A Prime's Mission


Ratchet opens a ground bridge and the Autobots come through. Bulkhead leaning on Wheeljack for support after his brief encounter with Megatron.

"Wheeljack set him down here." said Ratchet

He quickly scans him and sets to work fixing any damage that he saw. When he was finished he looked around and doesn't see Syaori.

"I take it that Megatron took the bait."


"Yes Ratchet, Phase one is complete." said Optimus

"Wait, What's going on?"

"We are using Megatron to activate the space bridge and head to Cybertron." said Ultra Magnus

"We will follow him in Ultra Magnus's ship and retrieve Syaori and take her to the Omega lock so she can complete her mission." said Optimus

Bulkhead eased himself off the berth with a genuine look of confusion and shock on his face.

"But what about Miko? Or is she expendable?"

"Bulkhead we have not forgotten about Miko but this mission….."

Optimus was suddenly cut off by as a wrecking ball came out and knocked Optimus across the room.

"Whoa." said Jack

As Bulkhead charged in after Optimus he was restrained by Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus while Arcee, Bumblebee and Smokescreen protected Optimus.

"Bulkhead, easy buddy." said Wheeljack

"Soldier you just struck your commanding officer, that is grounds for a court marshal."

"Fragg protocol and regulation to the pit, this is personal."

"It is alright, release him." said Optimus

Optimus got up as Bulkhead was released but he didn't charge.

"Bulkhead you weren't told of the plan because of this exact reaction."

"I trusted you Optimus, you gave me a mission of my own when you assigned me to protect Miko. Seeing her in Knockout's grimy hands back on Cybertron was like he reach in and twisted my spark. I nearly loss Miko at the hands of fellow classmate and now she's back in the Decepticons clutches. Shockwave doing Primus knows what to her." Bulkhead sank to his knees in defeat. "I failed her."

"Bulkhead-san, you must have faith in Syaori that she will keep Miko safe." said Keiko placing a comforting hand on his.

"We all know Miko won't give anything up without a fight. She's too stubborn for that." said Lao

"I've always have faith in Miko." he looks at Optimus and gets up off the floor. "But if anything happens to her because of this mission, I'll never forgive you Optimus Prime."

"I understand Bulkhead."

On the Nemesis

Shockwave is surrounded by Sakura trees as he sees a young Miko walking with her father down a shady path heading towards the shrine. Then it flashes forward to the day she was shot, he was surrounded by panicked students. He watches as she lies there bleeding and then as she is whisked away to the hospital. Then once again flashed to her room as she is huddled naked on the floor trying to get her anxiety under control. Then to the day she and the others were captured and brought to Cybertron to be used as bargaining chips to get the Omega Keys from the Autobots. He felt the environment wavering so he disconnected himself from the Cordial Link and detached it from Syaori's unconscious form. He left her in the lab while he went to report to his findings to Megatron. He instructed a nearby Vehicon to keep watch of the lab as he walked away.

As soon as he was out of site the Vehicon entered the lab and revived Syaori's systems. When she came to she quickly transformed back into Miko, she slid off the berth and crumpled to the ground breathing heavily. The Vehicon picked her up and brought her over to the table , she was surprised when it asked her if she was alright.

"Why do you care con?" she responded sharply

"Kid there's a lot about me you don't know, let's just say I sympathize with the Autobots and want to end this war as much as they do. But for right now you should rest I'll take you to the brig so that both of you can recover from the Cordial Psychic Patch."

"You there what are you doing here." said Knockout entering the lab

"Caught this human trying to make a break for it."

"Well that wouldn't be a good thing, take her to the brig. Lord Megatron wouldn't want her to get underfoot or contact the Autobots."

"Yes Knockout."

The Vehicon takes Miko out of the lab and heads down to the brig but instead of going to the brig the Vehicon heads to it's quarters and locks the door.

"Now that we have some privacy, I need to speak to Syaori if you can spare the energy."

Miko's eyes shifted color as Syaori assumed control.

