Scarlet Archive: The Origin

Death Waltz - Prelude

A little girl who was cursed from her birth

A little girl who put a curse on herself

When their fate intersect with each other,

what kind waltz would they dance tonight?

A lone merchant cart silently crept down a road, carrying goods ready to be sold along the trade route. And sitting on the back of the cart was a little girl, yawning, eyes half-lidded as she tried to keep herself awake in the middle of the calm breezy day.

The little girl stretched and turned, rubbing her tired eyes from her long trip. She was given an errand by her master; one that normally took days, one that she decided to finish in a mere 24 hours. Concerning her decision, which took her running non-stop and hitching rides for uncountable time due to the silly deadline she made herself, it was normal to fall asleep by now, but her overjoyed mind rejected the idea in an instant.

"Wake up…"

She pinched her own cheek, encouraging herself; it was proven to be futile, as another yawn and the cargo of soft cottons behind her sang a perfect lullaby, lulling her to sleep.

It had been a long time since the little girl saw a city, and when she arrived at the busy dock, she couldn't help but stare in awe with her eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. So many person in one place with so many colors and languages; though it wasn't much different back at the mine, the lively and merry atmosphere made her gulped nervously and lowered her face. Well, even if she didn't do it she would be forced to anyway, since a lowly slave with such hideous half-burnt face would ruin their sight. Or so she was told.

Flandre stepped out of the cargo ship she was on, dragged by a chain tied to her collar, she murmured nothing in particular to herself as she walked.

"Are you scared of the crowd?"

She blinked as she registered her other self, Flynn as how she called her, spoke in a mocking manner, and she pouted, whispering back to herself.

"No, I am just…nervous."


"Nervous! Because, um… I'll finally meet Remi again after a long time—Wah!"

Her brief inner conflict distracted her and she tripped over, stumbling down onto the ground with her face first, her one arm was unable to stop her fall; she rolled to her side and whimpered in pain. The man who was dragging her growled as he saw it, and pulled her chain yet again despite her current situation.

"Stop yer daydreaming! Master need you to be cleaned fast!"

She struggled hard to balance herself and returned to her feet as he dragged her without even looking back at all, tripping herself some more on the way while trying to keep her whine to herself.

Deep inside she was eager though, and happy, though nervous still, as she could finally saw her sister once again. She kept her promise, and her sister did the same. And she had been a good girl. She hadn't hurt or kill anyone, and she had kept 'Flynn' in check. Remi would be so proud of her!

"What's that about keeping me in check? I'm not your enemy."

"…you always told me to do something bad."

"I didn't. I simply repeat what I heard from 'beyond the door' so you won't be shocked when it finally escape. With such immense raw power sealed, it's not impossible for it to break free at any time and drawn you into madness."


"I'm not."

"Yes, you are. I'm already a cuckoo; they always called me that way. See? You're the proof."

"…you don't understand. I'm talking about a far more dangerous state of mind. It surpasses your thirst of blood and instinct as a vampire—"

Flandre huffed and ignored the 'little voice' completely; it's not like she really understand all the things she said in the first place. As she half-listened to Flynn, she finally spotted her destination; a huge mansion on the edge of the town, the one she once working at with Remi, before she was punished and sent away. She could still remember the cold dark cell, and the warmth of her sister as they hugged each other close before falling asleep. It was a happy memory, wasn't it? She wasn't sure. But she did feel happy. So maybe it was.

The little girl stopped on her track as she saw someone blocking the way; a girl who seemed to be in her teen, with gentle blue eyes and a soothing smile. She saw her previous 'escort' handed the chain to the girl and left, leaving her in the unfamiliar figure's care.

Flandre took a glance at the girl. The air around her felt…different; she thought to herself as she followed her new 'escort' obediently, staring at her all the while.

"Tell me…"

A whisper. Flandre blinked and shook her head, trying to register the voice. It wasn't Flynn. So who was it? She glanced to her side and found no one.

"…are you Flandre Scarlet?"

It came from in front of her; she switched her gaze to the said direction, only to meet a pair of mesmerizing blue orbs. She took a step back in alert.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

The silver-haired girl approached her slowly, like one would to a scared animal, and crouched to her height, fumbling with the lock binding the chain to her collar, taking a moment to observe the little girl's face as she did.

"I guess the two of you really are sisters; you look just like her."

"... you know my sister?"

The lock clicked, leaving the chain free to hit the floor in a clank. Flandre stood still as she saw the girl rose gracefully to her full height, her smile never left her face.

"There's a lot of things I need to tell you; about your sister, and about everything that will happen after this. Would you come with me?"

Flandre quickly nodded, a determined look on her face; the other girl chuckled as she saw her childish side. It was hard to believe that this innocent looking girl was the same one she met eight years ago; the one that was sent away for a murder. The girl sighed.

"Very well. But first, let's clean you up. This way, miss Flandre."

Remilia stirred and turned on her sleep, hugging herself tighter into a ball. Something wet dripped on her face and she whined, pushing whatever it was disturbing her peaceful moment. But it didn't back down that easily, so the vampire eventually gave up and opened her eyes, trying to register the figure in front of her face.

It was a dog.

A big slobbery dog lapping on her face like she was some kind of its lovely chewing toy.

And she screamed.

"Whoa, there. Is everything alright?"

"No! I mean, yes! Yes, everything is fine."

She reached for a nearest cloth and wiped her face, sending a sharp glare at the dog; the little beast seemed to understand its position and backed away in fear. Disturbance gone, she raised her head to look at her surrounding. The sky was already dark, with the moon hiding itself behind the clouds and, huh? That's weird. She didn't remember having crossed this road on her way before.

