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Earth, Wind and Fire

By miss_fleur_riddle

Fantasy / Action


Evil spreads around….it grows, dies and grows again, stronger than ever before… Only 3 can defeat it…evil will be defeated when earth, wind and fire come together…when the three come together evil's ugly head will finally be destroyed…

The 31st of July found Kaisha sitting beside her mother, Lily, who was reading her a story. It was about dragons, goblins and fairies. It was then that they saw someone coming through the gate. This someone was Albus Dumbledore.

"Hello Lily how's your pregnancy going?" he asked, his eyes twinkling brightly.

"Fine thank you, the healers say Kaisha's little sister should be due this week. James is so excited; so is Sirius for that matter," she answered, "but Harry doesn't really know what's happening. I'm not even sure he's aware its his birthday today."

"Yes, it is difficult to believe how quickly the last 12 months has flown by," said Dumbledore passing Lily a long thin, brightly wrapped package.

Lily nodded in thanks and lead the way inside. The lounge was cooler than outside, which was bathed in the hot summer sun. Dumbledore waved his wand and three small glasses of butterbeer appeared.

Handing them round Dumbledore asked, "so how are you today then Kaisha?"

"Fine thank you, uncle Albus," she replied timidly. Even though she had known Albus all of her five and a bit years on the planet she was still very shy of this great and powerful wizard.

Lily suddenly froze.

"Mum, what's wrong?" Kaisha asked, looking up from her glass.

"It's ok darling; just fetch dad, tell him we need to go to Saint Mungo's."

Kaisha nodded and ran upstairs as fast as her small legs would carry her. There was a few minutes silence before James Potter came running down the stairs. He met Lily's eyes and then started grinning like an idiot. 

"Dumbledore, can you take Lily? You're better at side along apparition than I, I don't want to risk harming the baby. I'll take Kaisha and Harry." Lily and Dumbledore nodded. Then Dumbledore gripped Lily on the arm and with a small 'pop' they disappeared.

James then dashed upstairs for a few minutes, then came running down stairs again with a 1 year old Harry Potter in his arms. After sending a patronus to Sirius and the Order he gently, but firmly gripped Kaisha's shoulder.

Seconds later they found themselves in the crowded entrance hall of the wizard hospital. They made their way to the inquiry desk.

"Excuse me," asked James, "where would I find Lily Potter?"

"Are you family?" asked the very bored looking receptionist.

"Yes, she's my wife," answered James impatiently.

"3rd floor, second left, ward 23, have a nice day," said the receptionist before shouting, "NEXT!"

James jumped, startled at the sudden noise, before heading off in the direction of the aforementioned ward.

At this moment in time Lily Potter lay on the bed on the 3rd floor, ward 23. Her contractions were getting stronger. She knew her baby was on its way and kept her eyes on the door - hoping James would make it before the new-arrival made her appearance. 

The contractions started coming more systematically just as her wayward husband made an appearence. Dumbledore took charge of the current children. He was standing near the door, holding baby Harry in his arms and firing sparks from his wand to amuse the oldest Potter child.

Two hours later Lily Potter laid back, exhausted, against her pillows in her bed at St Mungo's.

"Congratulations," said the midi witch, "you have a baby girl."


Three months later people coming to visit the Potter household would have seen a happy sight. Lily sat with baby Kirsty on her lap, baby Harry sat on the floor attempting to catch a snitch that he had been given by his father and Kaisha was out on the front lawn on her first broomstick. She flew in circles across the garden, her toes gently skimming the long grass. James sat on a bench, proudly watching his daughter's natural ability on a broomstick.

"Hello Prongs!" called a voice.

"Padfoot, how are you?" Answered James.

"Awesome thanks. I think you've got a Griffindor chaser there mate."

Kaisha slipped off her broomstick quickly and ran towards her godfather, who scooped her up in his arms and swung her around.

"Where are we going uncle Sirius?" she asked, eager for the adventure that Sirius had agreed to take her on.

"To Diagon Alley, for the Halloween party," answered Sirius. 

Looking at the pair, it was difficult to see whether the adult or the child was more excited by the prospect.

Once Sirius and Kaisha had left; James walked back inside the house.

Lily, who had just bade her eldest daughter 'goodnight', 'goodbye' and that she would 'see her later,' breathed a sigh of relief.

"Once less to handle, for a while," she sighed.

"I'll make dinner, do you want to put the Kirsty and Harry to bed?"

Lily nodded and, scooping up her two youngest children in her arms, crept softly upstairs to the nursery.

Everything was calm in her mind as she laid down her youngest into her cot. However, the peace was broken with an urgent cry of:

"Lily, take the children and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" The voice suddenly cut out.

