Scarlet Archive: The Origin

Against the daylight

The morning sun shone brightly that day, greeting the whole world with a warm smile of its own. But a certain small town, tucked on the edge of the Great Britain, didn't even look up to receive the greeting. It stayed silent, as if sleeping, with no soul venturing its empty road. It was nothing unusual though; travelers who passed by, or the villagers from the neighboring villages, all of them didn't bother the quietness. Or rather the didn't intend, or even dare, to do anything. Because it is said that the town; its whole inhabitants, were creatures of the night. Yes, it was a town of the vampires.

Some acknowledged it as mere legend. Some decided to ignore it. Some held fear of it. But, let us ignore what these mere humans had to say. Let them do what the want, making whatever stories they can come up with. What we are looking for is the truth from the vampires themselves.

Anyway, at the center of the town stood a huge mansion painted in deep red. There is where most of our story will take part; the Scarlet Mansion, where the Scarlet family resided. The Scarlet family was one of the most influenced family there, controlling almost the whole aspects of the town. While there was still The Great Council, consisted of the head of each family, in reality the Scarlets were known to have the most authority. It is because the elder of the Scarlets, the oldest vampire on the town he was, was said to be the one to establish the town. Vampires were quite territorial creatures so it is rare to find a whole town consisted of them only. The vampires of that town would share everything they had with each other under the strict rule and supervision of The Great Council; there would be no violent engagement between vampires, and they should feed from villagers from neighboring villages, travelers, or slaves bought from the slave market.

A safe haven just for the vampires.

One of the vampires living there was the young Remilia Scarlet, the next heiress of the Scarlet family. As the first child of the family it has been decided from her birth that she would take over the family someday, which was still a long long time since a vampire's life was long, and she was nothing more but five by this point of our story. But even then, her life had been set on a track; her fate had been sealed without she even noticed it. The little vampire could simply sleep peacefully, completely oblivious of the fact.

Remilia hugged her comfy blanket around her, trying to sleep. She turned and tossed but only managed to make her bed messy. After a while she gave up and opened her eyes, staring at the ceiling. She was not sleepy, but didn't feel like waking up either. Oh how she regretted sleeping earlier last evening; there was nothing fun to do at daytime! All she could do was staying in the mansion, while everyone else were sleeping. That, if she didn't want to burn herself to death out in the sun.

It was when she was whining to herself that she heard footsteps on the hallway. She had thought it was one of the maids but she recalled the difference of the two sounds. So someone was up, she thought to herself as she pushed her bedroom door open to peek. As soon as she did it, she regretted it; it was one of a person from her top 'stay away from me' list.

"Good morning, Remi."

She flinched. Too late to turn back now; she pushed her door fully open.

"Good morning to you too, Geoffrey."

Remilia eyed him, up and down; as she did her face that was full of disgust turned into something more of curiosity.

"Are you going...out?"



"No, tomorrow."

Sarcasm. One thing she hated about him. She wondered how she would cope with living with him, forever on top of that. Maybe she could ask her mother to think over the whole fiancee thingy. No, wait. Something clicked in her head and she snickered evilly. Geoffrey, confused by her sudden change of demeanor, raised an eyebrow at her.

"What're you laughing so creepily about?"

"Fufufu, so you have finally decided to suicide? Don't worry, I won't tell. I will hide your ash well."

The other vampire stared at her while trying to contemplate her words. As he succeeded, it was his turned to laugh. Remilia was shocked by his reaction.

"Wha—Are you making fun of me?"

"Pardon me, missy, you scared of the sun?"

"Buh—I, well I am simply concerned! Only a fool will ever venture the daylight and be burned to ashes."

"Oh, really? Watch."

As he said that Geoffrey entered and opened the curtain leading to the only window on her room. Remilia yelped, running to the edge of her bed and crouching behind it to shield herself. The boy ignored her and proceeded to open the glass window. After that, he climbed out. Remilia, still hiding, slowly peeked up to check on the boy.

"Geoffrey? Are you dead yet?"

"Apparently, yes. Wanna see my body crumbling to ashes?"

