Scarlet Archive: The Origin

A Crazed Festival Under The Scarlet Moon

Tonight, under the scarlet moon, the majestic red mansion drown in the sea of blood.

300 years ago, the town where the vampires dwell—

The town of the night was as restless as could be. Footsteps here and there, bone crunching, blood splashing; the little town was engulfed in a mad festival of slaughter and death. And up on the moonlit sky, a young demon, with red stains covering its whole front, grinning down at the spectacles with a sickening smile. And with an unearthly cry, it struck down anything it saw, tearing them with its claws and fangs. Its movement stopped abruptly as a gunshot was heard, and a bullet stuck deep into its skull.

"Sentry boy, status report."

The man spoke quietly, hands still gripping on his gun tightly, eyes fixed on the monstrosity in front of him; a monstrosity that was once a young lady he served. He gritted his teeth and spoke louder.

"Oi, sentry boy!"

"Uh, yes! More than half of the servants had been wiped out, and the other family of vampires had been noted as gone. The young mistress must have targeted the vampires instead of us servants. If we run now…"

"Tell everyone that left to stand their ground until Lord Kurios and the Hildrs return."

The young boy beside him stood shakily, clenching his fist.

"Are you nuts!? What can a familiar like us do? We will end up getting kil—"

He stopped mid-sentence as his body fell to the ground, his head nowhere to be seen. The vampire from before appeared in front of the fallen body, its own head snapped to the side.

"Yes, yes. He should be grateful that I granted his last wish. Beside, I think I will do the same to the rest of you familiars if you don't step aside. And you said the old man is coming back with his cronies? Good. It will safe my time hunting him down."

The male familiar stood his ground, watching as the vampire tilted its head back to place, while its smile stretched once again. His stern gaze softened and he lowered his gun.

"Lady Remilia, please return to your room."

The vampire was caught off guard by his reply, her shining red eyes regained their sanity for a moment, before she growled and returned to her feral instinct. Her sharp claws sliced his neck in an instant, sending another dead body to the pile of corpses. The young vampire fell silent, raising her face to meet the scarlet moon. Slowly, she fell to her knees; her torn mind was beyond tired, and the lone battle had started to take a toll on her physically. But a slight vision of a certain blonde vampire brought her back to her feet, and she smiled softly.

"Wait for me, Flandre."

Her silent remedy was cut short; a spear rained down from the sky and she jolted back to reality, quick enough to jump away from the impending blow.

"What do we have here, hm? Have I grown senile enough to mistake my town that is supposed to be here?"

Remilia snapped her head upward, her furious scarlet orbs pierced the night sky to fall on a certain figure. She snarled.

"Kurios Scarlet…"

"That is not how you suppose to address your grandfather, Remilia. Have you forgotten your manner?"

She ignored the comment and charged upward, completely blinded with anger and grudge. The old vampire didn't flinched even a bit. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another figure appeared and shoved the younger vampire away, sending her back stumbling on the ground.

"Remilia, stop this madness right now!"

He shouted, seemingly hesitating to bring his spear against her. The other vampire didn't care though, and she readied her claws to strike back. The oldest Scarlet sighed in disgust.

"Aldrich. Reinald. Teach this young lady a bit of manner, will you?"

"But Lord Kurios—"


Reinald Hildr patted on his father's shoulder, shaking his head. The older Hildr gave up and brought his both arms to his side, gathering his power.

"I'm sorry, Remilia."

Divine Spear: Spear the Gungnir

Thousands of spears materialized themselves and rained down the lone figure on the ground. Her shrieking cry could be heard as they pierced her flesh mercilessly. The ever so prideful Lord Kurios didn't seem to be interested even a bit; he floated under the scarlet moon with all his arrogance, watching the whole scene unfold with ice cold gaze. As the dust cleared off to show the pitiful figure of the young vampire pinned to the ground, he stroked his long beard like a teacher watching their foolish pupil enduring their punishment.

"Have you learned your lesson, Remilia? Now be a good girl and stay there while I finish what I come here for. I believe the real abomination is still down the basement."

"You bastard!"

Remilia thrashed wildly, trying to break free from the spears keeping her down. Her own blood splattered around her as the action started to peel her flesh slowly. Lord Kurios sighed.

"Continue her lesson, Aldrich."

Closing his eyes, the head of the Hildrs summoned his spears again, sending them back to strike the vampire. But they never hit her; out of the blue, they disappeared. Time seemed to stop back then, as an unknown figure emerged from the broken stairs of the basement. It blinked once, then twice, trying to adjust its vision to the moonlit night. Everyone froze, even the young Scarlet that was thrashing ever so wildly before. All of their eyes fixed on the blond vampire that just arrived to the scene; the crystals on her wings jingled softly on the dead of the night. She brought her gaze upward, finally noticing the other vampires, and took a deep breath.

"Stop bullying onee-sama, you meanie!"

Right after that, she crouched beside her sister, worry painted all over her face.

"Onee-sama, are you alright?"

