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A Shadow From the Past - Clash

Hey, tell me

What is a shadow?

The walk down the basement somehow felt very long for now, with her own footsteps echoing in the dark hallway, Remilia Scarlet started to grow impatient. It had never bothered her before; she had descended the stairs for countless times in her long life, but with the clock quickly ticking off, she couldn't help skipping a few steps down. At the same time though, she hoped the stairs would go on forever, so she halted once in a while, hoping that time did the same.

She had set up a perfect stage to welcome the magician, that 'Knowledge' who wanted to claim her head, and the only thing left was to set all the pieces on board. But what troubled her wasn't the probability of its success; it is the fact that she needed to include her sister in her somehow ludicrous plan. She rather finished it herself but…

"Flandre will get angrier if I don't tell her this time."

She mumbled to herself, sighing. Ah well, there's no time to turn back now; she inhaled deeply as a huge steel door appeared in her vision. Putting her hand on the cold metal, the young vampire pushed the seemingly heavy door open with one simple push, revealing a little vampire girl on the floor happily drawing with her crayons. The vampire quickly noticed her presence and switched her gaze away from the messy drawing she made, showing a big smile.

"Oh, onee-sama. What brings you here?"

Remilia took another deep breath, calming herself.

"Well, I have something important to tell you, so listen carefully, okay?"


The little girl nodded and sat, fixing her eyes on her sister as the other vampire approached her slowly. Remilia smiled and proceeded to sit beside her, trying to keep the warm and light atmosphere as she spoke.

"Flan, do you remember about the magician that come to our mansion a few years ago?"

"Oh, that purple guy who tried kill you and gave you that scar on your chest?"

"…yes. Him."

Well, there goes the peaceful atmosphere. Remilia sighed to herself; she could already felt the anger bubbling in her sister, threatening to come out. But she couldn't back down now. Maybe she could still persuade her to follow her plan, hopefully.

"Do you remember? Before he died he said something about revenge."


"He also mentioned about his descendant—"

"Stop beating around the bush, onee-sama."


Remilia clamped her mouth shut, staring at the younger vampire as she stood and walked toward the door.

"The next magician is coming; that's what you want to tell me, right?"

Flandre spoke quietly, face facing the the steel door of her room with one hand planted on it; she didn't look back even a bit, but her voice was calm, much to Remilia's surprise. It was unlike her previous predicament, but still, something was amiss. Remilia narrowed her eyes, studying the figure in front of her carefully.

"How do you know?"


Nobody but her, the one who could see the incoming fate, would now about the magician's arrival. Did the gatekeeper tell her? No, that would be impossible. She just told her a few minutes ago and the Chinese girl had gone straight to the front gate right after that. What's going on? As if in cue the huge steel door suddenly light up, glowing in red as a familiar pattern appeared on the metallic surface; Remilia froze as she recognized the magic circle, a high-level sealing spell her father taught her a long time ago, and the other vampire giggled, finally turning to face her sister with a twisted smile on her face.

"U fu fu, surprise~"

A shadow is something without substance

formed from the incarnation of yourself

Oh, I see...

So then, why is it black?

"Hmm… Nothing suspicious until now. Then again I forgot to ask the mistress when the magician will come."

Meiling groaned, scratching her long red hair in frustration. The night was so peaceful and soothing that it almost lulled her to sleep, but no, she mustn't! She couldn't let her guard fall in such important moment! She sighed, closing her eyes.

"But thinking that those magicians might attack at anytime make me quite nervous. Aah, what to do—whoa!?"

The Chinese girl opened her eyes to a white flower shoved on her face. Wait, what? She jumped a safe distance away in impulse, taking out her battle stance, carefully studying the figure of a girl that apparently holding out the flower to her; it was a little girl in hood with a basket full of flower. Could she be the daughter of the florist whose shop she passed by quite often?


Yeah, that's must be her.

Meiling sighed and returned to her full height, discarding her fighting stance. The girl blinked and held out the flower once again, while the gatekeeper did the same, giving her a perplexed look.

"Um, is this for me?"

The girl nodded, hiding her face behind her hood timidly. Meiling smiled and took it gently, trying not to scare the little girl any further. She chuckled.

"Thanks, it really cheers me up. Hm, it smells…so…nice…eh?"


Suddenly the redhead swayed, as if losing her balance, and she fell face first to the ground, unconscious. But the little girl didn't seem to care a slightest bit; she casually walked past the fallen gatekeeper, and without a word, she entered the door leading to the majestic red mansion behind the tall stone wall.

The girl walked in a steady pace, as if she had known the place despite the fact that it was her first time coming there, passing corridor after corridors swiftly. Soon enough the double oak door leading to the throne room was in her sight; she girl muttered quietly under her breath, and suddenly the wind raged around her, blowing the door open to reveal the wide hall that seemed to have been burn in the back of her mind.

But the seat was empty.

The Scarlet Devil was nowhere to be seen.

