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The Hildrs

Remilia Scarlet had never known the meaning of freedom before.

As the one chosen to be the next heiress of the noble Scarlet, Remilia spent her days learning all the things she needed to know; from etiquette and manners, to language and politics. With all of her needs supplied by the servants, she did not have any reason to leave the mansion. It wasn't rare to see her gazing absentmindedly through the window while waiting for her next lesson. The girl had dreamed about it so many times; to venture outside simply to have some fun, not to accompany her grandfather to a political meeting. And that one simple dream came true today.

Remilia ran around the empty street, happily dragging her male companion behind her. She danced and twirled on her heels, laughing. Something caught the curiosity in her eyes.

"Hey, Geoffrey. What is this?"

"That's a cat. A domesticated, carnivorous mammal—"

"It is so fluffy!"

She crouched and stroked the little ball of fur, smiling happily all the time. Geoffrey stared as she did, half surprised to see her that excited; he thought she was a spoiled child full of arrogance, but at a closer look, maybe she was simply innocent and scared of the unknown. Oh well, she had never known what it's mean to have fun like a little child she actually was. Maybe he would let her took her chance.

"Come on, Remi. There's still more to see."

He took her around the town, the one she would govern someday; the general store, the flower shop, the bakery, and many more. Before they realized the sun was already high on the sky. Geoffrey stood and stretched.

"Alright, time to do what we have to do."

"Hey, Geoffrey."


"Aren't we going to your house?"

"Yes, we are."

Remilia furrowed her brow, pushing away the tall grass from her vision.

"Are your house in the wilderness?"


Not another sarcasm. She huffed and decided to keep silent, following close behind the other vampire, which is quite hard with her long skirt. After a few minutes of walk through tall grass and weeds, they were met with tall fortified walls. Geoffrey crossed his arms, waiting for Remilia to calm herself as she saw the magnificent stone wall.

"Alright, let's climb."

" are climbing...the wall to your own house."

She gave him a skeptical look. Geoffrey ignored her and searched for a footing. He cursed.

"Looks like father had filled the holes I made."

He looked around, looking for ideas.

"Why can't we use the front door?"


Remilia sighed as he ignored her once again.

"Why can't we just fly?"

"Oh, right. I'll let the sun burns my wings, thank you."

"We can use my parasol to cover ourselves."

"You think the two of us will fit—"

Geoffrey stopped mid-sentence, turning his head to her in an instant; she almost scared he would broke his neck.

"Fly and carry me up there."


"Just hurry, Remi. Before anyone spotted us."

He snatched her parasol, almost forgot to keep it above her head. The other vampire took a deep breath, relaxing her wings, letting them expand to their full length, which were longer than her own height. She took the boy on his arm. Slowly, they hovered on the air, and soon enough they passed the wall. Geoffrey handed over her parasol, taking the lead once again.

"So why are you sneaking to your house again?"

He didn't respond. Remilia started to get irritated and stopped on her track, a hand on her hip.

"Answer me, Geoffrey. Or I'll call the guard."

How wonderful. He sighed and turned around, giving her an equally annoyed look.

"Because, I don't fancy the idea of bumping into my father."

Remilia blinked, giving him an oblivious look.

"What is wrong with your father?"

"Well, he is..."

Geoffrey took a deep breath and exhaled an equally long one.

"..something else."

What did he mean by that, she wondered. Remilia decided not to push the matter any further and followed him climbing through one of the many window. A young man was waiting for them, sitting on the couch while reading a book.

"Ah, there you are my dear brother. And who do you have with you?"

Geoffrey bowed, slightly, before mentioning to Remilia.

"This is my fiancee, Remilia Scarlet. Remi, this is Reinald. My older brother and the next head of Hildr. Greetings' done. Now what do you need from me, brother?"

Reinald shook his head.

"How rude, Geoffrey. Have a sit, please. I'll call the servant to make us tea."

