A Prime's Mission

The Mission Revealed

It has been a few hours since the group had arrived at the base, while most of the team explored their surroundings to secure it, Ratchet went to work on scanning Miko. Who had remained unconscious since the fight. The rest of the group stayed to make sure that she was gonna be alright. Optimus and Ultra Magnus were the first team to finish scanning their sector, they arrived to see Ratchet finish another scan on her.

"How is she?" asked Optimus

"Miko is…fine, I'm not picking up any trace of energon as if it dissipated after the battle."

"How is that possible? She unleashed a massive amount of energon to not only knock Megatron on his aft but completely blasted him across the pond." said Wheeljack

"I know it sounds unnatural and even impossible but I am not picking up anything as far as energon."

"I guess when Miko awakens she might have more information for us." said Ultra Magnus

At Yuma bus station

Two individuals step of the bus that had just arrived. A man wearing an jean jacket with a white t-shirt and jean pants and a woman wearing a ankle length black skirt and gypsy style tan top with flats. Both were of Asian decent and carried one bag each but the man carried a large flat box.

"Do we have everything?" asked the man

"Yes but we need to make our way to the Military base and find our sister." said the woman

"I am certain that the man we spoke to when we arrived will have one to meet us."

Back at the base


The Autobots knew was on the line and walked over to the screen.

"Yes agent Fowler, what is it?" answered Optimus

"You've got company coming."

"Cons?" asked Ultra Magnus

"No, Family."

"I thought my mom was staying at the base." said Jack

"Not your family Jack, Miko's"

"I guess her host parents didn't buy that she was alright." said Raf

"Not her Host family, her brother and Sister from Japan."

"How did you just reveal our location, to a bunch of humans?" asked Ultra Magnus

"It's complicated."

"How complicated is it?" asked Ratchet

"Politically complicated."

"Not really explaining things." said Arcee

"In many countries, High school and College students have an opportunity to study abroad or travel to a different country to obtain an education. In Miko case she traveled to America as a exchange student."

"How is that politically complicated?" asked Wheeljack

"It's because she's an exchange student." answered Raf

"She may be governed by US law under her student visa but that's as far as it goes. If her family feels that she is in any danger, they can go to a Japanese conciliate and have them request information on her whereabouts, despite anything that may be classified." said Sapphire

"They're right, pacifying host families is one thing. Families of an exchange student whole new ball game."

"So what do we do? How much about us did you tell them?" asked Bulkhead

"Relax two-ton, they already know about you. They weren't to clear on the details on how they know but they do."

"Where are they?" asked Ultra Magnus

"They should of arrived at the Yuma Bus station an 30 mins ago."

"We'll pick them up and bring them here." said Optimus

"Keep me posted, Prime." Agent fowler ends the call

"So I guess we bring them here since they already seem to know about us." said Arcee

"Bulkhead, you will pick up Miko's Family" said Optimus

"We'll go with you bulk, they'll know who we are." said Sapphire who was standing next to Jack

"Very well."

Bulkhead transformed and left with Jack and Sapphire.

"Optimus, are you certain that these humans can be trusted?" asked Ultra Magnus

"To keep a diplomatic situation from escalating we must put our trust in our human allies."

"And besides they're my family, they know when to keep a secret." said Miko

Ratchet went to Miko's side and scanned her.

"How are you feeling?" asked Ratchet

"Better but a lot of things are still fuzzy."

"You don't remember what happened?"

"Only bits and pieces. The last thing I remember was seeing Bucket head coming at me then this bright blue light and a voice saying "I'll take it from here."

"And that's when Syaori Prime appeared." said Wheeljack


"She was one of the 13 original primes, Wheeljack's mentor." said Arcee

Miko's sight began to waver a bit and she swayed to the side. Opal ran to her side and caught her, placing her back on to the stretcher.

"Miko must still be exhausted, we should let her rest some more before her brother and sister arrive." said Ratchet "I'll keep monitoring her."

"Good" said Optimus

The Autobots went about their business or continued their exploring the new base while Opal stayed with Ratchet and Miko.

An hour later Bulkhead arrived with Miko's siblings along with Jack and Sapphire. When they were let out Bulkhead transformed and went over to Miko.

"How is she?"

"Will be fine, she had woken up for a while right after you went to pick up Miko's siblings but she fell back into unconsciousness again." said Ratchet

Keiko walked up to Miko and caressed her face. "Miko" she said sadly

"Please forgive our tears, this brings back so many memories of us at the hospital back in Jasper." said Lao

"Hospital?" asked Smokescreen

"Several months ago there was a shooting at jasper high school that had left Miko in critical condition." explained Ratchet

"Oh now I remember, Bulkhead told me about it."