Couldn't he put the sarcasm away for a while? Remilia sighed and rose to her feet cautiously. There he was, standing with all his glory, bracing the daylight. She was overwhelmed with awe, unable to form words for a while.

"How...could you...?"

"As long as the sunlight doesn't touch our skin directly it'll be fine. That's what these gloves and hat for. You wanna try? Grabbed that parasol and come over here."

Remilia did as she was told and headed for the window. She hesitated.

"Come on, Remi."

She grabbed her parasol tighter, closed her eyes, and jumped out of the window. As her bare feet touched the grass she opened her eyes, finding herself still in one piece and didn't turn to ashes. She turned her face to Geoffrey, who gave her an 'I told you' look, and smiled in excitement.

"I'm out on the daylight!"

With that, she jumped and tackled the boy. The two stumbled down, with Remilia simply crushing the boy beneath her while laughing her heart off. Geoffrey sighed, taking the parasol to shield her from the sun as the girl seemed to have forgotten about it.

"Remilia, dear?"

Remilia quickly rose to a sitting position, barely hitting Geoffrey on his chin, searching for the source of the voice.

"What are you doing out there on your pajamas?"


Remilia rushed to the window, leaving the boy to run after her to stop her from killing herself from the sun ray, parasol on hand.

"Mother, mother, look! It's daytime and yet—"

"Yes, I know sweetie. Ah Geoffrey, are you going somewhere?"

"Yes, aunt Cecil. I have something to attend back at my house."

"Hm, hm, I see."

Cecilia turned her eyes to the ceiling, searching for ideas as she stroked her daughter's hair.

"Can you take Remilia with you then? She seems eager to have a walk."

"But I'm having an important—"


The older Scarlet gave him puppy eyes, followed by the younger one. Oh for—this mother and daughter—Geoffrey nudged his temple and sighed.

"I understand."

They squealed, giving each other a high five.

"Now be a dear and wait at the front door, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am..."

With that, the Hildr walked to his waiting spot while the Scarlets headed inside. This would take a while.

Remilia skipped happily down the mansion's long corridor, trying to keep her hat intact as she did. Her heart was dancing with excitement. This was going to be so much fun! She giggled to herself. That was why she failed to notice a figure walking to the opposite direction of her, and as she turned on the corner, she bumped on them and fell to her butt.

"Ouch, watch where you...going..."

Remilia froze, staring eye to eye with another pair of scarlet eyes.

"Hello, father."

She shrunk under his cold gaze, but managed to stand and dust her skirt off.

"Are you going somewhere, Remilia?"

His deep and stern voice made the young vampire lowered her head further.

"Answer me, would you please?"

"Yes, father. I am going out to accompany Geoffrey on his errand."

"Is that all?"

Remilia flinched, feeling the older Scarlet's eyes bored through her. She swallowed hard, trying to find her voice.

"I...I go..."

"You do know that it is dangerous for us to walk around on day, don't you?"


She closed her eyes, ready for any punishment she might get.

"Very well then. I insist that you never—"

This was it.

"—forget to keep your parasol with you."

"Yes—wait, what?"

The young vampire instantly turned her face back up, staring at her father in disbelief. Did he just let her go outside? Wasn't he the one who told her NEVER to go outside before, especially on day? This was definitely contradicting.

"Run along now."

Remilia couldn't believe her ears. She curtsied quickly and ran toward the door.

"Oh, and Remilia. Try not to bump into any of the elders. They may send you back home and cause us...'problems'."

"Yes, Father. And Thank you for your kind understanding."

With that she stormed off the front door, skipping happily to her male companion.

"What took you so long?"

"Hehe, something good just happened."

"...whatever. Let's go."

Remilia stood on her ground, crossing her arms.

"Won't you be a gentleman and escort me properly?"

Geoffrey glanced at the girl, sighing.

"Fine, milady. Let us go."

He bowed and offered his right hand to her. She smiled in satisfaction.

"Thank you."

And with that, the two young vampires walked under the daylight, hand on hand. Daring the sun.

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