A Prime's Mission

The Rescue and Past Reflections


A burst of green light appeared in space as the massive warship silently glided through heading towards it's home planet. Just as it closed a smaller ship sped past and made it to the moon of Cybertron. Meanwhile a similar but larger ship was out of sight but watching both ships appear and the smaller one breakaway on it's screen.

"There they are, open a communications channel on a restricted band."

Another Autobot activated the com-link and pressed a few keys.

"Channel is open, Elita One."

"This is Autobot cruiser B-Zeta Delta, calling Autobot vessel. Do you receive me?"

With team Prime

"Optimus, we're receiving a message on a restricted band." said Ratchet

"What's it's origin?"

"It's an Autobot Battle Cruiser."

"That's gotta be the Ballistic Flyers." said Wheeljack

Ratchet presses the message button as the Hail is once again played

"This is Autobot cruiser B-Zeta Delta, calling Autobot Vessel. Do you receive me?"

"This is Autobot Cruiser Omega-one, Optimus prime speaking. We are receiving you."

"Elita One speaking , it is truly an honor to receive you sir. We'll send landing coordinates."

"Landing coordinates received."

Ultra Magnus's ship headed towards the moon and soon enough all were aboard the Battle cruiser.

"Welcome aboard Team Prime." said Elita one

"Thank you, how is it that you know that we would be here?"

"Syaori Prime contacted us, she has been in touch with us for awhile."

"How is that possible?" asked Wheeljack

"While the human vessel slept she would communicate with me while I was in recharge."

"That 'vessel' has a name, it's Miko" said Bulkhead sharply

"Mind your tone solider, you are speaking to a superior officer." scolded Ultra Magnus

"It is alright Ultra Magnus, Syaori had told us of the natives that are part of team prime. My apologies Bulkhead, I'm fully aware of your fondness for this Miko. Syaori is fond of her as well."

Novaflare ran up to the group looking troubled.

"What is it Novaflare?"

"The Decepticon warship. It's taken damage from within and is heading to the planet."

"Contact Jetstream and get them out of there."

"Jetstream?" asked Arcee

"She trained as a medic under me back on Cybertron." said Ratchet

"Jetstream was newly assigned to my war unit before her brother, my partner Tailgate was killed by Arachnid." added Arcee

"After the death of her attended Pyro from the Wreckers unit I took her under my direct command. I've never seen such bitterness from an young Autobot." said Elita one

Ultra Magnus was indifferent when Pyro was mentioned this didn't go unnoticed by Opal as he walked away.

The Nemesis

Blaster fire and screeching Insecticons were raging throughout the entire ship as Arachnid was exacting her revenge on Megatron.

"Yes that's it my armada, destroy this ship from within. I have some business to take care of with my former leader." Arachnid walked down the halls heading towards the bridge.

Meanwhile the Vehicon was heading towards the brig when it received a message through the com-link.


The Vehicon reaches Miko's cell and opens it. Grabbing her the Vehicon runs out of the room and makes it's way to the control room where it will be able to bridge off the Nemesis when the Con encountered Soundwave.

On the cruiser

"Lock on and engage the warp gate." said Elita

Just then the Vehicon pixilated and disappeared before shockwave could launch an attack. Team prime readied their weapons at the new arrival. The Vehicon turned around and revealed a slightly nauseous Miko.

"Uh and I thought ground bridging was rough on the stomach."

"Miko" shouted a relived Keiko

The Vehicon placed Miko down as her friends and family came up to her and hugged her. Bulkhead was elated that she was alright and knelt down to her level and offered his hand. Miko walked up to him and hugged his hand.

Elita one walked up to the Vehicon and extended her hand.

"Welcome back, soldier."

"Thank you Elita, it's a good thing you called me when you did. It was getting hot over there."

She deactivated her cloaking device. The form a Vehicon disappeared and in it's place was a teal Autobot with orange details. Arcee stepped forward and smiled.

"Jetstream, I wondered what happened to you after the planet went dark."

"Arcee, I guess you're the last one out of our war unit."

"Last one?"

"Yeah Sparkplug died after escaping a combat brigade. It was too late when we found him, we're all that's left."

"That's too bad"

While everyone was getting acquainted Ratchet set to work on checking Miko. Elita and Optimus went to talk in private to discuss their next move.

Novaflare went back to monitoring the Nemesis that was on fire and descending to Cybertron.

On the Nemesis

Shockwave had just reported that a Vehicon had abandoned ship with Miko/Syaori through a warp gate.

"WHAT!? Locate that traitorous soldier and send a seeker armada to scrap it and bring back the prime."

"You have bigger problems to deal with than that Megatron."

Megatron turned around to see a vengeful Arachnid standing in the doorway with two Insecticons behind her.

"Arachnid, so you are the one responsible for this uprising. How is it that you got free from you stasis chamber?"

"You can thank one of your own for that, not that you will get the chance."

Megatron unsheathed his sword and stood ready for an attack. The Insecticons split up and stalked to each side of Megatron while Arachnid readied her weapons. All three attacked Megatron at once.

In the Battle Cruiser's medical bay

Ratchet had just gotten finished scanning Miko and check all of her systems, Miko was just fine. He walked out to retrieve Bulkhead and her family. When they came in Miko had just put on her space suit (Not the space suit that jack wore going to Cybertron but the ones that the kids on Transformers Armada wore)

"Miko you should not be up and about, you've had a very trying ordeal." said Ratchet

"I'm fine Doc Bot, just need to get out of here."

"Very well, just stay close to the sick bay." he turns to Jack and the others. "Bring her back if there's any change for the worst."

The group nodded and walked away with Miko asking a ton of questions.

In the command center the assembled Autobots were chatting when Elita one, Optimus and Ultra Magnus came in with an announcement.