The girl blinked once, and twice, but the scene didn't change. She cautiously walked into the dark room, listening closely to any sound beside her own footsteps. It was quiet, too quiet; she might as well had walked into a trap, but it wasn't like she didn't count that possibility. So she closed her eyes, muttering some more inaudible words; the wind around her once again raged as a huge circle formed itself on the floor, glowing in purple. Opening her eyes, she held out her index finger, pointing to the far dark ceiling.

Earth Water Sign: Noachian Deluge

As she finished her mumbling water bullets were formed out of the thin air, flying at the direction she was pointing in a blinding speed, chasing after an unknown figure hidden in the darkness; the creature moved in a matching speed to dodge bullets after bullets that was lunging at it, a faint jingling sound followed its every movements. The magnificent barrage of magic didn't last forever though, and it finally subsided, revealing the creature it was chasing under the moonlight. The vampiric creature giggled, watching the magician below her as she somehow floated with her grotesque wings adorned with colorful crystals.

"Hello and welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Onee-sama is not available right now, so I will greet you in her place. Do you need something—ah wait, wait, I know. You're that 'Knowledge', right? You must be looking for my sister! But as I said before she's unavailable right now, too bad."

The girl didn't answered; she pulled out a thick book from behind her robe, muttering once again. As her whispering words flowed, she raised her book over her head and a ball of light started to gather on its surface; the vampire stared at the display of magic with wide eyes, excitement painted all over her face.

Sun Sign: Royal Flare

"Oh, oh! You want to play? You want to play with me? Okaay~ Squeeze and—"

The young vampire held out her palm toward the incoming artificial sun, giggling.


Is the shadow black because

the inside of me is also black?

"What are you doing, Flandre?"

"Me? Haven't I told you before?"

Flandre twirled and stepped away from the sealed door of her room, giving Remilia her cute innocent smile.

"I will protect you from the magician."

Remilia blinked as she registered the statement. Ah yes, Flandre did say it before, back after she obliterated the previous magician. She just didn't expect the younger Scarlet had been taking her words this far; part of her felt happy to think that her little sister cared so much about her, but the other part of her knocked herself back to reality remembering the outcome of that foolish action. No, she had to find her way out.

"Why, thank you. But you seem to be well informed about the magician arrival, Flan."

"U fu fu, of course~"

The blonde vampire approached her sister, circling her with hands folded behind her back.

"First, I knew that you are coming down here, and from your unsteady footsteps, I knew that you were nervous about something; you always do that when you're nervous, skipping a few steps and all. And when you're nervous, you must have something very very important to tell. Second~~"

She held out her arms, embracing her sister from behind and lightly caressing the fabric of her shirt, right above the scar on her chest. Smiling widely, she whispered softly into her ear.

"Your wound must be aching now, right? Onee-sama..."

Remilia tensed as she felt her gentle touch, blushing slightly from the unfamiliar action, and the blonde vampire in return smiled wider.

"It doesn't heal properly means that it isn't a normal wound; that magician must have put a spell on it. But then, nothing happened for years, until it suddenly started acting out even though you did nothing out of ordinary. So I guess the spell must have reacted to the magician coming for you."

"Well, aren't you quite observant. But before that, may I ask?"

The younger vampire blinked, staring into her sister eyes as the other vampire glanced menacingly at her.

"Who are you? And where is Flandre?"

'Flandre' froze at the statement before laughing, detaching herself from the vampire as she skipped away happily, walking toward the sealed door once again.

"Ooh, amazing~ You're a great observer yourself, Remi. Okay, let me introduce myself then."

'Flandre' twirled to face Remilia once again, sloppily curtsying.

"I am the madness resided within Flandre Scarlet. Well, technically I am her, but she like to call me 'Flynn' instead."

"I see. So Flynn, may I ask you a favor?"

"Oh? What favor?"

"Open that door and let me out."

Flynn shook her head, a huge smile still plastered on her face.

"Too bad, no can do~ Flan told me to keep you here while she play with the magician—"

"Then make that an order."

Remilia stepped forward, pointing accusingly at the resemblance of her sister as she spoke with great confidence.

"Open that door and let me out."

The blob of madness silently stared at the older Scarlet in front of her, seemingly stunned. But suddenly she trembled, before throwing her head back, cackling loudly.

"Ha ha ha, you're very interesting, Remi! I think I understand why Flan like you so much. But nope, I still can't let you out~"

"Very well, then I will open it by force."

"Aww, don't be like that. Flan will be mad at me if you're hurt."

Remilia chuckled, holding out her hand to summon her trusted spear.

"Ah, then it's easy. Don't move as I take you down along with that door, understand?"

"Eeeh? You're such a meanie. Wait, I have a better idea!"

Flynn clapped her hands happily before holding out her own hand, summoning a strange black cane and brandishing it like a sword. Her smile stretched from ear to ear.

"Rather than me trying not to hurt you, how about you trying not to get hurt?"

What a twisted logic, just like her sister's; the vampire smiled, readying her spear.

"That is fine by me. Come."

Divine Spear—

"Alright, let's go~"




Why is the shadow black?

You don't know?

Okay, tell me then

How do you kill a shadow?

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