A Prime's Mission

Alt Modes and Brooding Attitudes

On a cliff few miles from military base overlooking a major highway

"So what are we looking for?" asked Ultra Magnus

"Well in order to find a good vehicle mode for you to blend in on earth you look on a highway." responded Miko

"I see and what kind of vehicle are we looking for?"

"Something that fits you body type."


"Well, your too big to be a two-wheeler, so Motorcycles are out. Your too Boxy to be a car, and too bulky to be an SUV."

Ultra Magnus vented heavily as she described what wouldn't fit him.

"Well, You have successfully eliminated all of the vehicles on your planet."

"Not all of them, just ones that wouldn't be a good fit for you."

Just then Miko looked at the exhaust pipes coming out of his back, they reminded her of what the old Optimus looked like.

"A Truck"

"A What?"

"A Semi Truck."

"What is a Semi Truck?"

"It was Optimus's old vehicle mode, a Semi Truck with a trailer."

"So you are saying that I should copy Optimus."

"Well you are his commander after all and it's makes more sense seeing as the exhaust pipes look like Semi truck exhaust pipes anyway."

"Very well, let us locate a Semi Truck then."

Both of them turned their attention to the highway to look for the right truck to pass.

On the Nemesis

Lying on the medical berth with some wires attached to his frame is the brooding leader of the Decepticons, Megatron.

'How could this have happened? I had the Autobots on the run, had this puny planet in my grasp. Now I'm back to where I started from with the new addition Ultra Magnus and the new and improved Optimus Prime in command.'

Knock out entered the infirmary to check on Megatron.

"Good morning my lord, how are you feeling?"

"How am I feeling? I lost Darkmount, the means of controlling this world and the Autobots are still not at my mercy and you ask me "HOW AM I FEELING?"

"Easy my liege you suffered a massive energon leak when we got back on the ship, I stabilized you with shockwave's assistance and you should be back on your feet in no time."

Starscream entered the room to check on Megatron.

"Starscream I hope you come bearing some news about the Autobots location."

"Not as of yet my lord but I have sent a small armada to guard the Harvenger incase the Autobots try to utilize its technology."

"Excellent Starscream for once you have not disappointed me today."

"Yes well, it is only a matter of time before the Autobots are vanquished and this universe is under your control."

Megatron leans back on his berth and smirks. "You certainly have a way with words Starscream."

Just outside the base

"Autobots, we currently do not have a direct means of travel to the new base seeing as Ultra Magnus's ship was damaged in the raid of Darkmount. So the only logical solution will be to drive there." stated Optimus

"Sweet road trip" said Miko

"Being as such the children will be accompanying us for their protection as well as our cover"

"Well if we keep to the major highways and maintain the speed limit we should be fine." said Jack

"You hear that Kid? No speeding." said Bulkhead

"Ok, ok I get it. I've learned my lesson from the last time." said Smokescreen

June came out of the hanger with the kids emergency bag that they had with them.

"I replenished your emergency packs with stuff that you would need."

"Thanks Mom"

"Thanks a lot Mrs. Darby" said Raf

"I made sure there's first aid supplies in your bags as well."

"Aren't you coming with us?" asked Miko

"I needed here, there's still a lot of injured soldiers and not enough doctors."

"June rest assured that Jack and the others will be under our protective watch." said Optimus

"Thank you Optimus."

June stepped back after hugging Jack and the others then joined Agent Fowler.

"Jack while traveling during the night you will be riding with Smokescreen."


"Sapphire you will accompany Wheeljack." said Optimus

"I'm Cool with that."

"And Opal, you will accompany Ultra Magnus"

"Sir, surly Smokescreen or one of the others will be able to take her on." he said to Optimus quietly

"Why do I have the feeling he isn't to thrilled about this whole thing?" said Opal to her sister

"Oh relax, he seems to be like Ratchet you just need to get to know him."

"That's easy for you to say, you're riding in a Ferrari look-a-like."

"Commander, you must utilize this time to get to know our human friends and fully acclimate yourself to this planet for the time being." said Optimus

"Yes sir"

"Autobots, transform and prepare to roll-out."

All the Autobots transformed down to the vehicle modes, Arcee activating her rider holoform. The kids got into their assigned guardians. As June and Fowler stood back watching them rev their engines waiting for Optimus's orders, tears came to June's eyes as she saw Smokescreen's door close with Jack inside.

"Autobots, Roll out!"

Team Prime pulls out of the base and heads to the highway. Their destination: Yuma, Arizona. Home to the new Autobot base.

"When should we contact Miko and Raf's families to let them know that they're alright?" asked June

"Leave that to me, right now we just need to focus on getting our houses back in order."

June and Agent Fowler went back inside, Fowler to his office and June to the infirmary to get some rest.

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