Scarlet Archive: The Origin

The Girl who Defied Fate

Ever since that day I promised

to become stronger,

to never shed any tears,

to acknowledge fear no more.

I had killed my weak self and abandoned my foolish thought.

Eventually I obtained this power over fate,

but even then,

could I ever find the happy ending I sought?

—Beginning of an end: Remilia's Side—

"...I yield."

I pretended not to hear that, as I brought my spear to my side and bent my body, ready to throw the finishing blow. Not long after, it flew off my hand and chase after its target in the speed that even eyes couldn't follow.

"I said I yield! Remi!"

The spear struck the ground only a few inch away from the supposedly target, and I smirked. Actually, it didn't miss at all; he wasn't even my target from the start. I crossed my arms, still floating on the air, gazing down at the silver-haired boy that was sitting not so graciously on the ground. He stared back at me with a slightly shocked face.

"Are you trying to kill me?"

"Oh, but I didn't, did I? 'Gungnir always struck its target, knowing no fail.' You should know it the best since you were the one who taught me how to summon it."

"Hmph, well spoken."

I chuckled and slowly descended, helping him back to his feet. He sighed and took my hand. I studied him a bit as he did. It was strange, I thought. The first time I started sparring with him I would be the one sprawling on the ground. But nowadays, the role seemed to be reversed.

"Have you gotten weaker, Geoffrey?"

"I haven't. It's just that you have some strange way of predicting my move. You can see the future or something?"

"Um, well... I rather call it 'intuition'."

That was actually a lie. I could somehow predict the future, or should I say, see the upcoming fate. It would be a little exaggerating to call it 'manipulation of fate' though, as I could only see and choose which red string I wanted to connect with the current time; my choices were limited to the fixed possibilities. I guessed this strange power had always been within me, but stayed dormant for a long time. And what triggered it was—

"Hello? Earth to Remilia?"

I blinked myself back to reality. Geoffrey was waving his hand in front of my face, gaining my attention. As I took a closer look, he had this annoying smirk on his face.

"How rare to see you spacing out like that; almost feels like the old Remilia is back."

"What do you mean, Geoffrey? I am me, and have always been."

I noticed he about to say something but was stopped mid-sentence as the clock on the tower rung loudly, signaling the midnight. I quickly turned and walked back to the mansion, waving slightly to dismiss him.

"Hey, Remi!"


I stopped and glanced for a while. I caught a bit disgust on his face, before he shook his head.

"Never mind."

I nodded and proceeded on my way, heading to the kitchen to fetch a meal for a certain someone waiting for me underground.

The walk to the basement always disturbed me. The cold and damp atmosphere, the stench of rotten flesh and blood that never disappeared; it made me sick. But disturbed me the most was the fact that the one locked down the cellar, was none other but my little sister. I shook my head to dismiss my building anger, composing myself as I met the guards. They bowed as they recognised me, stepping aside as I held my hand against the door. With a little magic trick my father taught me, I disabled all the seals around the room. The guards always readied their swords as I did, and I spat in disgust. I always hated how their eyes saw my sister as if she was some kind of abomination.

Nevertheless, I ignored them and stepped inside. Holding the tray of food on my hands, I called for her.

"Flandre, are you awake? I brought your meal."


Suddenly I felt someone tackled me from the front; I struggled hard to keep the food from spilling. My little sister, Flandre Scarlet, hung on my torso as if her life depended on it. I secretly smiled at her cute behavior.

"Flan, please be patient and wait on the table."

Much to my relief, she let go and eagerly waited on the dining table. She was such a child, I thought, as I sighed and put the tray on the table. Her eyes was glittery as I revealed a steak dripping with blood. It was one of her favorite, I knew. In one swift movement, to my surprise, her right hand shot out to grab the meat. I instinctly swatted her hand away.

"Flan, use your knife and fork."

She tilted her head, pouting a bit.

"But, but, if I don't hurry catch it, it will escape!"

"Food couldn't run away."

She seemed startled by the fact, which confused me.

"But the last time it ran from me! The one with four legs that goes 'oink, oink'!"