"Milady, I hoped that I would see you again."

"I had already contacted the others they will meet up with Optimus and his team near Cybertron's moon then will make their move. Once I am back with them you know what to do."

"Of course milady."

"Now take me to the brig, they are expecting me there."

The Vehicon heads back out and heads to the brig bringing an semi-conscious Miko with it.

With Megatron

"Are you certain there was no vital information that you could retrieve from Syaori Prime?"

"From her mind anyway, the organics mind kept interfering. I only saw memories from her mind. Including a startling image of her using Wheeljack's weapons system to extinguish an Insecticons spark. She could be more dangerous than we first thought."

"I'm fully aware of that fact shockwave and using the Patch is practically impossible on a human. Have our guest taken to the brig and hold her until we can use her against the Autobots."

At the base

Bulkhead was outside looking over the landscape when Wheeljack walked up behind him.

"Quite a view, huh buddy?"

When Bulkhead didn't respond he sat down next to him.

"Look I know you're pissed at me for not telling you about what was happening but I owed to my mentor not to say anything. She looked after me when no one else would give me a chance. I was there when she passed with her gone I had no one until I met you and the others. Besides Miko is a full-fledged wrecker she'll make it and she'd have a fit if she saw you like this."

Bulkhead vents before he looks at Wheeljack

"I'm not mad at you, I'm not mad at Optimus. I'm mad at myself that I couldn't control my temper well enough not to be trusted with this information."

"Arcee and Bumblebee feel the same way if their partners were hurt and I'm sure they had the same feeling when the cons got a hold of 'em but know that these kids will stand by us all the way. Regardless of what happens."

Bulkhead nods in agreement and gets up. Wheeljack stands as well and they head back inside.

"By the way, nice right hook."


"Yeah, caught prime completely off guard."

Both chuckle but then turn when they heard and ships engine. They look up to see Ultra Magnus's ship land in front of them and the other Autobots and Humans come outside. Wheeljack noticing the humans wearing spacesuits.

"You're coming with us?"

"Yeah, like you said ya'll need to make sure the cons don't nab us like they did last time." said Sapphire

"We made sure we have one for Miko when we get her back." said Raf

"We also managed to locate the space bridge. It is on the dark side of the moon out of view of any of our space telescopes." said Opal

"Autobots prepare to mobilize." said Optimus

Everyone headed for Ultra Magnus's ship while Bulkhead walked up to Optimus.

"Optimus, I want to apologize for earlier. I never meant to lash out like that and I…"

"It is alright Bulkhead, I know were only acting out of concern for your charge. I would of expected the same reaction from Arcee or Bumblebee if it were Jack or Raf."

With the hatchet buried they entered Ultra Magnus's ship and took off into orbit.

On the Nemesis

Miko was sitting quietly in the brig recouping from the CPP when Knockout came in.

"My my you have certainly have become a thorn in Lord Megatron's side haven't you?"

"What can I say? I was born to be a pain."

"This war is pretty much over. We know of your plan, well Syaori's plan to rebuild Cybertron in her image."

"What are you blabbing about?"

"Don't play coy, she's has a bigger ego than me. Oh well I guess once she restores home Megatron will end her existence and yours as well."

"Your crazy."

"Ciao" Knockout walks out of the room and meets Megatron around the corner what they didn't know was that Miko had slipped into a trance and was contacting Bulkhead and Wheeljack.

"Seed had be planted, she thinks that we know about Syaori's plan."

"Excellent Knockout, the next probe should reveal more promising results. Shockwave ready the lab and the Patch."

The Vehicon that was guarding over Miko's cell overheard this and grew concerned. Inside the cell Miko's body glowed blue and suddenly she was flying towards Ultra Magnus's ship.

Bulkhead and Wheeljack's optics suddenly glowed a bright blue and their bodies relaxed. Raf was the first to notice.

"Guys something is happening to Bulkhead and Wheeljack."

Ratchet came over to them and scanned them. "Their vitals are stable."

