be my daddy, and I call them that, too. ❞

Erotica / Fantasy
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This book will feature smut -- a lot of it, as it is a pornstar AU.

There will be use of drugs, alcohol, and vulgar language. It will feature sexual scenes between two men, multiple men, a man and a woman, or multiple men with a woman.

It will also feature abuse, kinks that some may not feel comfortable with, and that's okay; this book is not for everyone.

It will not be limited to one member at first. The female main character will have scenes with all of the BTS members, and yes, even our handsome director, Kim Namjoon ;)

Do not attack the main character, do not call her names, do not make fun of her. She is not a slut, this is her profession.

Same goes for all characters in this story.

I will not tolerate it.

I have put in a lot of thought to creating this book. All of the things you will read, are a figment of my imagination, so, please, do not copy my work.

If you are not comfortable with any of the things listed above, I don't recommend that you read this story.

Thank you for making it this far, and I hope you enjoy. Love you guys ❤

KimCo coming soon.


S. C. Keener


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