A Prime's Mission

Show Time

The gang had made it back to Optimus and the others after meeting Nene to let them know what's going on.

"Look Optimus, we're sorry that we ran off but this is probably the only chance we'll have to see our family." started Sapphire

"We're sure agent Fowler has contacted Raf's and Miko's families to let them know that they're ok but our family doesn't exactly trust the government. So this was our chance to let them know that we're fine." finished Opal

"We have been invited to watch the show tonight." said Raf

"We shouldn't be wasting time with this, we have a very important mission to finish." said Ultra Magnus

"There is no way that we could get through all of that traffic while the show is going on, everything is at a stand still." said Ratchet

"Very well, but we'll need a vantage point so we can keep a watch on you." said Optimus

"Well the performance space is outdoors where you will be able to see us the entire time and there's a tented area for performers vehicles where you can park near so you won't be seen." supplied Opal

"I've heard of these human circuses but I've never seen one before. This should be quite an educational experience." said Smokescreen

"Great, let's go." said Miko

The kids got into the Autobots and lead them to where they wouldn't be seen but still able to enjoy the show. The group got into the dressing room area and found Nene who was now with Sapphire and Opal's Uncle

"Uncle Miles"

"There's my girls"

The twins ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. He lifted the girls and swung them around.

"I've been watching the news, I'm so glad that you are safe."

"We've missed you too."

"So who are your friends?"

"This is Jack, Raf and Miko they're from school."

"So all of you were evacuated from the same area."

"Yeah, our families know where we are, our escorts thought we could use a night of fun." said Jack

"Well you're amongst family here so come on in and enjoy the show."

Uncle miles lead Jack, Miko and Raf to front row seats and the twins headed to the dressing rooms, Nene looked behind her and saw the Autobots parked near the tent and smiled then followed the girls.

"I don't like the way she looked at us, you think she's on to us?" asked Smokescreen

"Highly doubtful but maintain your cover."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages. Welcome to the grandest show on earth: Cirque de International" said Uncle Miles from center ring

The crowd cheered as the show began. Meanwhile Nene walked out of the arena and towards the tent but didn't go inside she went around the tent to where the Autobots were parked. She walked around each of the bots, looking through some of their windows, tapping on their tires with her cane.

"Hmm tire is a little low on this side, you might want to get that looked at." she said to Ratchet

Ratchet internally checked to see if she was right and sure enough the tire pressure on his front right was off.

"Quite an interesting group of vehicles my gems have come across. Especially you" she points her cane to Ultra Magnus and Optimus

"It's alright if you don't want to speak, but I knew you existed before all of this happened. When I was a little girl, I immigrated from my home country of Bulgaria to New York City in 1912. My father worked in the shipping yards for many years. When I was coming home from school one evening my father was attacked by hooligans and was seriously hurt. They saw me and came after me, I ran as fast as I could and hid inside a car until they passed by."


Heavy breathing and running footsteps echoed through the alley as a young Nene ran from her pursuers.

"Where'd she go?"

"I don't know."

"This way."

She saw a strange looking vehicle parked in a another alleyway. It was Red with chrome on the wheels and bull horns on the front. Hearing the running footfalls she quickly ran to it praying that the door was unlocked. To her luck it was and she quickly hopped in and climbed to the backseat to hide. Unbeknownst to her she was being watched, not by her pursuers but by the car itself. It quietly scanned her as she had covered her face and was praying in her native tongue. The vehicle sense the presence of the humans she was running from and drove away with her inside. Keeping to the shadows the vehicle came to a stop near a police station.

"You'll be safe here"

Nene looks up to find where she was but couldn't find the person who the voice belonged to. She cautiously gets out and looks around to see if anyone was there.

"See ya around."

Nene whips around to see the car driving down the road and into the darkness. She stood there for a few minutes to process what had happened. She realized that she didn't see a driver when the car had pulled away.

"Thank you"

she said and she ran inside the station to get help for her father and to report the men that were chasing her.

[end flashback]

"I will never forget what that nice car did for me. Sadly I never truly got a chance to thank him."

