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A Shadow From the Past - Resurrected

185 years ago, a port town in France—

"It's strange…"

"W-what is? And since when are you here, Flan?"

I tilted my head and gave her the most innocent face I had, sitting on her comfy bed. Hm? We were sisters; why did she look so embarrassed with me seeing her changing? Then again, she might actually try to cover that thing.

That huge scar across her chest.

I frowned and rested my chin on the palm of my both hands, watching her back and the jet black wings sprouting from it, kicking my legs playfully.

"Hey, onee-sama, I'm worried about that wound you get from that purple guy a few years ago. Why isn't it healing properly?"

She seemed to tense a bit hearing my question, and I blinked. Aha, so she really did try to hide it from me. And I wasn't even a bit happy with her decision; I really hoped she stopped that, treating like a helpless and innocent child. I narrowed my eyes, waiting for her answer.

"…that is nothing to be concerned about, Flan. You worry too much lately."

Oh no, you don't. I won't let you get away this time, onee-sama.

"It's been years, onee-sama; it's normal for me to worry. Vampires like us should've recovered in mere minutes."

She sighed, putting on her night gown in one swift movement and closing the cupboard she was browsing. She's ignoring me again. I clamped my mouth shut, glaring at her; she turned toward me and gave me a light chuckle in return.

"Well, you are never 'normal' to begin with, so you shouldn't worry about such trivial things. Besides, it is but a mere scar now—"

"It is not a trivial thing!"

It happened again, just like it had always been; I always lost control of myself whenever I got angry.

The next moment I realized I had already in front of her, claws buried into the stony material of the wall on both of her side, barely digging into her neck. I stared into her matching scarlet orbs as I pinned her on place for a while, watching my hideous expression reflected on her eyes; I growled and took a few steps back, clutching my head.

No, this is bad.


"Stay away!"

My voice sounded so twisted and hoarse, unlike my usual childish one, and it horrified me. I didn't think I could hold myself in check for long so I darted my eyes away. One hand still clutching my throbbing head, I walked out of her bedroom with my face facing the ground. I couldn't bear staring into her eyes in this state; I was afraid seeing my own twisted face.

I was afraid of seeing fear in her eyes;

her fear of me.

"…I'm sorry, onee-sama. I'll be returning to the basement now. Good night."

I didn't look back to wait for her response; I closed the door behind me tightly and put my back against it, trying to calm myself. My headache didn't subside, if not getting worse.

"Hey, why are you resisting? Just let it out."

No. No, no, no—

"Young mistress, what happened!? Are you alright? Is the mistress alright?"

The voice brought me back to reality and I blinked, bringing my face up to meet a worried figure of a girl.

Who is she?

Wait, I know her. She is Meiling, our servant. I sighed, a little relieved that I could still hang on my tiny reason for now; I tried to flash her an assuring smile.

"I'm okay, Meiling. I'm just…returning to the basement now. Oh, and please watch over my sister, okay? Night."

I walked away, trying to look as usual as possible, and once I was out of her sight, I ran and rushed down to the basement, locking the huge steel door to my room with every lock I found and every sealing spell I knew.

Once I was done with it, I stepped back slowly, staggering and letting myself fell to the cold floor. I stared blankly at the dark ceiling up above me, trying to catch my breath.

"Aww, you're cutting off the best part again~"

I froze as I recognized the voice; the same sweet alluring voice I'd forgotten for quite a while. But then, after a while, it suddenly felt so familiar. So I laughed instead, letting all the tension leave my body.

"Ha ha, I thought you're already dead, Flynn."

"Why would I be dead?"

Strange. I never remembered hearing her voice this clear before. As if to add up my curiosity I heard footsteps coming from the far end of my room, along with jingling sounds that I seemed to know so much; I turned my face toward the source of the voice, and soon enough, as I recognized the little girl revealing herself in front of me, I once again froze.

"U fu fu~ Long time no see, Flan."

"Milady, may I ask you a question?"

"As I always said, it depends."

"Uh, yeah, umm… Are you having a fight with the young mistress?"

"…no. No, we're not having a fight or anything."

"Really? When I bumped into the young mistress just a while ago, she seemed a bit angry."

"…I see. She did, huh?"

"Yes, but most of all, I know that she's been worrying about you."


"I know this isn't my place to say anything, milady, but please don't take all the burden by yourself. Though I don't know anything about your past and I know I can't do much, but still, I want—no, WE want to help you. The young mistress must be thinking the same thing."