"They fed you living livestock!?"

My previously fading anger shot high and I slammed the table. Flandre shrunk under my gaze and I quickly tried to compose myself, sinking to my chair. How could they... Just how much lower could they see Flan? I clenched my teeth in rage.

" was kinda fun, though..."

Her small voice brought me back and I sighed once again. For now, I could only try to cheer her up, and I softly stroked her hair.

"I will inform father about this. From now on, your food will away from you again. So eat them slowly, okay?"

She nodded and reached for the knife and fork. I smiled as I watched her eating her meal slowly, while my mind wandered on how I should punish those disrespectful servants. Well, they had better be prepared for their demise.

"Hey, onee-sama."

"What is it, Flan?"

"Why do my wings looked different from yours and father?"

"...that means you are unique, Flan. No other up there has wings such yours."

"There isn't?"

"Yes. And they are beautiful and so colorful. Like a tree with jewels as its leaves."

"It is? It is! Hehe, Thank you onee-sama."

"You're welcome."

"Maybe, that's why I can see those eyes?"


"Yes, onee-sama, there are eyes everywhere! Can't you see them?"

"...Flan, I have to go now."

"Wait, what's wrong onee-sama?"


"Oh well, I know you are busy. Sorry..."


"See you tomorrow, then..."

"Here it is."

I looked at the telescope that Geoffrey brought in slight awe. Fumbling with it, I asked him.

"Is it still working?"

"I don't know, I never used them myself. Maybe we should check it first."

"Never mind."

I quickly carried it on my hands and headed out of his room, heading further inside the mansion. Geoffrey followed me hesitantly, before stopping on his track.

"Watching the stars indoor are we now?"

"In the basement to be precise."

I heard him snorted, before snickering.

"Sure, the lens could see through the ceiling."

"Thank you for your sarcasm Geoffrey, but I am seriously taking this to the basement. Father had scattered artificial stars with his magic there and I am giving this to Flan so she could watch them closer. So if you'll excuse me, since you never wanted to go to the basement anyway, I have something important to attend. Thank you and see you later."

With that, I turned on my heels and headed to the basement. Had Geoffrey been seeing Flan with the same eyes as the others? That mere thought was enough to make myself boiling with rage and pain. I brushed that thought away and opened the huge steel door I knew too much, finding Flan sitting on the floor, playing with her dolls. She quickly ran toward me as she noticed me. I smiled and set the telescope on the floor. Suddenly, she stopped on her track.

"What is that, onee-sama?"

"This? Why don't you come here and take a look?"

She approached ever so carefully, eyes fixed on the telescope. I sighed and crossed my arms.

"It is alright, Flan. Come here."

She walked in a faster pace, but changed her course to hide behind me, eyes narrowed.

"So, what is that?"

"It is a telescope, for viewing the star."

"I can see the star without it."

This is troublesome. I dragged her away from behind me and set her in front of the telescope.

"Try using it first."

I watched her fumbling with it for a while before finding the eyehole. Then she gasped in alarm.

"Onee-sama, the star looks so close!" it works? I mumbled too loudly to myself.


"Never mind. How is it, Flan?"

" is kinda blurry."

I see... I didn't know how to use it myself. Maybe father? But he was busy today. After a few mental arguments I sighed and headed to the exit.

"I will ask father about how to use it, but he is busy today. Would you be a good girl and patiently waited until tomorrow?"


"Oh, and happy birthday, Flan."

I smiled and left, couldn't wait myself for tomorrow to come.

I jolted awake with cold sweats on my face, breathing heavily from my nightmare. I sat on my bed, trying to calm myself. It was no dream; I knew it better than anyone else. It was a glimpse of the upcoming fate. And the only way to change it was—

"Are you alright, Remilia?"

I snapped my head toward the source of the voice. It was father. I took a deep breath, trying to find my voice.

"I am fine, father. Are you going to the basement as of now?"


"I will come with you."

