Scarlet Archive: The Origin

Countdown to the Party

"Knock, knock, knock!"

The sound of a distant knocking was softly heard

from the rusty old door of the long forgotten land…

290 years ago—

:. Day -13

04:00 am, France

The sky was still dark when a small figure of a girl silently crept under the dim-lit forest. Slowly, as not to make any noise, she pushed the boulder blocking her path, one that was about five time of her size, revealing a soft ground that seemed to have been dug over and over. Sweeping away the dirt, she pulled out a wooden box. A treasure chest; inside was a fair amount of coins and gold. A cheshire smile stretched on her face.

"It's time~"

05:30 am, the New World

A little blonde girl was running bare-footed along the rocky road, dragging her hammer that seemed to be too big for her, leaving the dark opening of a mine toward the broken line of green lush. In front of her was quickly seen a hut, a broken down one, and she tossed her hammer away, leaving it on the door as she rushed inside.

"Grandpa! Grandpa, are you alright?"

"Oh, isn't it little Flan visiting me?"

The little girl calmed down, watching her 'grandpa' weakly lying on a bed, and she clutched her worn-out clothing for a sort of comfort. She had heard him suddenly collapsed, more and more frequent lately, and it was strange she thought, how she saw her 'grandpa' grown weaker day after day, his hair turning whiter, and his face shown even more wrinkles. It was strange, she thought, how the little girl who was once smaller than her had grown to be bigger and taller than her.

Why, she thought, did everyone change but her?

The small thought last only for a second as a white overseer suddenly barged in, roughly shoving away the girl, and dragging the weak old man away from his bed.

"Get back to work!"

10:00 am, France

"It is but an old pocket watch, but if you really say so…"

"I'll take this if you please, and those three that I have mentioned before."

"Very much obliged, monsieur. I will have them ready in a matter of week or so."

"Good day."

"And to you, too."

The black coated man exited the manor in a bit of a haste, holding his hat tightly as he zigzagged the crowded street and slipped into an empty alley. Waiting before him was a young woman, with silver hair and blue eyes, appearing out of the thin air, supporting his writhing body. And he shrunk. Yes, shrinking he was, until he was nothing more but a size of a child.

"How was it?"

The little girl, previously a man, returned to her own feet; the smile on her face was filled with confidence despite her seemingly tired face.

"Why of course, everything went as I planned."

She proudly declared her success, and lifted her face to see the seemingly older girl. Ah yes, eight years were a long period of time for humans, and so the little girl she used to drag around had outgrown her now. But for the vampire, nothing had changed. She turned and walked away as she usually did, dismissing the trivial matter to the back of her mind.

"Let's return before making any unnecessary commotion, Sakuya."

"Understood, milady Remilia."

09:55 pm, the New World

The sound of clanking metals was nothing unusual around the mine. But a certain little girl was anxious; her hammer hit the stone in a broken pattern, creating a ripple between the harmonious sound echoing within the hollow tunnel. She was worried, about her 'grandpa' and herself, about the possibility of the unknown future that was yet to come.

"We are vampires. Mere humans like them will disappear long before us."

Her hammer stroke the stone in a huge impact, shattering it to pieces, and the little girl paused, frozen in thought. She was scared. She was very very scared. If he and the other disappeared, what would become of her then?

"Flan! Flan, you there?"

The voice broke her out of her trance and she turned to face the voice, eyes still searching for hope.

"The overseer is calling for you."

11:00 pm, France

"They'll be ready in a week or so, he said."

"I see…"

The lavender haired girl chuckled, watching her room mate repairing the old pocket watch she seemed to adore so much. Kicking her legs as she sat on her mattress, her mind wandered even further away, dreaming of a certain blonde girl she missed dearly in the past eight years. About a week or two; such duration was nothing more like a blink of eye in her time. Though doubt kept gnawing in her deepest consciousness, she couldn't help but being overwhelmed by joy, like a little girl eagerly waiting for her long-awaited present. Glancing out the window, she whispered softly to herself.

"It would be a full moon by then, huh? It's going to be a fun night."

"Who's there?"

The voice behind the locked door didn't answer

yet the sound of the knocking grew louder and louder

like a wild animal clawing on its cage, waiting to be free…

:. Day -9

02:00 am, Atlantic Ocean

A lone ship swayed above the deep blue sea. Guided by the wind, its magnificent sail pushed the giant structure, slowly, but surely, toward its destination. The rough current of the night sent the ship into a restless shake, but the silent cargo of cottons and rums wouldn't protest, safe for a little cargo in the deepest part of the deck. The little girl in shackles, hidden behind the stack of boxes, hugged her knees as she tried to sleep. Closing her eyes, she tried to call on a happy dream, of her 'grandpa' and her 'family' left behind in the mines, of her dearly missed big sister that would be waiting for her in the end of the hellish trip.

"It's been a long time, isn't it?"

The sweet alluring voice beyond the door said in a sing-song voice

"Now now, why don't we start the countdown?

'For our barely remembered party filled with lunacy'

'is ready to begin once more…"

:. Day -1

12:00 pm, France

"I'll be leaving on an errand."

The red eyed girl said casually as she filled her bag with supplies and documents, eyes didn't even glance to her silver-haired companion.



"I heard the cargo will arrive tomorrow."

The little girl halted from her previous work to finally glance at her companion, obtaining an uncertain look from her. She sighed, secretly beaming with joy, but keeping her cool still. Abruptly, she approached the girl and patted her, giving her a grin.

"Wonderful! Now wait obediently for my return, understand?"

The seemingly older girl flinched at the sudden and unusual action she received, staring blankly as the little girl left and closed the the door behind her.

And she smiled.

The dead clock started ticking again.

"Are you ready? Tick, tack, tick, tack; Let's start the countdown!"

290 years ago, a city in France

:. Day 0

- 24:00:00 until the party began

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