"Fine, I will think about it. Now stop lecturing me and pour my tea already."

"Great! Err no, I mean, understood, milady!"

She was there, with my face and my eyes and my smile.

She was standing right there.


How could that be?

"How could that be? You must be thinking about that now. "

"No... It can't be—you're just a voice in my head…"

"Am I?"

She brought up her palm toward me, smiling sweetly. Wait, that gesture; I knew what she was going to do, with that 'eye' forming itself on her palm before she clenched it.


I froze as I felt the left part of my face being torn, and soon enough, as I finally recognized the pain, I screamed. I could only clutch on my bleeding flesh as I saw her laughing loudly in front of me; the wound had started to recover, but not my shock.

"Ha ha ha, how nostalgic~ That half-burnt face of yours remind me of the old days, Flan."

"You are there? You're really there?"

"Hm? Yeah, but if you ask how, I don't know myself. I know that I am the embodiment of your madness though. So the more you call for it, like forgetting your reason and losing your temper, the easier for me to appear."

Madness? Yes, madness. It had always been there, but I almost forgot about it. Or maybe, I tried to ignore it?

"But let's talk about you. You seem to be bothered by something. What is it?"

When did she—

I quickly turned and leaped away from her, readying my claws; she gave me a childish giggle in return, putting her hands behind her back.

"I'm part of you, so there's no need to hide it. I can help you."

"…I don't think I can believe in you."

She tilted her head childishly like I always did, giving me a questioning look; I didn't fall for that though, and I growled dangerously. She giggled again.

"Maybe you can stop acting like a savage for a while. From what I remember, you don't like being one."

I watched carefully as she pulled a chair over and motioned me to sit down.

"Come on. Let's have a little chat."

I approached her slowly, and as I finally sat down, she pulled another chair for herself, sitting adjacent to me so we could see each other face to face. What was she planning now? If it involved hurting Remi, then I rather killing her with my own hands instead. Even if it means killing myself. She seemed to realize the dangerous glare I'd been giving, but her smile didn't wavered even a bit.

"You're worried. Or maybe, it's better to say that you're frustrated, huh?"

"What are you talking about?"

"There is a group of magician wanting to kill your sister, and you don't know why. Oh, maybe you already know why, and you get even more frustrated because of it. Why? Because the reason she was targeted, it's because of you."

I gripped on my skirt and casted my gaze away in shame. That's right, I knew the reason. I knew she killed all the other vampires and their familiars to save me, and now, that magician wanted to get revenge on her because of it.

Because of me.

"But even more than that, you're frustrated because you can't do anything about it. Even after saying something cool like 'when the next magician come to get you, I will grind them to dust'; you don't even know when they will come and how."

"…then what?"

"What 'what'?"

I stomped my foot to the floor and stood, giving her another glare.

"What are you getting at, Flynn?"

"U fu fu, what a scary look you have there, Flan. Calm down, I came here not to laugh at you. I want to help you as well, see?"

"You're lying, like you always did."

"Aww, you're so mean. That's not true; letting you go on rampage give me excitement, too. And since you already have someone you want to destroy this time, we can call it a truce and work together."

"So, how then? You already know that I can't track them down and onee-sama will probably find them first. You're not getting anywhere."

What a waste of time. I plopped back to my chair, sighing as I let my head lolled over the headrest, gazing at the dark ceiling once again. I heard her giggle not long enough though, and I returned to look at her, frowning.

"We don't need to track them down. There's an easier way. It's as easy as 'clench and boom', y'know."

"What way?"

She leaned forward a bit and I did the same, eager to hear what she had to say, and finally, she whispered.

"Why of course, we'll let them come to us~"

"They're coming."

"They? Wait, milady, don't tell me…"

"Yes. So get ready and return to the gate immediately."

"Um, what about the young mistress? You should tell her about this."

"…fine. I will tell Flan about my plan, so stop giving me that look and get going."

"Alright, you can focus on that 'Knowledge' and leave the other magicians to me! Oh, and one more thing, milady."

"What is it?"

"Don't push yourself too hard and good luck!"

Step, step, step.

That light and airy footsteps, it had to be onee-sama. I glanced at Flynn who was playing with the leftover skeletons of my dinner, and as if feeling my stare, she glanced back at me. Scarlet against scarlet, our eyes gleamed with mischief.

And a wicked smile stretched on our face.

"Time to play~"

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