The only way to change that fate is—

I clenched my fist as I followed suit behind him, heading toward the basement. Tonight the guards were dismissed in accordance to father's order, which increase my uneasiness. The cold steel door creaked open, and for once, a cold chill called fear invaded myself for the first time in this one hundred and ninety-five years.

Stood in the middle of the room was the young blonde vampire, with blood red eyes, screaming in agony. Her rainbow colored wings grew, and the jewels on them turned into unbreakable thorns, entwining the fragile girls. And as she clenched her hands, everything around her disappeared.

The fate flashed before my eyes and I rushed into the scene without hesitation, claws ready to strike. I replayed the images of that fate in my head, trying to find any loophole for avoiding it.

The helpless little girl with monstrous power would obliterate everything she loved, without her own will. And to stop her—

Everything happened according to the fate I saw; what would be broken, how, when, and where. I swiftly dodged any blow and closing in to her.

To stop her—

I was only a few feet away from her now.

The older sister shall end the miserable life of the younger one.

I halted, claws barely slicing her neck. What? What kind of end was that? I scanned through the thread of fate for another posibilities.

But there was none.

My mind was distracted that I didn't realized her own claws dugged into my chest and sent me flying to the far away wall. My whole body felt numb from simply her one blow.

To stop her—kill—the older sister shall kill—she would obliterate everything—

There had to be another way. A happy ending that I sought; there had to be somewhere!

—end her miserable life—thus the little girl shall never know pain or inflict pain—

No. There is another way. There MUST be another way!

—kill—kill her—end her misery—kill—kill—for a better good—


"Remilia, get down!"

Suddenly I felt myself being shoved away, out of the room of slaughter. The last thing I saw was my father's towering figure, a sad small on his face, before everything turned black.

The first thing I saw as I opened my eyes was the familiar ceiling of my room, and Geoffrey that was sitting on the nearby chair, with book on his hand.

"You're finally awake, Remi."


I sat and flinched in pain; despite my ability to regenerate, the wound that Flan inflicted was hard to recover. Geoffrey sighed and closed his book, setting it away on the desk, his face looked troubled.

"How do I put it... Uncle Laine..."

"He is dead."

I stated, matter of factly, with no emotion whatsoever. But in reality my throat felt like burning as I said those words. I had failed. I shut my eyes tightly. No. This wasn't supposed to happen! I clenched my hands until my nails dug into my palms, shivering. Father has... And then Flandre... For a long time I once again felt tears threatened to come out.

Geoffrey patted my head, sighing again.

"I'm sorry for what happened, Remi. But I promise you, from now on, you don't have anything to worry about anymore."

"...I see."

My shivering stopped and I opened my eyes, staring deeply at him.

"As father has finally out of the way, grandpa decided to execute Flan now. Am I right, Geoffrey?"

He didn't answer. Instead, he headed for the door.

"Lord Kurios called for me. He told me to substitute him on attending some foreign affairs, as he wanted to quickly head back to look after the execution. So I might not be here to accompany you when the time come, Remi."

"You don't even feel sorry for her, huh, Geoffrey?"

He didn't flinch even a bit, and closed the door behind him. I stared coldly at the door, where he just left, and rose to my feet. Slowly heading outside.

There was a party on the main hall. The servants and alike was laughing their heart off, as if celebrating the end of a long war. I approached one of them; he didn't seem sober, much like the rest of them.

"You seems very happy? What might have happened, I wonder?"

"Yeah, finally. Finally that little monster in the basement will be killed! Ah, that give a load off my mind. I had been afraid when she would break free."

"I see, I see... That's why you were so happy?"

A smiled stretched on my eyes. Before long, it turned into a sickening grin.

"Shall I join the party?"

In a moment of impulse, I reached for his head and snapped his neck like a chopstick. Some of them sobered up and looked at me in horror. I glanced back at them, prying the head I was holding off the body and held it on my hand like some kind of trophy.

That night, all the other vampires will be slaughtered by her hands. And none would be spared. For if nobody accepted the little girl, nobody there shall be.

Ah... The moon is so red... I snapped my head upward; my insane laughter filled the entire hall.

"This shall be a fun night."

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