A Prime's Mission

A small win

Present day

It had been a few hours after the fall of Darkmount and Fowler thanking the everyone for their contributions. June had went to go get some food for the group leaving the Autobots to discuss what is next.

Jack walked up to Optimus with a relieved smile on his face.

"Is everything alright Jack?" Optimus asked

"We're so glad to have you back. You had us worried for a while when we didn't hear from you."

"Ahem" Ultra Magnus said looking down at him

"It is alright Ultra Magnus, these humans are our friends."

"Yeah, so lighten up soldier boy." said Miko

"I beg your pardon"

"She means that while it's quiet, take a breather and don't be so uptight." said Sapphire.

"I'll take a breather when we win against the Decepticons."

"You did win, you took out Megatron's Citadel." said Raf

"You call that a victory over our enemies?"

"It's a start." said Opal

"You are all here and alive. And you also returned something important to us." said Jack

"And what would that be?"

"Hope" said Miko " Something that we nearly lost when we split up and the base went down. We didn't know where we were or anybody else, if they were ok or alive. However small this victory may be that's better than nothing."

June had walked into the room just in time to here what Miko said and smiled

"I agree with Miko. When I saw the base destroyed the first thing I thought of was Jack my son was in there. Then the rest of the children, then all of you. I didn't see anyone or thing come out I thought the worst. But I remembered that they had a ground bridge and must of escaped. Being a mother I worry about my son, especially when I'm not around to keep an eye on him. But I'm glad that he has such good and powerful friends to look after him when I can't."

Ultra Magnus let both Miko's and June's words seep in.

"I just came to let the gang know that dinner is ready. I'm sure that the Autobots have a lot to discuss." continued June

She ushered the children out of the hanger and into the mess hall to grab a bite to eat.

"Quite a unique group of life forms you've assembled. How did you come across them?" asked Ultra Magnus

"Jack found me, I was trying to shake some cons that were tailing me in a parking lot. He spotted me coming out of work and was admiring my bodywork. He got on and was talking about buying a bike like me when I was spotted by the cons I took off with him. I let him off but the cons mistook him as an ally and went after him so I had to go back for him." explained Arcee

"Raf spotted the three of us fighting the cons near his neighborhood and Miko spotted Jack talking to Arcee in the alley near their school." Finished Bulkhead

"What about the Spark Split humans and the older adults?"

"June was kidnapped by Arachnid and M.E.C.H. a milita obsessed with high tech machines to lure me out into the open."

"Special Agent Fowler is our designated liaison with this country's Military." explained Optimus

"As far as the twins Sapphire and Opal, they snuck inside of me following Miko and found out about us." said Bulkhead

"And how are they useful to this team?"

"That's a question I once asked." said Ratchet "But then I came to realize that all the humans have their strengths. Jack is like Optimus, strong and will make a great leader one day but has a reckless streak like Smokescreen trying to prove himself. Rafael has helped me many times with computer glitches and to solve a problem out in the field. With his help we managed to download the entire Iacon database on to our systems. The twins have proven to be quite and asset as well by giving sound advice when needed. And Miko is stronger than most would think. She has endured so much yet has the ability to bounce back fairly quickly, her heart knows no bounds or limits."

"She's a true wrecker, sir. Blasted Hardshell with missiles from the Jackhammer when I was down and he was trying to snuff-my spark." said Wheeljack

"She was shot by a fellow student that was bullied and nearly died. She's still friends with him." Added Bulkhead

"Miko is much of a member of team Prime as the others." finished Arcee

Just then Agent Fowler came in with a sheet of paper.

"I know you guys are without a real base of operations but your in luck in the Yuma area of Arizona there's another missile silo that is not in use you can use it to slowly rebuild."

"Excellent we can use some of the Harvengers tech to re-establish a means of a ground bridge." said Ratchet

"If you need help Ratchet you know where to find it." said Raf walking in the room with everyone else

"Beep chirp chirp whirl" said Bumblebee

"What did he say?" asked Fowler

"He asked if I wasn't coming"

"I don't recommend that they stay behind Optimus." said Arcee

"That's how the cons where able to grab them the last time." added Smokescreen " They would be better off under our protection, Sir"

"Agreed." said Optimus

"Besides, you guys would need a face cover while you travel anyway." said Miko

"Then it's decided the children will go with you." said June

"Mom, are you sure?"

"As long as you are with Arcee, I won't worry as much."

"Thanks mom"

"When do we leave Optimus?" asked Smokescreen


"Hey guys are we forgetting something?" asked Miko

"What's up?"

"We need a vehicle mode for Ultra Magnus, I think that ship of his would stick out at a missile silo."

"Since you mentioned it why don't you accompany him to pick one out." said Optimus

"Where's the nearest highway?"

"Why do we need a highway?"

"That's where we will find Semis, duh?" Miko walked out of the hanger

Ultra Magnus looked at Optimus then Ratchet

"Don't worry you will get use to it."

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