A Prime's Mission

Sayori Appears

The mood was somber in the convoy. The Autobots witnessed the passing and memorial of Nene, Sapphire and Opal's adopted grandmother a few hours ago. The rest of the group was asleep in their assigned guardians, Opal however was wide awake looking out of Ultra Magnus window.

"Nene seemed…nice" said Ultra Magnus

"She was. She looked after me and Sapphire when we were adopted by our uncle, our father's older brother. Since our mom wasn't in the picture, Nene was kinda like our grandmother that we never knew."

"Why wasn't she there?"

"It's a common problem on our planet, young teenage couples not smart enough to use protection."

"Protection from what?"

"Creating offspring. There's many preventative measures to ensure that doesn't happen but are highly under utilized."

"Isn't that the purpose bonding, to have offspring?"

"At a certain age, mentality and are financially equipped to have offspring. If you are not all 3 having offspring can be highly stressful."

"What of your spark father?"

"He wanted us. He went to serve in the army but was killed in action. Our mother was only 16 when she got pregnant with us. When he died she was afraid to turn to her family for help so she abandoned us at an orphanage and forgot about us for 13 years. When we met up with her, she was married and had two sons. After a nasty confrontation with her, it was her husband that helped us get to family that didn't even know we existed but was more than willing to take us in."

"I had know idea things were so complicated."

"It happens. We become so wrapped up with whatever is going on around us that these things slip through the cracks. Each and everyone of us has some form of a sob story, even Miko. Still not sure who's is worse, ours or hers."

"What do you mean?"

"Miko nearly died when she was a baby. Complications during birth cause her mother to become infertile, loose the ability to have anymore offspring. When Miko pulled through her mother resented her for it. The relationship only got worse when her older brother was killed when he tried to retrieve something of Miko's. it came out during a family therapy session that she wished Miko went to retrieve it instead of her brother."

"Then Miko would have been killed."


"What kind of person would wish death upon their own offspring?"

"That Ultra Magnus, is the billion dollar question. Despite going to her father's funeral over two months ago and actually meeting her, we're still figure that out."

Ultra Magnus checked his internal clock and it read midnight.

"Why don't you power down for a while. Otherwise you won't be fully functional during the day."

"Good night."

Opal had covered herself with the blanket and drifted to sleep. Ultra Magnus's thoughts went back to being on alert as the other Autobots where silently traveling along the highway.

On the Nemesis

Megatron was released from the medical bay and was heading to his berth room when Soundwave approached him.

"What is it Soundwave?"

Soundwave showed Megatron aerial surveillance photos of an 8 vehicle convoy on the highway hours after they had left and them stopping in the town.

"Where are they now?"

Soundwave's visor switched to live feed showing them on a highway near a desert area.

"Excellent Soundwave, prepare a strike team. We attack at day break."

With the Autobots

It was the next morning when the Autobots had once again stopped to rest for a little bit before they headed back on the rode. The kids was eating breakfast near the lake and enjoying the sunshine. The Autobots had just finished their daily energon rations and was talking about the pass events.

"You were right Optimus. These humans are not as different from us as I first thought."

"Glad to hear it." said Optimus

"Yeah, I had no idea they had so many different talents. Dancing, singing, Flying" said Smokescreen

"They weren't flying Smokescreen. They were simply defining gravity with the use of a swinging device." said Ratchet

"Well to the humans it looked like they were flying."

"Gotta admit that was impressive." said Wheeljack

Bulkhead was heading towards the kids when he picked up something on his radar.

"Optimus we got company."

Just as he said that an explosion rocked the area. All the Autobot sprang into action, their first priority: ensure the Kids safety.

All the gang scattered and ran towards the Autobots as Decepticons dropped from the sky and opened fire on the group.

A blast knocked Miko back towards Starscream in the confusion. The rest of the children made it over to where the Autobots were and as Smokescreen ushered them away and kept guard.

"Well, Well Autobots. It has been awhile, you are certainly along way from Darkmount." spoke Megatron

"Darkmount no longer exists Megatron."

"Yet we still have a base of operations, while you are traveling. Why don't you simply surrender? I would gladly accept you into our fold."

"We would never join Megatron." said Ultra Magnus

"Oh really? It would seem that I may have something that you want."