"Novaflare, open a communications channel to the entire ship."

Novaflare pressed a few keys and gave Elita the thumbs up.

"All hands this is Elita One with an important announcement. Each and everyone of you have served under me with honor, diligence and Bravery. With that being said I have relinquished command of the Ballistic Flyers to Optimus Prime and his second in command Ultra Magnus."

"What?" Jetstream said quietly

"I expect each and everyone of you to show them the same regard as you had shown me. That is all."

Novaflare disconnects the P.A. system and stands from where she sits. Turning to her new commanders she salutes.

"Novaflare, Communications officer reporting for duty sirs."

"Stormblaze, Pilot reporting for duty."

"Elita one, third in command reporting for duty."

Jetstream stood there as each of her comrades saluted their new leaders with a slight look of disgust. When it came time for her to report in she walked pass Ultra Magnus and stood right in front of Optimus and saluted.

"Jetstream, Covert operations and Medical officer reporting for duty sir."

She walks back to her spot as Ultra Magnus clears his throat to get her attention.

"Something wrong with your throat?"

"You are forgetting to address your commanding officer."

"You may be Optimus Prime's 2nd in command but I'd rather jump into a smelting pit before I ever recognize you as my superior."

Jetstream walks out of the command center with Elita calling her to come back.

"My apologies sir, it appears she may have been around the Decepticons a little too long." said Elita One

"I'll go talk to her." said Arcee "she and I were part of the same war unit"

"Go Arcee, we need as many battle ready Autobots as we can." said Optimus

Arcee follows Jetstream out to talk her into coming back to the room.

"Jetstream we don't have time for this, we need to work together to stop Megatron and restore our home."

"Sounds like Optimus has trained you well."

"But that's not what's grinding your gears, it's Ultra Magnus."

"First serving Megatron for 7 Vorns and now this."

"What did he do to you to make you hate him so much."

"He took command of the wreckers and the majority were killed under his command including the mech I loved, Pyro."

"Was it love at first sight?"

"No, he grew on me. After Tailgate was murdered I buried myself in my studies and my work with Ratchet. Until he was brought into sickbay by Wheeljack and Bulkhead, a smoking wreck of a wrecker."


"And what have we here?"

"A recon mission gone that went supernova." said Wheeljack

"Yeah, I'm gonna be pick shrapnel from my backside for a month." said Bulkhead

"Or….longer…..considering how big it is." said Pyro weakly

Jetstream vents as she preps the examination room and summons Ratchet.

"Set him on the berth here, the CMO will be here shortly."

She walks out the room to get the tools that Ratchet would need to fix him up.

"Primus….she's hot."

"The nurse bot?"

"Yeah, her optics are like blue pools of smelting iron."

"You must of hit your helm harder than we though for you to be babbling like that." said Wheeljack

"That would be for me to determine." said Ratchet accompanied by Jetstream

"For right now I'm gonna need you two to step out while I examine him. Just make sure you don't go too far because I'll be examining you next."

After the examine was over and he assigned the lighter repairs to Jetstorm he left to examine the other two. There was a stint of silence between the two, the only sound was the torch welding some of the gashes on Pryo's frame.

"So how long have you been here?"

"It's been several stellar cycles."

"Any downtime?"

"Don't feel the need. Too many of you soldiers bring yourselves in here with injuries ranging from lost servos to missing voice boxes that keep me pretty busy."

"That seems important but not to much fun."

"I'm training to be a CMO, I don't have time for fun."

"Everyone has time for some fun."

[End Flashback]

"And that's how it started. I've seen him with various injures, some I think he got on purpose just to see me. But then Ultra Magnus took control of the Wreckers, Wheeljack deserted while Bulkhead had transferred to Optimus's war unit before he took over. Over 2000 missions the wreckers had done and the worst injuries are a cracked gasket and dangling servos. First mission Pyro went on was his last, dying in a Tox-en cloud while his commander abandoned him."

"You don't know that."

"Don't I, I've read Ultra Magnus's report. He's nothing but a coward that hides behind his rank. I'll never, ever salute him."

With Team Prime

"Ultra Magnus, what happened to Pyro was not your fault." said Ratchet "You had the rest of your unit to look after."

"Sounds like an excuse to me." said Wheeljack

"Not helping Jackie, besides Pyro wouldn't want everyone to die rescuing him. He knew the risks that we take. It's just a shame that Jetstream can't see that." said Bulkhead

"Jetstream made the mistake of falling for a soldier that would take on missions that they quite possibly not come back from." said Ultra Magnus

"So you're saying that she brought this on herself?" said Elita-one incredulously

The children came in to the conversation just as it was starting to heat up.

"Soldiers shouldn't fraternize when there is a war for our very survival going on."

"But you can't control what your spark wants." said Miko

"No one asked you to enter this conversation, Human."

All of a sudden Syaori appeared and completely knocked Ultra Magnus on his aft, her voice booming.

"You watch your tone Magnus, you are addressing a Prime. Love is everything. It is what drives every living being in the galaxy. Wither it be for power, money or family. It is the single most infinite force that can never be removed or gotten rid of."

At this time Arcee and Jetstream came in after feeling a strong force throughout the ship and saw the seen develop.

"That's your problem, you've spent so much time fighting that you had forgotten what it's like to love and be loved in return. That is something that can not be taught at an academy, you must learn this on your own." Syaori backed away from him and transformed back into Miko. Jack steadied her as she wavered a bit but regaining her composer.

The mood of the entire bridge was tense, Optimus saw fit for everyone to get some rest because there will be along and difficult battle ahead. Because for reasons unknown they would have to deal with more than just Megatron but whomever is causing the Nemesis, the ship that had destroyed the Autobot base to go down.

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