A Prime's Mission


The humans and some of the Autobots had been resting for about an hour after the confrontation between Ultra Magnus and Syaori Prime.

Bulkhead of course stayed with Miko while she rested in the palm of his servo. Elita one observed this for sometime before Optimus walked up to her.

"An interesting pair, those two."

"Miko and Bulkheads friendship has grown from just a mere guardianship. At first he was concerned that he would misstep and injure her but she has proven to be strong against adversity."

"I heard that he actually took a swing at you and connected over her."

"Yes, bulkhead is definitely a heavy hitter."

Elita one chuckled as they headed back to the bridge.

In Miko's mind

Miko met up with Syaori on a restored Cybertron.

"What's going on?"

"The in-fighting amongst the Decepticons is now near its peak. We must move in order to restore Cybertron."

"How? They probably know that the omega lock is the key."

"That's merely the gateway to the Lock of Primus."

"The Lock of Primus?"

Outside her mind

Bulkhead heard part of the conversation as he came out of a light recharge and stared into his palm to see Miko still asleep but mumbling. All of a sudden she bolts up and jumps out of his servo heading towards the bridge with bulkhead running after her.

On the Bridge

"The Lock of Primus"

"Miko, what's the matter?" asked Optimus

"The way to restore Cybertron all at once."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jetstream

"The gateway to the core of the planet, the Lock of Primus."

"I heard about it in ancient texts, the omega lock was built on top of the Lock of primus to act as a conduit. The well of the all sparks was far too powerful to venture in and activate it." said Ratchet

"But how are we gonna get to it now that the Omega Lock is destroyed?" asked Arcee

"Now that the way has been cleared Syaori can transfer the power that Primus gave her to restore Cybertron." said Miko

"Easier said then done. We don't have just Megatron to deal with anymore." said Jetstream

"Who else is there?" asked Arcee


"What? How did she get free?"

"I…let her out"

"What do you mean you let her out?" said Arcee angrily

"Believe Arcee, I would of snuffed her spark the moment her stasis chamber was brought aboard the nemesis."

"Then why didn't you?"

"It wasn't my call to make. Syaori used Arachnid's lust for revenge to formulate the escape."

"And now we have two Decepticons at war with each other, what if they decide to call a truce and turn against us." said Ultra Magnus

"That's where our reinforcements come in." said Syaori

"Reinforcements?" asked Optimus

*Radio Static*

"This is Autobot battle cruiser Echo-7 9ner calling B-delta Zeta"

Novaflare activated the channel

"This is B-delta Zeta, we read you loud and clear."

"So when's the kick off?"

"This is Optimus Prime, the mission begins now."

"Yes Sir."

[Call disconnects]

"Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Jetstream you will accompany Miko and Syaori to the Primus lock. We will provide cover."

"Yes Sir."

"Elita-one you will lead the flyers into battle to even the odds against aerial assaults from both Arachnid's armada and Megatron's"

"Yes Optimus"

"Ultra Magnus and I will lead the others in an all out assault on the ground units. Neutralizing any and all possible ways of attacking Bulkhead's team."

All nodded in agreement.

"Novaflare, please open a communications channel to the other ship and broadcast on this one as well."

"Yes sir"

"All hands, this is Optimus Prime. We are in for a fight for our survival and our planets revival. There is a high probability that some of you will not see the outcome of this mission. I cannot ask you to put up your lives for this mission. If you feel that this is too great of a task for you to take part of, speak now without fear of judgment, ridicule or punishment."

Optimus Prime was met with silence from both ships.

"We will never back down from a con." said Wheeljack

"Our fallen brothers and sisters would want us to keep fighting." said Bumblebee in chirps and whistles

"In honor of Cliffjumper and Tailgate." said Arcee

"For Pyro." said Jetstream

"For all of our friends here and on earth." said Bulkhead

"Let's do it." said Elita one

"Autobots, prepare for battle."

A tremendous war cry erupted across the radio and the ship as the Autobots mobilized and prepared to warp down to the planet.

