Scarlet Archive: The Origin

Death Waltz - Finale

The devil dances to the death waltz alone

like a crippled little bird with one disjoint wing

She waits for her other half to come

to join her twisted party filled with lunacy

I halted from my continuous running as a sharp pain erupted from my back, almost tripping myself from the momentum of the sudden stop. Oh, come on, I was in a dire hurry! I tried to drag my numb body, ignoring the pain.

"I don't have time for—ack!"

The pain on my back grew worse and I fell to one knee, holding my aching joints.

I knew this pain; it was the same one I felt every time I drank blood in my current state. But why now? What triggered it? As if my instinct called me, I raised my face to meet the moon, the scarlet moon that finally decided to reveal itself. Its red glow was reflected perfectly in my matching red eyes; I was caught in an unknown trance.

Not long after that my joints creaked, and I screamed in pain. My wings grew, my fangs elongated, my whole body felt as if it was broken down and reconstructed from scratch; the pain was truly unbearable. After what felt like eternal torture it finally dissipated, and I fell to the ground, my breath hitching to match my racing heart.

What happened? I managed to raise my hand to observe my sharp claws, and I stared at them in awe as if it was the first time I saw them.

"…the seal…it was broken?"

Then something hit me. If it was broken, then…


The realization brought back me back to my feet. I tried to adapt to my new anatomy, which was harder than I expected. After a while of struggling to find the right balance between my wings, I dashed as fast as I can in a speed that I didn't even consider before.

I narrowed my eyes, still slightly surprised by how they can see clearly to match my current speed. Only after a while that I dare to fully spread my wings and took flight, gaining even more speed. The feel of the air entering my lungs refreshed my memories of my previous days as a full-fledged vampire, and I regained my confidence. Soon enough I reached my destination and descended slowly to the ground.

But the field was empty, and the mansion was lack of life. Even though it was on the edge of the town, it wasn't supposed to be this quiet around this time. Something was not right. I walked cautiously down the empty street, eyes trying to catch any movement in the dim-lighted path.


I spotted a movement from afar and quickly approached it.

"Hey, could you tell me—"


I halted abruptly, staring eye to eye with the creature in front of me. A dead body that shouldn't have moved, stood there right in front of me, some of its limbs were out of place. I covered my nose as the rotten smell of its flesh started to fill the air.

"Remilia, there is one thing you need to remember when you feed from a living human.'

'We Scarlets have a unique power flowing within us; a power so great that it invites a lot of problem if not used wisely. One of it affects our way of feeding.'

'Those who we feed from will neither die nor live. They will turn into a ghoul; a living corpse that will walk the earth for a while before evaporating into the air. In their short moment, if they happen to bite another human, they will turn them into another ghoul. That is why, when we feed from a living human, we should properly kill them before they turn into one. It is our way to stop them from suffering further. Do you understand, Remilia?"

I understood, father. I understood every bit of it, but still, I ignored all the living corpses around me, and didn't even bother to help any human I came to bump into. I had to search for Flandre; that was the only thing I had in mind for now.


My feet quickly stopped as a weak voice entered my ear, rendering my whole body frozen. It couldn't be. It took a lot of inner conflict until I dare to turn my head toward the direction of the voice, and right then, my time stop. An image from one of my worst nightmares was shoved blatantly in front of me.


She was there, lying weakly on the ground, blood slowly seeping out numerous stab wounds that I couldn't even fully make out. My emotion won over my previous reason and I ran to her side, staring at her fallen figure with wide eyes, still refusing to accept the fact.

"Sakuya! What—"

"…please calm down, milady."

She softly put her finger over my lip to silence me, and I complied, clenching my fangs.

"…will you listen…to my wish?"

I nodded, and she gave me a weak smile.

"Kill me."

The simple statement hit me stronger than anything, and I was clearly shaking by now. I swallowed, trying to find my voice.

"W-what are you talking about?"


