A Prime's Mission

Secrets Unraveled

The entire group was aghast as Syaori had revealed herself but Miko is still present.

"I wish to apologize for my abrupt exit, it has been eons since I used my powers. To use them so suddenly took a lot out of me and Miko but now that I have awakened my abilities it won't be as stressful on her the next time I use them."

"I guess it all makes since now." said Arcee

"What makes since?" asked Smokescreen

"Why Miko always tagged along in battle, it was Syaori's Cybertronian Instinct."

"Yes I did have a hand in Miko following you. I guess it was the warrior in me, I needed to keep reminding myself that I'm not in my own body."

"How is it that you are able to manifest now?" asked Raf

"Very simple, I'm in close proximity to a relic that would of have gone to the Iacon Hall of Records."

"What was it?" asked Wheeljack

"My twin swords"

Wheeljack took the swords from his sheaths and peered down at them.

"It's not possible."

"It's is Wheeljack, it was my last wish that you were to receive them when you were ready."

"No, I chose these when I graduated from the Academy not the dojo."

"Wheeljack I would never lie to you my pupil, believe me you carry my gift to you to protect you."

Syaori got up and walked over to the railing facing Wheeljack.

"Let me reveal to you the origin of your swords."

Wheeljack brought his helm within her reach and Syaori placed her hands on it. A familiar blue light glowed shining around them as Wheeljack started to reminisce about the past.


A slightly younger Wheeljack entered the dojo and was looking around.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

"Ah come in Wheeljack, I've been expecting you."

"Jetstorm it's been awhile."

"Yes it has. I heard that you are about to graduate from the academy. You are about to enter a new stage in your life. Syaori would be very proud of you."

"Yes she would be."

"I have a gift for you, stay right here whilst I retrieve it."

Jetstorm returned with a pair of Sword with familiar blades but different hilts.

"Are those?"

"Yes, these were Syaori's swords.

"I left these on her tomb the day she was buried."

"As her last wish she wanted these to be given to her most trusted pupil. But with such a gift comes great responsibility."

"What do you mean?"

"War, Wheeljack. I fear that it will break out soon now that Orion Pax has been named the next prime and not Megatronis."

"Then these should be at the hall of records not with me."

"Syaori trusts you with these and so do I."

Jetstorm gets up and walks past Wheeljack as if he was about to leave the room. Then quietly walks up behind him his servo glowing. Without warning he placed it on Wheeljack's helm while bracing him with his other servo.

"Jetstorm what are you doing?"

"You now carry the weapon of a Prime you are now at risk of being recruited by Megatron's army, I cannot allow you to fall under his control."

Wheeljack felt his strength leaving him as his vision faded.

"Forget you had ever came here, Syaori would understand why."

Wheeljack's optics off-lined for a second as he slumped in Jetstorm's grasp. He quickly regained consciousness and seen that Jetstorm was helping him to his peds.

"Wheeljack are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just got a little dizzy."

"Well here let's get you outside for some air."

Wheeljack was about to walk out the room when Jetstorm called his attention.

"Wheeljack don't forget your swords, your commander would be cross with you if you left them."

"Oh yeah, he would be."

Wheeljack picked up his swords and walked out.

'Syaori protect him.'

[end flashback]

The glow faded between them two as she removed her hands from Wheeljack's helm. Wheeljack stepped back and brought a servo to his pounding head. He wavered a bit as Bulkhead approached him as Wheeljack finally gave in under the lock that was removed from his mind bulkhead caught him.

"Bring him over to the medical bay, bulkhead" said Ratchet

Ultra Magnus helped Bulkhead with Wheeljack over to the medical berth

"Forgive me Wheeljack, Jetstorm was only following my request to ensure that the mission primus gave me would not mean the end of Cybertron."

Syaori sat back down and her eyes turned from Cyan back to a honey brown.

"Miko?" called Lao

"I gonna need to lay down for a bit my head hurts."

Keiko got up from the recliner and helped Miko to it and adjusted the seat.

"Then you must rest. Everything will be alright." she says as she lays a comforter over her and she dozes off.

"This has gotten real complicated, real fast." said Sapphire

"Let's just hope the cons aren't aware of Syaori." said Jack.

Bulkhead and Bumblebee walked out to keep guard on the base while Wheeljack rested.

The Nemesis

"How is this possible? How did a human become a prime?!" shouted Megatron hurling an unsuspecting Vehicon across the room.