Optimus looked at their optics and recognized that look.

"They are being contacted by Syaori."

Inside Miko's mind space

Bulkhead and Wheeljack was standing in what appeared to be a mountain range surrounded by Sakura blossom trees and a babbling brook.

"What is this place?" asked Bulkhead

"You got me, I've never been hear before."

"This is my mind, well part of it anyway." said Miko walking up to them

They turned around to see that her hair was once again long and she was wearing a white Kimono with pink flowers and matching Obi. Her long hair had two pink flower clips with dangling charms.

"Wow, never seen you like that before either." said Bulkhead

"Dreams are what we make of it so I felt like being kinda princess-y"

Just then Syaori appeared with a worried expression on her face.

"Syaori what's wrong?" asked Wheeljack

"I fear that the Decepticons are starting to figure out my mission."

"Isn't that what you wanted?" asked Bulkhead

"Not the way I planned it."

"Relax they are just trying to punk you, making you slip up so when they use the cordial patch thingy they'll find out your mission." said Miko

"You're certain?"

"Yeah he's full of shit, you can tell by the way he spoke."

"Miko, language"

"Sorry Mom."

"We are about to depart for Cybertron, be ready to follow."

"You mean the entire warship is going?" asked Wheeljack

"Yes so we won't have much time. Tell Ultra Magnus and Optimus that you will rendezvous with the Ballistic Flyers near the dark side of Cybertron's moon."

"The Ballistic Flyers! I know them pretty well. We'll pass the message along."

Miko sensed something was amidst and let herself fade a little.

"Miko, what is it?" asked Bulkhead

"Someone is coming, we better go."

The world around them faded and soon enough Bulkhead and Wheeljack snapped out of their trances and found themselves back on the ship.

"What happened?" asked Optimus

"The Cons are about to move." said Bulkhead

"They're bringing the whole shebang with them, Syaori said that we'll be rendezvousing with an Autobot crew known as the Ballistic Flyers on the dark side of Cybertron's moon." said Wheeljack

"The Ballistic Flyers, I know of them by reputation only. They are fairly similar to the wreckers but they use flyers as their alt mode and they specialize in covert and undercover operations." said Optimus

"Not to mention being responsible for taking out key members of the Decepticon army before the planet went dark." supplied Arcee

Ultra Magnus seemed to be the only one that was uneasy about meeting up with them. He concentrated on steering the ship towards the space bridge.

On the Nemesis

Miko came out of her trance just as the Vehicon that was guarding her cell entered.

"I hope you have a plan because I over heard them saying that Syaori's mind will be unlocked with what knockout said."

"I already know he's bluffing. But Syaori told me to tell you that in order for Team prime to rescue us. You need to provide a distraction."


"By finding Arachnid's stasis pod and releasing her."

"After what she did, you expect me to…"

"She knows of your past with her but her blood lust for Megatron could trump any desire to hurt you."

"I hope she knows what she's doing."

"Just have faith everything will be fine."

The Vehicon steps out of the cell and stands guard again. Just then another Vehicon comes around the corner and relieves the current one. Instead of heading back to it's quarters it heads to the treasury where they were keeping all the captured items and Arachnid. The Vehicon walks over to the stasis pod and trains it's blaster at her head.

"I could end this now, for my brother that you slain in cold blood. For the nightmares you invoked on his partner. Sadly you are needed so I have to let you live to be a distraction."

The Vehicon pressed the release button on the pod then walks out so not to be seen. The pod breaks open and Arachnid steps from the pod into the room.

"What good fortune is this? Someone has released me from my prison." she glides to the center of the room and raises her arms.

"Hear me, my Insecticon warriors. Your one and true leader has returned."

Her hypnotic voice reaches all the Insecticons throughout the ship and they made their way to where she was. Arachnid steps out of the room to meet her army.

"And now my minions, rise up and do my bidding."

A ferocious battle cry erupted from the Insecticons as they took flight and swarmed the ship looking for Decepticons to destroy as well as damage the ship.

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