Scarlet Archive: The Origin

Separation and Meeting

It was a strange day. One night I was beaten to near death, then on the morning a girl came and took me away from my bone wrecking routine on the field. One would believed they had been saved by an angel. But I knew better. Because if anyone had ever got a chance to bust me away from this wretched place, for everything I had ever done, I knew, they could only be a devil. That, or an incredibly foolish human.

Nevertheless, I took the time from our little venture to get a better look at her; white skin, combed hair, clean appearance, proper clothes, and what was that? Ah, the same black collar as mine. So she was one of those lucky house slaves. I quickened my pace to walk beside her and took a peek at the leathery fabric on her neck.


She got into a quick halt and stare at me, with what, a glare?

"So you still have some emotion in you?"

A smirk unconsciously formed on my lip and I took a few steps back, a mischievous look on my eyes. For what seemed like forever I finally felt that little vampiric impulse I had left, the Remilia Scarlet I've been once, flickered inside me. I licked my lip, hardly holding back my snicker.

"A house servant, aren't you? Or maybe, you are one of that man's toys—"

A sudden force washed away my little speech, sending me stumbling to the ground as I felt the air knocked out of me.

"How did she—?"

I coughed, gasping for air, while my eyes still fixed on the small figure of a girl in front of me. Her cold gaze greeted me in return.

"I thought you have learned to swallow your pride and behave yourself by now."

"Heh, I'd rather die…"

I could swear she froze for a second, before she regained her composure and turned her back on me.

"I think she said the same thing."

The simple statement drained my previous confidence, rendering me speechless as I watched her with widened eyes.

"What was her name again? FLN, was it?"

In a moment of impulse I shot to my feet and grabbed her collar, bringing her to my eye level. I growled.

"You! What did you do to my sister—"


I stopped mid-sentence, trying to process her word.

"I did nothing; I couldn't do anything to her."

"Wha-what do you mean?"

My grip on her loosened for a while, before I regained myself and tightening it. I brought her closer to my face. She could've seen my eyes clearly now, blazing with fury.

"Where is she? What happened to her!"

Heavy silence lingered around us, before she closed her eyes and sighed.

"Master had been fed up by her troublesome behaviors, so he sent her away to the New World to work on the mines."

"...sent her the New World?"

I froze, once again caught in the middle of my own thought; the little girl took the chance to break free of my grip, edging away to a safe distance from my grasp.

"If I remember correctly, the ship should be departing today."

Right at that moment I ran as fast as I can, not even looking back to check if she, or even anyone, had ran after me. I might get punished again after this but I couldn't care less. The only thing in my mind now was to reach the dock the fastest way my legs could bring me.

The time the smell of the sea washed all over me brought my strength back, and I sped up even more. I halted only slightly each time to check on any sign of my sister on any ship I found. Though it sounded stupid and unreasonable, my hopeless attempt seemed to come into fruition.

There she was, on a big old wrenched ship, with all the other slaves, heading for the New World. I gathered my voice and shouted.


She didn't seem to notice me yet, so I shouted louder, running all the while.


I reached the end of the deck, almost running over it and plunk myself into the sea, and fell to my knees, catching my breath. Taking a deep breath, I shouted on the top of my lung.

"Flandre Scarlet!"

I saw her flinched, and she finally turned, searching for my voice. I raised to my feet, taking another long breath.

"Flandre! Flan, wait for me, Flandre! I promise I will get you back! So don't you dare dying on me!"

She stared at me and blinked, before giving that innocent smile that always made my heart melt; I felt my own smile formed at that mere sight. I watched silently as the ship sailed away, before disappearing on the horizon, leaving nothing but the sound of the waves and my last memories of her.

"Have you finished your parting?"

My smile faltered in a second as I recognized the now all to familiar voice. I turned to face the silver-haired girl; her face as emotionless as ever.

"Let's go. Master doesn't like waiting too much."

A portly man, my 'master', sat on his chair in the middle of the well-decorated room, polishing one of his many furniture. As he took note of us, by my little companion's addressing our presence, his face swelled into what I assumed as a smile. I secretly took a quick breath in disgust at how his vulgar eyes studied my figure closely before his smile started to turn into a wicked one.

"My, my. It's been a long time, my little REM."

I nodded, trying hard to cast away my pride. I felt like tearing this man right this instant, but it was impossible for now. So I put up a smile, the best fake smile I have.

"Now, I think you are ready to return as my 'house-keeper', hm?"

I nodded yet again, trying to look as grateful as I could.

"Very well. Teach her all she need, Eterna. Oh, and clean her up first. I don't want my house to be reek of mud."

"Yes, master."

Eterna, the little girl from before, bowed, and I followed her gesture.

"We also need a new name for you; a more…'civilized' name."

"You were the one who gave me this name."

I thought to myself, holding myself from rolling my eyes. After a while he snapped his fingers.

"Roanne. From now on your name is Roanne, understand?"

I nodded in the stupidest way as possible; well, if he knew his 'lowly little slave' could speak French and some other languages he couldn't even name, I bet he would be far from delighted.

"Wonderful. Now run along and get ready for your new work."

I bowed once again and retreated out of the room, Eterna following suit after me. The door creaked, slowly coming into a shut, showing its owner's smile one last moment; a smile that I learned to hate from then and on.

"This is your room."

I stepped inside my new place to sleep and sat on the worn out bed. Well, at least there was still a bed; I spent the last two years sleeping on the cold ground of the cell so this was more than enough. It had been a long time since I had a decent piece of clothing, too. And a decent bedroom. A decent bath. A decent—ah well, a decent everything. But little Eterna decided to disturb my current reminiscence; she stared at me, crossing her arms, tapping her foot impatiently on the floor. I turned my head at her.

"Let start your lesson then, Roanne—"


She looked at me with widened eyes, and I kept myself from snickering; I always enjoyed how her blank expression finally showed some colors.

"My name is Remilia; Remilia Scarlet."

"...nobody cares."

She whispered mostly to herself, but I decided to press the matter further.

"Well, I care. He can give me as many names as he want, but I won't forget who I really am."

The little girl took a step back, clearly startled by my statement by now. Time to go even further.

"And guess what? I will someday leave this wretched place and attain my—"

One second I was running my mouth smoothly, then she clamped her hand over my mouth, silencing me. Glancing here and there, the girl suddenly broke into a run, dragging me over an arm. I didn't even have time to protest; without I realized we had finally reached the town, merging with the busy street. Had it always been this fast, reaching the town?

She let go of my arm as we reached an empty alleyway, turning to face me once again. The disturbed look on her face brought my confidence back. She stared at me for a while before shaking her head. My smile stretched.

"Is something the matter?"

"No. It's impossible."

"What is?"

She paused, mumbling to herself. I decided to finish for her.

"To escape this slavery you have born with?"

The little girl tensed, but refused to face me yet. I tried a different approach.

"Say, won't we work together from now on? I have tell you my name, so it is only proper for you tell me your name in return. Your real name that is..."


How stubborn of her. I tried to play my words more, but she stopped me before I even started.

"I'm Eterna the house slave, Zeit the thief, Tanja the bounty hunter, Blanca the errand girl, and some other names that I couldn't even remember anymore..."

She ended it with a whisper, and as she finished, I laughed. I laughed, I really laughed, at how pathetic this little girl was despite her previous stern attitude. There's something interesting about her, so much that I wanted to stick my nose into. Well, this could become a little entertainment after a long while. And while I'm at it, maybe I could regain my forgotten instinct? The very idea overwhelmed me.

"Hey little girl..."

I whispered sweetly to her ear.

"Have you ever heard about vampires?"

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