"Perhaps there is more to these fleshes then we thought." said Knockout

"We must obtain this human and find someway to use her in against the Autobots to coheres a surrender, it proved to be effective on Cybertron." suggested Starscream

"For once Starscream, you have a decent suggestion. Await my commands, I shall devise a plan to lure the Autobots out into the opening."

At the Autobots base

Optimus stood next to the berth where Wheeljack was still resting on while Ratchet scanned his neural net.

"How is he Ratchet?"

"He is resting comfortably. I can't imaging how he must feel now knowing that he's been carrying his mentors weapons all along."

Lao walked up to them. When they noticed him they turned to speak to him.

"Optimus-san, I wish to ask of Wheeljack-san's condition."

"He will be fine, how is Miko?"

"She will be alright, we have been guarding this secret for many generations. It is truly an honor to help those who have protected our world for many years."

Lao bows to Optimus which was returned by both him and Ratchet.

"The honor is ours." said Optimus

Miko had woken up while Lao was talking to Optimus looking less tired than she did before.

"Miko, how do you feel?" asked Raf

"A lot better, I guess Syaori need to rest so she let me take over. She's worried that if we don't take necessary risks the mission will fail."

"What necessary risks?" asked Jack

"By letting the Decepticons capture her and take her aboard the Nemesis."

"Syaori is out of her fragging mind. There's no way Optimus will allow that nor will Bulkhead." said Sapphire

"Allow what?" asked Optimus

"Syaori wants to be captured by the cons. So she can be led to Cybertron to complete her mission." said Opal

"Absolutely not, we can afford to loose such a glimmer of hope for our world, much less sacrifice one of our human allies." said Ratchet

"Not to change the subject but I'm a little hungry." said Miko

"Come I'll take you to the kitchen to get something to eat." Lao led Miko out of the room while the others finished discussing what Syaori has planned.

"Optimus, I know you're not crazy about this idea but they have a space bridge, we can use that." said Jack

"How?" asked Arcee not sounding convinced

"Miko and Syaori can bridge us to Cybertron and to the Omega lock. All we need to do is have her commandeer the ship long enough to do it." said Wheeljack

"Shockwave has the cordial psychic patch, he would undoubtedly use it against Syaori." said Ratchet

"Why do you think that Miko voluntarily left the room?" asked Keiko

"So Syaori would be in the dark about what we're planning, so even if he did use it wouldn't have any effect of what we up to." said Wheeljack

"We could follow them through the space bridge in my ship." said Ultra Magnus

Miko re-entered the room when the alarms started going off.

"What is it Ratchet?"

"The Decepticons are close they are in the grand canyon region of the state but are heading in this direction."

"Then we must intercept. Autobots Roll out."

Miko walked towards the Autobots her eyes turning blue.

"I'm going with you."

"No Syaori, I can let you risk Miko's safety." said Bulkhead

"I can handle myself and so can Miko."

"Bulk you might not want to tick her off, Trust me." said Wheeljack

"Very well Syaori, but you must revert back to Miko and ride with Bulkhead since you do not have a earth base vehicle form." said Optimus

"Yes Optimus" she climbs into bulkheads vehicle form and all the Autobots minus Ratchet depart to face off with the Cons.

Near the Grand Canyon

The green vortex closes behind them as they transform. Bulkhead puts Miko on the ground and she transforms into Syaori with her blasters primed.

"Be on your guard everyone the cons could be anywhere." said Optimus

"Why not right above you." said Megatron

Out of nowhere blaster fire comes down on the team and they scatter. Insecticons screech as they fly in for an attack coming after Syaori. She dives out of the way and takes aim at the Insecticon and fires blowing the bot out of the sky. A Vehicon trooper advances on her and she easily makes quick work of him. Megatron noticing that the other Autobots are distracted sends knockout in with his stun-staff. Just as Syaori flips another Vehicons over her shoulder Knockout shocks her with his staff off-lining her.

The Autobots made quick work of the rest of the troopers but realized that it was a trick. As they turned and saw an unconscious Syaori in the arms of Knockout.

"Well it seems as if, I won this bout. As soon as I discover how this prime managed to survive centuries after her death and why she is here this war will truly be over." said Megatron

Bulkhead tried to save Syaori but was knocked back by Megatron as they disappeared through the groundbridge.

"No, Miko!"

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