A Prime's Mission

New Looks and New Impressions

It was about an hour when the kids were done freshen up. Opal just got done brushing Miko's bang and slicking it down a little while humming a song.

"What song is that?"

"It's something our grandmother, Nene used to sing when we travel. She's Bulgarian."

"Cool, you must have a atlas for a family."

"Not necessarily, she's not really our grandmother. We just call her that because she's like a grandmother to everyone." said Sapphire walking up with some clothes

"So what you got?" asked Opal

"Well going with the style of hair I've chosen this." she laid out a hot magenta halter tank that was underneath a black see-thru Kimono shrug and black and hot magenta cyber Goth shorts with suspender pants legs.

"Nice." said Miko with a gleaming smile

"Come on, we gotta get back." said Arcee

Back with the others

*sighs* "How long does it take to become clean?" asked Ultra Magnus

"With girls? I say about 3 hours or so." said Jack

"We don't have that long."

"Maybe something happened to them." said Smokescreen

"Arcee would of signaled by now." Said Bulkhead

"Gledai ma, gledai, pilence lale, nagledai misa

Dneska sum tuka, pilence lale, utre ma niama."

"What's that?" asked Ultra Magnus

Coming into view was the girls accompanied by Arcee and they were singing Nene's song. Sapphire began it again then was joined by Opal then Miko

"Gledai ma, gledai, pilence lale, nagledai misa

Dneska sum tuka, pilence lale, utre ma niama."

As they arrived the others managed to really get a good look at them.

Miko's hair was once again short, with her pink bang now with metallic green and pearl white fade effect so it looked like one color fades into another. She was wearing the outfit that sapphire picked out for her. Sapphire was wearing a black pleated skirt with black lacing and three chains cascading from the belt on the side and matching suspender pants. Her shirt was a white t-shirt with slashes along the back and netting on the sleeves her hair was still long but it was corn-rolled into two pig tails which became four braids out of each pigtail. Opal's outfit consisted of a black panels over a light green tapering skirt with a thigh length black skirt panel on one side. Her shirt was a black tank top with a light green halter insert with matching green peace bird etched on the shirt. Her hair was also braided but it was pulled back and part of it was wrapped around a bigger braid to create a ponytail.


That was all that Jack could say as the girls made it up to the group

"You had put us, 3 hrs behind schedule with this pit stop." said Ultra Magnus

"It hasn't been three hours, it's was 45 mins." shot back Opal

"Not according to Jack, he said that it takes a girl 3 hrs to get ready."

"Oh really?" said Sapphire looking over at Jack

"Well, uh…I didn't mean the way it sounded."

"I starting to figure out why your name it Jack." said Miko

All three walked a way and headed for either bulkhead or Wheeljack. Even Arcee gave him a disapproving look and transformed. "You're riding with Smokescreen."

"Real smooth, Jack" said Raf

"What, it wasn't like you weren't thinking the same thing."

"Yeah but I'm still riding with my guardian. Sometime's it pays to keep your mouth shut."

He walks away and heads to a transformed bumblebee.

"Way to throw me under the bus, Sir" Jack walks away and heads to smokescreen and heads out.

"Threw him under a bus?"

"It's an earth expression, it means what was mentioned should not have been." said Optimus

"These humans are very confusing."

Back on the road an uneasy bulkhead had a miffed Miko to contend with.

"So… uh… Like the hair?"

"Can you be leave Jack? 'Girls take 3 hours to get ready.' please at least we like to some sort of coordination with what we wear instead of just throwing on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans."

"I guess, he doesn't understand the complexities of female fashion?"

"You know what Bulk? Despite what you yourself may think, you pretty smart."


Up ahead in Wheeljack, Sapphire and Opal were having a similar conversation.

"Did Ultra Magnus always have such a clutch up his tailpipe?" asked Sapphire

"Yeah, unfortunately he did. He wasn't the type to really let loose but he was a great commander."

"What was he like?" asked Opal

"He was the commanding officer of me and Bulkhead's war unit "The Wreckers" We took on missions no one else wanted or could pull off."

"Black-Ops" both girls said

"Right, he didn't really care for the methods that we used as long as we got it done. After the planet went dark we all scattered."

"How many are left?" asked Opal

"Not that many I wager, Seaspray was killed by a proximity bomb planted by Dreadwing. Pyro died in a cloud of Tox-en. Rotorstorm was killed protecting 'the Arc' the Autobot transport ship. Springer is the only one that we haven't heard from, he was last seen defending Cybertron instead of escaping on 'the arc'."

"So there's a possibility that Springer could come and help us." said Sapphire

"Possibly, but lets get to where we're going first. Oh and give the commander a break, he's never one to be too friendly."

"We'll try." said Opal.

"That's all I ask"

They sat there in the quiet as Wheeljack drove.

"So Miko is a wrecker right?" asked Sapphire

"I guess she didn't tell you the story."

"What story?" asked Opal

Wheeljack went on to tell them the story of what happened to bulkhead and Miko going along with him to get revenge on Hardshell for what he did to Bulkhead.

Soon enough the convoy reached a small town which had a lot of traffic going through it. They saw tents and animals and the twins knew exactly what it was. When they had stopped because of the traffic the girls saw the sign advertising it.

"Oh my gosh." said Sapphire

"What?" asked Wheeljack

"The circus, it's our uncle's"


While traffic was at a stand-still Opal and Sapphire jumped out of Wheeljack and headed in.

Wheeljack quickly closed his door and radioed Optimus

"They recognized the sign, it belongs to their uncle's circus."

*Sighs* "We'll have to pull-over and have the other retrieve them before nightfall." said Optimus

"Optimus, with all due respect, with the circus in town I don't think we'll be getting out of here until it's done for the night." said Jack

"Very well we will pull in to a rest stop and have you go and find Sapphire and Opal."

All the Autobots manage their way through traffic and found the local truck-stop and let the kids out.

Looking around the girls were searching for their uncle, but someone else found them first.

"Is that my two little gems I see?"

"Nene?" they turn around to see a little elderly woman wearing a floral skirt and a white shirt with a shawl and bandana over her hair standing behind them with a wooden cane.

"Nene!" both girls hugged the woman "We've missed you, so much"

"Oh my girls, when I saw the news reports I feared the worst."

"We're fine Nene" said Sapphire

"We were passing through town with our friends and…. Oh no." said opal

"What is it dear?"

"We totally ditched our friends in the traffic jam."

"Oh, I'm sure they're fine."

"There you two are." said Jack

"Sorry that we ditched you guys but when we saw who it was we just had to try and see him."

"Well, we told the others that with this traffic we won't be going anywhere till after the circus is over tonight."

"Good you are staying, perhaps you would show your friends what stars you are." said Nene

"What do you say guys? Wanna hang out under the big top?"

"Sure but we gotta meet up with the others first." said Raf

"Good I'll let your uncle know that you are here."

"Oh before we split, Nene this is our friends from school Jack, Raf and Miko. Guys this is Nene."


"How are you"

"Nice to meet you."

The group left Nene to find Optimus and the others and let them know where they are going and what time they will be back.

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