"You will be fine—everything will be fine. I will fetch Flandre right away, then we all can—"

"I've been bitten."

I froze again for I didn't know how many times, staring at her dull blue eyes once again.

"I've seen how they…transformed into those monsters…And I feel like it won't be long until my time come as well…"

No. Please don't.

"…all this time I've never been acknowledged as human beings…a property, a monster, a slave…but at least, I want to die human."

Don't say it—

"…so please, milady Remilia. Please kill me before I turn into those monsters..."

"Stop saying nonsense!"

I shouted loudly, ignoring everything.

"You'll work in my mansion as my chief maid. You've made a contract with me! A devil's contract! Nobody—"

My breath was caught in my throat.

"..nobody should be able to break it. It's supposed to be absolute."

My voice was nothing but whisper by then, and I held back my tears. I wouldn't cry ever again; I'd made a vow long time ago, back when mother had left. But her weak hand softly caressing my face gave it away, and I lowered my face, away from her sight, my tears flowed.

"…I'm sorry…"

I hated flowing water, moreover tears. I hated them more than the sun. They burnt my skin, and crunched my heart at the same time.


I blurted out like a pathetic little child. Brushing away my tears, I returned to stare intensely at her before snatching away her precious pocket watch; I held it up in front of her face.

"I will confiscate this pocket watch! So if you ever want it back, you have to come and work at my mansion as the contract said. Do you understand, Sakuya?"

I saw her stared at me for a while before managing a weak laugh.

"…understood, milady…I'll be coming back soon…"


I returned to my full height and shakily raised my claws, closing my eyes.

"…until then.."

It took me some time until I find Flandre, as I decided to trace the whole mansion off the ghouls. Her lost arm had regenerated along with her burn marks, and she was sitting on the desk in the collection room, juggling with the previous owner's head, back against me as I heard her sang happily.

"Circle, circle around you~ The bird in the cage

When will you come out?

In the night before the dawn

The turtle and the crane slipped

Who is it behind you now?"

And she turned, a smile on her face. She beamed in joy as she spotted me standing at the door.

"It's Onee-sama!"

She tossed the head away and jumped down the table, running toward me; I kept my stern face. Instead of welcoming her with a hug, I shouted at her in anger.

"Flandre, what have you done!"

She stopped dead on her track, staring at me in horror.

"Didn't Sakuya tell you to wait for me? To stay out of trouble until I arrive? But this—"

I took a deep breath to compose myself.

"This…just, what have you done?"

"…I'm sorry."

Hearing her apologizing helped a bit, and I felt my anger started to subdue bit by bit. But before I could continue to say anything, a great force sent me flying to the faraway wall. As my vision cleared I found Flandre in front of me, staring at me, a crazed smile on her face. A chill crept up my spine.

"Flandre, you…"

"I'm sorry, Onee-sama, I'm sorry. But I couldn't help it…"

'I really want to tear you apart right now~"

This is bad. I gathered my own strength to dodge before her claws reached me, bringing up my fist to hit the side of her head. She wavered a bit, her head lolling to her side as she was temporarily paralyzed by my blow. I took the chance to talk to her again.

"Snap out of it, Flan! What is wrong with you?"


I was too late to realize what happened, too late to remember her ability of destruction, and I could barely held my scream as my right arm was blown away by a mere clench of her fist. I held my bleeding limb, cursing my own recklessness, and step some more distance away as she lunged herself at me once again. Granted that I was faster than her, but only faster, so the only thing I could do was dodging her claws, and hoped that she was too preoccupied to use her destructive ability. She giggled.

"Onee-sama, onee-sama, it's been a long time! Let's play together again, okay? Just like the old time back in the basement!"

"Flandre... you have remembered everything?"

"Of course~!"

My wish reached a deaf ear; she clenched her hand again and this time my leg was cleanly blown off. Laughing louder, she grabbed my hair and threw me against a wall once again, pinning me on my neck right after. I coughed and stared blankly at her matching scarlet eyes, trying to regenerate my lost limbs to no avail.

