Scarlet Archive: The Origin

The day when everything changes

"Will you be alright, mother?"

A young vampire perched on the edge of the bed, a worried expression on her face. The older of the two smiled and stroked her daughter's hair affectionately.

"Of course, dear. Now run along and have some fun."

The little vampire nodded and gave her mother a quick kiss on the cheek, before leaving the room beaming with joy. Little that she knew, that it would be the last moment they spent together.

495 years ago, the scarlet mansion—

"Geoffrey! Geoffrey, wake up!"

I shook the sleeping vampire, attempting to wake him up. He was quite a sleeper! I shook him harder, earning a loud protesting groan.


"Good, you are awake. Let us go, now."

He rubbed his eyes, sitting up, staring at me with sleepy eyes.

"Thank you for knocking before entering—"

"I have no time for sarcasm, Geoffrey."

I cut him short; I truly had no time for an idle chit-chat now. Something serious was about to happen, and I needed his help. Fast.

"Wake me up in the evening, it's still noon."

"This is urgent, I need your help."

That seemed to help him blinking away his sleepiness. He stared into my eyes now, seemingly trying to find if I simply make fun of him or really meant it. About three seconds passed by until he switched his gaze away.

"Alright, just give me five minutes."

He yawned and stretched. I smiled in satisfaction. I knew this wouldn't be so hard.

"Meet me at the front gate."

With that, I scrambled out of his room, face filled my excitement. Why you ask? Because today was the day I'd been waiting for years; nothing could stop me. Nothing! I swung the front door open and leaped outside, standing high and proud with hands on my hip. Wait. Did I forget something?

"Argh, it burns~!"

The sun. Right. I almost forgot about my biggest enemy. I quickly ran back inside and snatched my parasol. I did it one more time, the leap and all, but now with a parasol ready to shield me from the killing ray of light. That seemed to work. I huffed and smiled proudly.

"What're you doing, now?"

"Good timing, Geoffrey. Ready?"

That was more a rhetorical question though, as I quickly grasped his wrist and dragged him.

"Forward, march!"

"Do you like flowers that much?"


I raised my head, prying my eyes away from a little something I was working on, to look at the source of the voice. Geoffrey was sitting not to far away from me, plucking one of the flowers scattered around the vast flower field. I gave him a questioning look and he sighed.

"Oh, come on. What's so urgent about picking flowers? You can buy a bouquet from the flower shop."

Ah, so that was it. I giggled and resumed on looking for flowers, taking a small yellow one near my feet, ignoring him. I heard him whined.

"Something special happened today, didn't it?"

"Something 'will', if I may say."

I heard him muttered something, looking for possiblities. I hummed happily while hearing his frustated whine.

"Are you giving up?"

"Just spill it, Remi."

Bad answer. I walked toward him and pinched his cheek, hard. He groaned in protest.

"Aren't you rude?"

"Ah, right. Pardon me, milady. May I ask for your explanation, please?"

He said that slowly, in an annoyingly mocking tone he often used, as he rubed his red cheek. His attitude didn't seem to change much over the year. Especially his sarcasm; I never succeeded to clean that off him. Before I realized I was used to it already.

"If you insist!"

I declared proudly and sat beside him.

"My little sister will be born today."

He stared at me for a while and blinked, once, twice, before letting out a small chuckle.

"That's it? And you get all worked up about it?"

"What do you mean 'that's it', it means a lot! I've been wanting a little sister to play together with."

"So just me isn't enough?"

"Well, I'll say!"

We laughed together for a good while before switching our attention back to the flowers. It was only then that I realized Geoffrey was making something with the flowers he picked earlier. My curiosity perked.

"What are you making, Geoffrey?"


He revealed his handiwork and put it on my head. I stared at him in awe.

"A flower crown. I learned it back when I helped mom at the flower shop."

I never knew he worked on a flower shop before. He seemed to notice my surprise as well and smirked.

"Now then, what do you want me to make next?"

"Can you make a flower bouquet?"

"For aunt Cecil, is it?"

"And Flandre."


I giggled as I saw his puzzled face.

"It is the name of my sister. Flandre Scarlet. It has a nice ring to it, isn't it?"

"Hmm... Okay."

He suddenly shot to his feet; the swift movement startled me a bit and I almost knocked myself off balance.

"Let's look for the best flowers. Just tell me what kind of impression you want to give and I'll find the perfect ones for it."

He offered his hand and helped me up. Putting his sarcasm away, Geoffrey did grow a lot kinder over a year though. I guessed that what helped him to escape my 'get away from me' list.

I ran through the crowded street, a flower bouquet on hands, heart thumping faster than my running feet. Geoffrey decided to stay on the flower field a bit longer, or rather forced to, to clean up the mess from our little visit. Well, I couldn't help plucking flowers here and there.

Anyway, as soon as the red-painted wall of my house was in vision, I picked up my speed even more. I skidded to a stop once I reached the front door, trying to catch up my breath as I glanced at the flower bouquet on my hands. Good, it was still in one piece. I switched into a walk, but still moving in a rather quick pace.

My footsteps echoed through the wide hall, as my heartbeat drummed in my ears; I had never been this excited before. But as I approached the corridor leading to my mother's room, something strange happened.

Everything froze; the sound of my thumping heart that was present until now was nowhere to be heard. Suddenly, I found myself in a dark room, with no source of light. A vampire could see in the dark though, so it didn't bother me too much. What truly bothered me was the smell of blood, old and new, scattered all over the room. A mumbled voice was heard from behind me and I turned around, only to be met by a blonde haired girl; her scarlet eyes shone in the dark, matching mine. Her face was blurry but I could still see the pained look on her eyes, and then suddenly, I was back at the corridor.