"No, thanks. If it wasn't for your urgent call, I won't even think of going back here."

The older Hildr grew quiet; his expression turned solemn.

"Is it because of father?"

Geoffrey clamped his mouth shut. Remilia simply stared at the two Hildr all the time, didn't even know what to say. A dense atmosphere filled the air as silence lingered around the room. Just as Geoffrey was about to open his mouth to say something, the door creaked open leading to the room, revealing his nightmare.

"Oh shi—"

"Ah, my beloved son~ You're back~~"

Remilia flinched a bit as she saw the middle-aged vampire tackled his son, hugging him like an over-obsessed parent; then again, maybe he really was. Another smaller vampire, probably about a year or two younger than her, followed behind him. Judging from his silver hair and golden eyes, he must be one of the Hildr as well. Geoffrey's younger brother, perhaps?

"Argh, dad! Get off of me!"

"You don't know how much I missed you, sonny."

"Excuse me, father. We have a guest."

Reinald tapped on his shoulder, motioning to the dumbfounded Remilia across the room. The older vampire quickly stood up straight, regaining his composure.

"Welcome, young lady. I am Aldrich, the head of the Hildr household. Please make yourself at home."

"Uh, um, thank you."

Remilia let out an awkward laugh; Geoffrey did say he was something else but she didn't expect him to be...this much. Isn't he supposed to be the head of the family? She could never imagine her father acting like that. As she was lost in her thought she didn't realize a small vampire approaching her, staring at her in curiosity. Remilia blinked back to reality, staring eye to eye with a pair of golden orbs.


"I'm Willard! And you are?"

"Remilia Scarlet."

"Scarlet? Hm, I think I've heard that name."

"Hey, Will. Stop staring at her."

Geoffrey snatched his younger brother by his collar, jerking him away.

"Is she your fiancee, Geoffrey? She's pretty! I want a pretty fiancee, too."

"Shut up, Will. You're two and didn't even know what a fiancee is."

He kept the younger vampire in a headlock and the two boys brawled for a while. Reinald sighed.

"Please don't mind those two vulgar youngster, miss Scarlet."


So this is the Hildrs. Certainly a visit she would never forget.

"Damn that old man, I hate him."

The two young vampires sat on the grass up on the hill, gazing at the now lively town, the moon shining brightly above them. Remilia chuckled softly, closing her eyes.

"What are you laughing about?"

"You have a lively family."

"Not really. It's more like...annoying."

"I mean, the last time I spoke with my father, before this morning, was about a month ago. I didn't even remember his laughing face. Mother is kind, but grandpa doesn't seem to like her too much so he send her away a lot."

Remilia hugged her knees, a small smile on her face. Geoffrey glanced at her, before switching his view back to the moonlit sky.

"Y'know, my old man was not always like that. He started to act all protective ever since mom passed away."

It was her turn to listen closely now; she hugged her knees closer.

"Some filthy humans calling themselves vampire hunters suddenly raided our home and took her away. The old man slain them all good, but it wouldn't be long until words spread about our identities as vampires. So we moved from our homeland."

Remilia inhaled deeply. She had never thought how her life would be without her mother, and Geoffrey had already endured it for long. For once, she felt that her long days staying alone at the mansion wasn't the hardest thing there was.

"Then the lord, Kurios Scarlet, accepted us. He even gave us the mansion and authority. So to be honest, we were never nobles to begin with."

"Grandpa, huh? I think I know why he did."

Remilia rolled her eyes; she had never like her grandfather, that's why.

"He's obsessed with the pure-bloods."

"So that's why. I think that's what triggered our engagement as well."

"Yeah. But this isn't so bad, right?"


Remilia hopped from her sitting position, hovering slightly on the air, before her feet touch the ground. She turned around and smiled.

"Let us return home. I have a lesson to attend tonight."

Geoffrey stared at her for a while, before chuckling and standing up.

"As you wish, milady."

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