"You know onee-sama…"

Her laughter died out and her voice reduced into a whisper.

"I think I know why I was locked in the basement in the first place."

She chuckled a bit before continuing.

"Because I really am a monster."

I clenched my fangs, giving her a pathetic glare.

"That's not true, Flandre. You didn't do anything wrong, they made you—"

"I love you, Onee-sama."

Huh? I tried to registered what she was saying once again.

"I love you so much, so much that I want to kill you and tear you apart."

I didn't have time to comprehend her twisted logic as her grip on my neck tightened.

"You see? Something is wrong with me. Is this what they called insanity? Madness? Ha ha, I don't understand, Onee-sama…"

She paused, her voice grew even quieter this time.

"…I don't know what to do…I don't want to hurt anybody, but my hands move on their own…What is wrong? What is right? Left? Right? Up? Down? Happy? Sad? I don't understand anymore…"

She started to choke me by now, her sharp claws dug into my skin. Her face grew closer until I could feel her breath, and saw the tears that freely fell down her face despite her smile.

"Onee-sama, can you kill me? Please? Kill me before I kill you."

My anger bubbled up once more and I grasped her hands hard; her grip on my neck didn't falter, just as I thought, she was far stronger than me. But I had never intended to win against her in term of raw power; I tried to gather my magic, in a way I somehow remembered.

Destiny: Miserable Fate

Soon enough a chain made of pure energy materialized itself, binding Flandre on place, her both arms on her side and away from my neck. I took a moment to catch my breath.

"This won't be enough to stop me, Onee-sama. If you want to—"

"I'm fed up with it."

She tilted her head innocently, and I sighed.

"First Sakuya, and now you? I am not the local executioner, but every one of you keep saying things like 'kill me, or else—' I'm really fed up with it!"

"But, Onee-sama—"

"No buts!"

I approached her again slowly, walking, even though my broken leg hurt like hell every time I took a step; I tried to ignore the pain as it started to regenerate slowly. Raising my good hand, I flicked her forehead to scold her, and she pouted.

"Now be a good girl and go to sleep. I promise I will find us a place where you won't be a monster; where everyone will accept you as you are. And this time, please Flan, do patiently wait for my return, okay?"



"...okay then."

I smiled as she finally calmed down, and proceeded to hug her.

"Good night."

"Good night, Onee-sama."

Scarlet Sign: Red the Nightless Castle

"Aah! Get away!"

I stared down in mild interest as I saw yet another human being cornered by a group of ghouls, visibly shaking in fear. Well, this was a mess my little sister caused, so it was only given for me to clean it up. I raised my hand.

Divine Spear: Spear the Gungnir

My spear pierced the ghouls, evaporating them into thin air. The pitiful human I 'accidentally' saved looked up at my figure that was perching on a roof, giving me a look of horror. I snickered, showing my fangs to him.

"…aah…a devil…"


"It's here… The Scarlet Devil, the devil tainted in deep red…"

Scarlet Devil? What was he blabbering about? Then again, I seemed to like the sound of that name. I leaped down the roof, edging closer to the human who back away even further in a renewed fear. I whispered menacingly at him.

"Yes, it is I; the Scarlet Devil. So heed my words, human. If you want your life to be spared, run and tell your kind of my presence. Fear me. And never forget that feeling, ever..."

I enjoyed the fear reflected in his eyes and chuckled to myself.

"Now leave. Before I change my mind."

I tried hard to stifle my laugh as he scampered off into the dark night. There was no guarantee that he would survive, but if he did, things might turn interesting. As I was enjoying my moment another group of ghouls appeared; I sighed and summoned my spear again.

"Time to get back to work."

The two devils dance together under the scarlet moon

weaving fantasy in their own fabricated world

The Scarlet Devil and The Sister of the Devil

In the dead of the night, their mesmerizing tale starts

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