A Prime's Mission

Road Trip

Early Morning greets the 8 vehicle convoy on an empty highway with a supped-up Red and Blue Semi leading the way.

"Autobots, what's your status."

"Ultra Magnus here, charge is still in power down mode."

"Smokescreen here sir, Jack is still asleep as well."

"Beep, Chirp, Bleepity bleep,"

"Wheeljack here, Sapphire is still drooling on my seat."

*Chuckles* "So is Miko, but that's coming from the drool on my window."

"Well at least drool is easier to clean." said Arcee jokingly

"These humans certainly sleep a lot."

"They are still in their developmental stages Ultra Magnus. They require at least 8 hrs of rest before they can be fully functional during the day. They went to sleep around 11:30 last night and it is now 6 am, they should be coming out of recharge in about two more hours or so." supplied Ratchet

"Of course doctor."

"Optimus, I'm picking up radar tracking." said Arcee

"Cons?" asked Ultra Magnus

"Negative, we would've been fired upon by now."

"It's probably a state trooper looking for speeders." said Bulkhead

"Speed limit is about 65 on state highways." said Smokescreen

"Current speed is about 60." supplied Optimus

Sure enough as they came around the bend there was a state trooper but he was already occupied with a car he had caught speeding.

"Good work Arcee"

"Thank you Optimus"

"Everyone keep alert, though we may only encounter human law enforcement, we are still about 2 days journey from the new base."

"Yes sir" everyone said

3 hours later


"What was that?" asked smokescreen

Then everyone heard Sapphire laughing over the com-link

"Nice one Opal, I'm sure you rattled a couple of audio receptors with that one."

"Sorry, that's just something I tend to do every morning."

"Awesome" said Miko while laughing herself

A blush colored Opal's face as she sat up and stretched.

"Good morning, Ultra Magnus"

"I'm not certain of the amusement in the evacuation of one's exhaust."

"Maybe it's because you haven't programmed a sense of humor into your systems as of yet."

"You should watch your tone human. You are addressing a superior officer."

"Superior? Please we all know that Optimus had pulled your tail pipe out the fire when Megatron laid the smack down on you."

"Ooh" said Sapphire listening in

"Your sister has quite a mouth on her." said Wheeljack

"You don't know the have of it."

"Listen here Missy, you humans haven't the scope to understand what we have endured for centuries." said Ultra Magnus

"Yeah? Well you don't know a damn thing about us to even begin to understand our world, your forgetting who's help you relied on to take down Darkmount. We have injustice, we have wars amongst ourselves and we have those who fight to bring peace and stability to our world for future generations just like you." shot back Opal

"I fail to see the similarities."

"That's not only what you fail at."

"Scrap" said Arcee

"Whoa" said Bulkhead

"I'll say" said Miko

"Easy, sis"

"Perhaps you should open your processor and your spark, maybe then you'll see that we aren't as different as you think."

"That's enough Opal." said Optimus

"Maybe a pit-stop is in order for us to stretch out legs and clear the air." Said Smokescreen

"I'll look up a decent spot to rest so you guys can transform without being seen." said Raf

"Raf your finally awake." said Jack

"Actually that burp woke me up, but I was listening to the whole thing."

Raf pulls up a map of the area and finds a suitable spot. "How about here? It has a water source so we can wash up and has plenty of tree cover so you won't be seen from the air." he forwards the information to Optimus.

"Good thinking Raf." Optimus pulls off the highway onto a dirt road and leads the others to the area on the map.

Once they stop the kids hopped out of the Autobots and back away as they transform and rest.

"Here I thought that Miko was the only one who showed a lack of respect for authority." said Ultra Magnus

"Oh no Opal has respect for authority, she just don't like anyone who acts like a condescending aft-hole." said Sapphire

Wheeljack bust out laughing when she said that "Whew, man she's got you pegged."

"Wheeljack?" questioned Optimus

He stifled his laughter and cleared his throat.

"My Apologies, Sir"

"Opal, we are a team. And as such must respect each other."

"Sorry Optimus"

"However, we must also leave ourselves open to learn about each other, and not be so condescending."

"My apologies Optimus"

"Well, were gonna go wash up and put some fresh clothes on. We'll be back." said Jack

"Arcee and Bumblebee will accompany you."

Arcee and Bumblebee walked with the kids to the water and split up guys with bee, girls with Cee.

"Can you believe him? 'Don't have the scope to understand what we endured' he acts like he's the only one with problems." said Opal

"I know he can be a hard-aft but he's a good mech and Optimus's most trusted commanding officer. It will take some getting to know him to find it." said Arcee

"Well at least he apologized." said Miko

"To Optimus, not to me."

"Technically you didn't either." said Sapphire

"True, I guess I have to be the bigger person and apologize huh?"



The girls finished washing up and was starting to do each others hair. Miko was looking at her reflection in the river while sapphire was working on opal's hair. Arcee looked over at her and walked over.

"Something on your mind?"

"I've been thinking about everything, loosing the base being separated. Do you think that any of this would of happened if Jack hadn't of see you that day?"

"Probably, more or less it probably would of happened sooner that it did."


"Yeah, because we wouldn't of had the advantage that you 5 have given us. Without Raf, this place would have been over-run with undead Cybertronians with Megatron leading them. Without you we wouldn't of gained half of the energon formula and saved Bulkhead's mind by forcing it out. Without Jack, I would of be consumed by my lust for revenge and killed Arachnid and Starscream for Cliffjumper and Tailgate. You see Miko in meeting all of you, you gave us something just as important."

"What's that?"

"A true reason to defend your world?"

"Thanks Arcee"

"Aww it's a Kodiak moment." said Sapphire

"I've been thinking about cutting my hair again."


"Yeah if we're going to a place that's hot I need a hairstyle that's off my neck."

"I like the style you had when you came back to school." Said Sapphire

"You think you can put some other colors in it?"

"I have some Hair Snap Paints, what colors do you want?" asked Opal

"What do you have?"

Opal opened her make up kit and reveled several colors including an Pearl white and a metallic camo green.

"These two" Miko picked up the white and the green.

"Colors of the wreckers. Let's get started"

"And I look in your bag to find the perfect outfit to go with it." said Sapphire

Arcee laughed as the girls got busy on Miko's new look and decided to give themselves a makeover as well.

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