Arcee knew who she was talking about 'Cliff you idiot, you broke Autobot rule number 1. Glad you did.' she thought to herself

"Ladies and gentlemen please direct your attention to the skies. High above is our world famous trapeze act featuring for one night only: The Gem-ini Twins, Sapphire and Opal."

The spotlight shown on them both, they were wearing full bodysuits Sapphires was a crystal blue with ocean blue colored stones on her chest and lower right leg. Opal's was a iridescent white with diamond colored stones across her chest and left leg.

The music started and the catching partners made their way to the middle and waited for the girls. Then the girls started their routine swinging out to their partners using the underhanded tumble they were caught and tossed over to the other side.

"As you can see my gems have a quality about them, that has with stood the test of time. They have their fathers heart and soul but their mothers sharp tongue. They had a difficult beginning to their lives, to have their mother abandon them, then to discover she had buried her pass in a marriage and birth of two sons. Their lives were just as complex as yours if you only stop and look."

The Autobots listened to her words as the girls finished up the aerial routine.

"Ah here comes the finale, the Gemini tuck and twist."

The girls released from their partners and tucked themselves up and twisted three times then caught the bars and swung back to their original sides to finish the song and routine. The crowd jumped to their feet in thunderous applause and cheers as the partners and the twins bowed and came down. A new song began and all of the performers came out and danced in the final song, Sapphire and Opal pulling Jack Miko and Raf into the center ring to join them. Nene looked at the Autobots.

"Thank you for all that you have done and continuing to look after my gems."

She gets up and starts to walk away, her sight started to blur and her breathing became heavier. She started to lean on her wooden cane more.

The gang came out of the performers entrance laughing and chatting with each other Opal looked over and saw Nene near the Autobots


Nene collapses as Opal runs over to catch her.


The rest run over to them as Opal tries to wake her up.

"Sis, go get uncle miles."

"UNCLE MILES! UNCLE MILES" Sapphire calls running to the arena

"Nene hold on, please hold on."

Ratchet rolled forward slowly "I'm sorry Opal, she has become one with your planets all-spark."

"No, she can't be gone." she rests her head on Nene's still chest and cries.

Uncle Miles and Sapphire come out of the arena with the rest to see Opal crying over Nene. Sapphire turned to her uncle and started to cry as well.

Later on in a field there was a bonfire with a wrapped up corpse on the top of it. Sapphire and Opal sung a mournful melody as the others hugged each other for support. When the song was done Uncle Miles stepped forward.

"Naomi Ponchetco, but to all of us she was Nene. She was born in Velingrad, Bulgaria in 1901. Her family immigrated to the U.S. in 1912 where she lived a long and healthly life, though she never married or bore any children, we like a family to her like she was to us. She will be greatly missed by all." Uncle Miles walks away from the fire and stands with the twins.

The girls once again sing as the others place flowers at the dying fire. A little ways back the Autobots observed the ceremony, Ultra Magnus had a new out look on the humans.

"Such frail creatures on this earth, they hold life so dear and loved ones closer that their very passing effects them so."

"They hold each other in the same regard as we do, Commander. It would be wise to have a new sense of self when dealing with humans." said Optimus

The fire had completely extinguished and the ashes were collected into an urn. The children said their good-byes and well wishes and left to join the Autobots. They were given a few things to take with them.

"They are on their way to Bulgaria to scatter Nene's ashes. It was her last wish that she'd be returned home." said Opal

"You're not going with them?" asked Smokescreen

"Not unless you guys can fit on the plane." said Sapphire

"And besides we don't wanna break up the group. I've still yet to hear Ultra Magnus laugh."

"That may take some doing." said Wheeljack

"Team Prime let's load up." said Ultra Magnus

"Hey Jack" called Arcee


"Why don't you ride with me tomorrow. I figured you learned your lesson.

"Thanks Arcee."

Everyone got into their assigned guardians and waited for Optimus's orders

"Autobots roll out."

Team Prime left the town and were on their way once again to Yuma and the new base.

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