"Excuse me."

She called merchant who quickly turned his face to her.

"Where exactly are we now?"

"Let's see… We're only a few kilometers away from the last stop of the trade route—"

"The last stop? We've long passed the crossroad to the port town!"

She jumped down the cart and quickly grabbed her bag, didn't even bother to check on the document she supposed to bring, and quickly rushed off.

This is great, Remilia. The plan you've perfectly made for years may come to waste just because you overslept!

She didn't even remember how long she spent cursing as she ran; all she had in her mind was to run as fast as her legs could bring her, to where her little sister was waiting for her.

This was the first time Flandre had ever remembered seeing such colorful room, with many strange furniture displayed on many different shelves and a lot of pictures and paintings hanged on the wall; she tried hard to keep her hand from touching and breaking any of them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, her master entered soon enough before her curiosity won over herself, and she quickly hid her hand behind her back.

"Well, well... Flynn the cuckoo, the little murderer is back!"

She cringed a bit as he raised his voice. He didn't seem happy to see her from the look of his face.

"I'm quite disappointed to see you alive. But guess what? Someone has decided to buy you! I don't understand why he need an ugly useless handicapped slave but, oh well, I got you as an extra for Roanne anyway so this shall give me a great profit."

Flandre stared at him all the while as he retreated to his comfy chair, checking some documents piled on his desk. The little girl blinked.

"...a slave has to be useful? They are simply properties?"

Was it a statement or a question? The man behind his desk was more surprised to find how she could speak a real language at all.

"So you can speak French? I should've put a higher price on you, what a pity."

The girl narrowed her eyes as she didn't get her answer.

"…grandpa was sick, so he couldn't work. But the meanie overseer dragged him from his bed. Because he was a slave he had to work?"

The man slammed his paper works to his desk and finally turned his attention to the girl.

"I am not obliged or even care to hear your pitiful story, little girl. I bought my slaves to work, and that is what they need to do. And when they don't—"

He rose from his chair and approached her, whispering darkly in front of her face.

"—they will have a fitting punishment."

The little girl clenched her fist, feeling her anger building.

"Please stay out of trouble and wait patiently until milady Remilia returns."

Flandre tried to suppress herself before anything bad happened, because every time she let go, she always ended up with a corpse or two. She had to wait for her sister. The portly man mistaken her to be shaken though, and he smirked, continuing his lecture.

"Alas, you should be grateful by your own condition. Unwanted soul like you—"

"—nobody ever wanted you—"

Flandre flinched as she heard another voice echoed in her head; a voice that seemed to come from a different time, one that she had never remembered hearing before, but had at the same time, and she clenched her fist harder.

"—who can do nothing but destroying everything—"

"—you took everything from me, yes?"

Who was it? Her headache returned and she whimpered slightly in pain.

"—to have your live spared until now while you should've been executed… Well, I think simply putting you into a peaceful slumber wouldn't be enough regarding everything you've done."

"—killing you wouldn't be enough—strip you out of your—power—weak— torture you to death— amazing?"

She fell to her knees and clutched her head in horror. And the little girl screamed, an inhumanly soul wrecking scream, as images after images rushed into her head.

A vampire—the noble vampires of Scarlet—the dirty little secret was born—abomination—hidden in the basement—

onee-sama?—father?—where?—dead—dead, dead, dead—

the eyes—

the eyes everywhere—clench—red—blood—why?—kill the monster—kill—kill kill kill ki—

Her scream grew louder and louder, until it turned into a laugh. Her insane laugh echoed within the room. She bent her head backward, her smile stretched from ear to ear.

"Cursed cuckoo—what is wrong with you!"

The man covered his ears as he watched the whole scene. The laugh finally reduced into a small giggle as the little girl shifted her body forward, her head lolling to her side.

"Little birdie?"

She looked at the man with a crazed eyes, her red pupils bore through him like a predator eyeing its prey, and she stepped closer.


"Stay away…"

Step, step. The man backed away and reached for a drawer on his desk.

"It's an order; don't come any closer!"

Step, step, step. He pulled out a gun and pointing it at her direction.

"Stay away from me!"

Gunshot; the ear-piercing sound was heard over and over as bullet after bullets lunged itself into her body. The little girl didn't seem to be disturbed even a bit, despite the blood that kept oozing out of her severed flesh and wounds, she kept on walking slowly, spewing blood all over and tinting the room red as she did. The last bullet hit her left eye and she stopped.

"It hurts…"

The man tossed away his empty gun and backed away even further until a wall stopped his track, his face turned pale as the little girl drawn closer.

"Hey, why did you hurt me so?"

He gritted his teeth, his eyes darted around the room to look for any possible escape.

"It hurts—"


The now pitiful and scared man shouted on the top of his lungs. A voice was heard from behind his door and a smile tugged on his face slightly.

"Is everything alright, master? I thought I heard—"

"Eterna, get rid of this cuckoo right now!"

His confidence returned to him bit by bit and he snickered, returning from his cowering position to his full height.

But the door didn't budge. His smile faltered and he shouted again in anger.

"What are you doing, Eterna! Hurry!"

"Master, would you please unlock it first? The door is locked."

He froze, the simple sentence rendered him speechless. He didn't even realize the little girl that had closed in on him, grabbing on his neck with her one hand, smiling wildly.

"Bye, bye, little birdie~"

On the night of the scarlet moon, a devil was born

from a curse carried by an innocent girl

The dead rose to celebrate its birth

and the living returned to the earth

Thus, the death waltz began

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