Arcee realized what he meant and looked behind them she saw Smokescreen was still guarding over the children but she noticed that Miko wasn't with them. She turned back around and saw Miko pressing herself against the wall away from Starscream as he approached her with his blaster drawn and charged.

"I believe she is the one that extinguished Hardshell's Spark when Wheeljack was nearly beaten. She would make a fine pet don't you think."

The Autobots could only watch as Starscream reached for her but Miko dodged his hand and ran towards the pond.

"Honestly must I do everything myself?"

Megatron turns and goes after her. As Miko reached the water's edge he lifted his blaster and fired a shot ahead of her causing a wave of water to knock her back almost in Megatron's reach. She turns around to see the Decepticon leader towing above her. She got up to try and run again but her body didn't respond. Frozen in sheer fright Megatron closed in to capture her. All of a sudden Miko's eyes turned from a honey gold to a cyan blue and she lifted her arms and created a force field to protect herself at the same time knocking Megatron off his feet.

"What is this?"

"You will not harm this child" said Miko but in a different voice

'That voice, it sounds so familiar.' thought Wheeljack

The force field retracted and became and intense light blinding everyone for a moment. When it faded what stood before them was no longer human, but a Cybertronian with two katana blades attached to her back and body armor similar to Arcee but in Magenta and Cerulean Blue. The Decepticons didn't know what to do at first, they looked at Megatron for orders.

"What are you waiting for attack, destroy the Autobots."

The Vehicons went on the attack while Megatron stood and looked at what used to be a human girl.

"Who are you?"

"That is none of your concern betrayer of Primus."

"What do you mean, Betrayer of Primus?"

"The blood of Unicron runs through you, the energon of many is on your hands including Dreadwing your former commander. And you dare demand that you be named the next prime? You are not worthy of the name. Not now, nor ever will you become a Prime."

"How dare you, I will become the supreme ruler of the galaxy."

Megatron charges at the Warrior.

"Foolish Mech." was all that she said as she jumped high out of the way and landed behind him, pulling out one of her Katanas and sends a wave of energy his way. Megatron doesn't have time to dodge as the wave hits him full on and sends him flying across the pond and into a cliff side. The other cons were scrapped as Starscream went to tend to Megatron and call for a bridge. Once the cons had vanished Smokescreen came out with the kids. All of the Autobots stood back wary as the new Cybertronian approached not quite sure what to make of her. Wheeljack walked up to her and stared at her, surveying her he walked around her until he spotted the Katana in her hand. He quickly flashed back to himself placing a set of swords across a tomb.

"I won't let you down master Syaori Prime"

Wheeljack comes back to himself as steps back. He couldn't believe that he was once again standing before his former Master.

"Syaori Prime." he whispered before he sunk to his knees and placed his hands in front of him in a bow.

"Wheeljack, what are you doing?" asked Bulkhead

"He is paying respects to his former Master which is not necessary ." said Syaori She knelt before Wheeljack and lifted his head so he would look at her.

"You have become the warrior that I knew you would be."

"You were watching me?"

"Of course, I was worried at first that you had let this war consume you but you had found your way to team prime and are a full swords-bot."

"Thank you, Syaori. That last thing I wanted to do was disappoint you."

"You never did."

She helped Wheeljack off his knees and approached Optimus Prime.

"So you are the one that succeeded me and defied his own teacher to save this world."

"I feared for the safety of my team as well as for this world."

"Contrary to Alpha Trion, your time was not at hand. Primus has a greater plan for you and the rest of your team."

"A greater plan?"

Before Syaori could explain her form wavered. She fell to her knees and collapsed, Wheeljack caught her just before she hit the ground.

"Master Syaori."

"It is alright Wheeljack. It's been awhile since I used my powers. I need to return into Miko's body to regain stability. All will be explained in due time." the Blue glow appeared once again and encased Syaori. When it faded Miko's unconscious form was in Wheeljack's hand.

"What did she mean a greater plan?" asked Smokescreen

"I guess we find out when Syaori reappears." said Arcee.

"We are not far from the new base. Autobots Roll out." said Optimus

The kids got into the Autobots and pulled out. Soon enough they will be in Yuma and the new base. What they didn't realize is that Syaori would insure that they would go undetected by the cons.

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