What Is love and why dose it exist

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Meeting him

Me: hey guys

Friends: hey Kamiya

Every girl in school yelling *

Friends : KAMYA LOOK


Me looking *

Me: He’s not that cute

Him: u sure sweetheart your cheeks are red as an apple

Me: yes I’m sure


Me: no big deal

Bell rings *

Sees him in the first period *

In my head: who is this guy

His POV in his head: who is this girl ❤️

Him: you over here

Me: who me?

Him: yes you

All the girls in the class getting jealous *

Me: no way

Him: you're lost

Me in my mind: whatever

His pov in his head: I like her

Me in my head :a$$hole

Him: writes a letter *hey my names Kaiden but u can call me daddy

*gets a note passed to me

* reads the note


His pov in his mind: I made her smile 😏

Me: he's not so bad


Me in my mind: wtf is wrong with you

After class*

Him walking towards me *

Me blushing badly *

Him smiling*

Him slipping a paper in my pocket *

Me reading the paper

(354)276-4535 - your going to need this ma

Me smiling *

My friends looking at me like I’m slow *

Me: what??¿¿

Them: you smiling is surprising

Me ; I sMiLe

Them laughing *

School ending *

Him pulling me from the crowd of kids at the schools front doors*

Him looking into my eyes *

My mind : his beautiful brown eyes and his strong arms he has abs for days his waves and his soft brown skin with his what’s teeth

His mind : her long black hair her beautiful brown eyes and skin her full lips her red nails and her red addiads out fit with the red Jordan’s

Also him: are u checking me out princess 🤣

Me: are u checking me out

Him: I asked first

Him smirking*

Me blushing *

HIM: call me Princess

Me: maybe

Also me in my head * we ARE NOT calling him

Also me in my head * texting is easier 😂

Me getting home*

Me looking at my new neighbors *

Me glimpsing and seeing Kaiden *

Him looking up at me and smirking *

Me in my head * should I text him call him go outside

Me choosing to -

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