"We stayed with her until she was released from the hospital." said Lao

"and the room smelled like flowers."

"Miko, you are alright." said Keiko relieved

Lao took Miko's right hand and kissed it then held it close. "Welcome back dear sister."

"I missed you guys too."

Once Ratchet had determined that Miko was stable enough to leave the medical bay she was brought into the new common area where they can finally discuss how Miko's family was connected to Syaori Prime.

"So Syaori has already surfaced." said Lao

"During a Decepticon ambush. Megatron was closing in on Miko when she appeared." said Optimus

"How do you know about Syaori Prime?" asked Wheeljack

"Transcripts of a monk that looked after our ancestor Mikoto Hakatashi." said Keiko

"It was given to us by our grandfather after Miko had left for the states after our father's funeral." said Lao

"Your Grandpa mentioned a mysterious force that saved Mikoto's life and that she became a famous swordswoman and married Lord Nakadai." said Raf

"Wait, when did Grandpa mention this?" asked Miko

"We didn't notice it at the time but you must of left the room during the last part of the story." said Jack

"I was trying to figure out the visions I've been having during the week."

"What visions?" asked Lao

"Flashes of Mako carrying me to the shrine, a blue light seeing a Mikoto's face, standing at his grave site…."

Miko had leaned forward a bit looking like she was gonna go under, Lao had touched her shoulder and snapped her out of it.

"Miko these visions must have been very strong to have such an effect on you." said Ratchet.

"What else did the transcripts say?" asked Arcee

"They basically describe what occurred that night that Mikoto was said to pass. A metallic looking female kneeling before Mikoto placing her hands on her, a bright blue aura surrounding them both, then Mikoto rising and whisper "I understand, I will help you Syaori Prime." said Keiko

"The same thing must of occurred when Miko was brought to your family's shrine when she was a baby." said Opal

"Beep, chirp, Bleep, whirl" said Bumblebee

"What did he say?" asked Lao

"Syaori must have been watching over the family until she could find a way to Miko then to us." Translated Raf

"But that still doesn't explain how Mikoto and your family knew about this mission that Syaori Prime was said to be on." said Ultra Magnus

"That is where Mikoto's Memoirs come in, they describe what occurred the night she and Syaori met." said Lao he takes the old stack of papers bound with leather strings and Japanese script he carefully opens the book to a particular page and begins to read it.

"As I laid there alone in the dark, my wounds from the Batosai sealing my fate I patiently wait for the end…

[Mikoto continues] "Out of the corner of my eye I see a blue luminescent orb floating silently. I turn to see this orb become a spirit of a metallic being, eyes the color of the sky with a aura the same gentle color. I ask the being was she here to take me to paradise, my heart sank when she said no. She continued by saying that she was here to ask for my help. With my wounds I would be of no use to her or anyone. She goes on to ask of me if I were given a second chance would I help her then, I said yes. She had placed her hands upon my weakening body the aura that was around her shined brighter then enveloped my vision. The next thing I new I was on my feet standing before a great an powerful being. As I looked around I saw others but they were shrouded so I couldn't make out their faces only their eyes shown the same color as the first. The being spoke to me saying that his name was Primus and that these are the primes that came before Syaori. He went on to explain that their world will become overwhelmed by war and that he had sent Syaori to meet with their brethren to restore order and peace. Being that is what I want for my home I agreed to help her….

[Lao concludes] "but as my time has come to an end, I fear that I have not kept my promise to Syaori Prime so I must remain on this earth until I can lead her spirit to another perhaps a member of my new family. Someone who will be given another chance just as I was."

"So that explains everything, how Syaori became intertwined with Miko's family. How they know about us." said Arcee

"Some how Mikoto knew that Miko would travel to America and lead Syaori to us." said Bulkhead

"It is said that spirits can see into the future as well as the past. So Mikoto used that in order to keep her promise to Syaori as well as save one of her clansmen." said Sapphire

"Why wasn't I told any of this?" asked Miko

"Grandfather did not you to feel compelled to do anything that you did not want to. He wanted you to choose your own fate."

"That's why it felt normal to be around the Autobots, I want to help."

"Miko are you certain?" asked Optimus

"My ancestor remained on this earth to save my life, the least I can do is help her keep the promise that she made all those years ago."

"How are we to contact Syaori? I mean it's not like she will just appear when summoned." said Jack

Miko's eyes had turned cyan blue as she looked at the group and once again spoke with Syaori's voice.

"I believe that is up for debate Jack."

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