What was that? I shook my head. It felt too real to be a dream. I tried to ignore it, but somehow I couldn't push away the chill that slowly creeped up my spine. Something was off. As if to prove my theory, I saw my father stood in front the room where my mother supposedly was, his back against the door; I didn't like the dark expression he was wearing. He seemed to be lost in thought as he didn't realize my presence, so called out to him.


His head that was hung low, suddenly shot up as he stared at me, with an emotion I had never seen on him. And he hugged me. I was too shocked to hug him back and simply stood there.

"Remilia, please... Please wait at your room. Don't leave until I call for you, understand?"

His voice trembled and was softer than a whisper, unlike his usual stern speech. I could only nodded as he let go of me, slowly, as if I would break if he suddenly released his grasp. I tried to take a closer look on his face but failed to did so, only succeeded to let my gaze fall to the floor.

"Um, father? Before I go, can you give this to mother? Geoffrey and I made this for her and Flandre."

I brought the flower bouquet up, slightly covering my face, hoping that peeking through it gave me enough courage to meet his eyes. But I couldn't. I was too afraid. So I quickly scurried to my room as he took hold of the bouquet, didn't even dare to give him one last glance.

I lied on my bed, hugging my knees. I recalled the strange vision I had before, but quickly regretted it. I hugged myself tighter as I started to tremble in unknown fear. Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I rushed to my feet and swung it open; a perplexed Geoffrey was staring at me on the other end. I sighed. Somehow that took a bit load off me, and I managed to breath normally. Geoffrey entered and closed the door behind him, taking a seat on the nearby chair while I climbed back to my bed.

"...uncle Laine told me to accompany you here."

I let out a quiet hum in response, staring at the ceiling. We stayed like that, for I didn't know how long. Suddenly I heard a loud slam and bolted back to a sitting position.

"Where is it!"

A familiar voice of anger was heard and I took a quick breath. I could sense Geoffrey tensed up himself as he spoke in a whisper.

"It's Lord Kurios."


I managed to let out a small whisper before jumping to my feet and stormed out, knocking Geoffrey out of the way as I did. He didn't recover quick enough to run after me.

"Remi! Remi, wait!"

I ignored him and ran as fast as my feet could get. As if it wasn't enough, I crouched and stretched my wings to full length, speeding up. I couldn't even remember how many servants I crashed into as I flew through the corridor, heading to the source of the voice. And then, the door to my mother's room stood in front of me.

"Ah, what a hideous creature. We have to get rid of it right away."

Grandpa's voice.

"Please father, reconsider."

It was father this time. I gulped and took hold of the doorknob.

"Reconsider, you say? Nonsense! Didn't you see how that little abomination ripped itself free out of her?"

"She is just a newborn baby."

"A monster!"


Right at that moment I turned the doorknob and swung it open. Father and grandpa quickly turned their head toward me. Father's furious face quickly softened as he saw me, and he whispered in disbelief.


I didn't move, simply staring at the whole scene, and at the small body of a baby between them. Grandpa spatted in disgust and approached the small bed.

"Time to finish what I come here for."

He took the baby by the leg, letting it dangle freely on the air

"No! Flandre!"

I shouted, and as if in cue I heard her cried. The old man suddenly tensed and threw Flandre away in alarm. From then, everything seemed to move in a slow motion in my eyes. I saw how she clenched her hand, and how a servant that was standing beside grandpa burst into a pool of blood. Father quickly caught Flan on his arm, but it wasn't enough to quiet her down. She clenched her palms again; more and more pools of blood were formed, until nobody but us remained in that room. She quieted down eventually, after father whispered something I couldn't hear to her ear. I switched my gaze back to grandpa; his face wore the same aloofness as ever.

"Hand me the baby, Laine."

"Flandre is my daughter, and the last memories that Cecil left. I will never hand her over to you."

"Yes, yes, it was her fault wasn't it?"

He chuckled darkly, his head hanged to his side like a broken puppet. I clinged to my father's long coat, afraid of the strange aura and creepy smile he was giving.

"Oh... the impure blood of the former human... this is why I told you not to choose her, Laine... Ah, yes... Cecilia Scarlet has died and the baby died with her... I cannot let anyone know that such abomination ever born under the Scarlet name..."

"I never regret my decision, father."

Suddenly his face crunched as he heard that; the sickening smile that was there turned into fury. I grasped on my father's coat tighter, but father didn't wavered even a bit.

"These are the daughters that Cecil and I treasured the most. I will never give them up."


His voice boomed and I closed my eyes. Father pushed me behind him, hiding me under his long coat.

"If nobody knew about her, will it be enough for you?"

The atmosphere quieted down. I peeked from behind father, hugging him as I shivered. After a long silence, grandpa huffed.

"Expand the basement and lock that wicked creature on the deepest part."

He turned toward the door, his eyes fixed on me as he passed beside us; I hid myself further.

"Heed my words, Laine. It shall never leave the basement at all cost, and nobody but us shall know of its existence. A group of magicians will enforce the room with the strongest barrier there is, and I will assign special guards to monitor the seal."

He stopped as he turned the doorknob and gave us one last glance.

"From now on, that thing is our 'dirty little secret'; a pandora box that shall never be opened..."

I slumped back to my room, a lifeless look on my eyes. I was quite surprised to see Geoffrey waiting for me there, sitting on the same chair with a slight concern on his face.

"Took you long enough. And what with the long face?"

I felt tears threatened to come out, but it never did; I bit my lips and clenched my fist until my knuckles turned white. After I regained my voice, I raised my face to meet Geoffrey's; determination flaring from my scarlet eyes.

"Geoffrey, teach me how to fight. That is one thing your family was known for, true?"

I had to protect Flandre, my beloved little sister, from now and forever. And for that, I need power. A power greater than anything; a power strong enough to govern and bend this miserable fate.

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