On the nemesis

Grunts and clashes were heard as Arachnid and Megatron were still fighting one another. Her two Insecticons were badly wounded but still trying to fight. The bridge was heavily damaged due to the fighting all the while Soundwave was trying to stabilize the ship but it was no good as the ship was close to impact in the sea of rust. He had no choice but to shut down the engines and brace himself for impact. As the Nemesis scrapped along the ground parts of the ship started to come off and soon it rested on it's side with the engines smoking. The sudden jarring of the ship caused Arachnid and Megatron to lose their balance and fall the Insecticons took the opportunity to try and deliver a final blow to Megatron only to have holes blasted through each of their spark chambers. Both fell to the floor dead and Arachnid regained her footing and snarled at him.

"You have won this round but the war isn't over yet." as Megatron opened fire she escapes through a hole in the wall and leaves the ship her army following her.

"Knockout status report."

"95 percent of the ship is damaged beyond repair half of our army has been taken out by the Insecticons and we have two battle cruisers on radar."


"No my liege, Autobot. It appears that we were followed."

Soundwave walked up to Megatron and showed him the surveillance footage of the Vehicon stealing Miko away from the lab and to it's quarters, then releasing Arachnid.

"It would appear we had an Autobot in our midst this whole time. And now Optimus is fixing to end our little game. Decepticons prepare for battle."

On the Battle cruiser

Bulkhead's team were setting to depart when the rest of the humans arrived to see them off.

"Hey guys, here to see me off?" said Miko

"Yeah" said Jack "Don't do something crazy."

"Oh well, I was going to help a former prime restore a planet but if you don't want me too."

"You know what I mean."

"I know"

"Be careful Miko" said Raf

Sapphire and Opal walked up to her and hugged her trying not to cry.

"You come back now, ya hear?" said Sapphire with a shaky voice

"We promised that we make your prom dress for senior year." said Opal with tears falling

Keiko and Lao came forward and stood beside her friends and presented her a dagger with two dangling charms representing her two homes, her birth home and her American home. Japanese cherry blossom wood sheath stained red and polished. Then they presented a Katana Blade with the family's crest on the hilt in gold. An polished Onix sheath covers a double edge sword giving it's carrier protection on both sides.

"Kami wa anata o hogo shi, shimai shin'ainaru anata o anzen ni tamotsu koto ga arimasu." said Lao

"Chichi to Mako wa doyo ni anata o mite iru" said Keiko with tears in her eyes. She caressed Miko's face and placed her forehead onto hers. Lao embraced her as well then jack and the others embraced her. The three bot team stood by and watched.

"They act like she's not coming back." said Jetstream quietly

"We're not sure what's gonna happen when Cybertron is restored for all they we know this may be the last time they'll ever see her." said Wheeljack

"Like Syaori said love is the powerful thing. It can give someone peace, resolve and hope." said Bulkhead

Optimus, Ultra Magnus and Elita one came into the warp gate room as the group was breaking up the hug.

"This is it, now we will provide the first strike against the Decepticons while you are warped to the site of the omega lock. All of our forces will attempt keep them at bay long enough for Miko and Syaori to activate the lock." said Ultra Magnus

"Safe journeys, to all and let us come back safely." said Optimus

"Yes sir" everyone chorused

Novaflare activated the Warp gate and Little by little Autobots from both battle cruisers were appearing on the ground and facing the Decepticon Army that was in front of them. Finally Optimus and Ultra Magnus joined the Autobot army that had amassed on Cybertron.

"Well, well Optimus. You have certainly been busy since we last met your ranks have grown." said Megatron

"Your rein of terror ends today Megatron, Once and for all." Said Optimus

"Not if I don't put an end to your spark permanently."

Megatron led the charge towards the Autobots while Optimus led them towards the Cons. Battle cries echoing across the field as both sides clash, the ultimate battle underway.

Novaflare as well as some of the skeleton crew monitored the battle as well as any possible security breaches from Decepticon forces. Thankfully Novaflare had worked under Soundwave and Shockwave before the war and was able to anticipate any moves they might make and took countermeasures to prevent any unauthorized entry on the ship. While the battle was underway Bulkhead's team was ready to head down the Omega lock and complete Syaori's mission.