"Flandre, you…How do you…"

"Oh, I make a hole on the gate. Then some scary people hit me and stabbed me. It hurt a lot, but I'm fine now. I was angry though, so I kyu them all, and they go boom."

Remilia didn't know what to say anymore. She simply stared, dumbfounded, and flinched slightly when the younger vampire get a spear out of her flesh.

"Lord Kurios, she…who…"

"Summon your spear again, Aldrich! Before she kill us all!"

Remilia tensed up as she heard that, but Flandre didn't seem to be as shocked as her sister. She held her sister back down instead and tore one of her own wings off, brandished it on her right hand like some kind of a sword.


In one mighty swing, the whole sky was engulfed in flame, burning everything in her sight. And just with that, the two Scarlet were left alone in the empty ruins of the town. Flandre turned to check on her sister again, only to find the girl staring back with tears falling down her cheek silently. She quickly rushed back to her side.

"Onee-sama? Onee-sama, is something wrong? Are you hurt?"

The younger Scarlet was taken aback as her sister suddenly embraced her, sobbing quietly as she did. She softly hugged her back, carefully as not to hurt her precious onee-sama.

"It's over… It's over now, Flan…"


The two vampire held each other for a while, with only the moon watching over them. Little that they know, another pair of Scarlet orbs were watching them from afar.

Taboo: Laevateinn

"Onee-sama, look out!"

Remilia skidded on the hard ground, shoved away from the deadly burst of fire that was only a strand of hair away from burning her to death. She quickly brought her face back up in panic, trying to find her little sister.

"Flandre? Flandre, where are you!"

"That was a close call, if I didn't clench the eye on the right moment."

Remilia froze, her voice caught on her throat as she stared at the source of the voice in horror. It was her grandfather, with grotesque wings and seven-colored crystals hanging on them sprouting from his back. The end of his long robe and beard was singed, but he was there, all in one piece. His face crunched in disgust.

"You insolence! How much do you think all of this will cost you? To make me use this power and call back these disgusting wings again."

He brought his hand up; his immense magic gathered around his palm. Remilia snapped her head according to his aiming, eyes-widened as she saw her little sister on the ground, slowly recovering from the burn mark she got from the previous attack. Suddenly, a chill crept up her spine.

"Flandre, run!"

She shouted on the top of her lung. But it was too late. Two silver shards flew, piercing the blond vampire on her palms. She screamed in agony as the metal burned her flesh through her wounds. Kurios Scarlet cackled, enjoying the torture before his eyes. He walked slowly toward his source of hate, kicking the pitiful vampire on the face.

"You took everything from me, yes? My once ever so obedient son. My town that I nursed oh so carefully from way back. And what have you done to make my little Remilia wavered so much? You hideous creature; nothing left for you but death. Why are you even born, anyway? Nobody ever wanted you."

He kept on kicking and stepping on her as his rambling continued, ignoring the little girl silent plea, while the older of the Scarlet sister trying to push her body to move, only to fail miserably. After a while he stopped the torture and gazed on the little girl's bruised face, a sickening smile on his face.

"Just killing you wouldn't be enough. Oh, what to do, what to do. I know. I will strip you out of your vampiric power, but not of all your weaknesses. And then I will torture you to death. Doesn't it sound amazing?"

Kurios Scarlet stepped away a bit, quietly whispering the spell under his breath. A huge magic circle appeared before him, engulfing the blond vampire in its scarlet shade. His sickening grin stretched even further.

Remilia pounded her fist to the ground, clenching her fangs. She closed her eyes tightly in shame.

"Power… I need power!"

She opened her eyes again to meet her blood stained palm. Suddenly, something clicked in her mind and she shakily rose to her feet. The male Scarlet had almost finished his ritual. Absorbed by his own crazed satisfaction, he didn't realize the girl behind him. She charged with all her might, stabbing her grandfather on his back with her claws.

"Remilia? What are you doing?"

She knew that he didn't need dodge, because she knew that his wound would regenerate fast enough. She knew that he would think that way. His eyes widened as blood rushed out of his mouth. He cracked his neck to his side, staring at the younger vampire in absolute bemuse.

"Remilia… you…"

"Blood… Don't you think manipulating them is quite a feat?"

She took a breath, trying to find her power to speak clearly. A small smile crept up her exhausted face.

"See you in hell, grandpa."

With that, the once Lord of the Scarlet burst into a pool of blood. Remilia fell to the ground; her body had been drained from its last spasm of power, but her consciousness refused to give up just yet. She dragged herself limply over to her unconscious sister, grasping the shard that pinned the vampire down. She flinched as the silver burned her skin, but didn't stop until she got them all off.

The morning sun rose, signaling the end of the nightmare rhapsody filled with insanity. Remilia dragged both of them over the rubble, shielding themselves from the burning ray. The two Scarlets huddled close, tucked under the shade of the ruins of the one they once called home. Waiting for the unknown future to unfold before them.

We have lost everything we believe in. No roof to shield ourselves and no souls to listen to our tale. Still, we have each other. And as long as we are together, that is all we need to move on.

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