Contraband -A Forbidden Love Story ( completed ✔️


Manik and Nandini One couple , Two people hold a very different kind of love story . Which will change the meaning of love and who we can love and whom we can't ? A love story which is forbidden, illicit in our society. Our law doesn't allow them to be together but .. .. when two souls and two bodies lay in one another can anything stop them from falling In love ? Will they be one body which includes two souls ? Or should I say two souls and one body? Will they mated with each other or reject what is decided by moon goddess? Will Love win over Law ? There is a proverb _ The heart wants what it wants , And , No one can stop it . Now , I have few questions to ask .. Is it wrong to love someone ? Someone who means the world for you ? ... someone who's older by years ? Someone who takes you before his own life ? Well .. I don't know .. as I don't have any answer . She doesn't know .. as she's confused by the battle between her heart and mind . He doesn't even know .. as he's so lost about people's thought. What will happen between them ? No one knows .. and you won't have to know too if you are a mean mind . But will everything be changed ? ..??? No idea ... Is it love or lust ... I don't know .... Read it to find out ... This story content Mature Content and vulgar languages so 18+ only !!!!!! Otherwise you're fo

Romance / Erotica
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About the Book

Title of the book : Contraband - A Forbidden love Story ( Wolf Mating)

Author : Sam.

Editor : Sam .

Time for writing the book on Wattpad : From 11 May 2019 ... to 27 June 2020.

Time for writing the book on Inkitt: From 25 August 2019 To 23 November 2020.

Category : romance & fan fiction .

Language: English and Hindi .

Status : Continuing ..

Chapters: not specified .

Highest Rankings on Wattpad :

# 1 in Parth

# 1in Prerna

# 1 in Niti

#1 in Kyy

# 2 in Nandini

# 2in Erica

# 2 in Anurag

Casts and Characters of the book:

🖇 protagonists :

🖋 Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra.

He is 20 years old and the heart of his school cause of his charm . And He's the middle of the family . He has a twin sister named Mukti and younger sister named Nandini . He's a werewolf and transformed two years ago but still didn't find his mate but dating Prerna as she's the Hottest girl in the school.

🖋 Niti Taylor as Nandini Malhotra.

She is 17 years old and the heart of her family . She is the younger so everyone is fond of her . She has two older siblings . Mukti and Manik who are 3 years older than her . She is a werewolf but didn't transform and find her mate yet as she still has one month left to be 18 . And friends with Alya and Nivedita .

🖇 Major / Minor Characters:

🖋 Uday Tikekar as Moloy Malhotra .

He's the Alpha and 45 years old and his mate is Alpha but a loving husband to Nyonika and dearest father to Mukti , Manik and Nandini .

🖋 Kishwar Merchant as Nyonika Malhotra.

She is 41 years old and mother of three and a Luna . She's so powerful but never misuse it and a loving wife and mother .

🖋Charlie Chauhan as Mukti Malhotra .

She is 20 years old . Twin of Manik and 3 years older than Nandini . She has found her mate Abhi two years ago and they mated and future sister in law of Prerna's. Friends with Navya and Prerna .

🖋Zain Imam as Abhimanyu Sharma .

He is 22 years old and mate of Mukti and soon to be son in law of Malhotra family . And brother of Prerna .

🖋Krissann Barretto as Alya Saxona .

She is 18 years and found her mate 2 weeks ago . She's the best friend of Nandini . and sister of Harshad .

🖋Utkarsh Gupta as Druv Vedant .

He's 20 years old and best buddy of Manik and mate of Alya . Future brother in law of Harshad .

🖋Veebha Anand as Navya Naveli .

She is 20 years old and best friend of Mukti and Manik's. She found her mate 3 weeks ago and they mated .and she is sister of Nivedita .

🖋Ayaz Ahmed as Cabir Dhawan .

He is 21 years old as well and best friend of Abhi and Manik's . Mated with Navya . Brother in law of Nivedita's.

🖋 Erica Fernandez as Prerna Sharma .

She is 19 years old and transformed 1 year ago still didnt find her mate and dating Manik . Sister of Abhi and sister in law of Mukti 's.

🖋Abhishek Malik as Harshad Saxona.

He is 22 years old and brother of Alya's and lives in aboard . Still single as didn't find his mate .

🖋 Pooja Banerjee as Nivedita Naveli .

She is 20 and friends with Nandini and she's sister of Navya . Mated with Anupam .

🖋Shahil Anand as Anupam SenGupta

He is friends with Manik , Abhi , Cabir and Druv . He's 22 years old and mate of Nivedita .

For further clearance-

🔗Malhotra family -

1) Manik Malhotra

2) Nandini Malhotra

3) Moloy Malhotra

4) Nyonika Malhotra

5) Mukti Malhotra/ Sharma .

🔗Sharma family -

1) Abhimanyu Sharma

2) Prerna Sharma

3) Mukti Sharma / Malhotra .

🔗Saxena Family -

1) Alya Saxena / Vedant

2) Harshad Saxena .

🔗Vedant Family-

1) Druv Vedant

2) Alya Vedant / Saxena .

🔗Dhawan Family-

1) Cabir Dhawan

2)Navya Dhawan / Naveli .

🔗Naveli Family-

1) Navya Naveli / Dhawan

2) Nivedita Naveli / Sengupta .

🔗Sen Gupta Family -

1) Anupam Sengupta

2) Nivedita Sengupta / Naveli .

And some other characters too

A very warm welcome to everyone who is reading this story .

Before you start reading , please note :

This book is a work of fiction . Names of persons , places , characters , incidents and events , businesses are fictional as well . And it's completely imagination of the author and is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or cultures !

Any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead , or actual events is purely coincidental.

This is my third story on Wattpad so do read this story and support me ... please .

I hope you enjoy my first Manan fan fiction.

And I request you not to read this book because there could be many unintentionally grammatical mistakes . If you still continue reading then you can at your own risk .

( And thank you if you decided to continue. )

My very first reason -

1. English isn't my native Language.

2. This is the first Draft .

3. This book is unedited.

Please enjoy your reading and you can humbly point out my mistakes and ask me anything, I seriously won't mind at all .

Warning - this book content mature content so if you're under 18 . Don't read please ! You have been warned !

There's strong sexual content in this book !

Incest relationship . Brother x Sister .

Don't judge me too much lol .

Thank you for spending time to read my book . If you find it boring , it's only beginning! Way more to come ..!

Hope you enjoy ! <3

If you like reading it then don't forget to vote , comment and for upcoming updates follow me on Wattpad .!

I'll try to keep updating time to time !

Thank you once again for your kind attention!



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