"Due to the interference of the rust storm I can't warp you straight to the Omega Lock. The closest I can get you is about 200 cliques east so I suggest you haul aft when you get down there ."

The rest of the humans walked up to the team and gave Miko one last hug.

"Good luck guys." said Jack

"Don't worry, we'll be back." said Miko "We just gotta save the galaxy."

She climbed onto Bulkhead's servo and stood by clutching the sword and dagger for strength. Novaflare activated the warp gate and all four beings were gone, transported down to Cybertron's sea of rust.

When they arrived the winds were blowing so hard it nearly knocked Miko out of his servo so he transformed to block her from the rust.

"So where to now chief?" asked Wheeljack

"Just like Nova said we head east."

"And to haul aft." added Jetstream jokingly

"Let's move out." said Bulkhead

Wheeljack and Jetstorm transformed and followed Bulkhead to the east towards the Omega Lock.

"I wonder where they are going?" said Arachnid

"They are heading to the Omega Lock, my queen." said one of the Insecticons

"We over heard that the human girl is a prime reborn and has been charged with restoring the planet." said another

"Excellent let us see if the legend is true" Arachnid led what was left of her Insecticon army after the three Autobots

On the battlefield

The fighting was fierce as both sides refused to yield to the other. Starscream saw the opportunity to strike and led a seeker armada towards Optimus prime in a sneak attack but was cut off by Elita One's Ballistic Flyers armada

"All units open fire" Elita shouted over the com-links

Decepticons were falling out of the sky as the engines were being shot while some of the flyers were taken damage as well. The ground forces were also taken on both sides cyan blue staining the rusty red ground as red and blue blaster fire soared through the air.

Megatron knew that the humans had to be somewhere close trying to get the upper hand he had Soundwave try and access the Autobot battle cruiser in order capture them but thanks to Novaflare's efforts he was thwarted. However it didn't deter him from gaining access to the other cruiser. The Autobot crew that was on board tried fighting off the intruder but he used the sonic disrupter to damage the ship causing it to go down. Novaflare tried raising them on the com-link but to no avail as the ship burned up in the atmosphere on entry. Soundwave however had bridged off the ship before and was back on the Nemesis and reported to Megatron that one of the ships was destroyed.

"Excellent Soundwave, soon all of the Autobots shall fall before me."

At the Omega Lock

The rust storm finally settled revealing the results of the previous encounter with the cons which had led them to this point.

"Keep your optics peeled, some of bucket heads troops could of slipped by the others." said Bulkhead

"I'll make sure that everything is clear before she makes the switch." said Jetstream and flew off to clear the area.

"Bulk, I just got some news." said Wheeljack

"What's up?"

"Echo 7-9ner just went down."


"Soundwave, he managed to get aboard." said Miko

"How do you know that?"

"I saw it, Novaflare managed to keep Soundwave out so he attacked the other ship. We can't wait any longer, we have to do this now."

"It's your call buddy."

Bulkhead vented heavily as he slightly felt that this was Optimus's way of getting back at him for that punch.

"Let's do it."

Miko got out of Bulkhead still holding the dagger and sword. Wheeljack and Bulkhead took positions around her to make sure that nothing happened to her as she transformed. A bright light appeared as Miko took refuge inside of Syaori, the dagger and sword growing to Autobot size as Syaori appeared and took a hold of them. Syaori walked over to the destroyed Omega lock and placed her servos on to it and started to let the powers seep through and reach the core of the planet. The Omega lock started to glow and the broken ring started to repair itself as she began to restore Cybertron. Bulkhead and Wheeljack heard a familiar screeching noise as the turned to see several Insecticons flying right at them opening fire. They took positions and returned fire with the weapons that they had picked up from Ultra Magnus and started picking off the remaining Insecticons one by one. Little did they know a shadowy figure was watching the entire battle unfold and saw what happened next.

After the last Insecticon was down they turned to see Arachnid holding a blade dangerously close to Syaori's main energon vein.

"So this was the big plan. Rebuilding Cybertron, how quant. Lord Megatron should be pleased that I not only hand over they key to restoring home but the end of the Autobots. Then I'll eviscerate him for what he has done to me and rule Cybertron for myself."