Lily was about to retake Kirsty into her arms, but was stopped as the door burst open. A crackle of high pitched laughter filled the room. Then Lily's desperate screams could be heard.

"Stand aside," came Voldermort's hissing voice, "Stand aside and you may live!"

"Not my children, I know it's them you are here for!" cried out Lily, desperate.

"I said, stand aside," came his voice again.

"Not my children! Not my children, I'll do anything!"

"Stand aside, stand aside girl!"

"Not my children, not my children, please not my children!"

"Stand aside, you silly girl… stand aside, now…"

"Not my children, please no, take me, kill me instead…"

Voldermort's cold laugh again filled the room.

"Not my children! Please, have mercy…have mercy."

The Dark Lord's laughter filled the room once again, mingled with the cries of desperation coming from the distraught mother.

A flash of green light later and there was silence. Lily Potter and James Potter were now dead and their 3 children orphaned.

Voldermort stared into the cot that stood only inches in front of himself. Inside he saw a baby girl. His long fingers reached into the crib and he tickled the baby under the chin, examining her. He could tell that she would one day be a powerful light witch. 

He made his decision.

"Avada Kavada."

A flash of green light again filled the room. However, when Voldermort looked into the crib he saw the small girl. She was laughing merrily, only difference to a few minutes before was that she had a lightning shaped scar on her forehead.

Voldermort was shocked. However, suddenly he felt like his soul was being pulled from his body. Despite the pain, he desperately struggled to contain it. He won the fight.

He then turned to the one year old boy on the floor. Harry's tear filled emerald green eyes starring into Voldermort's red ones.

A flash of green light filled the room for the final time. When the light had cleared Voldermort's soulless body lay, crumpled on the ground. Baby Harry was left wailing on the floor, a lightning shaped cut on his forehead to match his sister's.

Three hours later a huge roar of a motor bike came from the sky. Sirius gently landed in the back garden, careful not to wake Kaisha - who was sleeping in his lap.

Almost instantly, Sirius new something was seriously wrong. When his eyes caught sight of the Dark Mark hovering over the house - his heart froze. 

He gently woke Kaisha up, telling her to wait on the bike. After applying some protective charms to the bike, he then crept through the front door, his wand drawn.

What he saw at the bottom of the stairs made his heart break and him howl with grief.

James Potter's body stared blankly up at him.

Sirius carefully stepped over his best friends body and slipped upstairs. Every room was empty except the nursery.

Inside he saw his best friends wife, who lay lifeless on the carpet. Sirius stared at her. His howl of grief ringing around the room. Surely Kaisha's baby sister and brother where no longer here, in the world of the living?

Suddenly, there was a cry from the cot. Inside lay Kirsty, alive! Sirius picked her up gently hugging her. He then turned again to the floor. Baby Harry was sitting up, gently poking his mother, trying to wake her. The scene brought further tears to his eyes.

But what he saw next made him cry out in laughter and happiness and relief. What he saw was Voldermort's body laying on the blue carpet of the nursery.

Sirius quickly scoped up baby Harry with his remaining arm. He carried both downstairs and over the body of their dead farther.

"Daddy!" explained Harry.

"Ssh, ssh," comforted Sirius, "Daddy's asleep."

He took the children outside.

"Kaisha, can you take Harry please, we need to go."

"Why, uncle Sirius?" she asked.

"I'll tell you later."

All four moved quickly out of the property.

"Stop where you are!" shouted a male voice.

Sirius obeyed and a large figure came out of the trees.

"Uncle Hagrid!" cried Kaisha in delight.

Hagrid cuddled the excited child in his arms. He gently took Harry from the girl and wrapped him inside a bundle of blankets.

"What are you doing Hagrid?" Sirius asked impatiently, "I need to get these three out of here, away from death eaters that might want to cause them harm, in a revenge attack."

"Why a revenge attack?" Hagrid asked gruffly.

"Hagrid, if you would care to enter the nursery you will find the room as I entered it, minus the younger children," explained Sirius, "Inside that room lie the bodies of Lily and Voldermort."

Hagrid gasped, "are you saying that…"

"Yes, it's the only explanation."

"Can you pass me Kirsty, Sirius?" asked Hagrid slowly.

"Why? I'm going to look after them, I'm their godfather, they should stay with me."

"Dumbledore thinks different. I'm taking them to him."

"WHAT!" shouted Sirius angrily.

"He says it is for the best," explained Hagrid sadly.

"Fine then, take my motor bike, I won't be needing it anymore."

He then passed the youngest Potter to Hagrid and disappeared with a small 'pop.'

Hagrid climbed onto the motorcycle and placed the babies into a sling around his neck. With Kaisha safely placed on his lap, he revered up the engine and flew into the sky. However, before they where out of sight of the house, no one saw Harry click his fingers. The house then burst into flames.

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