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The first thing I could remember was a pair of scarlet orbs. Furious, and then full of sorrow. After that, all I knew and saw was darkness.

—Beginning of an end: Flandre's Side—

Flan. Flandre. Flandre Scarlet. That was how the two of them called me. So it was my name, I guess. Everything was dark around here. But they said vampires could see in the dark. And I could see in the dark. That means I am a vampire! But what does a vampire do?

"Flandre, are you awake? I brought your meal."


I tackled her happily. Her? Well, the one with lavender hair here was my older sister. Her name was Remilia. Every once in a while she came down to play with me, sometimes with my father as well. I loved both them so much.

"Flan, please be patient and wait on the table."

I realized I had been snuggling her until now. So I let go and eagerly waited on my dining table in the center of the room, legs dangling off the chair. Onee-sama sighed and put a tray of food on the table. A steak dripping with blood! One of my favorite. I quickly reached for it with my hand but Onee-sama swatted my hand away.

"Flan, use your knife and fork."

I tilted my head.

"But, but, if I don't hurry catch it, it will escape!"

"Food couldn't run away."

No way! I stared at her in disbelief.

"But the last time it ran from me! The one with four legs that goes 'oink, oink'!"

"They fed you living livestock!?"

Onee-sama's voice roared and I shrunk in fear, letting my hands fell to my side. I saw her sinked on her chair, pinching her temple. She looked troubled. Was it my fault? I tried to say something to cheer her up.

" was kinda fun, though..."

She peeked from behind her hand and sighed. And after a while, she stroked my hair.

"I will inform father about this. From now on, your food will away from you again. So it them slowly, okay?"

I nodded and reached for the knife and fork, slowly eating my meal.

I was living in a basement; I acknowledged it after a while. That's why everything was dark. I knew because everything big sis and father told me, about the sky and the moon, was different from what I saw everyday. So one day I asked father, and he hesitantly told me. That I lived deep underground, in the basement of our mansion. I couldn't get out, he said, not now. Someday. But when was it? His face always looked sad when I asked about it, so I decided to stop asking. I couldn't stand seeing him like that.

"Do you want to see the night sky so much, Flandre?"

I opened my mouth, but hesitate, and switched my gaze to the ground.

"But...I must not go out, right, Father? I don't want to trouble you..."

That was true. He always seemed sad and distant, even when he smiled. It was hurt to see it sometimes. If staying here could lessen his burden, I didn't mind.

"Besides, onee-sama always come here to play with me and tell me stories."

I brought my face back up, a bright smile on my face. He chuckled slightly and crouched to pat me.

"You don't have to get out to meet the star; I will bring the star down here for you."

I stared at him, dumbfounded. He rose to his full height and stretched his both arms upward.

"Close your eyes, Flan."

I did as I was told, tightly keep my eye shut with both hands. I heard something rumbled. After the rumbling stopped, I felt myself being lifted off the ground.

"You can open them now."

Once again I obeyed. I glanced down and saw father put me on his shoulder, giving him a questioning look.

"Look up there."

I switched my gaze upward and was surprised with what I saw.

"The stars! Father, there are stars up there!"

I heard him laughed and I did the same, raising my hands as I pretending to reach it. I had never seen something like that outside of a book; so glittery and beautiful, I felt like I can stare at it forever! I slept peacefully that day, dreaming of the stars that watching me all the time. Maybe someday, I could see the true night sky, together with father and big sister.

I wonder why my wings looked different from father and big sister. But big sister said it was beautiful, like a tree with jewels as its leaves. So I didn't bother. Even though it was hard to fly with them; I could only float a few feet before collapsing in exhaustion. If I could finally fly properly with them, maybe someday I could reach for the stars up there, and brought one back for big sister and father.

Did you know, there were eyes everywhere? One day I told big sister about it, but she simply gave me a confused look, before excusing herself and left. I was so sad back then. So I never said anything about them again, afraid that she might leave. After that, everything turned back like it usually was.

"What is that, onee-sama?"

"This? Why don't you come here and take a look?"

I carefully approached the foreign item, eyes fixed on it. Big sister sighed and crossed her arms.

"It is alright, Flan. Come here."

I walked in a faster pace, but still unsure about it. I hid myself behind her and narrowed my eyes, staring at it.

"So, what is that?"

"It is a telescope, for viewing the star."

"I can see the star without it."

Big sister dragged me away from behind her and put me in front of the telescope.

"Try using it first."

How? I sighed and fiddle with it. If it was used to view something, then shouldn't I put my eyes somewhere? I searched for any such places. Maybe here? I tried to look through it and gasped.

"Onee-sama, the star looks so close!"

" it works?"


"Never mind. How is it, Flan?"

" is kinda blurry."

I mumbled in disappointment, and glanced back at big sister. She seemed to think about something, before heading for the door.

"I will ask father about how to use it, but he is busy today. Would you be a good girl and patiently waited until tomorrow?"


"Oh, and happy birthday, Flan."

