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Nursery Rhyme

"Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall,

'Humpty-dumpty had a great fall.

'All the king's horses and all the king's men

'couldn't put humpty together again."

"…Aah, it's broken again."

Knock, knock, knock.

"Flandre? Are you awake?"


"I'm coming in."

He he, but nobody was there.




The red-haired lady screamed and scrambled away, running to hide behind my sister, and I couldn't help giggling as I emerged from the shadow, eyes gleaming with curiosity and mischief.

"Tell me beforehand if we're playing hide-and-seek, Flan. And you; get off."

My sister crossed her arms in front of her chest, pushing the red-haired lady away with her wing; I eyed the two of them, hands behind my back, trying hard to hold myself from tackling my sister in excitement. I felt my smile stretched.

"I heard explosion so I came to check on you, Onee-sama, but you came down faster so I followed you back, and I thought maybe playing hide-and-seek would be fun! So I sneaked behind you ad—oh, oh, is it dinner time already?"

My mind was quickly distracted and I approached the red-haired lady who was still frozen there. Hm? What was she so scared of, I wonder? But my sister quickly took hold of my reaching claws and the bloodthirst I felt before disappeared in an instant; I tilted my head and gave her a questioning look.

"No, Flan. This is not food. You can tell from her smell, right?"


I sniffed the air around her a bit and blinked in realization.

"She's not a human?"

"Indeed. And she will be working for us from now on."


My sister gave her a sharp look and she quickly returned to her full height, folding her hands in front of her chest. I blinked once, then twice, trying to listen carefully to her gibberish talk. Was this some kind of greeting? I finally mimicked the gesture and gave her a toothy grin. After a while of silence my sister sighed.

"You've never learned Chinese, Flan?"

"Chinese? What is that?"

"…I figured."

She left and walked toward the nearest table she found, gracefully plopping herself on it. Oh, it's announcement time! I quickly dragged my chair over and sat, listening carefully to her. The red-haired lady glanced at my sister, at me, then back at my sister before she decided to just sat on the floor, hugging her knees.

"Now listen up, Flan. That is Meiling. She will be our servant, cleaning the house, making our meal, and so on. So if you ever need anything, just call her."

My eyes followed to where she was pointing to meet that Meiling. It was the red-haired lady! Suddenly my excitement sparked up and I restlessly rocked back and forth on my chair.

"Oh, oh, can I play with her as well? Please?"

"As long as you don't break her."


I threw my hands to the air and jumped to tackle Meiling; my mind as already busy searching for something for us to play together with.


I turned my face to the source of the voice that was my sister, and proceeded to sit on top off Meiling who was already sprawling on the floor.

"I need her for now, so you can play with her some other time, okay?"

"Mmkay, then!"

"Good girl. Meiling, come here."

I stood and let her ran toward my sister; I once again giggled as I saw her being scolded by my sister in what might be called 'Chinese'. I waved at them one last time before the door to my room slide into a shut.

And I was back on my own, eagerly waiting for their return.

"Um, milady? May I ask you a question?"

"It depends on what it is."

"The young mistress Flandre… Why is she, um, living down there?"

"Because she choose to."

"…I see. Sorry, I thought—"

"The door is not locked. I would never lock it."

"Now stop idling around and start learning some English. That is my first order."

"Err, yes, milady."

I woke up into another loud crumbling sound, and I instantly shot into a sitting position, eyes wide awake. What is it this time? I didn't even have time to think properly as I found myself already running up the stair to the upper ground, ears searching for the source of the sound. Soon I reached the main hall, but I quickly skidded into stop to prevent myself from diving head first to the thick ray of the sun; the momentum sent me falling to the floor face first. I groaned and raised my face.

My sister and Meiling were there, both of them gave me a surprised look, and I pouted, puffing my cheek childishly.

"I was worried so I hurried here…again..."

"Ah, I see. You're such a silly child, Flan."

Big sister chuckled and patted my head, and I sat, giving her another pout. Sometimes I wanted her to stop treating me like a child; I was strong enough that I could protect her as well. Well, my little self-rambling was stopped short as my attention was distracted once again when I saw the big hole on the ceiling, and Meiling who was carrying some bricks. She seemed to finally realized that I had been staring at her and gave me her trademark greeting. I blinked.

"Good day, young mistress."

I inhaled in surprise and suddenly filled with newfound excitement, jumping to my feet before floating a bit in front of her, eyeing her with eyes sparkling with amazement.

"Meiling, you can talk!"

"Err, actually, I can. I always can. I just learned English."

"Hm, hm. Really? Say, say, can we play now?"

"Not now, Flan."

I switched my attention toward my sister, tilting my head.


"As you can see, Meiling is now repairing the mansion. You can play with her later, okay?"


I descended back to the floor, my wings grew limp behind me. Big sister seemed to notice my disappointment and she sighed, a small smile forming on her face.

"But you are welcome to help with the repairment."

"Really? Yay!"

My excitement returned in an instant, as if it was always there, and this time I couldn't stop myself from tackling her, snuggling into her embrace that I knew too much; I smiled widely and giggled slightly. She patted my head in return, the same way she always did, and I smiled wider. After a while I shot back to my feet, fist brought up and eyes flaring with determination.

"Okay! What should I do first?"

"Young mistress? Can you pass me those bricks?"

Bricks? Huh, where might they be? I glanced to the far end of the hall and found some piles of them. Without hesitation I sprinted toward the heap of stony material and took hold of one, switching my gaze back to Meiling. Hmm… Bringing them one by one would take a lot of time. What to do, what to do… Oh, I know! I grabbed on the brick tightly and bent my occupied hand far back, aiming for Meiling.

"Ready, Meiling?"

"Ready—wait, what?"

Talking time's over; I threw the brick as hard as I could. It barely missed her and hit the wall behind her in a loud crash before crumbling to the ground along with the wall. I pouted and shook my fist at her.

"Why are you dodging it, Meiling? I'm trying hard aiming so you better catch them properly!"

"Wah, what!? No, young mistress, I'll die—"

"One more time!"


"There's still a lot more!"

"Young mistress, please wait—Uwaaah! Milady, please tell her to stop—GYAAA!"

Remilia Scarlet stared dumbfoundedly at what used to be the main hall of the mansion, pinching her temple. She switched her attention to her sister and her helpless servant laying on the floor; she cleared her throat.


"Hm? What is it, Onee-sama?"

"Next time, just wait patiently until Meiling finish her job, okay? You can play with her afterwards."

"If you say so. I'm tired… Good night, Onee-sama."

"Good night, Flandre."

Her eyes followed her sister closely until she disappeared in the darkness of the corridor, before returning to inspect the wrecked room she was in.

"This is quite a mess… But nothing impossible to repair, I guess."

"…a mess… This…is…a huge mess, milady!"

The chinese girl beside her raised to a sitting position, brushing the rubble away from herself.

"Ahh… Now the repairment will take even longer…"

"Then you better start now. I want this hall back to what it used to be by tomorrow, understand?"

"Buh—but, milady that's impossible—milady?...she's gone."

Remilia Scarlet chuckled as she left, taking a second to glance at the stair toward the basement. She smiled softly, singing a quiet tune to herself.

"Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall,

'Humpty-dumpty had a great fall.

'All the devil's bats and all its servants

'slowly put humpty together again."

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