Scarlet Archive: The Origin

A Shadow From the Past - Revealed

The dark night I knew too much, the scarlet moon looming up there

The majestic red mansion from my long forgotten memories, basked in its maddening glow

"The young mistress—lady Remilia had gone mad!"

Ah, this dream again? How many times has it been now?

The restless footstep echoing endlessly, bone crunching, blood splashing

"Stand your ground! Stop that monster!"

It kept on looping like a never-ending record, but no

not this time; a creeping shadow rose from the red stained ground, sneering

"I've found you, Remilia Scarlet~"

O' fate that governs over this life, what are you trying to show me this time?

Gazing at its mismatched figure, my own smile stretched

I put back my cup to the plate on my other hand, creating a loud clank; probably a bit too loud, as I could see that Chinese servant of mine flinched, a perplexed look on her face.

"Um, does it…not suit your taste, milady?"

I didn't answer, letting my gaze fell to the herbal tea in my cup, my reflection stared back at me in return. It's been a long time. A very very long time, indeed. I chuckled and whispered softly.

"Fate has finally come to visit me again."


Ah, yes, I almost forgot about that Chinese girl; she surely had a great hearing. Closing my eyes, I held out the tea cup toward her and tossed it away. Yes, somehow it became a habit of mine when I found her tea intolerable. There would be no casualties though, as she always quick enough to catch the falling cup before it reached the floor; it added up a bit of humor as well, especially when the hot water spilled and she threw the cup away before catching it again repeatedly like a silly juggler.

It is no time for joke though; time was running out. I tossed the little plate on my hand to her, slipping down my comfy bed and letting my wings grew to their full length, stretching my stiff muscles. I smirked.

Another long time since I had a little fun as well~

"Return to the front gate at once, Meiling. And keep your eyes for any visitors."

"Okay, uh, but…are you expecting someone tonight, milady?"

"Fu fu fu, you will know when the time come. Now go, don't make me repeat my order."

She bowed her head low before scampering out of my room. Now, now, time to make a little preparation for their little visit. Oh, I know. How about making a welcome party? I am sure they would love it.

I hummed to myself as I opened my cupboard, browsing for a proper dress to wear. Well, as the host I had to give my guests a preferable look, no? Yes, I would welcome them with the best and most wonderful party they'd ever attended.

One that would fit their first, and last visit, to the devil's lair.

"Meiling, Meiling! You don't make anymore of that fried rice today? But never mind, let's play!"

"I'm sorry, young mistress, but the mistress told me to guard the gate tonight."

"Eh? No fun… I know, I know! Let me help you with your work today!"

"Wha—no, young mistress! You can't be seen by anybody with your wings out like that."

"Why is that?"

"Urgh, well, that's—"


"Buh—What!? Is something there!?"

"What is that?"

"…umm, I can't see in the dark so if you can help me, young mistress…"

"Alright. It's big, and purple, and shiny."


"Oh, and it's getting bigger! Strange words start appearing as well! Maybe you can see it clearly too now, Mei—"

"It's a magic circle—young mistress, get down!"

"They're coming."

I said calmly as I rested my chin on the palm of my hand in a bored fashion, sitting on my glorious throne. I wondered if I had the same face as that accursed grandpa I hated the most right now; just thinking about it made me want to puke. Nevertheless, I stayed there arrogantly on my throne. They would reach this room soon, so I should be ready to greet them properly.

Speak of the devil; the door adjacent to me burst open, or rather simply burst into nothing, as a figure emerged from behind the rubble. Only one? Then again, I could see the grudge swimming behind his blank stare, and I smiled ever so sweetly.

"Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Who might you be and what bring you here, I wonder?"

I repeated that same line, the one I always said to those interesting souls getting themselves lost in the devil's nest. He didn't answer; his mouth was already busy muttering something inaudible, reading out the spell from the grimoire on his hand. So impatient, are we?

I tapped my chin, trying to take a better look at the magic circle he called forth; a summoning spell, I see. Interesting. What kind of demon you would call to take down the devil? I waited in my throne eagerly like a little girl waiting for her surprise. My eyes lit up as they materialized, those black hideous creatures with wings as black as mine; they roared and lunged at me, crushing my favorite throne in one simple swing of their claws. I laughed and leaped out of their range, my own claws ready to clash with theirs.

Slice, slice, slice.

My claws ripped through them easily like tearing a piece of paper.

"What are you doing? Putting out the hell fire with fire?"

His face darkened; I could feel the thick mana around him gathered, and I trembled in excitement. Come on, show me everything you've got. As if hearing my taunt, he activated his next spell, blowing out thick red mist from his book, blinding my sight. What a remarkable plan; couldn't fight me head on, you tried to sneak out dirtily from behind.

"What are you going to do next, magician?"

I closed my eyes, trying to increase my other perceptions, but still I couldn't find his presence; my, isn't he quite skillful? As if he had been working so hard specifically to render me helpless. Well, I would ask about it later after taking him down.

But my little plan was broken as soon as I came out with it.

The floor below me rumbled and split apart, opening wide resembling a mouth of a furious dragon.

Metal Sign: Silver Dragon

"Kill… Kill those monsters…"

I see now, no matter how many I kill nothing would change

Why? I just wanted to make my poor little sister happy

"That abomination… that heartless murderer... kill them all…"

But how many times I struggled, they kept on chasing after me

Was there no such thing as salvation for us?

"Well, this is troublesome."