Bulkhead made an advancing move but Arachnid moved the blade closer so he backed off. Out of nowhere a splatter of energon hit the ground, Arachnid's limbs went limp as she realized what had just happened. She released Syaori and both collapsed to the ground Bulkhead catching Syaori before she did.

Wheeljack walked up to Arachnid to figure out what happened, a pool of energon had collected from the small blaster hole through her helm. He looked up to see where that shot came from, sure enough he saw Jetstream walking up to them disarming her blaster.

"Nice Shot."

"Now my brother can rest in peace"

Bulkhead carried Syaori back over to the Omega Lock to finish the mission. An nearby Insecticon got up and was about to blast bulkhead in the back.

"Bulkhead, behind you."

Wheeljack ran to cover bulkheads back when the attacking con stopped just as Wheeljack was about to take the hit.

He looked to see a familiar Sword sticking out through the chest plate of the Insecticon. It was removed and the beast fell to reveal Jetstorm, Syaori Prime's successor at the old dojo.

"Jetstorm, your alive."

"Well what did you expect, to have fallen with the others?"

"No, I…it's just that no one has seen or heard from you in Vorns."

"We'll have plenty of time to catch up later right now we have a planet to restore."

Bulkhead placed Syaori down and the power transfer continued soon enough the ring was floating above them and the lock had transformed. Syaori was now floating above them as tendrils came out of the core of the planet and wrapped around her. She looked up to the well of the all spark and released the energy that was given to her by primus. Her body shined brightly that the four Autobots present had to shield their optics. The wall of light passed throughout Cybertron and restored everything. In the sea of rust the light came and rushed through all Cybertronians and the fighting stopped. A beam of light then traveled to earth and the remains of Darkmount had vanished, the damages caused by it were repaired then continued through out the universe. Back on Cybertron Syaori's voice rung out along with the voices of the Primes.

"The battle that had destroyed our world is now over. A new world has begun, we must put aside our differences and learn from the mistakes of the past or be doomed to repeat them. There will no longer be Autobots and Decepticons as now we are united under one symbol."

All the Cybertronians looked at their insignias and saw not Autobot or Decepticon but the symbol of primus. The creator of all Cybertronians.

Optimus looked at Megatron and noticed the his optics were no longer red nor purple but were as blue as his and so where the others. Megatron walked up to Optimus being weary of any tricks Optimus took an involuntary step back.

"Optimus, primus has shown me the out come of this battle. If I were to have continued I would have been defeated. Let us end this peacefully and I as well as my followers will stand trial for the atrocities committed through out this war." He lowers himself to on knee and places his blade on the ground. The other Decepticons followed suit.

"I Megatron, leader of the Decepticons hear by offer my surrender to the leader of the Autobots."

After a few moments of consideration, Optimus accepted the surrender and the remaining troops were taken into custody.

Syaori felt herself weakening as she started to slip through the veil.


He looks up and sees a small sphere appear and start to float down towards them.

"Take care of her. She is very precious."

"I will"

Then she looks at Wheeljack with peaceful optics.

"I am proud of you my pupil, I will always be with you."

With a flash of light she vanishes into this air. They look around and see the most beautiful sight ever, their home restored.

"Bulkhead, what's your status?" he heard Optimus say over the com-link

"In awe, Optimus. In complete Awe."

"Understood and your team?"

He looks over to see Wheeljack smiling, Jetstream on the verge of crying for joy and Jetstorm in humble satisfaction.

"All accounted for plus one."


He looked in his hand and saw the crystal sphere with her inside.

"Unknown, she's encased in a crystallized sphere."

"Stand-by for evacuation."


Shortly after they were aboard the battle cruiser and the orb was in the sickbay being examined. A few hours later Ratchet came out of the examination room.

"I have scanned the orb from inside and out. It appears that in order for Syaori to fully split herself from Miko she had to separate her spark from her body."

"That's what came out of the light and she told me to take care of her." said Bulkhead

"Whoa hold on, that's Syaori Prime's spark?" asked Jack

"What's left of it. Her spark was extinguished so she used it as a capsule to protect Miko."