She smiled and put her hand on the huge steel door. The door groaned a bit, before opening itself. I saw some familiar faces on the other end. They were the guards, or so father told me. They also the one that sometimes brought me my food, but their food had never been good. They glanced at me with a strange look before I saw big sister scolded them. After a while, the door slammed shut once again and I was back on my on.

So it was my birthday again, today? I wonder how old I am now. Hmm... I thought I count them somewhere. I skipped to a certain part of the thick wall and found the scribble I made. I took my crayon and drew another line.

"One hundred and...ninety-five."

I put my hand on hips and smiled at it proudly. But I didn't have time for this! I ran back to where my birthday present was and fumbled with it once again. I giggled.

"Father would be surprised if can find the way to use it myself!"

I must showed him that I was no longer a helpless little child. Maybe he could finally find a way to let me go outside after this. Just thinking about it made me happy. But it wasn't as easy as I thought. After I didn't know how long, I gave up and let myself fell to the cold ground, growling in frustration. I saw the eye on the telescope staring at me. I puffed my cheek.

"What are you looking at?"

In a moment of instinct, I crushed that eye, and then, somehow, the telescope bursted into nothingness. I sat back up, staring at its remnants in disbelief. What happened? Did I just broke it? I started to panic and gathered the broken pieces. The sharp edges dug into my skin but I didn't care; my wounds was closed as quick as it opened. My vain attempt didn't bring anything, and once again I stared at them with horror in my eyes. I snapped my eyes away from it and saw the eyes around me stared deeply at me, as if suspecting me. I gritted my teeth and shouted.

"What are you all looking at!? Stop looking at me!"

And I rose to my feet, crushing any eyes I saw. As I did that, everything around me exploded into pieces. When I came to, everything was already gone. My bed, my dining table, my toys; everything was nothing but tiny little pieces now. But the eyes were still there, staring at me from the dark. I fell to my knees, staring back at them in horror.

" everything..."

"Oh no, you are the one who broke them."

A strange voice rang inside me, and I clutched my head.

"No, you're wrong—"

"You were the one who crushed the 'eye', and you broke them."

"No! I didn't mean to—"

"But you did."


I felt my wings burned and I screamed in agony.

"—an...flan...calm down..."

I faintly heard father's voice, but I couldn't see anything but the eyes. I screamed again, this time in horror, and I crushed them on and on. How long did I do that I don't remember anymore; the paranoia filled me that I lost track of everything. Suddenly, I felt someone embraced me and I calmed down, and the eyes slowly disappeared. I blinked in confusion.

"...are you alright, Flandre?"

It was father. I nodded slowly and clutched his shirt, burying myself on the red fabric and starting to sob loudly.

" must be very is alright, now..."

I felt him stroking my hair gently, like he always did. Something wet fell to my cheek, mixed with my tears. Did he cry, too? I wiped my wet cheek. It was red. I tensed and looked up at his face, eyes filled with horror once again.


He simply smiled.

"..father, you're covered in blood..."

It was then that I could realized that he hugged me with only an arm, and that his other arm was nowhere to be seen. I started to panic once more but he patted my head.

"...this seems...bad...somehow I couldn't regenerate..."

"I—I didn't mean to—"

I slowly backed away but he held me in place, embracing me tighter.

"'re a good child...I know you didn't mean it Flandre..."

My tears started to flow again, and I hugged him back, gently, afraid that I might break him again.

"...listen, Flandre...that eyes...your stronger than anything in this world..."

He shakily brought up my right palm.

"...such great power...come with great responsibility...would you promise me not use it carelessly..?"

I nodded, slowly, tears still freely flowing down my face. He sighed contentedly after that, and whispered.

"...I am relieved..."

I felt his body went limp. I tried to hold him and shook him a few times, but he didn't move. And then, suddenly, he disappeared.


Only silence greeted me.

"Father, where are you?"

Still nothing. I started to feel sick.

"He's gone."

The sound echoed in my mind and I clutched my head, screaming again. The eyes returned. I glared at them and brought my hand toward them, but stopped mid-movement. I cried instead, hugging myself tightly as I curled into a ball; cursing myself, and my new-found power.

Everything felt dull. Even the starry sky that twinkled happily up there, that stared down at me, as if mocking me. But I didn't even care. My body felt heavy with guilt. I didn't feel like doing anything; I wanted nothing more than just letting myself rot and die here. My wish was for once granted. I heard the guard knocked on the steel door and shouted.

"Y'hear that, lil' monster. Lord Kurios finally decided to execute you!"

I smiled and chuckled softly, closing my eyes, waiting for the end. I fell asleep not long after, tired of everything. My dreamless state was disturbed as I heard a loud explosion from outside, and the sound of restless footsteps in front of my door. I rose to my feet and rushed to the cold steel door, putting my ears on it as I tried to get a better hearing.

"The main hall, hurry to the main hall!

'The young mistress—lady Remilia had gone mad!"


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