He stood there, gazing down at my pathetic figure crashed between the jaw of his silver dragon; the certain metal burnt my flesh painfully, but I kept my smiling face, holding in my scream.

But what was that? What kind of face was that? That empty stare, what did he seek?

"Say, what do you want from killing me? Immortality? Fame? Fortune? Or maybe…"

I studied his stern figure for a while, chuckling slightly despite the pain all over my body.


I could see him flinched slightly; looked like I had found a loophole. I tried to press on further.

"Could you be a survivor of that night? How many centuries have you spent looking for me?"

What was that on his face? Did I just see anger? But no, it disappeared as soon as it came. I frowned slightly; he was a stubborn one. He brought his grimoire back up and chanted another spell.

"Has your grudge drowned you that you have no words left in you? Hey, magician, answer me."

I could see his grimoire fluttered, blue flame engulfing its pages. Ah, this is bad. I tried to search for another loophole among the infinite threads of fate, fixing my eyes on the tormenting figure in front of me. As if to grant my dying wish, or out of his own whim, he answered me in a voice as clear as day.

"I am the 20th 'Knowledge', a magician serving the Scarlet family, and an entity survived until now just to get my revenge on you. That night 100 years ago you killed me, and since then I have done nothing but searching for you. So today I will kill you, young mistress, Remilia Scarlet."

I could barely feel the sensation of the blue flame engulfing my body, burning me inside out. The next second I couldn't feel the pain anymore, as if all my senses had been ripped out of me. Funny, I couldn't have been dead, right?

No. I wouldn't accept it.

My senses returned and I screamed loudly, fighting out the blue flame with my own red magic. I wouldn't die. Not now; not until I fulfilled my promise. I managed to rise to my feet and summoned my trusted spear, lunging at the magician, laughing.

"I see, I understand now! Your great great grandparents died that night, and his descendants kept on living seeking for revenge! Ha ha, what a joke."

I couldn't even remember what I was doing anymore; slashing, clawing, biting. I felt excited beyond my control, and I shouted loudly.

"Open your eyes, magician! You are used by them; nothing but a puppet born from their grudge!"

I kicked his grimoire away, stopping my claws just a strand of hair away from his neck. I panted, staring deeply into his purple eyes, searching for an answer. No, not yet. I inhaled slowly and tried to find my voice once again.

"What will you get after killing me, hm? Nothing. Even those grudge you've been holding wasn't your own."

We stayed like that for what felt like eternity, staring at each other deeply as if searching for answers in one another. That simple trance was broken as soon as I heard a crash from behind me; I turned around to find my little sister rushing into the room, her whole front covered in blood just like mine.

"Onee-sama! Onee-sama, are you alright?"


Suddenly dizziness invaded me and I swayed, falling into her strong yet soft grip; well, there goes my little shot of adrenaline. I tried to keep my consciousness while making sure that Flandre didn't go obliterating the magician; I still had a lot to settle with him. She seemed to understand my thinking and stayed still, watching me intently. I sighed in relief and returned my gaze to the magician, pushing myself back to my own feet despite Flandre's protest.

"Don't you want to know? The reason for my action, the real meaning of your existence, don't you want to know?"

I could see him wavered, and I smiled once again, extending my hand toward him.

"I can help you."

He froze there for a while, before slowly walking toward me, and my smile widened. It's working; it looked like I could finally end this. But his hand never reached mine, instead, I felt a burning sensation on my chest.

A silver shard ran through my heart.

"You're getting soft, Remilia."

I could only stared dumbfoundedly at his laughing figure in front of me, the one that slowly burst into blood limbs by limbs.

"Ha ha ha, it won't matter even if I die; my descendant will come for you with even bigger grudge! You can't escape, Remilia Scarlet! This chain of hatred won't end until your death!"

The last thing I saw was Flandre's clenching palm and furious scarlet orbs, before everything fell into an abyss of darkness.

I woke up to the familiar ceiling of my room, flinching as the pain on my chest throbbed painfully.

"Onee-sama, you're awake!"

Out of nowhere Flandre suddenly appeared and tackled me as always; I bit my lip, grimacing from the pain she inflicted to my wounded body. She seemed to realize the outcome of her action and quickly detached herself from me and sat beside my bed, muttering a small sorry. I managed to calm myself and let my eyes wandered to my surrounding. Flandre blinked and followed my gaze, before returning to watch me once again.

"Don't worry, onee-sama, I've get rid of that magician and all his gangs! Meiling is repairing the throne room now. Hmm, they seemed to create a strange barrier that the outside doesn't look damaged. Isn't that great?"

I kept my stern look despite her smiling face, and finally, she gave up her childish mask, sighing. Leaping down my comfy bed, she floated for a while before descending to the ground softly, turning to give me her matching scarlet orbs.

"Hey, Remi, would you let me protect you this time?"

Huh? I was taken aback by her statement, blushing slightly. She chuckled in return.

"Don't worry, when the next magician come to get you, '

'I will grind them to dust."

She flashed me a soft smile before opening door and heading out, back to her childish world of playful pranks. And I sighed, staring as the door behind her slowly turned into a close.

"I understand your feeling, Flandre, but that way, it won't ever end.'

'This silly chain of hatred I made will only continue to grow…"

Though how many I killed, though how many I destroyed

Nothing would change; the shadow kept on rising from the blood-stained ground

O' fate that governs over this life, could we ever escape from this endless loop?

Searching for the answer, I raised my prayer to the scarlet moon

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