"Syaori Prime was a noble bot and it was an true honor to see her once again." said Wheeljack

"Indeed" said Jetstorm

"How long until Miko wakes up?" asked Raf

"I have scanned her body and she shows no ill effects aside from exhaustion, so that would depend on her."

Everyone left to head back towards earth leaving some of the Autobot forces to stay and rebuild, not to mention keeping the Decepticons from causing a rebellion.

Inside Miko's subconscious

Miko wandered the grassy fields in a cream and green kimono with a green parasol, the sun was shining with a gentle breeze. She saw a Japanese Oak tree with a person underneath. As she got closer she recognized the face, it was her brother Mako.


The young man turned and smiled when he saw her. Miko dropped her parasol and ran up to him and hugged him, tears falling from her eyes.

"Shh don't cry Miko, I'm here."

"I missed you Mako. I though of you everyday."

"I know and I'm glad that you're safe. I was afraid that you might not make it."

"Have you seen dad?"

"Yes and he's fine"

"Where is he?"

"He is in heaven, I wanted to be here but he couldn't."

"I didn't even get a chance to say good bye to him."

"He knows how you feel. He is very proud of you and so am I."

"I am proud of myself too. I never thought I would have come this far."

"There's a lot more to come. Follow your own star Miko, it will lead you to wonderful things."

He embraces her as he looks to the skies and a bird flies above.

2 years later

"As you venture forth in to the unknown, know you and only you can create your own destiny. Congratulations Jasper high school's 2015 class. Please move your tassels from the right to the left side of your caps." said the principal

A sea of Blue and White did as they were instructed as a cheer went up in the audience. The band started playing as the graduates were called up on stage to receive their diplomas. After the last row of students from the football field, Jack led his friends from the chorus stage to the class advisor who was announcing the graduates and their school of career.

"Jackson Darby, He will be attending UCLA on a full scholarship this fall. He will be majoring in political science."

"Rafael Jorge Gonzales Esquivel, He will be the youngest to attend M.I.T and then transferring to Oklahoma state university where he will be majoring in Computer Science."

"Miko Nakadai, She has been accepted to Julliard School of Art and Music in New York, NY and has confirmed that she will be attending this fall."

"Sapphire Rainfeather, She will be attending New York University this fall to study Fashion Design and marketing."

"Opal Rainfeather, She will also be attending New York University to study Fashion Photography and Design."

As each walked across the stage they looked into the crowd to see not only their blood family but their Autobot family in Vehicle mode in the parking lot no doubt filled with pride. After the graduation the kids managed to sneak away from their families to get in one last ride before they went their separate ways.

Miko Narrating

"A lot has happened in the past 2 years. For starters we have all graduated from high school and starting college in the fall. Bulkhead is so proud. Unfortunately there was one Autobot missing from the group. Ratchet, that grumpy ole bot had passed last year. It took us all by surprise, Optimus most of all. I guess he figured that now that the war is over he can finally rest. Optimus said that we could come to visit his tomb while acting as appointed diplomats for earth. Yes you heard right, the Autobots had finally revealed themselves (in a government staged event of course) but have chosen us to represent earth. There was this big ceremony at the UN and everything. Speaking of Cybertron all is well there, Megatron and the Decepticons have been tried as war criminals and in a surprising turn have been acquitted.(not the most popular decision, mind you) but Optimus had explained that if we were to show cruelty to them as they would to us if they were the victors of this war then we repeat the mistakes of the past and this whole starts over again. (Makes since don't ya think)

As far as the rest of team prime Ultra Magnus has taken over as head commander for the Academy (help the poor souls that go there), Bumblebee and Smokescreen have graduated themselves, from scouts to warriors. Arcee and the other lone wolf, Wheeljack have 'hooked-up' and are expecting their first sparkling. Bulkhead is now in charge of a different wreckers crew, construction. How's Optimus? He is now the high chancellor for Cybertron. With his sound judgment and kind spark I know that Cybertron will prosper. I guess things really do work out for the best as long as you have faith in your friends and in yourself."

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